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Metro Hydraulic Jack CO


We'll really appreciate if you can please forward the mail to related department, which is looking for qualified pressure gauges! Thanks!

Hi! This is Betty Kuo from Seasons Gauge;We are the leading manufacturer in Taiwan.
We notice that you are using 15,000 psi pressure gauge by your website.
We are here to produce similar pressure gauges as your requirement!

Reliable Advantages:
1. ISO 9001:2015 certified pressure gauges over 20 years
2. Customer' s Logo printable
3. Technical Team Service
4. Precise Samples offered
5. Warranty included with never ending service!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a nice day!

Below is our website:
We are glad to learn that you work in the field of mechanical repair and maintenance.

Our experiences tell me that such activities must involve various of hydraulic spare parts, and our advantage is that we can provide you with a wide range of those parts to meet your repair needs, such as hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, pneumatic cyliners, hoses and fitting, tools, etc... and we can group different items into one shipment and deliver them to you.

Should you have any interests in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Li Bo (Mr.)
Sales Specialist

669 Changjiang West Road, Hefei, Anhui 230088, China
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14 VOLT & 18 VOLT BATTERIES $35.00

Hydraulic Equipment & Service in Newark, NJ Metro Hydraulic distributes hydraulic jack equipment, tools, parts, and more.

We also design and install hydraulic systems, repair hydraulic systems, among many other services. Based in Newark, NJ, we give a personal touch to each job to ensure it's done right.

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GRACO LD Series 3:1 Oil Pump Packages

Deluxe Stationary Oil Packages
Deluxe packages include SD Series hose reel. Air regulator (part 24H420 – ordered separately) must be used for LD pump thermal relief function.


A powered pallet jack has the advantage over a manual pallet jack that it can lift and move pallets of increased weight.


Hydraulic Pumps: The hydraulic pump is a component that is responsible for supplying the fluids to the other essential parts of the hydraulic system. The power generated by a hydraulic pump is about ten times more than the capacity of an electrical motor. There are different types of hydraulic pumps such as the vane pumps, gear pumps, piston pumps, etc. Among them, the piston pumps are relatively more costly. But they have a guaranteed long life and are even able to pump thick, difficult fluids.


Happy Holidays from All of us at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.


A powered pallet jack has the advantage over a manual pallet jack that a number of powered pallet jacks feature a platform for the operator to stand on.


In a hydraulic system, generally the size of the reservoir should be three times the entire system capacity (or 1.5 times the pump GPM rating). The reservoir should also have adequate surface area to allow heat to disperse.


Hydraulics facts: Did you know that there are three types of energy that are produced through the work of hydraulics? 1) potential or pressure energy; 2) kinetic energy, the energy of moving liquids; and 3) heat energy, the energy of resistance to flow, or friction. Hydraulic energy is neither created nor destroyed, only converted to another form.


Improved grip, reach and balance to help decrease muscle strain.
350° rotating head enables more comfortable postures that can decreases wrist strain


A number of different names are sometimes used to describe powered pallet jacks. These names include electric pallet trucks, power jacks, single or double pallet jacks, and walkies.


Keeping manufacturing equipment clean and lubricated is important for increasing its life. Proper maintenance also helps in the prevention of fatal accidents and injuries.


Pallet jack history: When the manual pallet jack made its debut in the year 1918, it utilized mechanical means for lifting forks.


Finding the right parts for your pneumatic and hydraulic machinery should not be a chore. We carry all the supplies you need to repair or build the machinery for your job. Seals, cylinders, and much more we have the top-quality products you expect and the service you'll appreciate.


The handle of a powered pallet jack has two important purposes. One of these purposes is to be the steering mechanism for the powered pallet jack.


If your manufacturing equipment uses hydraulics, and its performance has fallen off, it could be because there is air in the hoses. Try bleeding the lines and see if this corrects the problem.


Huskie Tools: S7L-MK510
12 Ton C-Head Compression Tool
The S7L-MK510 is a 12 Ton C-Head Compression Tool for U type dies. Handle-forward design provides improved ergonomics and tool balance. The cutter is 33 lbs with battery, dimensions of 10.5″H x 31″L x 3.5″W and a 5″ jaw opening. This tool operates on the Makita LXT 18V Li-Ion battery platform


Did you know that there are four main categories of material handling equipment in use today? These include: engineered systems, industrial trucks, bulk material handling, and storage units for materials and products.


Simplex Cable Cutters HCC Series
Quickly and easily cut through cable and wire rope.


