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Owned by James McCalla, Newnan Tax is one of the oldest tax firms in Newnan. We specialize in indivi Our office is located on 44 Greenville Street in Downtown Newnan.

It is the brick building located on the corner across from the new beautiful downtown park. It is between the new Federal Building and the Downtown Post Office. We have been in this same location for over 30 years. Newnan Tax specializes in individual tax preparation. Last year we prepared over 1,600 tax returns. We have an Enrolled Agent on staff. We also provide setup and monthly maintence for s


Newnan Tax- Tax Filing Instructions
Hello Clients!

The 2019 tax filing season has been extended until July 15, 2020. You will not need to file an extension before the deadline as this is automatic. All payments will be due on or before July 15, 2020.

This means you can file your taxes anytime prior to the deadline without having to pay until July 15th. We are encouraging everyone to go ahead and file his or her tax return by April 15.

In light of COVID-19, our office will be closed until Monday, April 6, 2020.

You may do any of the following until then:
Go ahead and make your appointment by calling 770-253-5991
Scan and E-mail your information to [email protected]
Mail in information to: P.O. Box 1705, Newnan, GA 30264
Leave your information in the mailbox next to the front door of our office anytime between 9:00am and 5:00pm
Upon receiving your information, we will complete your return and call with the results within 2-3 business days. Please leave a contact number with all of your information. When it is complete, you can come by the office, sign the forms and pick up your return.

Lastly, after April 15th, I will be working on a limited schedule of Tuesday-Thursday. All of the above accommodations are available until July 15, 2020.

Thanks and Be Safe,
James R. McCalla
Newnan Tax


WARNING! IDENTITY THEFT SCAM! If someone calls you and claims to be from the IRS (usually a Washington, DC number) DO NOT give out your information! This is a new form of ID THEFT! We have had 3 cases here in NEWNAN this year! The IRS will NOT call you and threaten to have you arrested. NEVER give your personal identifying information to ANYONE calling you. If they don't have it already then they don't need it. Reputable companies do NOT call you and then ask you to ID with your social security number.

9 Overlooked Credit-Card Perks-Kiplinger 10/30/2014

9 Overlooked Credit-Card Perks-Kiplinger

If you're going to use credit - let it work for you!

9 Overlooked Credit-Card Perks-Kiplinger Points and cash back are only a fraction of the things your card can do for you.

Taxpayers Can Invest up to $18,000 in 401(k) Plans in 2015 10/24/2014

Taxpayers Can Invest up to $18,000 in 401(k) Plans in 2015

Great news! Plan for your retirement!

Taxpayers Can Invest up to $18,000 in 401(k) Plans in 2015 The Internal Revenue Service posted the annual cost-of-living adjustments for pension plans and other retirement plans for 2015, allowing taxpayers to contribute up to $18,000 in their 401(k) plans in 2015.

Tax Refund Size Increased This Year 10/22/2014

Tax Refund Size Increased This Year

The average tax refund size increased this year, and the number of tax refunds also increased.
Start gathering your tax receipts NOW and getting organized to maximize your refund next year! We are going to allow clients to electronically provide files to us which means less wait time for you!

Tax Refund Size Increased This Year The average tax refund in 2014 was $2,696, up 1.5 percent from the average refund of $2,656 in 2013, according to a new report on how well the Internal Revenue Service operated last tax season.

Timeline photos 07/22/2014

Timeline photos


I want to thank everyone who had their taxes prepared and especially those of you who recommended us to your friends. Because of you this was our best tax season ever. Thanks again.


The IRS will not be accepting returns until Jan 31st. This means your refunds will be delayed again this year. The soonest you can expect to receive your refund will be around Feb 10th to 15th. Please make your plans accordingly. You should bring in your information as soon as you have all of it so we can go ahead and process it. It will be finished but we can not send it in until Jan 31st. It will at least speed things up.


Give Withholding and Payments a Check-up to Avoid a Tax Surprise

Some people are surprised to learn they’re due a large federal income tax refund when they file their taxes. Others are surprised that they owe more taxes than they expected. When this happens, it’s a good idea to check your federal tax withholding or payments. Doing so now can help avoid a tax surprise when you file your 2013 tax return next year.

Here are some tips to help you bring the tax you pay during the year closer to what you’ll actually owe.

Wages and Income Tax Withholding
•New Job. Your employer will ask you to complete a Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. Complete it accurately to figure the amount of federal income tax to withhold from your paychecks.
•Life Event. Change your Form W-4 when certain life events take place. A change in marital status, birth of a child, getting or losing a job, or purchasing a home, for example, can all change the amount of taxes you owe. You can typically submit a new Form W–4 anytime.
•IRS Withholding Calculator. ( This handy online tool will help you figure the correct amount of tax to withhold based on your situation. If a change is necessary, the tool will help you complete a new Form W-4.


Remember if you filed an extension it is due October 15! We are taking appointments and of course walk-ins are always welcomed!


A HUGE Thank You to all of our clients that made James' 35th Tax Season the best one yet! We hope to have a wonderful 35 more! And we couldn't do it without all of our wonderful clients! We are so thankful for your business and referrals. Remember to tell your friends about us! A little birdy told me that James might be doing another drawing next year!


Our Drawing!

Congrats to Allen and Kimberly Harmon for winning our $500 Visa Gift Card drawing! Thank you all for the referrals!

Timeline photos 04/16/2013

Sweet Brayley Harmon holding up her gift card her parents, Allen and Kimberly, won from our drawing!


