This is actually not a bad product and the technology is decent, but as a child tracker, I didn't find it helpful at all. The only thing it did was to alert me when my grandchild was out of the designated area. In a crowded place, there would be no way of knowing which direction they had walked and even how far. I thought the device would at least show me where the child is located at the time. I think there are a lot of possibilities for this device but it doesn't work the way I would have liked. Great idea but needs to go a bit further in tracking the child.
Thank you for providing NYPD Autism Event with excellent information and way to keep children with special needs safe.
Thank you so much Gallegos for providing information to many families and attending the NYPD Autism event.
Great meeting you guys. Great product!
Today my son's school sent B'zt thank you cards for the robot's that we helped them get. They love learning about robots and coding. Thank You PS.214Q for these wonderful cards. Enjoy and Learn. B'zt believes in our children and their education.
B'zT in NYC 2017 Anime Con, keeping my love ones safe.
Tested in Brooklyn Coney Island Beach, Works great.
Tested in Brooklyn Coney Island Lunar Park and the beach. Works great
Tested in NYC south street sea port, B'zT apparel works
Tested in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania Pocono mountains, staying safe with B'zT

B’ZT (Beacon Zone Technology) for zero missing people Teachers and caregivers can download the B'ZT Group App to register up to 30 students.

B'ZT Smart Clothing has pre-embedded with machine washable tracking technology so that the parents can monitor their children via the B'ZT Family App that works with the Smartphone to monitor up to 6 children. Caregivers receive alerts if any kids leave the preset B'ZT Geofence Zone.


Introducing Smart B'ZT, a company that truly understands the importance of your child's safety. At Smart B'ZT, we've dedicated ourselves to developing innovative solutions that bring peace of mind to parents like you.


📣 Exciting News! B'ZT smart patch: Transforming Ordinary Clothing into Smart Fashion! 🔥✨

With B'ZT's iron-on method, your child’s favorite garments can now become part of the IoT revolution! 🚀👕

By simply attaching B'ZT smart tags and UndrCovr-QR, you'll unlock a world of possibilities for your wardrobe. 🌟📲



Dress’em & Find’em


🔍 Zero missing people is B'ZT's groundbreaking mission! We're harnessing multiple technologies to make it a reality. Introducing B'ZT, our IoT smart clothing solution, along with our free UndrCovr App for iOS and Android. And now, we're thrilled to unveil our newest addition, UndrCovr-QR! Exciting innovations are underway at B'ZT Labs. Follow us for updates and track our progress at smartbzt.com. Together, let's create a safer world for our loved ones.




🌟 Exciting news! B'ZT is thrilled to be a part of the Assistive Technology Innovation Conference tomorrow. Join us as we showcase our cutting-edge smart clothing that keeps curious minds safe. Discover how B'ZT's innovative technology is revolutionizing child and seniors safety. Don't miss out!


💡 Keep your curious little ones safe with B'ZT! Our smart clothing allows children to explore while ensuring their safety within a designated geo fence. Let their curiosity roam while giving parents peace of mind.


Zero missing people may sound like an impossible mission, but at B'ZT, we wholeheartedly believe that it can be achieved. Through the power of smart apparel, we're dedicated to making this vision a reality. Our innovative technology brings a new level of safety and peace of mind.

Imagine a world where no loved ones are lost or separated. With B'ZT's smart apparel, we're revolutionizing the way we protect and connect with those we care about. From children to seniors, our cutting-edge solutions ensure that everyone stays within reach.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we pave the way for a safer and more connected future. Visit smartbzt.com to discover more about our mission and be a part of this incredible movement. Together, we can make a world where missing loved ones become a thing of the past. 🌍💙✨


Every day, parents dedicate themselves to their children, striving for the best. The journey of parenting is filled with countless ups and downs, but every drop of sweat becomes the fertilizer for our children's growth. On this Father's Day, we want to shout out to all parents—you are truly amazing! Against all odds, you are the real heroes in your child's life. Keep up the great work every day. 💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✨


Hey B'ZT families! We all know that true self-confidence comes from inner peace, not just appearances. That's why B'ZT smart clothing is more than just ordinary apparel. It's incredibly smart, connecting hearts between you and your children, empowering them to explore the world with confidence. Join us on this amazing journey!


New York City subway! 😍 friendly and safe atmosphere! Good job New York!


Keep kids close to you. Smart B’ZT smart t-shirts and iron-on patches help parents to keep children safe. Check out our new smart product at smartbzt.com

Photos from B'zT's post 06/03/2023

Great day out in the community to meet hero moms and hear what they need for keeping their children safe!


To all the incredible mothers out there, you are our guiding stars and our unwavering protectors. 🌟💕 As parents, our primary job is to keep our precious little ones safe. But you go above and beyond, especially when caring for children with autism. Your love, patience, and dedication shine brighter than ever, lighting up their unique path. 🌈✨ Today, we celebrate you, our fearless champions. Tag a superhero mom who inspires you! 💪❤️ ”

Feel free to pair this caption with an uplifting image that showcases the love between a mother and her child. Remember, the power of your love and support can create miracles in your child’s life. Keep shining, superhero moms! ✨💙


B’ZT UndrCovr App store made pairing so easy.
Download our UndrCovr app and pair the B’ZT smart clothing or smart patch to keep your children safe and have peace of mind.


