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NDT is #1 tire store in all of New York's 5 boroughs (and the cheapest)! We offer high quality rims and tires- Goodyear, Michelin, BFGoodrch, Continental, Falken, Yokohama, Toyo Tires and more, ready to align, balance, and install.

Come one, come all! National Discount Tires and Wheels is a tire dealer, wheel alignment center, and custom wheel shop located in the Bronx, NY. We are one of the oldest and most well-established shops in NY and have been serving our loyal clients from the same location since 1993. We feature a fast and friendly staff that is sensitive to your busy life - we know no one wants to spend all day in a

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National Discount Tires updated their address. 09/05/2021

National Discount Tires updated their address.

National Discount Tires updated their address.


Do Your Tires Pass The Quarter Test?

If Washington's head is fully visible, it's time to shop for new tires so you don't spend any time driving on dangerously worn out treads.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, more than 500 people die every year in tire-related passenger vehicle crashes. About 19,000 people are injured annually.

Be on the safe side. After all, tires are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road.

How To Do The Test?

Place a quarter into several tread grooves across the tire. If any of them looks like the picture, start thinking about new tires.

If you are not sure about your test, call us. We have more accurate ways to test them.


Whenever you are shopping for tires, remember to confirm the speed and load rating your car manufacturer requires for your vehicle. Many times, customers will be sold tires that are not correctly rated for their car. Sometimes this is done in the name of "savings" - sometimes it is done in the name of "convenience" (ie. available stock RIGHT NOW). Either way - don't do it. It's not just wrong, it's just plain dangerous to drive on tires that don't meet the factory load and speed requirements.

As always, if you have any questions about this subject matter, feel free to call us: 718-829-8989 or text: 646-770-3101 or email: [email protected]

Have a safe week!!

Timeline Photos 01/29/2019

Factory #ford #wheels after some #powdercoat lovin'

#ndtwheels #nyc #bronx #wheeling

Timeline Photos 01/29/2019

#infiniti #sedan done up with #blaquediamondwheels in gloss black.

Come to #ndtwheels to get your wheels done right. We don't take shortcuts and won't break your bank account.
#allblack #nyc #wheelsforsale


A little H&R spring treatment for this charger before Thanksgiving.

Remember to be thankful for the little things, family, health, friends, and happy moments with those you love.

Have a great day, everyone!

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Many of our customers have taken advantage of our financing options for wheels and tires. If you have any questions or are interested in sprucing up your car for the season, please feel free to give us a ring: 718-829-8989 09/27/2018

20 Best New York City Auto Repair Shops | Expertise

Glad to hear that has once again voted us in the TOP 20 auto businesses in NYC!!

This is 3 years in a row now!!
Thank you all for your support! Find and connect with New York City's best Auto Repair Shops. Hand picked by an independent editorial team and updated for 2018.



A #smallthanks from all of us to all of you!! Thank you for your business, your reviews and your loyalty!!


National Discount Tires 03/22/2017

Factory Jeep wheels - 17 inch with new factory tires in Bronx, NY | $600 Used (normal wear) - Factory jeep wheels with Goodyear tires. Hardly used. Tires have 11/32nds of tread. They come with 12/32nds. Price is for a total of 5 wheels. If you only want 4, make me a lower offer. Please don't waste my time with the cashier's check scam or various other scam attempts. If y...


Heartfelt respect and appreciation on this day to all Veterans and all who have served. May your contributions and sacrifice make the world a better place.


Weekend road trips, youth soccer or a night on the town, Continental has a tire For What You Do! Now through May 2, 2016, come in and purchase 4 qualifying Continental tires and receive a $70 Visa prepaid card. The possibilities are endless. #ForWhatYouDo


Spring into road trip season, and reward yourself, with a set of new Continental tires. Come in today and purchase 4 Continental tires and receive a $70 Visa prepaid card. #ForWhatYouDo


Have you made the switch back to an all-season or summer tire? Now's the time! Come in between now and May 2, 2016, purchase 4 Continental tires and receive a $70 Visa prepaid card. #ForWhatYouDo 01/08/2016

