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Can Chase Elliott answer questions as fast as he can drive? 🤔 Find out in this Hot Lap episode, where he covers everything from celebrity crushes to karaoke classics 🕺

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The NAPA Network is home to 17,000+ NAPA Auto Care centers, meaning trusted service is usually a short drive away 🤝 But if there isn’t one nearby, follow these signs to identify a good mechanic 🔍

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Out of all the races from last season, which one sits above the rest? Sound off in the comments 👂⏬



If your windshield gets frosty during cold weather ☃️ allow us to clear some things up for you. See how to defrost a windshield in no time.


#teamNAPA | Rutledge Wood

's Rutledge Wood shares a project update on the Grumman Stepvan with a little story time.

We want to see what you’re working on 🔧 Share in the comments below 👇 and tag us!

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Protecting against rust is a must, especially if you live in a snowy place. Follow these tips for rustproofing your ride 🛡️


Igniters | Patrice Banks Session #1

Patrice Banks quit her six-figure-salary job to become an auto mechanic years ago, and the rest is her story. Ever since she founded Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center and started hiring and training female mechanics 💅🔧 she’s been shaking up this industry and paving the way for women in auto care.

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After a day at the track, our buddy Jonny is getting his hands dirty in true fashion 🔧 to fine-tune his NSX for another go-round:

“We learned a lot from our first track day, and we’re almost ready to tackle Thunderhill West again! The goal is to set a new personal best under 1:30s. Here’s a list of the modifications we’re making:
- NSX-R 22mm stabilizer to achieve sharper turn-in and decreased chassis roll
- CRF Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links that enable us to corner balance the NSX and eliminate sway bar preload
- CRF Front Compliance Clamps to eliminate any rearward movement of the front suspension, increasing our steering control when braking hard or pushing through turns
-and to top it all off, getting the suspension dialed in with proper track specs

Let's go! 💪”


Bryan Fuller - Igniters

Bryan Fuller makes "art that comes to life" in his garage 🎨🛠️ Tune in to hear what inspires him when he's customizing some of the baddest rides in the world at Fuller Moto Shop 😎

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This NSFW NSX of member Jonny hit Thunderhill Raceway for a timed lap around the track. Hear from Jonny about how the NSX handled and what he learned.

“Recently got the NSX out on the track at Thunderhill Raceway for the first time, and it was an unforgettable experience. Had a little bit of a learning curve with the RWD mid-engine power, and we made some adjustments — mainly lowering our tire pressure to get more grip. Ultimately we were able to put down a time of 1:37 around the 2-mile track.

We walked away with a few lessons and made plans for modifications that will set us up for a faster lap next time. With some changes in our suspension, I think we can go sub 1:30. Stay tuned!”


Iconic Grille

A good grille is the ultimate tone setter. Sound off in the comments about which car has the most iconic grille 🗣️🗣️

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Wherever there’s a NAPA AutoCare Center, there’s a crew of ASE-certified technicians eager to keep you moving 🛠 Click to find a NAPA AutoCare Center near you, and stay in life’s fast lane.


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When you get your hands dirty, sometimes your clothes follow suit. Here’s how you get stubborn oil out of your wardrobe 👕 Do you have any tricks of your own?



Your nose 👃 knows best. If you saw your favorite air freshener in the video, were our assumptions true about you?


No Capp, Ron Capps is a champion once again 💪

Congratulations to Ron and the Ron Capps Motorsports team on the NHRA Funny Car championship 🏆🏆🏆

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Shop our huge online inventory, then ship your order to your local NAPA Auto Parts store. Our network works hard to get you what you need, fast 💨


CarolineNovR1 (1).MOV

’s Caroline knows that one thing that can stop her THING from hitting the road is a bad braking system. Not on her watch:

“The braking system is obviously a vital part of any vehicle, and in most older vehicles, like this VW Thing, they tend to be very neglected over the years. As I was working through this restoration, it was time to dive into a deep cleaning along with outfitting the system with brand new parts. Here we added new brake springs, brake shoes, and wheel cylinders, and now we have this Thing actually stopping at every light.”


🏆 The Big Cat roars again 🏆

Congratulations to Brad Sweet and the Kasey Kahne Racing team on their 4th consecutive World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series championship.


The number of electric vehicles on the road is growing rapidly. We’re committed to helping drivers make the transition to an electric future by providing you with resources to keep you moving forward. That’s why we’ve partnered with Qmerit to offer at-home charging stations and turnkey installation. Simply research and purchase the charger that’s right for you on our website, then connect with one of Qmerit’s certified installers. Get started today: https://qmerit.com/ev/napa-auto-parts/

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You can’t afford to spin your wheels, especially during a snowstorm. Learn how to use tire chains properly ⛓ to avoid slippery situations this winter.

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Chances are you’ve heard these common car terms before, but you might not be crystal clear on what they mean. Get your garage lingo up to speed with these four terms before visiting your NAPA Auto Care center 🔧

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No matter where you’re headed, The NAPA Network has you covered like a fresh coat of wax. Did you know there are nearly 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores and over 17,000 AutoCare centers nationwide? That means you’re never far from trusted NAPA parts and care.