All returns that were held for energy credits and passive losses have been filed and accepted.


"Filers of Forms 4562 and 8863 can start sending in their returns to IRS. The Service has reprogrammed its computers to account for late changes that Congress made to the caps on expensing business assets and to education credits. But many filers will still have to wait until early March to file, IRS says. These include taxpayers who use Form 5695 to take residential energy credits, Form 8582 to report passive losses or Form 8839 to claim the adoption credit. Ditto for businesses that file Form 8903 for the domestic production deduction and many forms for tax credits, such as Form 5884 for the work opportunity credit" -The Kiplinger Tax Letter

Timeline photos 02/13/2013

Timeline photos

To celebrate James' 35th Year we are having a special contest!


The IRS will begin accepting returns with Education Credits and Rentals with Depreciation on Thursday, February 14th.



IRS Update for Form 8863: Education Tax Credits

The IRS announced today that they will not be able to process tax returns with Form 8863 until mid-February. This is a delay that will impact all tax preparation methods.

What is Form 8863?

Form 8863 is the form that is used to claim the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

American Opportunity Credit: The American Opportunity Tax Credit is offered to students who pay qualified tuition (and aren’t claimed as dependents elsewhere), as well as to parents who pay expenses for their dependent students or themselves. This tax credit allows you to claim up to $2,500 per student. The full credit is available for individuals with a MAGI(Modified Adjusted Gross Income) of $80,000 or less, $160,000 for married filing jointly. It is 40% refundable, meaning that you can get up to $1,000 back even if you don’t owe taxes.

Lifetime Learning Credit: The Lifetime Learning Credit a perk available to you if you paid qualified college expenses. Rather than limiting your ability to get tax credits for education expenses for the first four years of college, it’s possible to use the Lifetime Learning Credit to offset your expenses even in graduate or professional school. As long as the educational institution is qualified, undergraduate or beyond, you can qualify for up to $2,000 in tax credits for your expenses. It’s figured on 20% of your tuition and fees, up to the first $10,000. There is a phase out as you reach certain income levels. Parents can claim this for dependent students.

Can I still File?

Yes! We are up to date with all the latest tax law changes, including changes to the American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit, so you can be confident that you are getting every deduction and credit you deserve on your tax return. We recommend that you file now with us, so you will be at the front of the line for your refund when the IRS begins to process these returns. Returns will be submitted on a first in, first out basis. For the fastest refund possible, make sure you e-file and select direct deposit.


Good News, everyone who has filed their return at Newnan Tax has been accepted. The IRS has been accepting returns for the past three days. This could possibly move up the date that your refunds will be sent out. We will keep you updated.

Timeline photos 01/16/2013

To celebrate James' 35th Year we are having a special contest!

Timeline photos 01/10/2013

New Introductory Offer! New Clients only. Please Share with your friends!



The I.R.S. announced that will not be accepting tax returns until January 30th.

What does this mean to you?

It means that your return will not be accepted for processing until January 30. It does not matter whether you file your own tax return with a computer program, prepare a paper return, or use someone to prepare your return commercially. Once the IRS begins processing returns it will take an additional 10 to 14 days for you to receive your tax refund. No one will receive a tax refund before February 10 or perhaps even later. There is nothing your tax preparer or you can do to change this. If you depend on your tax refund to make ends meet, planning to purchase a new vehicle, make a major purchase, or use it to pay off bills, please make your plans accordingly. If you normally file your return before Jan31st, you should continue to file it as you usually do. When the IRS begins accepting returns they are all downloaded at once and processed. Your refund will come back the quickest if it has been prepared prior to January 30th. Please understand there is nothing you can do about this except to plan accordingly. Once your return is filed, you can check on the status of your refund by using the link to the IRS on our website,
-James McCalla

Newnan Tax 01/10/2013

Newnan Tax

I just updated my website! Check it out: via

Newnan Tax Company Name - Newnan, GA. Company Message

Newnan Tax 01/10/2013

Newnan Tax

I just updated my website! Check it out: via

Newnan Tax Company Name - Newnan, GA. Company Message

IRS delays start of tax filing season to January 30 01/08/2013

IRS delays start of tax filing season to January 30

**IMPORTANT READ** IRS delayed tax filings until January 30th! You can still come in and file but it will not be sent in until the 30th. Continue to bring in your information as you normally would.

IRS delays start of tax filing season to January 30 The Internal Revenue Service said on Tuesday it will begin accepting 2012 tax filings on January 30, eight days later than originally planned due to last-minute changes to tax law made in Congress' legislation ...

Timeline photos 04/25/2012

Thank you to everyone that donated to Operation Daddy's Boy. If you haven't been able to or want to help out come to the donation drive at Mt. Paran Church of God this Saturday and bring your new or gently used baby items. Please share this photo and let everyone know. Thanks!


To all our clients who have moved away or are out of town: You can fax or email us your information. Also, if you do not have time to wait to get your taxes filled out we have a drop off service. You can drop it off and we will call you when it is ready to be picked up!


Newnan Tax

Please share our page with all of your friends.

Newnan Tax Owned by James McCalla, Newnan Tax is one of the oldest tax firms in Newnan. We specialize in individual tax preparation with same day service at great low prices.

Walk-ins welcome or for an appointment or free quote call: 770-253-5991


Tax season is coming to an end! Call to book your appointment or file and extension if needed.


Happy birthday to our Enrolled Agent, Catherine Mathews!


The IRS has acknowledged that they have been having trouble with some electronic filings and are working to update "Where's my refund?"

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