Experiential Design Firm HUSH Lights Up Uber's New HQ With ‘The Stream.’

Lanes of custom-made lighting and interactive wall installations channel the transportation company’s mission to “to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

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HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz sat down with host Chris Do on The Futur to chat about experience design and how HUSH approaches creating unique experiences for global brands amid the impending blur between the physical and digital worlds.

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: On the heels of their recent promotion of industry leader David Crumley to Technical Director, experience firm HUSH continues to expand its best-in-class team by welcoming Joel Watkins as Senior Designer.

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HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz joined host Ed Cotton on the latest episode of the ‘Inspiring Futures’ podcast, where the two talk widely about how the experience design firm operates as well as creates experiences that artfully merge the physical and digital.

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Trend spotted! HUSH's ‘The Orbit’ - an immersive retail and web experience collaboration with HBO Max, where users can explore HBO Max’s entire content library, was spotlighted in BizBash’s deep dive into how retail stores are increasingly using experiential marketing to drive business.

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How can work for your brand❓

Today on we're showing you why brands like Gibson, AT&T, and Ralph Lauren are tapping experiential agencies to create immersive, interactive retail experiences. It's all at the link below!

HUSH AREA15 George P. Johnson Experience Marketing Shoptology G7 Entertainment Marketing PopUp Summer
Head over to Communication Arts to read about how HUSH worked with HBO Max to create The Orbit, a retail and web experience where users can explore HBO Max’s entire content library:
Introducing The Orbit, an immersive experience by HBO Max and HUSH. For more information, visit
Congratulations to our friends at HUSH as they welcome former Executive Producer Kristen DiCamillo as their first new Partner since the launch of the company nearly 15 years ago! DiCamillo will serve as the Managing Partner, overseeing the firm’s processes, operations, and finances. Check out the full announcement on GD USA Magazine:
: For the first time since the launch of the company nearly 15 years ago, HUSH is welcoming a brand new Partner, Kristen DiCamillo.

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Reflecting its renewed commitment to fostering a strong, values-driven company culture, experience design firm HUSH welcomes veteran human resources professional Karl Stewart as their new Talent and People Manager.
TODAY! Don’t miss HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz as he presents “Mindset First, Process Second: Experimentation Creating Opportunity” for SEGD 2021 Xlab. 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST.

Register for the virtual event here:

We give spaces a powerful voice to amplify an organization’s boldest ideas. Design Agency

Photos from HUSH's post 06/09/2023

Some circles from the cutting room floor…

Photos from HUSH's post 05/18/2023

Come for the panel, stay for the exhibition…

Sun, May 21st from 4-6p:

HUSH Designer Dione Lee will be talking on the “Art as Information” panel hosted in Building 92 by 10XBeta Venture Studio with other panelists from Van Alen Institute, Numina and more...

We’ve been exploring the intersection of art, information and data for many years. The panel will unpack this journey.

The attached exhibition will connect you with our latest explorations looking at artful visualizations of sustainable design, carbon accounting and generative form making - a behind the scenes peek at the R&D involved in our installation currently on view in Venice as part of the program at the architecture Biennale.

Register here for the panel:

Photos from HUSH's post 05/02/2023

Step inside our Brooklyn Navy Yard studio for Design Day at the Yard on May 20 from 12 pm – 4 pm.

We’ll be talking about experience design, sustainability, technology and giving a sneak peek of some work still under wraps.

What is “experience design?” We’ll explain all with tactile prototypes and visual galleries.

Our community at the Yard is home to thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators defining the future of design, so it’s the perfect day to visit the site.

The event is free. Please register here:

Photos from HUSH's post 11/08/2022

What if you could vote simply by standing on one side of a public park?

On today's election day, we're reminiscing on Where we Stand, a project we collaborated on with David Michon () made possible by ASK US FOR IDEAS. In 2020, when the pandemic was at its most critical moments, Where We Stand prompted 15 leading design studios to reimagine public spaces to fit the new socially-distanced demands. Choosing an admired public space, each organization eschews the go-to language of caution and restriction, discovering beautiful ways to encourage safe behavior and reoccupy our parks, streets, market squares and sports fields with a feeling of ease, enjoyment and even festivity.

For the project, we created a field of sculptural, functional objects that activates the heavily trafficked Bryant Park and creates gravitational centre points for social distancing. The grid of objects is positioned between two large, typographic "ideas" that are meaningful to the local public. People express their affinity through body movement by occupying the objects closest to their most important idea.

