U.S. Army Soldier turned Marquage Painter of Luxury Designer Pieces Custom Painter of Designer Pieces

Photos from KKLG's post 08/10/2023

Preorder luggage tag designs are available now through 8/25!

•This is the last preorder opening for 2023•

Due to the size/detail of the custom orders I currently have along with my remaining reservations for 2023 I will not be able to open preorders again for this year.

•This means any holiday orders for custom tags will have to be placed during this time.

Design availability is limited:
- tags labeled “Limited Edition” have only 1 available
- tags labeled “Limited Release” will a limit of 2 or 3
*Individual listings provide details, once a design is sold out, it will not be available again.


Photos from KKLG's post 08/06/2023


A few of the new designs that will be available within the next 24 hours to preorder through my website!


Holiday orders must be placed during this launch to ensure they will be completed before 12/10.

• I will have a limit to the amount of preorders I am taking on based on. Preorders will close once that limit has been reached.

• Many new and previously created designs will be available, I will post an update once they have been officially released on my website.

•All preorders have a turnaround time which is provided to you at the time of purchase. Turnaround times vary based my current orders in rotation and the design selected. Due to my current workload and remaining client reservations the preorder turnaround time will be 4-11.

• “Limited Release” designs will have an order limit. Once sold out it will no longer be available nor recreated.

•Preorder designs are created and sold “as is”, they are not customizable (sorry!).

•Anyone interested in having custom painted design of their own created please head over to my website and sign up for the news letter. You will then receive an email update for when openings to book a reservation for 2024 become available with detailed information outlining the process. This information can also be found under the tab/page labeled “FAQ”


Photos from KKLG's post 08/01/2023

Clients Commissioned Custom Painting• Design inspired by the LV “Color Blossom” jewelry line 🎨


Custom Hand painted Louis Vuitton “Princess Ariel” Luggage Tag. Limited release design, only 3 tags per variation will be made and available to order in the shop (website linked below).

Once a design is sold out, it will not be replicated again, even if requested for a custom order.


Photos from KKLG's post 07/21/2023

Hand Painted Limited Release “Minnie Series”: Only 3 of each design will be available to purchase/preorder in the shop.

Once a design is sold out, it will not be replicated again, even if requested for a custom order.


Photos from KKLG's post 07/10/2023

Hello Everyone!

I’m currently playing catch-up right now on going through emails and current projects. I am so sorry for the delay, I had taken time off to travel to Colorado with family for my cousins wedding and was suppose to return Saturday July 1st but due to issues with the wildfires my flight was delayed almost 2 days. I didn’t get home until 2am Monday July 3rd. With the stress from that I got run down and thought I got the flu but it ended up being a kidney stone so for most of last week and this weekend I was unable to work. Again I apologize for the delay and being MIA, I genuinely just needed some time off to let me body rest. Like I said I am working on getting caught up and will be reaching out to those awaiting a response and working to get caught up on custom orders.

Here are some photos from the trip & my cousins wedding, other than the nightmare travel issues that occurred and feeling like I was on my death bed once I got home, the trip/wedding were beautiful ❤️

Photos from KKLG's post 06/08/2023

Close ups 🦒🖤🎨✌️💵
•custom design created for a client•


•Custom order for a client•
Hand painted LV Shiba patch 🐕🖤🎨


Painted for a client•Custom Pink Panther design •side 1 done, side 2 in progress•

Photos from KKLG's post 04/28/2023

Client Order: Astrology themed design - Custom Vivienne with Pisces ♓️ constellation 🌌💫🎨


Large LV Luggage Tag Preorders Available: Select designs to choose from on the website in the shop!



Custom painted 🎨for a client ❤️


•Custom Painted Client Order•Pochette Accessories 🎨

Photos from KKLG's post 03/18/2023

Client requested to have one of her favorite illustrations recreated with some color edits on her Deauville

Photos from KKLG's post 03/12/2023

Sorry I was MIA the last week, I was away in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary, soaking in as much time as I could with family, my niece and nephews who moved out of state last year. I Also celebrating 8 years sober ❤️ which filled me with such gratitude and a humble reminder without my sobriety I wouldn’t be where I am today or able to do what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world ❤️ I have always been very hesitant to share that because of the negative judgement that comes with it but it’s my truth and there is no shame in sharing a piece of what has made me the person I am today. To anyone out there struggling, it is possible to change and build a life beyond anything you could have imagined.


