Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA

Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA


Our Riley girl enjoying her pup treat tonight.
Best night ever.
Dottie was a huge fan of her Dogster. 🍦
HEY!! Did you know are hosting a Trunk or Treat night here in the parking lot of WNC Dental on Friday October 29th??? We'd love for you to stop in and show of your littles costume for a chance to win a day at the trampoline park and runner up gets some yummy treats from Whit's Frozen Custard We can not wait to see you!
Just needed to recognize the crew working today, especially tonight. I see you. You guys were amazing and very efficient whilst keeping a smile behind your masks. I appreciate you. Thank you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tried this place for the first time last weekend and loved it! I’m type 2 diabetic so I have to order the no sugar added. No big deal. It’s actually good but they only sell it in pints. Last time I was asked if I would like them to scoop it out of the pint and put it into a cup with some toppings. I thought that was so awesome! Well. Tonight. I came back for some delicious custard. The girl completely refused to scoop the custard into a cup. And was so rude about it! Only my 2nd time here and it’s definitely my last. Not that they will care.
I work at a dog friendly hotel. This is Valentine and she is partaking in your yummy dog sundae. She enjoyed it so much.
Happy Birthday to our favorite custard shop Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA! What is your favorite Whit’s Custard flavor?
Thank you for the yummy treat 🤍
Stopped by on my way home from trail riding. Well worth the calories.
My wife Amy Harris and I just finished a tub of cookie and cream...we’re at our Whit’s end...!
We LOVE your vegan flavors!!!

Frozen Custard

Operating as usual


TWISTED COFFEE is making another appearance as our daily! Made with our mocha coffee custard, cookies n creme, fudge swirls, almonds, and peanut butter swirls! It may seem like a lot but these flavors blend together to create one amazing scoop!

Today is also the LAST day to grab our weekly of WAFFLE CARAMEL CRUNCH! Hurry on by the try these amazing flavors- we close at 8:30pm! #whitsfrozencustard #whitsofnewnan


It’s Prom day but we are still serving up some custard! Our flavor of the day is BLACK CHERRY CHEESECAKE! Made with our black cherry custard, cheesecake bites, and black cherry halves! Don’t forget about our weekly- WAFFLE CARAMEL CRUNCH!

We are serving up some No Sugar Added vanilla in scoopable form! We also have fresh berries you can add to it! We are also scooping Vegan peanut butter made with our oat milk base!

Make sure to share with your friends about our special flavors today! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Head into your weekend the right way! Our flavor of the day is Peanut Butter Cookie Crunch! Made with our peanut butter custard, cookies n creme, and peanut butter swirls!

Also spread the word that tomorrow we are running No Sugar Added and Vegan to serve fresh! We are running NSA vanilla to serve with fresh blueberries and strawberries available as a topping. And oat base vegan Peanut butter!

#whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


We are serving up a new flavor today!!!

Our flavor of the day is CARAMEL CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEW! Made with our chocolate custard, cashews, caramel swirls, and chocolate flakes!

It’s Friday Eve so stop by and celebrate!
#whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Our flavor of the day is PINNEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE! Made with our vanilla custard, pound cake pieces, pineapple swirls, and a sprinkle of brown sugar! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Our flavor of the day today is CHERRY CORDIAL! Made with our Amaretto custard, cherry halves, and chocolate flakes! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard

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Our flavor of the week is WAFFLE CARAMEL CRUNCH! Made with our vanilla custard, chocolate covered waffle cone pieces, Butterfingers, and caramel swirls!

Our flavor of the day is MANGO SWIRL! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard

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We have two Easter cakes in our grab and go freezer! Stop by today to pick one up! They are the perfect sweet treat for a family gathering and they are only $25!

Our flavor of the day is RED VELVET CAKE! This flavor is absolutely amazing and a must try! Hurry on by because we do sell out later in the night! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Stop by today to start your weekend off right! This is one of my favorite flavors- it really does taste like a chocolate covered strawberry! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Our flavor of the day is PECAN TOFFEE CRUNCH! Made with our creamy vanilla custard, roasted pecan, and Heath Bar pieces. This flavor is simple but delicious! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Lemon is always a treat, and today we are serving Lemon Cake. It’s made with our creamy lemon custard and lemon cake chunks. Come grab a scoop and enjoy the breeze on the patio with your favorite peeps!

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Maple Crisp - Jewel describes it as a chocolate chip pancake withoutthe pancake. Now that’s a low carb way to get your pancake fix!!!! Made with our maple custard and chocolate covered waffle cone pieces.

And, These two adorable people are holding down the fort today. Their smiles are contagious so come on in for a scoop and a smile!!!!

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We are hiring!!!! We have a part time morning position, two or three mornings a week, from 8:00 until noon. It’s a great position for a parent who can drop their children off at school and pop into work for a few hours, or for a college student who needs flexibility around classes.

We are also hiring shift coordinators for day and evening positions. Please email [email protected] with questions or to learn how to apply!

And . . . our flavor of the week is Chocolate Marshmallow Browine. It’s our chocolate custard with brownie bites and marshmallow swirls.

And for our coconut lovers, Coconut Macaroon - our toasted coconut custard with coconut macaroon chunks and toasted coconut flakes. Cannot wait to try this new flavor today!!!


Come on in on this beautiful day for a scoop (or two!) of Coffee Fudge Ripple! It’s made with our delicious coffee custard with swirls of fudge.

It’s also our last day for Mint Chocolate Chip.

Brings your friend and family and enjoy this beautiful day!

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Vegan and No Sugar Added are back in stock!!!! Sarabeth has been busy restocking our To Go Freezer, and these are ready for you!