Honda, Toyota, Ford Remain Popular With Car Thieves, According to LoJack

Car theft facts! Be safe with your car... LoJack -- the maker of security and recovery devices for cars -- has put together some statistics on auto theft in the U.S. They're not as thorough or as useful as stats from the FBI or the National Insurance Crime Bureau because they focus solely on vehicles with LoJack systems (obviously, to tout.… 01/07/2016

How to Troubleshoot a Tire-Pressure Monitoring System

Wondering how to diagnose TPMS issues? Here's a good rundown. If you are ever in a bind, drop by our shop and we'll be happy to help you out. Are your tires really inflated properly? DonÂt put too much faith in your tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS)it often won't give a sign that they are low until itÂs too late. Here's how to set up your TPMS system so that you


#ShopSmall this Saturday, November 28th. Support your local small business owners - wherever you may live. They are an integral part of the U.S. economy and are the source of 64% of new private sector jobs!


Remember to thank a #Veteran today. Their dedication and sacrifice is the bedrock of this nation. Thank you all for your service.


In light of this past weekend's parade (Que viva la Isla Del Encanto!):


Firestone Tires

Truck Stuff, 'nuff said.

Our newest commercial is officially here! #TruckStuff


Here's a good riddle - and it's even better because it's true:

A customer comes in with a very irritated look on his face. He slaps a receipt for his purchase of 4 Firestones dated 2/18/2015 on the counter and says "YOU GUYS NEED TO FIX THIS! I BOUGHT 4 TIRES NOT EVEN A MONTH AGO AND ALREADY 2 ARE COMPLETELY BALD!!!!". Everyone says "No way, you must be exaggerating, you can't completely wear down tires in less than a month." We go outside to inspect his car - and what do you know - it's true. His 2 front tires look totally new - but his 2 rear tires are completely worn. They are so worn, we can't even measure the tread depth - because there is no longer any tread groove left. Both tires actually have wires coming out of them. Everyone in the shop is in a complete state of confusion. How could 2 out of 4 new tires wear that way in such a short period of time???? Needless to say, we made things right for the customer and got him 2 replacements for free - but I'd like to hear your thoughts on what may have happened to this customer's tires. I figured it out as soon as I saw them, but I'd like to see how many of you do also.

So let's hear it, what do you think happened? How can only 2 out of 4 tires wear down to the wire in less than one month of use?


Check out this #2015 #Jeep #Wrangler fitted with 20x12 #MotoMetal MO962's wrapped with #Nitto #TerraGrappler 35x12.50 tires. Even brand new cars can look better with the right set of wheels. This customer saved over 50% of the cost of buying his wheel package from the dealer. All it took was one phone call to #Ndtwheels and made it all happen. The right wheels, the right fit. Only at #National!

Call us at 718-829-8989 for all your tire, wheel and suspension needs. If we don't do it, you can be damn sure we're friends with someone who does!!

Experience the difference!


Come to National Discount Tires in the Bronx to get to best the deals on tires and wheels. Grandma came with 4 bent rims and we gave her an unbeatable deal on tires and a new set of Zen M6's for her Beemer! She went home happy and still had money left over for Bingo Friday!!


At National Discount Tires, we have all the latest diagnostic equipment to inspect and repair your car's TPMS system. If that little yellow light is lit solid or blinking, come by for a free test and let us get to the bottom of it. You'll be happy you did.

Read on for a full rundown:

What is TPMS?
TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It’s a safety system built into your vehicle (or retrofitted) that monitors your tire pressure, and alerts you when the pressure in one or more tires falls to an unacceptable level.

Why are underinflated tires such a big deal?
Underinflated tires are susceptible to a variety of problems, from mild (premature wear and increased fuel consumption) to major (tire failure, including tread separation and blowouts). According to Schrader, a leading manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems, underinflated tires wreak a staggering amount of havoc on our nation’s roads and highways, contributing to 250,000 crashes, 33,000 injuries, and 660 deaths every year. TPMS can have a huge impact on these sobering statistics. The U.S. government believes that once all vehicles are equipped with TPMS, as many as 120 fatalities and 8,500 crash-related injuries could be prevented each year.

Does my vehicle have TPMS?
All passenger cars, light trucks and vans that are model year 2008 or newer are required to come equipped with this feature. Some model year 2006 and 2007 vehicles are also equipped with TPMS. If you own a model year 2006 or 2007 vehicle, check with your dealer or your owner's manual to determine if it comes equipped with TPMS.