Pallet jack history: While early pallet jacks were manual and utilized mechanical means for lifting forks, modern pallet jacks utilize hydraulics.


In hydraulic manufacturing equipment, the fluid, when under pressure, is stored in an accumulator. The liquid in this container is used to absorb shock, to provide energy, or to increase or decrease pressure. Accumulator designs include bladder, piston, and diaphragm.




Do you ever wonder whether spending hours trying to diagnose and repair an issue with hydraulic equipment is really the best use of your time? In many cases, you may find it’s more cost-effective to send this type of work to us.

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The Enerpac DSX aluminum square drive hydraulic torque wrenches include industry-first and patented* design features, which enable safer and easier operation while working at height.


Gray Automotive Model WL-20
WL-20 mid-rise lift will provide years of maintenance-free, worry-free lifting. The mid-rise lift system elevates one end of a wide array of vehicles. The portable design eliminates the need for a dedicated bay. The lifting height is perfect for major component removal and increases shop productivity as there is no more wasted time removing aerodynamics from vehicles.

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HUSKIE S7L-MK105YC Scissors Cable Cutter


Simplex Chain Cutters are an economical solution for controlled cutting of a broad range of chain and bar with multiple pump options to efficiently finish any cutting job!

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STANLEY HP Series Power Units: Their hydraulic power units use the latest in commercial engine technology from manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton and Honda. These engines are air cooled, fuel efficient, light weight, rugged and pack plenty of power to operate their most demanding tools without over-taxing the engines.

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Lincoln Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Mounting Clamp:

SKF has announced the introduction of its Lincoln-branded heavy-duty grease gun mounting clamp.
Developed to solve the problem of misplaced or in-the-way, dirty tools, the model 82770 clamp restores order and cleanliness to your work areas. This new tool is perfect for agriculture, construction, industrial or any vehicle service application.


• Max Operating Pressure: 6,000 psi (413.7 bar)
• Max Crack Pressure: 4,000 psi (207 bar)
• Available Materials
o Zinc Plated Steel, Standard
o 316 Stainless Steel for Superior Corrosion Resistance
• Markets: Mobile, Agricultural, Marine, and Oil & Gas.


Did you know that most types of compact hydraulic excavators have three assemblies: the house, the undercarriage, and the work group? The house contains the operator compartment and engine, the undercarriage consists of the tracks, and the work group consists of the various attachments.

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GENIE Boom Lifts


Filtering the hydraulic fluid is vital to make sure the system keeps working correctly, so you want to make sure that your hydraulic fluid can be filtered. Good hydraulic fluids are designed so they can be filtered without the additive getting removed.


In a compact hydraulic excavator, the house compartment is attached to the top of the undercarriage via a swing bearing. This enables the house to be able to rotate on the undercarriage without any limitations.


Unfortunately, even the highest quality pneumatic and hydraulic equipment can breakdown over time. Luckily, we have a good supply of components and seals ready to send to you


Unfortunately, even the highest quality pneumatic and hydraulic equipment can breakdown over time. Luckily, we have a good supply of components and seals ready to send to you


American Forge & Foundry

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Enerpac is changing the way you cut chain. The new Chain Cutters from Enerpac are designed not only to be safer and offer more precision than cutting with torches, angle grinders and cut-off tools, but they are also fast.

Cutting Speed
• Torches cut 1” chain in 1 minute
• Angle Grinders and cut-off tools cut 1” chain in 2 minutes
Enerpac Chain Cutters cut 1” chain in 35 seconds. Chain cutters feature quick cutting of ¾” to 1 ¼” chain in 35 seconds and up to 5/8” in 6 seconds which helps you get the job done faster.
When it comes to cutting chain, the Enerpac Chain Cutter is the right tool that makes all the difference.

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Stanley Series CH Chipping Hammers


Hydraulic equipment for manufacturing requires the proper combination of capacity, control, precision, adaptability, ease of service and maintenance, and suitability for the available space.

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ENERPAC New Multi-stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Capacity: 14 – 31 tons
Stroke: 270 - 600 mm


The house structure of a compact hydraulic excavator actually contains several different components. This includes the compartment for the operator, the engine compartment, a hydraulic pump, and any distribution components.

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Ductile Iron  Chain Saw
Power Team MCS Series Motion Control System
Stanley TP03 Trash Pump
Stanley Hydrant Saver
HOT New Product!  AFF Super Duty Manual Hydraulic Bottle Jacks.
Hydraulic Hoses



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