Swipe to see how the public space becomes a heat map that visualizes public sentiment around these ideas. Through technology, we’re able to register interactions and so as the day progresses, and everyone's leaves the park, we activate the space by illuminating it with the data of footprints past and it transforms into a beautiful data visualization on the public sentiment around these two topics. We imagine that the program of this dichotomy of ideas changing on potentially a daily basis or monthly basis – and that that kind of feedback would be played back for the whole city to see over time.

Photos from HUSH's post 11/07/2022

Congratulations to all the runners who crushed it on our home turf yesterday during the 51st annual ! Besides celebrating on the streets of among some of the strongest runners out there, we spent today reflecting on one of our favorite projects completed in the early days of HUSH with the team over at .

In preparation for the two-week long Olympic trials hosted in Eugene, Oregon, Nike needed a solution to designing a world’s fair size physical/digital experience that would engage their diverse audience of fans, Olympic athletes, and media. To kick off this project–aptly named Camp Victory–Nike prompted our team to build a holistic experience that defined 'the art of fast’ and allowed people to sensorially experience speed.

Our final designs included a three-part experience that began with "The Speed Tunnel" a floor to ceiling LED-run system that created a visceral feeling of fast The LEDs within the tunnel were controlled by the real time movement of the athletes running on the adjacent track. For the viewers who didn’t have tickets to watch each individual race in the stadium, this Speed Tunnel invited them to experience the sensation of these runners–who are some of the fastest in the world–speeding by triggering unique patterns of light and sound.

Swipe to see the final chapter of the experience, which mapped the data most central to Nike’s brand. At the time, Nike Running Club () was gaining popularity and runners across the world were capturing their efforts on the same platform to share and compare with other athletes. For Camp Victory, our team built a generative map system of the surrounding areas of Eugene, Oregon that inputted running data from athletes running in the area in real time. The map would replay each run throughout the day, spotlighting the fastest runners in certain areas of the city which invited competition among runners to check their score and status at Camp Victory throughout the run of the program.



To all our London friends….HUSH is traveling across the pond! 🇬🇧

Our fearless leader will be participating in (American Society of Architectural Illustrators) 37th Conference on November 17th at Village Underground ().

This year's conference theme is "Cause & Effect”:​ ​Newfound Visions, covering all of the latest topics in creativity, technology, and narrative storytelling about real estate and architecture. Panelists will all give insight into how their creative field will shape the vision of our cities' future.

The event is a one day conference + evening party exploring the conversation between the global village of protagonists & key industry stakeholders about the future creative, technology, and strategic possibilities that exist in how we vision, market, and talk about the future of our projects and our cities.


What if you could stitch all your photos of the year together like a textile?

That's what our project Weevme aimed to do! Taking inspiration from data and the beauty of woven fabrics, in 2015 our team embarked on an exploration to capture our year in photos by deriving a single image from all of the photos we posted that year. This project turned photos into yarn and wove a story of how each individual captured their most memorable moments from the previous year.

What colors will appear in your 2022 Weevme?


Applying sustainable thinking into your day to day life is an important step to contributing to solve climate change though we know it can be overwhelming. Where does one even begin?

Check out .design's latest episode of Design Nerd's Anonymous (link in bio) to learn more about how you can amplify your impact. Our Partner, , breaks down our team's approach to sustainability, sharing some of the ways we leverage design to connect and inspire occupants of space to understand how their own daily micro-decisions affect the sustainability of a building and in turn, our world.

Interested in learning more? We'd love to chat, dm us here!


Spooky season has taken over 👻 (even on the screens at the studio)

Check out this recent TouchDesigner particle systems experiment. The audio driven image is giving us all the Halloween vibes 🎃



*Mark Your Calendars*

This Saturday (October 22) The Brooklyn Navy Yard () will be opening its doors for a series of behind the scenes open studio tours during Open House New York ()! Come join us at our studio in Building 77 to learn more about experience design, interactive with some of our past projects on display, and pay a visit to our prototyping space to see some of the work we are actively tinkering with.

The tours are completely free and open to the public. After you browse some of the studios at Building 77, make sure to register for NewLab’s () iconic summer party where we can all toast to another year of brilliant design and creativity at the Yard. Register at the link in our bio.

Hope to see you there !

Photos from HUSH's post 10/04/2022

This week, Dezeen () released Solar Revolution, an editorial series that explores the varied and exciting possible uses of solar energy and how humans can fully harness the incredible power of the sun.