If you are ever coming in for Vegan or No Sugar Added, we recommend texting to see what’s in stock. We make these in small batches and they go quick!


It’s time for a change, so we made Take 3 as our daily. It’s our creamy vanilla custard with chopped Reese’s pieces, peanut butter swirls and caramel swirls - super delicious! Come on out for a scoop, or two!

And we are still second up Mint Chocolate Chip through Sunday, and still have a few 🍑 Whitties for our Masters fans.

Enjoy your Saturday!
#bestcustardever #whitsfrozencustard

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GUESS WHAT??!!!!!!

Augusta might be out of peach ice cream sandwiches . . .

But Whit’s has you covered!!!!
Fresh peach custard Whitties are ready to help you enjoy watching the Masters!!!!
Made with our peach custard, real peach pieces and our fresh baked sugar cookies. Come get yours while they last!!!

And grab a scoop of the daily, Whitehouse, when you pick up your Whitties! Nothing better than our yummy almond custard with cherry halves - one of mama’s favorites. 😊


And then you decide to have it a second time in one day because your oldest texts and makes time in her college schedule to see you. And, of course, you meet her at Whit’s!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Rainy days at the beach call for Whit’s! Fortunately, there was just enough left in the freezer for Max and me.

Rain or shine, we are always happy to see you at Whit’s. And today, stop by for a scoop of our daily, Cinnamon Coffee Cake!

And don’t forget about our weekly - Mint Chocolate Chip!

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Well she may be on vacation but she’s still working - trying lots of gelato for new flavors to bring back to Whit’s. 😊

We did have a little sad news to share - a freezer issue caused us to lose a couple hundred quarts and pints overnight. But when you are in a business as sweet as ours, you have to look at the bright side. We can make your favorite flavors over the next few days as we restock!

So, post below what you would like to see back in stock and we will get making!

And, the flavor of the day is Key Lime Pie - perfect as we start to celebrate spring!
#whitsfrozencustard #bestcustardever

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How adorable is my new smarshmallow? When you own a frozen custard shop, you get lots of custard related gifts and this one happens to be my new favorite!

Do you have a favorite smarshmallow? Bring your favorite smarshmallow in to the shoppe today and we will treat you to an item from the kids menu (one per person, ‘cause I know if you have one smarshmallow you probably have three or four😂).

Oh, yes, our daily and weekly flavors! Caramel Cookie Dough is our flavor of the day - vanilla custard with cookie dough bites and caramel swirls. And our weekly is a favorite - Mint Chocolate Chip! It’s made with our mint custard and chocolate flakes. Yummmmmm!

#squishmallows #bestfrozencustardever

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Our Director of Marketing took a vacation and left mama in charge of posts. Well . . . I thought I would share how the Parkers like their Whit’s!

Lots of flavors to choose from and lots of cookies and brownies on top!

How does your family like their Whit’s? Post your pictures below and we will choose one of your families to receive a Whit’s Party Pack, on us!

Oh, yes! And the flavor of the day is Beach Madness, which happens to be a Parker favorite! Enjoy!
#whitsfrozencustard #itsbestwithfamily


Today is the first day of Spring Break! We have some great flavors this week so stop on by!

Today is the last day to grab our weekly ALMOND JOY!
#whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Happy APRIL! Even though it’s April Fools Day we are not joking about the yummy flavors we have on this month’s calendar! So make sure to mark your calendar because you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Our flavor of the day is BURBON PRALINE PECAN! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Our flavor of the day is ORANGE CREAM CHIP! Made with our orange cream custard and chocolate flakes mixed in!

We are also serving strawberry lemonade Italian ice so stop on by while we have it! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Our flavor of the day is COOKIE MONSTER! Made with our vanilla custard, cookies n creme, cookie dough, and chocolate syrup! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard

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Our flavor of the week is ALMOND JOY! You can get this amazing flavor all week long so stop on by!

Our flavor of the day is ROCKY ROAD! Made with our chocolate custard, toasted almond, and marshmallow creme swirls! #whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard

Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA updated their address. 03/28/2022

Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA updated their address.

Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA updated their address.

Photos from Whit's Frozen Custard of Newnan, GA's post 03/28/2022

Such a fun day celebrating our community this past Saturday! While I might have been a little rusty scooping at the custard machine, I absolutely loved being with our team and seeing all of the smiles of the customers who stopped in. We are grateful for each of you, for each of our Whit's team members, and for this wonderful community that we call home. Thank you beyond words.
❤️ ken and dianne


Come out today and grab a free 1 scoop from 2pm-4pm! Allstate is treating in honor of the tornado that changed all our lives last year! Tag your friends and stop by!

We are serving up some delicious flavors:
- Sea Salt Caramel
- Snickers Kickers
- Beach Madness
- Vegan Strawberry (made with coconut milk base)
#whitsofnewnan #whitsfrozencustard


Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the tornado that wreaked havoc on our families, our community and our lives. When I look back at pictures of that time, I am shocked by the devastation but also amazed by the rebuilding, not just of homes but of spirits. It was a terrible time, but it was also an incredible time of togetherness, of kindness toward our neighbors, of coming together and of caring. I will forever be impacted by how our community joined hands to heal.

And, to celebrate you and our community, my Allstate agency and Whit's are joining hands. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 26, from 2:00 until 4:00 pm, I will be scooping for YOU!

We are offering FREE one scoops of the daily, weekly, chocolate, vanilla and, for the first time, Vegan!

So tag your friends and meet them for a treat on us, in celebration of each of you!

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Make sure to spread the word about our special hours on Halloween. We will also have a table set out on front with candy...



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