Who says you can’t teach an old car new tricks? 🪄 Watch member Felicia 4drrckt change the suspension on a well-seasoned 2005 Scion TC to make it ride like new.

“I have been working on cars with my husband for eight years now. We have definitely become quite the DIYers! From small projects like oil changes to large projects like complete engine swaps, we have a blast doing it all together. We have grown so much that we now not only work on our cars, but on our friends’ and families’ cars as well. There is something so satisfying about returning a vehicle and watching their faces light up. My mom says her 17-year-old Scion now “rides like a brand new car!” We couldn’t do all of this without the help and support from our local NAPA Auto Parts store. Being a DIYer not only consists of knowledge but also of the tools you need to physically complete the job. The crew at NAPA has both and a smiling face anytime we need them!”

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Time-tested icons? Or modern motor marvels? Which lane are you picking in this debate? ☝or 👇?


Paint Maintenance Tips

Don’t let your car go out in the cold without a good coat — of paint 🖌 Follow these tips to better maintain your car paint through fall and winter.

Timeline photos 10/17/2022

Make it 🖐 wins this season for Ron Capps and Ron Capps Motorsports!

The reigning Funny Car champ picked up another important Countdown to the Championship win 🏆 at the on Sunday 🍾


Soundchecks Reveal

That Corvette sure can purr. Yesterday we asked if anyone could identify this car based on sound alone. Who in the crowd got it right? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️



Can you guess the make and model of a car based on sound alone? 👂✅ Drop your guess 🤔 in the comments below and stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow.


See how Caroline from HHWheels got her ‘73 VW Thing road-ready after years of sitting still.

Love cars? You’re part of . Show us what you’re working on 🔧

“When getting any project car to run after being parked for a while, you always have to start with the basics! Fuel/fuel delivery, spark plugs, brakes, and electrical power.

After freshening it up with new spark plugs, checking to see if it had brakes, and adding a new battery, we got it to turn over. And with a few tries and priming the carburetor with some fuel, we were able to get this Thing rolling down the road!

This is such an exciting step for the Thing because not only is it awesome to see it back on the road again, but it also means we have a viable power plant!”


Our yellow badge is your green light. Trust The NAPA Network to keep your life in motion wherever you go and whatever you need.

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Do you know your car’s tire ply rating? Learn what this measurement means and why it’s so important to know 📝

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Locked in 🔒

Congratulations to Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports on their 5th win of the season, securing their spot in the Round of 8 in the Cup Series playoffs 💪🏆



Tune-ups are a form of preventative maintenance that protect important components and optimize fuel economy. See the four tasks that go into a typical tune-up and learn why they’re so important 🛠

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A winning weekend for 💪🏆

Congratulations to Ron Capps on a big win at the on Sunday and Brad Sweeton dominating at Sharon Speedway on Saturday night.

Timeline photos 09/23/2022

While the season’s far from over, which Braves player has impressed you the most during the regular season? ⚾


Doing a burnout with a trailer hitched to your ride? That power move sums up the road trip from member Felicia at 4drrckt where she drag raced all over the place. See highlights of the trip and hear what Felicia had to say about the epic adventure:

“If you've never heard of Rocky Mountain Race Week, you're missing out. Rocky Mountain Race Week is a one-of-a-kind event where you compete in quarter-mile drag races in multiple states over the course of one week — all while driving your race car from track to track and hauling a trailer with everything you'll need for the entire week.

There are tons of challenges in traveling and competing in so many races in several cities in a short window of time, not to mention the added stress of making adjustments to my car on the road. So it's great being part of and knowing there's always a NAPA Auto Parts store nearby for parts and supplies.

This is one of the most stressful and intense events I compete in, but the people I've met have become family, and the memories I've made will last forever.”


Chances are you saw Chase Elliott sporting his dog-friendly paint scheme at Darlington Raceway. Get to know the story behind the scheme and why the Chase Elliott Foundation loves to team up with the kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 👦👧

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From drives with panoramic natural scenery 🌄 to roads with breathtaking man-made infrastructure 🌉our country is full of epic drives. Which one do you think is the most scenic?


Helping drivers heed the call of the open road since 1925 🛣️

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Atlanta, it’s time to RISE UP. We’re proud to partner with the Falcons and to call Atlanta home. What are your football plans for the weekend?

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours. 05/09/2022

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours.

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours.

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours. 04/16/2022

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours.

Central Avenue Automotive updated their business hours.

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New Paint Scheme.


Friday morning customers before heading to Atco.


6 Days and a few more to go. At least Saturday they have off so business will be back to normal.


20 Gallons of MS109 for this Beautiful M5. 660 rwhp!

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Federal Mogul Corporate Employees from China chose Central Avenue Automotive as the NAPA AUTOPARTS to visit.

Timeline photos 08/08/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 08/08/2013

Off to a good start....

Timeline photos 08/08/2013



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