In celebration of this coverage, we wanted to share ‘The Energy Dial’ an installation our team created for the net-zero energy headquarters of the biotechnology company, United Therapeutics ()

While the net-zero energy systems of the building were incredibly complex, our goal for the experience design platforms was to simply and boldly communicate that the building operates almost like a living entity, with its own consciousness and repeated behaviors. Thus came “The Energy Dial”, an artful, circular form inspired by the cyclical nature of the seasons, the sun and the sky, and the passage of time.

“The Energy Dial” uses real-time data to showcase the ebb and flow of the building’s energy. The sculpture shines light outward whenever the building is producing a solar energy surplus and shines light inward if it’s using more energy than is being produced. Its form, scale, and behavior encourages a symbiotic relationship between occupant and building as people understand its story immediately and can alter their behaviors to contribute to the energy patterns of the building.


Hustle Culture is Canceled.

Let’s get real: Agencies have long normalized ‘hustle’ culture. But in today’s labor market, smooth operations are crucial for both employee retention and financial success. Leaders across operations, management, and delivery still struggle with the chaotic ups and downs of resource planning doesn’t have to be this way!

Join HUSH Managing Partner, Kristen DiCamillo at an upcoming SoDA: The Digital Society + Parallax panel discussion and happy hour 🍻 on September 27 for a discussion with to learn more about resource planning and its impact on employee retention and agency culture. You won't want to miss it!

RSVP at the link in bio!

Photos from HUSH's post 09/15/2022

We're excited to share that "The Stream", the experience design platform we built for Uber () in their new headquarters in Mission Bay, CA is being honored in Fast Company's 2022 Innovation by Design Awards ()! The project has been named a finalist in the Experience Design category and the building itself–built by SHoP Architects ()–has been named a finalist in the Best Workplace Design category.

"The Stream" is a standout example of how workplaces can infuse brand storytelling into the built environment. The interactive experience presents Uber’s most important stories, translating the company's activities and data sets into beams of light in motion—traveling from high up within the space, assembling into new forms, and culminating into impactful narratives that seek to inspire employees every day.

We're looking forward to celebrating at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in NYC next week. Hope to see you there!


Most digital experiences - in their energy use, materiality, carbon costs, and life cycles - aren’t typically friendly to our own sustainability commitments as a design studio, nor those of our enterprise clients.

We've spent years analyzing this impact and, as a result, have created a strategic framework to guide our digital/technological experience design concepts in order to balance creativity and sustainability.

Check out the link in our bio to learn more about how we came to defining these sustainability values and explore how we plan to continue applying them to our work in the future!


While we are often recognized for the impact of our fully realized experiences, our design approach and processes are just as important. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we have established–and continue to evolve–an agile framework that drives industry-leading outcomes.

In this month's newsletter, we share a few unique aspects of our approach that define how we create transformative designs for leading global organizations.

Take a read at the link in bio and subscribe to receive all HUSH news!

Photos from HUSH's post 08/10/2022

As a design studio dedicated to leveraging technology, we often begin in the backseat in relation to sustainability goals.

In recent years, we've made strides to create and implement a strategic framework that guides our design and ensures an approach that allows us to continue to use technology as key elements of our work, but in ways that maximize net positive value: both creatively and sustainably.

We're hoping to share some of these ideas at SXSW '23. Vote today to hear more about "Digital Design that Doesn't Kill the Planet" with HUSH at SXSW 2023!

Link in bio!

Photos from HUSH's post 07/14/2022

Sharing some never-before-scene renders from our 2015 project with the team at .

To make this experience unique, we wanted to ensure buyers understood every aspect of the property and felt an intimate connection to Zaha’s process, style, and legacy as they walked through the space. The experience created an emotional connection to this groundbreaking work of art situated right on the and acted as the centerpiece of the sales effort.

Swipe to see more!

Photos from HUSH's post 07/12/2022

As experience designers, we’re always inspired by and interested in collaborating with architects to harness the power of experience in the built environment. That’s part of the reason, we were so excited to work with the team at Zaha Hadid Architects () back in 2015 to design an experience for their first New York City residential property.

For the sales center, we created a gallery format setting that included high-touch, customizable experiences to engage potential buyers. In order to engage these clients we knew we had to tell the story of Zaha: a creative whose vision, process, style, and legacy are apparent in the bones of each structure built.

The resulting project created a content heavy experience that evoked an emotional connection to her groundbreaking body of work and drove clients to become buyers.

