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Congratulations to Kiara Russell and JWK Juicery on taking home the $1500 Judges' Choice prize at the third annual MORTAR Covington "Life's a P!tch Night" last night.

Renaissance Covington
And the winner is... 🥁 JWK JUICERY!!

Congratulations to Kiara Russell on taking home the $1500 Judges' Choice prize at the third annual MORTAR Covington Life's a P!tch Night last night!

Check out the JWK Juicery social media, and head over to RCOV's page to watch all of the Pitch Night pitchers if you missed it live last night!

Thanks so much to our presenting sponsor, DBL Law, and our prize package sponsor, The Papa John's Foundation! 💛

I just want to give a special shout out to JWK Juicery ! I bought Kiara juices and they tasted soo good. I never juice before and was highly impressed. Ever since, I started juicing and been at it for almost 3 months and lost 22lbs.
I feel healthy, never tired and my body is flourishing!

Thank you homie!
One week later and we are still on a high from our Ovation Special Events Venue Showcase in Newport, Kentucky! We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team, outstanding sponsors, and most importantly our attendees! Looking forward to your future events in this unrivaled space. Signature Photo Booth MAC Productions, Inc. Audio Visual Accent On Cincinnati Braxton Brewing Company New Riff Distilling Newport Aquarium The Delish Dish eat well celebrations and feasts JWK Juicery McHale's Events and Catering The Phoenix Mirror Image Photobooth LLC

JWK Juicery are your local juice bar company , we have serviced many gyms like Sweatensity in trootwood Ohio , la fitness in Michigan as well as a host of markets. We try to shop from out local farmers as much as possible. The goal is from farm to table eating!
Dayton Vegan Food and Drink Festival
September 19th, 12 pm to 6 pm
Tomorrow is market day, rain or shine! Fingers crossed the rain holds off 🤞 but, if not, shop between the drops because we've got local awesomeness coming to market you won't want to miss! And we just got word Juicing With Kiwi's juice bar is back! Have you tried one of their smoothie bowls?!? 😋😋😋 Read our newsletter for this week's highlights and to see who's coming to market.
This Pomapple Lime is everything!!! 24 karrot is my favorite but this Pomapple Lime is telling me I have 2 favorites now. 😋❤️
Sweatensity for April

Classes will resume on Monday April 5th and run normal scheduling through Wednesday April 28th. Saturday class will run every Saturday with the exception of April 10th. That class will be held at the Largest Fitness Expo and you will need a ticket for the event. Your class pass will not grant you entry

Class passes are $60 and available to be paid at time of class or on the website (Sweatensity.com)

Juicing With Kiwi will be on site Mondays and Wednesdays

For all workout attire, waist trainers, and more contact Fit N Style and Boss Bodie local pickups available during class times

Follow my moves no fat formed against your body shall prosper
Been following Kiara Russell for years!! One of my social media’s sis, ive never met in person but the supports has been there and been so genuine! Watched her grow and expand her business, she’s truly inspiring ❤️

She makes juicing looks so good I couldn’t wait to try.. I just had to mentally prepare myself lol

Welll.. I woke up 9lbs this morning from juicing.
Yesterday I completed my 3 day reboot juice cleanse from Juicing With Kiwi let me tell y’all.. it exceeded my expectations! 😍

Firstly the her customer service is MATCHED! She hand delieved my package to my house at 9 o’clock pm just to be sure it got there on time. Ordered early Monday morning and got it on Thursday.

She so knowledgeable and very informative. The reboot comes with 10 juices, a wellness shot, and an ebook to help guide you through the cleanse.

The juices I was definitely nervous lol.. The breakfast juice is watermelon based (I don’t like watermelon) but the juice is so good and sweet perfect to start the morning literally drunk it right down.

The lunch juice main ingredients is beets and I’m really thinking to myself “who the hell eats beets” 🤣 but this juice is good with it being cold it goes down so smooth real easy to drink.

Now dinner! This juice is packed with all the green veggies I don’t like cucumber flavor. This was definitely the hardest to drink of them all but it wasn’t unbearable like I said the fact that they’re cold makes them so much better and by day 2 I sucked that juice downnnnn!

You can eat tuna with vegan Mayo, a boiled egg or veggie soup with this cleanse, must drink a good amount of water and it’s recommended to drink some sort of detox tea or pills (I didn’t because I can’t at the moment) but for the maximum results you wanna stick with just the juices and dextoxing if you can.

