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317-509-4828 Kauchers Tax Service is a family owned business established in 1968.

We are dedicated to providing you with you with the best quality service possible. We know what it takes to get the most out of your tax return. Come see us today and let us file your taxes.


First message for the upcoming tax season.

I am very excited about the 2022 tax season and the many changes this year. As always I will help guide you through them. The IRS will go online in January and as always I can get you completed before then if you have all of your documents.

I look forward in hearing from everyone and all the things that has happened over the past year.


Mike K.


Good morning

The 2021 tax season is off and running as I am preparing returns for filing. The IRS goes live 1/24/2022 and will begin processing returns. This year will be challenging then ever before as those taxpayers that received the advanced child tax credit over the last 6 months of 2021 will need to have the exact amount they received when filing. The IRS will be providing a letter with the information, plus the IRS will have the info on their website that you can obtain the information.

I look forward in guiding everyone through the process this year so you all will be able to receive the highest tax refund available to you.

Documents can be sent by
email [email protected]

Physical address :
12129 Redpoll Trail
Noblesville, IN 46060

I will also provide pick up and drop off service by calling 317-509-4828 and requesting this.

Have a great day



Hello everyone, I hope this finds you and your families well. I am preparing everything for the upcoming 2021 tax season as it will be a challenging one.

Reconciling the third stimulus payment and the new advance child tax credit payments
Provisions from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 which impact the child tax credit, dependent care credit, earned income credit, and more
Carryover impacts from the CARES Act of 2020, such as the Coronavirus-related retirement withdrawals, employee retention credits, and benefits for HSA and FSA account holders
Tax implications of any late-year spending legislation. I will be here to help guide you and prepare all of your returns.

Have a great day!



Tax time is here! I hope all of you had a safe 2020. I am open and ready to take care of all your tax preparation needs.

I am currently setting times for pickup service in Richmond so please don’t hesitate and contact me.

We are in a new location and are doing mail in service as well as emailing documents for faster service.

email is:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Phone 317-509-4828

12129 Redpoll Trail
Noblesville,IN 46060

I look forward in hearing from all of my clients.

Mike K.


Happy New Year to everyone! We are ready to start the filing season.

I can be reached at 317-509-4838
[email protected]

Remember to let all know that I am still doing taxes and will continue to have pickup service in Richmond.

Mike Kaucher


Hello everyone,

This post would be the one that I would inform you that we are 30 days out to finish, but because of the seriousness of our current situation across the globe. The US Treasury has extended the deadline until July 15, 2020 to file.

If you are ready now I encourage you to do so. Why wait if you are getting a refund?

Let me know when you are ready to file!

Stay safe

Mike Kaucher


We are well into the 2019 filing season and the first wave of EITC refunds are being released. This should start a smooth flow of returns.

If you need to setup a time with me do so now. I look forward in hearing from you all to discuss your tax issues and needs.



The 2019 tax year is in full motion and so far everyone has been onboard with our move.

If you are ready to file contact me and I will get you the information needed to get your return completed.

If you know of family or friends that need a reasonably priced tax professional, please forward my name and contact information to them. I will take good care of them as I have all my clients.


Good Morning

We are open and filing returns. Give me a call at 317-509-4828 to get your taxes filed. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Have a great day



Hello all,

As you know I’ve been preparing all of you for my move for the last 2 years. I am happy to say that I’m finally out of my building in Richmond.

As for the upcoming season you can simply email your documents to me or mail them physically to my home office. I will offer a pick up and drop off service once a week for clients.

You will continue to get the same great service you’ve come to know from myself. I look forward to helping all of my clients this year as well as talking with you as well.

Email- [email protected]

Phone- 317-509-4828

Address - 11217 Seabiscuit Dr
Noblesville, IN 46060

Have a great New Year!!!!



Attention to all late filers Monday, April 15 is the last day to file extension. If you have not done so please give our office a call to set up an appointment or simply walk in on Monday to have your taxes prepared.


2 weeks left in the filing season. Avoid those extensions and make your appointment today!!!


The 2018 tax season is coming to a close. With only 30 days remaining let’s call and setup your appointment.


For those that participate in rumors and gossip....stop!
We are open for business and preparing returns!


We are also offering easy advances on your refunds again this year. Up to $6000


The IRS will not be online until 1/28/19
We are processing returns and holding them in queue so the IRS will have immediately upon opening operations. The IRS has also promised that refunds will not be held up because of the shutdown.

I look forward in seeing everyone at the Richmond office and as always we will get through yet another chaotic tax season with our help and guidance.



The 2018 tax season is just around the corner and we are very excited to see everyone this year.

New changes have been implemented and we will be here in our Richmond office to guide you through.

The IRS will be up and running on the 14th.

Please stop by or call for an appointment or message me as well.

Best regards



Just wanted To let everyone know that we will be operating the office business as usual. The building is for sale but no serious buyers, we will re-evaluate this after the upcoming season.

The upcoming season is going to be a very different one then those of the past. The IRS has made some changes to the forms will use to file your federal income tax. The following forms 1040EZ and the 1040A have been eliminated. We will only be using the 1040 with an array of schedules to claim all the different items. I look forward to guiding all of my clients as well as new clients through this radical change for the 2018 tax filing year.


We have 1 month left to file your 2017 taxes. Call and make your appointment or as always we do drop offs.


The tax season is well under way and with the IRS holding refunds until the middle of February for individuals that take advantage of the EITC, educational credits and the additional child tax credit things have gone smoothly.

Call us to set up your appointment! As always walk-ins are welcome.


We will be offering the EASY ADVANCE again this year...up to $2500.

See you Tuesday


Hello everyone...I will be in the office on Thursday the 11th and we are ready to start preparing returns. Unfortunately the IRS will not start excepting returns until the 29th of January. Plus refunds that include EIC, child tax credit or educational credits will not be processed until the middle of February, this is the same as last year.

Hope to see all of you again this year!

Open at 9am



Office open as soon as we get information on start date from the IRS


Looking forward to seeing everyone again this up coming tax season. We are going to modify our hours this year by staying open later. I will post them here soon.


We have 2 weeks left in the tax filing season! If you are still needing to get this completed. Call NOW and schedule your appointment!!!


Tax season is well underway and though things started out very sluggish they have picked up. Refunds are posting at a more normal pace as well as response times from the IRS.
If you need any help or know of someone that's needing assistance with this years or past years income taxes, please send them our way.


As part of the PATH act refunds that contained the EITC, additional child tax or the educational credits i.e. The American opportunity credit were being delayed this year. Those refunds have officially begun to be released. Thank you all for your patience during this process.


As part of the PATH act refunds that contained the EITC, additional child tax or the educational credits i.e. The American opportunity credit were being delayed this year. Those refunds have officially begun to be released. Thank you all for your patience during this process.


Kaucher's Tax Service


Kaucher's Tax Service's cover photo


IRS goes live beginning January 23rd for live returns to be processed. Call now to make an appointment and as always, Walk-ins are welcomed.




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Noblesville, IN

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