Photos from HUSH's post 07/08/2022

To conclude our feature on 'Deep City' this week, we wanted to share the third and final component of the installation: 'The Skywalk'. Following your voice and motion as you walk through the full ‘Deep City’ experience, 'The Skywalk' results in a visualization reveals your personal data experience.

Creating beautiful moving image above you, the specific light patterns represents your individual footprint, measuring points like your gaze direction, hand height, head positioning, movement speed etc.

The experience can be seen in ’s NYC HQ. Swipe to see some original renderings and check out our website for the full case study!

Photos from HUSH's post 07/06/2022

Today we're going behind the scenes to share some of the design process during our work for ’s NYC HQ installation: 'Deep City.'

Here you can see original renderings of 'The Passage', one of the three components created for the 'Deep City' experience. The three-part exploration takes users on a journey to explore their own data.

In 'The Passage', visitors can see their body's data as physical layers of light emanating through the panels. The final concept can be seen on our website.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes this week!


As you interact with the world, you generate millions of points of data. Whether it be walking from your bed to the kitchen or running to catch the train, your movement, breath, and voice are captured as millions of data points. What would it mean if you could understand these points artistically? What would it feel like to understand the richness of data?

In 2017, we created “Deep City” for Google at the NYC HQ. With a goal to communicate Google’s ability to transform human data into rich, personalized experiences on digital platforms, we created a series of powerful one-of-a-kind IRL experiences to help convey the power of rich data and Google’s own advanced technology and APIs. The experience analyzed a guest’s data footprint through their gesture, movement, and voice and translated it into visual, sonic and interactive moments. Guests saw themselves through the lens of their own data and technology.

Stay tuned this week to learn more about this project while we unveil renderings to show you how it all came to life!

Photos from HUSH's post 06/24/2022

“Architecture is about many things, the program of space is at the core. At HUSH, we think more about expressing the big idea that is central to an organization’s mission and trying to tell that story inside their setting in bold, inspiring and unconventional ways.”

check out the latest issue of for a spotlight on some of the latest ideas and work coming out of our studio! Swipe here to read!


Sharing some additional renders from our unrealized work with adidas]. Here you’re seeing a close up of panels that would light up with shadows of people walking up and down the stairs. These moments were conceived to celebrate movement and athleticism as part of the adidas] brand. Stay tuned for more glimpses into some of the work of our past!

Photos from HUSH's post 06/13/2022

We work on large scale, multi-year projects that take many expert partners to realize. Sometimes, despite the quality of creativity and caliber of design, the project may not progress beyond the advanced design stage.

Today, we wanted to share one of our favorites: more than a year of rigorous conceptual experience design for newest building at their global HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

We set out to design a unique brand experience beginning with a big first impression that positions adidas at the center of the “world of sport" in an environment that suggests the feeling of entering a stadium. Three high resolution, recessed, and materially integrated “slices” cut through the compressed ceiling height of the entry space. These slices act like windows into the world of sport. They transport employees, guests and partners into interactive, perspective accurate environments of sport, as well as into more abstract digital expressions - like our favorites (pictured):

1. A “color battle” that plays out in real-time during key matches (seen here with red vs. blue)

2. the "shadows of fellow sports fans" as they flow en masse into the building as stadium.

You can check out the amazing, fully actualized workplace project from the architects in their portfolio.


Looking back this week at some of our original architectural renderings for ’s Workplace Design Lab. When we began the project, we knew that our output needed to be flexible enough to showcase a number of diverse sets of data on a single canvas. ‘Data Communities' takes the form of a unit-based model that allows different data sets–like LinkedIn's workforce or ESG data–to take over the installation, while also inviting the community and visitors to leave their mark on the space by creating their own ‘glyph’ that would illuminate the canvas.

Photos from HUSH's post 05/24/2022

Thinking about starting your own business? Or simply curious about what it takes to run a design studio?

Check out this new episode of with our Co-Founder and Partner, David Schwarz to hear more about his path to HUSH.

Link to listen is in our bio!


Thank you to everyone who came out for the tenth edition of ! We had so much fun welcoming you all to our studio where we have guests from all over the world interact with our work. It was also great to host a panel at the to share some of the knowledge on sustainability that we have learned over the past few years! Stay in touch with our studio by following our newsletter (link in bio), which will preview some of our upcoming work and latest ideas.

Looking forward to next year's design week!


Thank you to everyone who joined our Design Thinking Master Class on Sustainability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Brooklyn Navy Yard]) last night! An even bigger thank you to our amazing panelists Ruth Mandl of and Alexander Bender of and to the Brooklyn Navy Yard] for hosting!