I really enjoyed it and so happy with the results! I wasn’t even hungry until day 3 that was my struggle day lol but I’m definitely doing it again in a couple weeks! I feel so refreshed and my energy is through the roof! 🤩

If you’re into juicing or ever wanted to try it out! DO IT! I highly highly recommend 10/10 from the customer service, brand, and products!

Click the link, she offers so much..

Welcome to new vendor, Juicing With Kiwi! Read more about them and what our farmers/vendors have to offer this week, and place your preorders by 6pm Wednesday! Pick up curbside Thursday, 4:30-6pm, Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church, 8000 Miami Avenue. 🍋🥕🥗🍪🥚🥩🥧🧀🍞
If you never been to my Sweatensity class tonight is the night you should come ... It’s no other class like it ... I got the best crowd ... the best pre and post workout drinks w/Juicing With Kiwi and the best DJ Terrance Dorsey all in 1 spot ... you can’t lose ... well your stomach .. you def gon lose that ..

TONIGHT gon be a part 🔥🔥
6PM 838 E Main St Trotwood

Spring coming you ready or nah

Follow my moves no fat formed against your body shall prosper
Sweatensity resumes Monday

We celebrating Kiara Russell one year anniversary with Juicing With Kiwi. It’s about to a whole party cause I said so. Bring ya energy cause I’m going on like summer on the way ...

Follow my moves no fat formed against your body shall prosper

This is Juicing with Kiwi! We are absolutely psyched to bring you a complete cleanse to help everyo





Be sure to stop by to see us TOMORROW! We will have all your favorite juices in stock and are ready to answer any of your juicing questions.

Stop by to say hello and pick up a Pomeapple Lime while you shop 😋

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Shout out to for purchasing 7 of his online training clients juice reboots!
These ladies demonstrated extreme dedication by showing up, engaging in every online workout & sticking to their meal plans!
I truly admire personal trainers that are just as eager for you to win and see results as YOU! His Instagram is was taken down at over 500k followers, while rebuilding his community he has began utilizing Facebook groups and let’s just say WE LOVE IT OVER THERE!
Follow and inquire about his next 7lbs in 7 days challenge! All online

Timeline photos 11/17/2022

Market map for this Saturday!! Make sure to come out and snag some thanksgiving favorites


Come see us today from 4-6:30 pm at the Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church!

We have all your favorite juices in stock so stop by to say hello and spend an afternoon shopping local!


Stop by Sweatensity gym tomorrow to grab your favorite smoothies and juices!

The juice truck will be open from 6-7:30 pm, stocked with all your favorites. Stop on by and see us!


Catch us at TOMORROW for great juice a great fun!

We love popping up at farmers markets and seeing our juices right alongside the fresh produce and handmade products straight from the local community 😊

Be sure to stop in and pick up some juices while you shop the market tomorrow 😋

See you there!


We will be at the beautiful today from 4-6:30 pm in Madeira, OH.

Stop in and stock up! We have all your favorite juices in stock and are ready to answer any of your juicing questions!

We also offer Madeira Farmers Market as a pickup location for your online orders! Can’t make it today? Order ahead online for pickup next week at Madeira Farmers Market.

We can’t wait to see you!


Stop by Sweatensity gym in Trotwood, OH today from 5-7:30 pm to pick yourself up a delicious açaí bowl for only $8!

We’re having a HUGE SALE today only!
💚$8 bowls
💚$5 smoothies
💚$9 24 Karat juice

Plus! Stop in to say goodbye to Hailey, who’s been operating the juice truck with us for the last year and a half. Today is her last day so come celebrate with us and get a great discount on a smoothie!


Come out and see us today at Sweatensity gym in Trotwood, OH!

We will be located in the parking lot outside the gym from 5-7:30 pm today. Drop in for a smoothie after class, or anytime from 5-7:30 to pick up your favorite juices and smoothies!

Preorder now at the link in stories 😋


Nothing quite makes us smile like little juicers ☺️ Kids love our 24K, Pomeapple Lime, and Watermelon Fritz, and our new 10 oz minis are especially popular among the kiddos.

Bring your kids by tomorrow and ask about our best sellers for kids. Parents: ask about our 1 Day Reboot kit and pick one up to cleanse your body & mind for the work week ahead 🧘🏻‍♀️


Unfortunately due to illness of our rep , we will not be Madeira Farmers Market] !
However we will be offering free delivery to all of our Madeira Farmers Market] loyal customers TODAY only. Feel free to text or email us your orders!
Stay safe , drink your greens and have a wonderful Wednesday!


