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Danelle Marin
Apparently October is National Physical Therapist’s month! Thinking of Troy Paul & his dedication to helping patients like me!!
I recently had the joy of meeting with Troy of Aero Performance & Physical Therapy and was most impressed. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for physical therapy or desire some triathlon coaching. He keeps up-to-date on all the latest therapeutic techniques and clearly is dedicated to impeccable service. If you've had something nagging you that you "probably should get checked out" he's your guy.
Take a listen to the latest 52317 podcast. We've been fortunate to know Troy at Aero Performance & Physical Therapy since the day he came to town!
Pain often makes us stop doing everything until it goes away, but Troy Bockenstedt, of Aero Performance & Physical Therapy, encourages continued, carefully controlled movement through exercise and physical routines to maintain flexibility and promote healing.

Listen to the 52317 wherever you get your podcasts.
We are 24 days away from the 4th Annual Lake MacBride Fat Tire Classic and we couldn't do it without our sponsors.
Give Aero Performance & Physical Therapy a Tri! Dr. Troy specializes with coaching triathletes and provides an array of physical therapy services.
Thank you!
It’s cold and rainy and that means you should be making a consultation appointment with Troy Bockenstedt, PT, DPT at Aero Performance & Physical Therapy! Whether it’s chronic back pain or you’re training for a triathlon, Troy can meet your needs. He will also be keeping you safe, as there only one therapist and one client in the building at a time. Full disinfection between clients. Welcome to the neighborhood, Troy!

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We are Movement Specialists. We enjoy helping you move. Multisport Coaching: Triathlon, Running, Biking, Swimming. Physical Therapy: Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Endurance Athletes, Dry Needling, Pain science, Vestibular Disorders, IASTM.

Operating as usual

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TrIowa Indoor Triathlon 🏊‍♂️🚴🏃‍♀️💨was a success! Coe College Triathlon Team #coecollegetriathlon had a solid day with 5 triathletes and 2 coaches competing!

Thanks for a great day, #trihawks 🐥🦅!



Proud to be a sponsor! Love this event!

We are 21 days away from the 5th Annual Lake MacBride Fat Tire Classic and we couldn't do it without our sponsors.
Give Aero Performance & Physical Therapy a Tri! Dr. Troy specializes with coaching triathletes and provides an array of physical therapy services.
Thank you!


What is he holding?
That is a Rugby Ball!

⭐️Hip strength + Cognitive Challenge⭐️

Have fun improving ⬆️

BlazePod🔵+ Rugby.🏟

Go Texas A&M Aggie Rugby!

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Recreation Challenges You to Challenge Yourself with Squash Bend Resolution | City of North Liberty 12/27/2021

Recreation Challenges You to Challenge Yourself with Squash Bend Resolution | City of North Liberty

Looking for a fun challenge to get active for the new year? Check out the new challenge from the North Liberty Recreation Center!

Recreation Challenges You to Challenge Yourself with Squash Bend Resolution | City of North Liberty Start off your New Year’s resolution by joining our monthly fitness challenges. Named for the area before it become North Liberty, Squash Bend Resolution challenges recreation patrons high-school aged and older, whether pass holders or a daily drop-in users, to challenge themselves and each other ...


Are you worried about your 🦴bone health? Osteoporosis is common. Very common. About 1 in 2 👩women and 1 in 4 🧔men above 50 years old have this silent disease. You cannot feel your bones becoming thinner. If your worried talk to your 👩‍⚕️doctor. Lifestyle has a big impact and I am sure you could guess that 🚴‍♀️/activity level plays a big role as well...especially during a pandemic.

Check out my new 📜blog post:

Did you know? We offer a Bone Health Program. Have a loved one or a friend that needs some help? Share the post with them or reach out to them.

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Photos from Scheels's post 11/13/2021

What a pleasure to be a part of Scheels Ladies Night!


🌟Hand Eye Coordination🌟

Egyptian Proverb: A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect.

Sometimes training is ugly and difficult - but that is how we improve.

Hecostix - Find it at @iowacityscheels

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Who would motivate you to run the fastest?

Freddy Krueger 😱
Michael Myers 😳
Leprechaun 🍀
Sanderson Sisters 🧙😈
Chucky 🎃


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Let’s Go Bolts!! 3rd straight trip to state!

Wearing my Bolt Shirt with pride!


New Study Finds ❌Foam Rolling or ❌Stretching the IT Band does not change stiffness in the IT Band.

Link to Blog in Bio


June 2021 IJSPT Pepper et al. The Immediate Effects of Foam Rolling and Stretching on Iliotibial Band Stiffness: RCT.


National Athlete Recovery Day!
Encouraging triathletes nationwide to take recovery as seriously as their training.

What’s your favorite?

🔥Moist Heat Pack
Instrument massage
Dry Needling - Myotech


🌟Coe College has some bright students! 🌟

Find the book “Red Gold” by Raiport, such a great read for any fitness professional. 📖📕📙


Early Bird Deal Ends 10/6 10/06/2021

Early Bird Deal Ends 10/6

Look into this great local race!