Participants were able to leave the discussion equipped with the language and inspiration to begin taking steps towards integrating sustainable thinking in their own design practices.

Stay in the loop about future events and panels by signing up for our newsletter at the link in our bio!


We are so excited to be in conversation with expert panelists Ruth Mandl, AIA of CO Adaptive Architecture () and Alexander Bender of Tri-Lox () for a panel on integrating sustainable thinking into your design practice. The talk will take place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard tomorrow from 6-8pm!

Registration has closed but we are still accepting attendees. Send us a message ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Don’t forget to reserve your tickets to visit our studio tomorrow! The Brooklyn Navy Yard () will be hosting a suite of tours visiting , , and our studio right here in Building 77.

We’ll show you some of our past work and maybe even have a coffee (or cocktail 🍹 🍸) around our favorite pink table.

We can’t wait to see you!


Yesterday officially kicked off of 🎉🎉 ! We’re so excited to participate in this year’s festival with events at the and we’re even more excited to go explore other design practices across the boroughs!

Stay tuned on our Instagram all week to see the events we’ll be at!

Photos from HUSH's post 05/09/2022

Our Senior Architectural Designer, has always been inspired by geometric forms. In her architectural practice, Danielle loves finding a way to soften these forms and make them less rigid.

Recently, using her company supported education budget, Danielle took a class at learning the ins and outs of design sketching. Whether in fashion or architecture, she always strives for her designs to pay off at a distance, revealing bold and impactful sentiments; though she also often unveils something in the details, when you come closer.

Here you can see a selection of Danielle’s design sketching at work, both in architectural forms and fashion. On her method for the fashion sketches Danielle said, “I approached these designs almost compositionally, making sure all the elements relate to one another in scale and placement.”

Swipe to see more!


We're very excited to announce that we will be participating in ’s upcoming Design Thinking Master Class series which will be hosted during this year's festival. Critically addressing core challenges faced by designers today, this series brings together experts from different disciplines and backgrounds to brainstorm ways in which they can immediately work towards progressive, meaningful change in their creative practices.

Our Director of Strategy, Athena Diaconis, will be in discussion with some special guests to lead a session on cultivating sustainable practices, exploring how organizations can implement sustainable practices in design.

Check out the link in our bio to sign up or send us a message if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Happy Earth Day! At HUSH, we are committed to addressing the very present climate crisis. We’re rapidly shifting our experience design framework to deliver more sustainable solutions.

While technology is part and parcel to the things we design, we often seek energy conscious solutions via low resolution, light-based experiences and integrate more sustainable materials with consideration for their sources and carbon impact.

We have also had the privilege of working with a number of mission-driven clients that have ecological sustainability as core to their vision. For years, we have worked with teams to design low impact, sustainable interactive experiences that drive awareness around net zero energy, carbon neutrality and broad sustainability storytelling for the built environment. This has deep positive impact on their employees, guests and the broader community.

But this is just the start. We’re developing a new strategic model to help organizations - brands, institutions, developers - generate meaningful, positive ecological impacts through experience design.

Stay tuned to find out more about what that looks like!

Photos from HUSH's post 04/15/2022

This week, our senior designer (.work) has been experimenting new methods to showcase behavior in dynamic installations that change and react to human behaviors. Here you are seeing an exploration that allows people to activate their own color as they step under and through the arch, creating a rainbow of colors as people rush by.

Swipe to see the design from different angles!

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We're very excited to announce that we will be participating in @bklynnavyyard’s upcoming Design Thinking Master Class s...
Happy Earth Day! At HUSH, we are committed to addressing the very present climate crisis. We’re rapidly shifting our exp...
Happy Earth Day! At HUSH, we are committed to addressing the very present climate crisis. We’re rapidly shifting our exp...
We are hiring!We're looking for a Design Director who is excited to lead and mentor a team of design professionals. Infl...
Last week, our Executive Producer, @tonianirving, hosted a book swap in the studio, encouraging the team to bring books ...
There are lots of design tools we like to explore when working to communicate growth and ideas. One way we have been doi...
Color is a vital part of experience design. Its capacity to convey mood and messages is unmatched by most other design f...
Another clip from our @uber HQ case study… where #light in #motion becomes stories of brand #impact and #opportunity. Fo...
More @uber HQ vibes. Where movement becomes opportunity, and opportunity becomes light. Read the story in @incmagazine S...
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