We will be at the beautiful today from 4-6:30 pm in Madeira, OH. Stop in and stock up! We have all your favorite juices in stock and are ready to answer any of your juicing questions!

We also offer Madeira Farmers Market as a pickup location for your online orders! Can’t make it today? Order ahead online for pickup next week at Madeira Farmers Market.

We can’t wait to see you!


We are OPEN today! 5-7:30 pm in Trotwood, OH. We will be located outside Sweatensity gym!

Come pick up some of our favorite, refreshing watermelon juices, like Morning Bliss or Watermelon Fritz 🍉

Don’t forget to preorder by using the link in stories!


It’s day! Come on by to Madeira Farmers Market to check out what flavors we’ve got in stock today. Pick up your old favorites or try something new! We’re happy to make recommendations, just let us know what you like!

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Make sure to snag your tickets guys ! Events like this make it possible for small business like us , to be able to service all our amazing Juice Family

Photos from JWK Juicery's post 10/26/2022

We are OPEN today, from 5-7:30 pm outside Sweatensity gym in Trotwood, OH!

With cold & flu season well underway, now is the time to stock up on elderberry syrup and ginger shots to keep the whole family safe.

We carry elderberry syrup on the juice truck and you can click the link in stories to preorder some for pickup today! It does wonders mixed in with a cup of tea in the morning ☕️😊

See you at the truck today!


Come see us at Sweatensity gym in Trotwood, OH today!

We will be located in the parking lot outside the gym from 5-7:30 pm this afternoon. Stop in for a smoothie bowl, juice kit, or to stock up on wellness shots for cold & flu season.

See you there!

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Happy Saturday 🍁 todays weather is perfect for a stroll through !
Make sure to snag some of your favorites, or an entire day reboot kit!
🌟 Todays kits are the “Greens Reboot”
6 Passion Beet
3 Celery Tonic
1 Tumeric shot
Insulated totes & ebook !!


Something about our kitchen Manager Carrie 😍😍😍😍😍😍


JWK Juicery

So today we had some fun !

Photos from Incubator Kitchen Collective's post 10/04/2022

Our kitchen space is doing pretty big things 😊


Sweatensity here we come! Starting off our busy week at the juice bar in Trotwood, Ohio outside Sweatensity gym. Catch us there today from 5-7:30 pm serving up smoothies and cold pressed juice!

We’ll be offering some smoothie specials today so stop in to see what those are PLUS we have 3 Day Reboot kits in stock!

Preorder now at the link in stories!

Photos from JWK Juicery's post 10/01/2022

Todays bundle deal specials !!!
All cleanses are $95 & come with detox tea !
3 day juice reboot
💫 3 morning bliss 3 beet 3 celery 1 ginger shot 3 tea bags
2 day Greens cleanse
💫detox tea , elderberry, 3 beet , 3 cucumber wheatgrass , 2 ginger shots
3 day watermelon
💫 6 morning bliss 3 fritz 1 4oz wheat grass

COME AND GET THEM !! Boxed and ready to go !!!

We accept snap benefits at markets!! Well worth the drive ! 😉

Photos from Carrie Jenkins's post 09/29/2022

We love our kitchen manager Carrie!!! Our team had a blast kicking off Carrie’s vacation & seeing her for the last time before the husands 😆 …

🤔 I wonder 💭 will she look the same when she comes back 😂j/k we love u Carrie!


We will be open outside Sweatensity gym today! 5-7:30 PM, come out to get a juice or pick up a trainer smoothie 💪🏾

Bring your friends and enjoy a great workout together and stop in to see us after!


Stop in and visit us tomorrow at Sweatensity gym! Be sure to get there for class at 6 pm and grab your trainer smoothie before you leave.

Walk ups are also welcome! Though we might be hard to see at the back of the parking lot, we will be open and ready to serve up your favorite drinks! Come on by and try our smoothies tomorrow if you never have before!


Morning Bliss is our favorite way to start the day 🍉 This juice is designed to be a natural appetite suppressant which is why it’s the first juice in our 3 Day Juice Reboot kit.

Never tried our 3 Day Reboot kit before?
Pick one up tomorrow at

Each 3 Day Reboot kit comes with:

💚 3 Morning Bliss
💚 3 Passion Beet
💚 3 Celery Tonic
💛 1 Ginger Wellness shot

See you all at market tomorrow!