Custom painted CEO Red Bottom heels design for a an amazing woman & client ❤️🎨


Hand painted gift from a loving mom to her daughter


When I painted this tag of Rick from it was a design I did for fun because I like the show….so does my husband. As I was taking pictures of it to list on my site my husband goes “that Rick tag is sick, can I have it” lol which I replied ummm no. Secretly I melted inside and left it on his nightstand for him to find. The Rick tag has now been traveling with my husband for over a year 🖤


Custom Painted Rainbow 🌈 Ombre Monogram 🖤🎨

Photos from KKLG's post 02/02/2023

This piece belongs to my dear client Orna. With her permission I am sharing photos to explain the back story of this design. She requested to have a painting created that represents their last family vacation in Paris in honor of her late husband that could be passed down to her daughters.

I asked her to send me as many photos and pictures as she could and to let me know if she had anything specific she wanted me to include. She shared how they took their daughters to the Paris Opera Garnier, she sent photos of the flowers her husband gave her on her birthday, pictures of them exploring and having caricature sketches done, along with pictures from an art museum where she expressed she loves vintage frames.

I Tried to incorporate these moments within a painting showing the opera house in the background, I added in the artist from the street fair and changed his canvas to show them together as a family inside a vintage style frame with matching colored roses her husband gave her.

Photos from KKLG's post 01/20/2023

Shown here is a custom painting a client requested to have done as a gift for her daughter in 2020. She had reached out to me sometime last year asking if she could send it in for a touch up. As we all know life gets busy and it was delayed being sent in. While delayed the item was still being used unfortunately causing further damage to the artwork resulting in a touch up no longer being possible. The design had to be removed and repainted. When I had painted the original design in 2020 I was really happy with it because I produced the best quality I was capable. Repainting the design I got to see the progression of my work. I did a side by side comparison of the original painting and the current one. This was a reminder that being disciplined, continuously working hard to become better while remaining teachable will always produce growth. For those who don’t know, I am completely self taught and when I first started I couldn’t paint to save my life. So to anyone reading this afraid of trying something new out of fear of failure, do it anyway. You don’t know what you’re capable of unless you try ❤️

Photos from KKLG's post 01/18/2023

Monogram replacement 🎨


Custom Painted Pixelated Style Luggage Tag 🏷️💙🎨🖤

Photos from KKLG's post 12/29/2022

Pics of the Neon Ombre LV Steamer backpack custom painted for a client 🖤🎨


Tribute piece in honor of a dearly missed father 💜


🐶 🐾 Custom piece ordered as a holiday gift by a very loving sister 🎨❤️


•Custom painted for a client ✨ •


Custom painted “My Melody”

Available in the shop! For details please head over to the website 👇



1 Available for preorder • Discontinued • Brand New• Black Empriente Key Pouch • Custom Painted with Neon Tie Dye Monogram
Details & additional photos available through direct listing in the shop!



Tribute piece to a beloved and deeply missed sister, mother, & so much more ❤️


👀 close up 👩🏻‍🎨
No longer available, sold*

Custom Painted Saint Laurent Card Holder


Listed in the shop 🖤👩🏻‍🎨

Custom Painted Saint Laurent Card Holder.
For additional photos, pricing or to purchase please head over to the shop section at



Custom Painted Saint Laurent Card Holders listed in the shop! For additional photos, pricing or to purchase please head over to the shop section at


Photos from Suheel Sheikh's post 12/02/2022

Hey guys, if you don’t mind can you please do me a solid and go vote for my friend Suheel. When I first started custom painting bags I messaged several artist asking questions about paint, sealers, and any kind help or guidance I could get. I was ignored by 90% of them, the rest kindly told me to figure it out but there were 2 people who took the time to answer questions and help me out, Suheel Sheikh being 1 of them. He is one of the kindest custom artist I’ve encounter in the last 6 years and his work is amazing, speaks for itself. So if you have a minute and don’t mind going to vote for him it would mean a lot. His dream is to open his own studio and be able to give classes for artists entering into the custom painting world. I’d like nothing more than to be able to watch him succeed and make this happen. Thanks!

Photos from KKLG's post 11/29/2022

Custom Painted • Neon Tie Dye
•Not for sale•
Thank you to my amazing clients for their patience 🖤 👩🏻‍🎨


Custom Painted 🐯 Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag 🏷
•Not for sale•
To see available custom painted items please head over to my website and check out the shop! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨


Sanrio Friends!
Hand painted custom Louis Vuitton Tags 🏷
Available inventory can be found in the shop


Custom Painted Louis Vuitton tags 🏷
Available now, website linked below 👩🏻‍🎨•Luggage tags are guaranteed authentic•

Prices Vary by design.
For pricing, additional photos & details please head over directly to the shop on my website for details!
•Not affiliated with any ™️ © •
Thank you 🎨


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