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Deeply relaxing, effectively therapeutic massage: a massage experience that creates a blissful state


My beautiful baby girl is the center of my universe for the foreseeable future! I will make an announcement when I come back from my extended maternity leave. Thank you everyone for your understanding. Wishing you Happiness and Health!

6 Things That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Next Massage - MASSAGE Magazine 04/08/2017

6 Things That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Next Massage - MASSAGE Magazine

6 Things That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Next Massage - MASSAGE Magazine Before your next massage, there are some other things we’d like you to know.

Timeline photos 04/03/2017

Timeline photos

Our bodies are talking to us 24/7. 🗣 Start listening before they have to start screaming. 🙈😂🙌 //


There are so many things to be thankful for! Everything from challenges that have helped me grow, to the delicious gluten-free dinner I had earlier. I am so thankful for finally listening to my inner knowing, taking that leap of faith in my business, and being rewarded by meeting some amazing new clients! Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Common Prescriptions That Should Require Nutritional Counseling | Mark's Daily Apple 11/24/2016

5 Common Prescriptions That Should Require Nutritional Counseling | Mark's Daily Apple

Yes! Whoever thinks they can just take pharmaceuticals that are making changes within your body--especially a pharmacurtical "cocktail"--and thinks there is no consequence to the biological pathways these drugs affect are at risk of these nutritional deficiencies, also known as "side effects". SO much of what we eat also affects us like medecine or a drug. I wished i had been aware of these concepts sooner instead of finding out the hard way!

5 Common Prescriptions That Should Require Nutritional Counseling | Mark's Daily Apple I'm not a drug denier. For the most part, at the base level, pharmaceuticals do what they're supposed to do. Statins lower cholesterol. Beta-blockers lower

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

Thinking of our Veterans today--THANK YOU!

Timeline photos 10/28/2016

Do you hate wasting money on a gift you aren’t sure they will like or even use?

Are you concerned about your holiday gift-giving budget?

A $5 massage gift certificate is the answer:

You can pay a processing fee of only $5 now. You pay the remaining balance when the certificate is redeemed.

Or... You pay the full amount upfront, and the certificate reverts to you if not used within a few months.

Ease the stress of the gift-purchasing experience!

Call (207)416-5635
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Timeline photos 10/27/2016

Timeline photos


Dog Gets Full Body Massage

No, I do not do pet massage, but I couldn't resist sharing!

Timeline photos 06/09/2016

Timeline photos

Have you scheduled your massage today?

Timeline photos 05/07/2016

Because one day is definitely not enough!

$5 off $25
$10 off $50
$15 off $75

Offer based on Swedish/Relaxation prices. Add $10 for Deep Tissue.

(Photo courtesy of ABMP)


Learning about Neuromuscular Therapy today, and as part of the introduction, there is a section on connecting with your client. I feel this is necessary for connecting with anyone at any time!

--Being present with them.

--Putting aside any distractions and giving them your whole focus.

--Listening to their story without interrupting.

--Asking them pertinent questions and listening to the answers.

--Coming to the session with an open heart and mind.

--Being open to what is, rather than your idea of what should be.

--Having an attitude of attentiveness, exploration and possibility.

--Being aware of their breath rate and depth, fist clenching, etc.

Connection means that the client feels heard, understood, touched and seen as a whole human being.

Timeline photos 12/12/2015

Stop in for a service and pick up a card at these places:
Generations (pink building)
Alicia at Studio 160
Mitchel (private hair studio)
Yoga at 5 Water Street
A Hair Better
Judy Davis at Jazz

Look and feel your best for the holiday season! Or give to a friend :-)

15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation 11/16/2015

15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation

I'd like to add massage therapy as a form of meditation: a place of complete relaxation that translates as a half-awake, drifting state can be reached if both practicioner and client are quiet and focused on the massage. I also feel I am meditating while giving the massage itself!

15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation No longer the sole province of the hemp-swathed sprouting enthusiast, meditation’s popularity has exploded across our collective faces. Tech companies have embraced mindfulness meditation as the ultimate productivity. Google has “mindful lunches,” complete with prayer bells and hour-long vows of sil…

Timeline photos 07/06/2015

I do believe it is officially summer! Thank you Mom for the beautiful flowers.

Untitled album 02/13/2015

For those of you that waited until the last minute (like I did posting this!) for Valentine's Day...Chose to give something that says "I love you: I care about your health, and your happiness".


So there's this thing called snow, and there's this other thing called a shovel, and supposedly said shovel is supposed to help the displacement of said snow...

So here I am, having shoveled about four hours in the past few days and feeling the burn of stunned muscles, and what am I thinking about? I'm thinking about people--my clients, specifically--feeling just as I do, and what a massage would feel like after such strenuous activity. And since I like to live vicariously through my clients, I'm imagining lying on my warmed table, sensitive hands applying just the right pressure to the sore muscles in neck, chest, arms, hands, upper back, especially. How amazingly awesome it would be to embrace an hour and a half of someone 100% focused on renewing exhausted muscles. Or an hour, or even half an hour would be fantastic.

So there's this thing called snow, or better yet, job security!

Massage Studio 01/19/2015

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