🍁Happy first day of Fall juice family!
We can’t believe the summer is already over, but it’s not too late to shop some of our favorite farmers markets before they’re gone for the season!

It’s a beautiful day to stop in at to pick up your favorite juices and enjoy the first day of fall!


It’s juice bar Monday! We’re so excited to be back on the truck today and serving up all our classic juices alongside our favorite smoothies and smoothie bowls!

If you haven’t made a visit to the juice truck yet, today is the day to do it! The juice truck is the only place where you can try our famous smoothies and smoothie bowls 😋

We will be open from 5-7:30 pm tonight.

Link in stories to preorder now!

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It’s time for our LAST Bellevue Farmers Market! Come celebrate with us TODAY from 10 am - 4 pm at the Bellevue Beach Park.

We are fully stocked with all our fan favorites like Pomeapple Lime and Watermelon Fritz!

We love this beautiful market and you will too! Stop by and see us before we’re gone for the season at 4 pm.


Our number one best seller among kids is available tomorrow at

24K is sweetened with Halo oranges and loaded with nutrients from carrots, pineapple, and turmeric. It’s a favorite among children and parents for it’s delicious, nutritious flavor, and cheery orange color! Bring your kiddos out to try some tomorrow at the amazing Montgomery Farmers Market!


Did you know all of our juices are made with 100% fruit and vegetables? No added sugar or water! They’re not only tasty and refreshing, but loaded full of nutrients!

You can shop all of our juices today at

Stop in and say hey to our friendly juice crew today!


Good morning juice family !! We are loving the updates to Facebook ! Our main platform is instagram so we just now getting the hang of Facebook business page and seeing all the beautiful notifications 🥹

Thank you all so much

Mobile uploads 09/15/2022

So so so excited to be back Shop Bellevue - In Vue market this Sunday !!! I mean look at this waterfront market 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 .

No Farmers Market is complete without Fresh Juice!
JWK Juicery

“Literally this environment is a dream if we’re talking farmers markets. It’s an amazing turnout and we will definitely be back” Thank you for the amazing feedback Kiara, owner of Juicing with Kiwi.


Our favorite State Farm agent !!! Thanks so much for the shout out!! Looking for insurance quotes ?? Get with Jessica 😍 … supper sweet and gives digestible information when it comes to coverage plans

It’s National Farmer’s Market Week, so we wanted to introduce you to some of our friends from the Reading Farmers Market & Blue Ash Farmers Market!

JWK Juicery offers delicious, delightfully healthy cold pressed juice, juice cleanses, smoothie bowls & a mobile juice bar!


Yesterday was amazing shout out to all the FIT QUEENS ! Who took advantage of our Sweatensity appreciation day sale !!! 😘 WE LOVE YOU GUYS


10oz mini Pomeapple Lime and 2oz AND 4oz Sweet Wheat shots are just a few of our favorites that are IN STOCK today at Sweatensity!

We will be back at Sweatensity gym today from 5-7:30 pm! Come workout and stock up on juice, Dayton juice family!

Link in stories to preorder now!

How the Juice Cleanse Works

I’ve worked incredibly hard over the years to make sure my health stays my priority, even while maintaining a household of a husband and two kids. I know how hard it can be to make sure I take the time out for me to stay fit. I wanted to take this time to share the product that has helped everything from my digestive system to my hair, skin, and nails for this long, with the world. What matters most is that I can share this product with you, and get excited with you as you see the results from this cleanse. I’m through the moon with excitement to share Juicing with Kiwi, with you guys! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me!

I wanted to give you guys an idea of how the Juice Cleanse works. When you purchase your Juicing with Kiwi Juice Set, you receive 9 22 ounce bottles for your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. That means you’ve got 1 bottle of Formulated Juice Cleanse for Breakfast, 1 bottle for Lunch and 1 bottle for Dinner.

In order for the process to work, you must do the following:

  • Drink 1 Gallon of Water per day.
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    517 W 7th Street
    Newport, KY

    Opening Hours

    Monday 4:30pm - 7:30pm
    Wednesday 4:30pm - 7:30pm
    Thursday 4pm - 7pm
    Saturday 9am - 1pm

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    937 1/2 Monmouth Street
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    Biggest Little Store on the Planet, BBQ Rubs Blended using only pure and natural ingredients and ground from whole spices weekly. That's how we Roll !

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    Open Today from noon - 9:00pm The festival has authentic Italian food and live Italian music perfor