Certified Auto Repairs

Keep your motor running with our automotive services team. From oil changes to complete overhauls, our crew will make sure your ride is always smooth.

We are a full-service auto repair and maintenance shop. Our team of ASE certified mechanics can repair any make or model, both foreign and domestic, and our transmission specialists can handle both standard and automatic transmissions.

Operating as usual


Sizzling Saturday! LIKE if you’d take this beauty on a road trip!


How often should you change the engine air filter in your vehicle? Find out here: http://bit.ly/1GXUDaa Hint: it’s more often than you think.


Summer Tip: Top Off Fluids
Make sure that your fluids under the hood are all at optimal levels. Also, if you have a big road trip scheduled, you may want to get an oil change before you leave.


What do you think is a fair time frame to get minor repairs done to your car?


We can fix this!


Summer Car Care Tip #7 Check Your Brakes.


What type of wax do you usually use after a nice wash? Share in the comment section below!


There’s a right and wrong way. You can count on us doing it the right way.


Duck tape is your best friend.

Anytime you are sanding or grinding on a panel in an area close to another panel, (like the edge of a door next to a fender), it is a good idea to protect the panel with a couple layers of duct tape. Just run it along the edge adjacent to the panel you are working on to prevent any accidental damage.


Save yourself some money and get sheet screws for welding help.


Just a little work we are doing on a truck. Looking better than the original paint!


Another day in the life!


We can fix this. If you have bumper damage come see us before it falls off!


If you could restore one classic car which would it be?


Don't be like this guy! Come get your car fixed ASAP.


Guess that one way to fix a flat!


The best car I ever owned was a ________.


Have you rotated your tires recently? Make sure to do that every six months so they wear evenly!


Throwback Thursday: which of you remembers drive-in movie theaters?


If you're missing a mirror, we can fix it. Don't be like this person!




Are your tires worn out? Test yours with a penny: if Abe's head doesn't dip below the tread line, it's time for new ones.


Know your coats.

The two main styles of guide coats are a powder and just a standard light mist coat of paint. Guide coats work by depositing a thin layer of either dust or paint across the surface of the primer. Essentially what they do is help you identify low spots as you sand down to a smooth, even, primer coat. This makes a perfect paint job come that much closer.


Happy 4th of July! Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!


What would your custom plates say?


A cool trick to keep you cool this summer.


Our collision repair team will fix any of your needs! CALL FOR YOUR FREE estimate Today!


The average worker spends 25.4 minutes driving to work every day. That's more than two hours per work week. How does your commute compare to the national average and the average for your area? http://bit.ly/1RdhFfx


Here's a cool idea to deter would be high-tech car thieves. http://usat.ly/1IpAFpJ


Did you know? 1 in 3 drivers don't know how to tell a safe tire from a bald one? Summer is the time for a lot of driving, so make sure tires have at least 2/32 inch of tread, preferably 4/32 inch or more.


Could self-driving cars eliminate the need for auto insurance? Forbes examines the possibilities. http://onforb.es/1GyjT7v


We do repairs on classic cars too!


What restoration project do you have in store for this summer?


Only the best tools are used at our shop.


Which classic car defines you?



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