What does the TPMS symbol look like?
There are two different low tire pressure warning indicators allowed by the Federal standard. One icon is the cross-section of a tire with an exclamation mark inside. The other is a top view of a car with all four tires exposed. No matter which TPMS symbol your vehicle has, it will illuminate on the vehicle dashboard when your tire pressure is significantly under inflated.

What does it mean if the TPMS symbol illuminates?
When the TPMS symbol appears on your dashboard, it means at least one of your tires is already significantly under inflated. You should inspect your tires and check the tire pressure as soon as possible. The symbol will extinguish after the tires are properly inflated.

What does it mean if the TPMS symbol goes on and off?
On cold mornings, the TPMS symbol may illuminate for a short period of time and then turn off. This is likely caused by marginally low tire pressure that dips below the warning threshold overnight but rises to an acceptable level as the tires heat up through vehicle operation or an increase in external temperatures. If the TPMS symbol goes on and off, you should inspect your tires and check your tire pressure. The lamp should not illuminate when the tires are properly inflated.

What does it mean if the warning lamp flashes on and off and then remains illuminated?
All TPMS installed on 2008 model year vehicles and beyond are required to detect and warn the driver when the system is not functioning properly. A system malfunction may be indicated by a flashing of the TPMS symbol for 60 to 90 seconds with the warning lamp remaining illuminated after the flashing sequence. The flashing sequence followed by continuous illumination of the warning lamp will repeat at each subsequent vehicle start-up until the malfunction is corrected. You should contact your vehicle dealer for a system inspection.

If the TPMS symbol is on, wouldn't I have already noticed that my tires are under inflated?
under inflated tires are visually difficult to detect. It is recommended that you inspect tires monthly with an accurate gauge. The TPMS is not intended to be a substitute for regular tire maintenance.


Remember to Shop Small this holiday season. May Peace and Blessings always reign over all our lives... 11/12/2014

Chinese Tires Are No Bargain - Consumer Reports News

Although there are times when your budget makes the decisions for you, it's always best to shop for the best VALUE for your dollar. Only the top tier tire brands offer you the right combination of quality, longevity & reliability when it comes to tires. Bridgestone Tires, Goodyear, Cooper Tire, Continental, Michelin USA, & Yokohama are always in stock at National. Always do the math before purchasing cheaper tires, as you may find yourself buying the same thing in half the time - and that NEVER makes sense. With prices starting at just $89, less than half the cost of better-known models, tires from China may seem like an irresistible deal. Tests show they may not be. 11/12/2014

Beware of Used Tires - Car News

At National, we ONLY sell new tires with date codes well within established tire industry guidelines. Feel free to ask to be shown the tire DOT codes whenever you purchase tires, whether you purchase them from us or any other tire dealer. Your tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle, we NEVER cut corners when it comes to the safety and well-being of our clients. Be safe this winter, stay away from used/scrap tires. They simply aren't worth the risk. The latest news from the automobile industry.


I bet his next question is "Do you mind if I have a look in the back?"


Mikey Jay filming "Color Blind" at the shop, watch for its release
soon! National is happy and honored to be chosen as a location for the tire
shop scenes!


Ever seen a wheel with an 8-inch lip? Now you have. Tell your
friends. Only at #National. Call us for all your tire and wheel needs. 718-829-8989


Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels. Ready to be fitted on a #Mazda #Rx7
Veilside. Only #Hankook and #Michelin make tires in the correct staggered
fitment for this beast.


You want your #Vossenwheels done right? Look no further: #NDTWheels 718-829-8989


AFTER National Discount Tires

Our Story

Serving you from the same location for almost 30 years, NDT is NY's best kept secret in Tires, Wheels, Balancing, Alignments & accessories for customizing your car. Come experience the best in service & value - we don't take shortcuts with your vehicle or your safety. We don't sell used tires or poor quality imports - call us when you want the most bang for your buck when shopping for tires & wheels! 718-829-8989


New Tires, New Wheels, Suspension products, Suspension modifications, Wheel Alignments, Lift Kits, Lowering Kits, Springs, Shocks, Brakes, Pads, Rotors.



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