B’ZT Blue Space Smart t-shirts at www.smartbzt.com
Pair it with UndrCover App to track your child to keep them safe.


B’ZT (Beacon Zone Technology) smart apparel brand for children’s and older adults’ safety in most comfortable ways!
Download our app at App Store and Google Play. gps


B’ZT smart apparel and smart patches will be sold during the community wellness event at PS 47 John Randolph School, Bronx NY.


Happy Mother’s Day for all mothers in the world. We cherish your dedication and devotion to keep you children safe!




Smart t-shirts for kids and their best animal friends. Check out B’ZT smart t-shirt and smart patches when you plan a trip at smartbzt.com ! 🧒👧👶🐶🐱


Smart t-shirts for smart kids. Is your child adventurous and independent? Check out B’ZT smart t-shirt when you plan a trip at smartbzt.com ! ✈️🚗🚘🛤️


B’ZT’s White Dream Smart t-shirt for kids and for parents’ peace of mind. Check our smart apparel brand smartbzt.com


Smart apparel for smart parents. Planning a trip with kids? Check our smart apparel brand smartbzt.com


B’ZT CTO pro-diver
machine washable smart apparel

Photos from B'zT's post 01/21/2023

Beacon Zone Technology spotlighted on Queens Borough Business News From the Queens Chamber of Commerce January 2023 edition.


Authenticity and originality! B’ZT’s Wikiki AR story books are all about creative and curious minds of children. They are created by real artists and our real tech developers!

Photos from B'zT's post 01/18/2023

Smart tracker powered by Beacon Zone Technology. Download free app and simply pair your kid’s smart fashion with your smartphone. Fashionable for kids and machine washable for you. Let no one know your child is linked to your smartphone! Simple.


B’ZT tracker and can unleash your child’s curious mind. When your child feel safe, nothing is impossible to achieve. Our tracker is machine washable and 100% hidden so your child feels so comfortable and you can easily wash the technology!


Throughout our journey from the Smart Clothing invention to ex*****on, we met many people who were questioning the authenticity of the smart clothing B’ZT. Because it is so simple, they were skeptical about the legitimacy. Why not Nike or Apple but you? They would wonder. Why not Google? Aren’t they already making Jacquard, a commuter’s jacket with Levi Strauss & Co.? Why not Under Armour? Why you? What is Smart Clothing? Here in this talk, you might have an opportunity to think why it makes sense the Smart Clothing invention was incubated by a mother, woman, and fashion designer, not by either a big tech or a fashion company. Mothers have the great advantage of understanding the heart more than the mind, love more than vision, compassion more than a goal, and kindness more than practicality. Comfortable smart clothing would need those characteristics.


Glad that B’ZT was able to serve as a judge in scoring and providing feedback to the 2023 Edison Award nominees. All judges’ contribution made the Edison Award donation total of $2,675 possible to the SWFL American Red Cross next week on behalf of all the 2023 judges.


Official BZT_UNDRCOVR] : time to go for a seed round. Email [email protected] if interested.


If you want to hear about the future technology from a mother’s perspective, here is the link! I think I explained Web3, blockchain and digital currency easiest way so that everybody can understand it. If you like this idea, please share with you circle of friends!


Kiyeon Nam on LinkedIn: The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam |… 12/13/2022

Kiyeon Nam on LinkedIn: The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam |… I met many people who were questioning about my smart clothing invention B’ZT. It was so simple, they were skeptical about the authenticity. Why not Nike or…

The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam | TEDxRaleigh 12/13/2022


The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam | TEDxRaleigh I was six years old when I was left alone at Namsan Mountain Park in Seoul, South Korea. My grandfather was sitting on the bench beside me, drinking soju. Th...

The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam | TEDxRaleigh 12/13/2022

TEDx YouTube channel. Check this out.

The Power of Smart Clothing and Kindness as New Currency. | Kiyeon Nam | TEDxRaleigh I was six years old when I was left alone at Namsan Mountain Park in Seoul, South Korea. My grandfather was sitting on the bench beside me, drinking soju. Th...

Photos from TEDxRaleigh's post 12/13/2022

Amazing people that innovate America!

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B’ZT’s CTO Jinwoong Jang is a diver who frequently goes deep underwater and tests our locator tag’s signal. This video i...
Another Video produced by Pennsylvania State Univ interns for B’ZT UndrCovr. They actually put together cardboard boxes ...
B’ZT UNDRCOVR round the world #kids #safety #network #bluetooth #tracking #gps #locationtracking #worldwide
We are introducing our upgraded app UNDRCOVR powered by B'ZT (Beacon Zone Technology). As part of our ongoing efforts to...
Tuning out the city noise and listening to the heart beat of each other. #nyc #newyorkparks #waterfallinthecity #paleypa...
Every child has a unique gift. B'zT believes that we also have a unique vision in fashion and technology. We combine the...
Congresswoman Grace Meng paying attention to B’zT’s vision for Smart Schools.
B'zT at SBDC New York Queens Collage
B'zT Smart School Solution Outing Aid at NYC Half Marathon 2019
B'zT fashion-tech is being used for 2019 NYC Half Marathon



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