Early Bird Deal Ends 10/6 LIVE Hot Cider Hustle Half/5K

United Airlines abandons fees for flying with your bicycle - CyclingTips 10/05/2021

United Airlines abandons fees for flying with your bicycle - CyclingTips


United Airlines abandons fees for flying with your bicycle - CyclingTips The last of the three biggest US airlines finally follows the lead of American and Delta.


⭐️Shoulder + Core⭐️

Why choose one when you can do both⁉️

Have some fun with your shoulder routine 😎

Be Dynamic! 🏋️‍♀️

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Proud to support North Liberty and especially Liberty High School!



Single Leg Strength

Looking for options to add to your strengthening program? These two are great to improve coordination and strength.

1️⃣ Airplanes ✈️
2️⃣ Squat to March 👟
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Wellfinity 08/19/2021


Have you ever found a small business and wanted to tell everyone about them? Wellfinity is one of those businesses. Shelly Carpenter is great at what she does. If you are feeling tired and the joints are feeling tight, try some yoga! or call 319-330-8382.

Wellfinity Yoga and Wellness


Diet impacts strength.

Emerging evidence suggests chronic inflammation is linked to tendon health as well. Pingel et al. 2016

Eat a variety of vegetables, your tastebuds can and will change. Eat for nutrients. Listen to your stomach not your brain.



It’s because of you!! Thank you, North Liberty!

What a year it’s been! Started during a pandemic and we are still growing and currently interviewing for our first hire.

Humbled to have the opportunity to help this community.



Camp Courageous Sprint Triathlon! Great host for a great race: “closer to the cause.”



Consistency is King 👑

Returning to exercise? Try mobility work first, you might be sore from just a stretching routine.

Been working out a while? Incorporate a few speed sessions but the body doesn’t need full throttle workouts all the time to see gains. It really only needs (and can handle) a limited amount of HOME RUN work outs.
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Running Rules (pun intended).

Do not run through pain, this is a clear sign of an issue somewhere in your training plan or maybe it’s a sign you need a training plan.

Run Amok!
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Have a Wonderful and Safe 4th of July!


Ironman 70.3 Des Moines 2021 Done! When you sign up for a race in 2019, swim in 55-60 degree lake water in 2020 due to the pools being closed, nearly complete the training for the race twice, start a business and most importantly welcome a second child into the makes finishing this race so sweet. Couldn’t of done it without my wife’s amazing support. Congrats to all the finishers of IM70.3Des Moines, what a great time.


Happy National Triathlon Week! #triweek


Big thanks to the 52317 podcast for the interview!

It’s around 10 minutes long, take a listen:

Derek Blackman and the North Liberty Communications Department does a wonderful job supporting our community and local businesses.


🚨 New Toys 🚨

Friday Fun:

Blaze Pods are a fun way to spice up your planks. 🥵😁

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See you on Saturday! 🚴Look for riders in the Iowa City, North Liberty area on Saturday morning and early afternoon!


🐤My favorite part was when a student athlete in attendance wanted to talk after the class about pursuing physical therapy and performance coaching. Go Hawks! #uiowa #uiowaalumni

Photos from Aero Performance & Physical Therapy's post 04/14/2021

Last month was an especially exciting month. Welcome, Sadie! So excited to finally meet her. Mom and Baby are doing well. Big thanks to my sister, Tricia Suarez Photography.

Photos from Aero Performance & Physical Therapy's post 04/07/2021

Proud to support local athletics! Go Bolts!


Happy Easter!

Photos from Aero Performance & Physical Therapy's post 03/26/2021

Getting ready for Easter! 🐣 Thanks to Quinn and my daughter Willow for coloring the beautiful eggs!


Thanks, Suzy!

So grateful for the opportunity to serve this community.

You vs You

Our specialty is helping athletes with a history of injuries or burnout, but we enjoy helping all levels of athletes. Training for your sport is a lifestyle change of steady improvement because slow change is permanent change. We especially help those athletes with a boom and bust approach where you survive one heavy training period but cannot sustain the positive changes because of burn out or injury. When you stack a couple healthy training seasons together: you feel better, you move better, and you look forward to your yearly physical. Why not invest in the most important thing in your life...yourself?

We specialize in complex orthopedic and sports injuries and focus on getting to know you and your body to optimize your movement. We are an independent clinic with a unique style. Most physical therapy chains offer limited evaluations, forcing the clinician to diagnose over the first 2-3 visits. At Aero, we provide thorough evaluations on the first day to get to the root quicker. We also take the time to educate and empower you.

A little history:

Like most Physical Therapists it all started with an injury. I sprained my ankle during homecoming week in high school. Jason, the Physical Therapist in my hometown, had an opening so I started seeing him immediately. During our first appointment, Jason set goals for me: 1)You will play in the homecoming football game. 2) You will catch a touchdown. 3) You will become homecoming king. He delivered. I was able to play in my senior year homecoming game and I was crowned homecoming king. I never did catch that touchdown, though. That is why I became a Physical Therapist; to give that same gift to my community and help people move better.

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7 Hawkeye Drive Suite 105
North Liberty, IA

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 7pm
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