Arya Driving School

Arya Driving School

Quickly learn how to drive with ease when you come to the Arya Driving School located in Queens, New York, for affordable driving classes. We have been in the driver training business for many years and can help the newest drivers, the most experienced driver and those who just need a class for legal and or insurance purposes.

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[09/12/13]   An increased number of car accidents tend to occur during the twilight hours when visibility is reduced and drivers are tired. To reduce risks for accidents at these times, turn on your headlights early and try to increase your awareness of other drivers.

[09/10/13]   In most cases, it is important to look about 30 seconds ahead of you so you can spot any potential accidents before they occur. Even if you cannot stop a collision from happening, you can at least minimize the impact it causes.

[09/05/13]   Statistics show that, for teenagers, the risk of being in an accident increases when they transport passengers. In fact, the fatality risk of drivers ages 16-17 is 3.6 times higher when they are driving with passengers than when they are driving alone.

[09/03/13]   Understanding what commonly causes accidents can be helpful. According to a study by GMAC Insurance, the No. 1 cause of wrecks is multi-tasking while driving. This can include talking or texting on phones, applying makeup and even reading.

[08/29/13]   If you think big-city drivers are the worst, the results of a 2007 online driving test given by a national insurer and the National Road Safety Foundation won't be a surprise. Drivers in New York, with one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, scored lowest on the test. The best drivers were from Idaho.

[08/27/13]   One of the main benefits of attending a driving school is that it helps young drivers gain the confidence they need to be safe and effective drivers without the stress of a nervous parent fussing at them from the passenger seat.

[08/20/13]   In Britain, the average passing rate for all drivers licenses is only 42 percent, according to the country's Driving Standards Agency. Reverse parking and use of mirrors are two of the top reasons that people fail their tests.

[08/15/13]   Did you know that every state in the country has a three-step process for licensing young drivers? That includes rules that spell out when teens can get learner's permits, restricted driver's licenses, and unrestricted licenses.

[08/13/13]   Once you have your permit, the best way to become competent and comfortable is to practice, practice, practice. Driving with a licensed driver every chance you get will improve your skills and knowledge of driving habits.

[08/08/13]   Research has shown that driving safety depends on driver attitude (a concern for the safety of others), driver concentration, making effective observations, and driving skills - in that order.

[08/06/13]   According to statistics, 89 percent of all new drivers get into at least one accident during their first three years of driving.

[08/01/13]   If a road trip is in your future, plan ahead for a safe journey. Plan plenty of stops to stretch and walk around, check weather and traffic reports before you schedule the best time to leave and map out roads in advance.

[07/30/13]   Teenagers who take drivers' education classes can get lower rates on their insurance. Also, if they have good grades in school, their premiums may also be lowered.

[07/25/13]   In addition to saving money on car insurance, enrolling a teen in driving school is a great way to produce a careful, but confident driver. Experienced driving instructors know the best ways to teach young drivers.

[07/23/13]   Teaching new drivers to get into the habit of doing a pre-drive check can help to ensure a safer time on the road. A pre-drive check should include checking gas levels, lights and turn signals and putting on the seat belt.

[07/18/13]   If you encounter road rage, the best course of action is to pull into a public area with a great many other people. If at night, make sure it is well-lighted.

[07/16/13]   Parallel parking is a skill which can be difficult to learn, but once it is mastered it can really come in handy. To help new drivers learn how to parallel park, practice on the side of streets using cones or boxes as markers.

[07/11/13]   Duel controlled cars are one of the best tools to use for teaching new drivers how to drive - especially when they hit the open road. Driving classes with dual controlled cars also offer an extra layer of safety during open road classes.

[07/09/13]   One of the many advantages of driving school is that it provides a young driver with the information to study in order to pass the written examination that is a part of every state's driver's license requirements.

[07/04/13]   Insurance rates are based on risk, and 2008 statistics explain why insurance for young drivers is so expensive. Teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a crash during their first year of driving than older drivers.

[07/02/13]   Did you know that roundabouts can actually reduce fuel consumption? A study at ten intersections showed that drivers using roundabouts used about 30 percent less fuel.

[06/27/13]   Driving school is not only for teens learning how to drive. People of all ages can attend driving school, and passing a course offered by a certified instructor can lead to a lower car insurance premium.

[06/25/13]   About 1 out of 6 people did not pass an online driving test sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation and GMAC Insurance. The 2007 test was patterned after driving exams given throughout the country.

[06/20/13]   The biggest driving mistake that leads to accidents is following the car in front of you too closely, according to a study by GMAC Insurance. Remember, the faster you are going, the more room you need between you and the person in front of you.

[06/18/13]   The cost of a driver's education course can be recovered almost immediately because all major insurance companies offer significant discounts for first-time drivers who complete a certified driving school program.

[06/13/13]   Did you know that the ancient Romans had parking laws, one-way streets, crosswalks, and even rotaries (roundabouts)? Historical records show that there were even traffic accidents and fines assessed for them.

[06/11/13]   The youngest drivers are the most likely to get into car accidents. The number of wrecks per mile is twice as high for 16-year-olds as it is for drivers who are 18- and 19-years old, according to national statistics.

[06/06/13]   Did you know that drunken drivers and speeders caused so many wrecks in the horse-and-carriage days that Rhode Island passed a reckless driving law in 1678?

[06/04/13]   Proper tire maintenance is an important part of vehicle safety. Inspect your tires weekly for excessive wear and tear, and check them for proper inflation. If the treads are worn below accepted standards, replace them.

[05/30/13]   The first recorded auto accident injury occurred on May 30, 1896 when a "motor wagon" gave a bicyclist a broken leg. The driver spent the night in jail as punishment.

[05/28/13]   If there is a single most important rule of driving, it is to never drive at or above a speed that prevents you from safely controlling the vehicle on your side of the road and within the distance before you that is clear.

[05/23/13]   The driving test for a basic Class C license is the same for all drivers regardless of their age. However, drivers with physical or mental conditions may take a different version of the test.

[05/21/13]   Driving at excessive speeds contributes more to crashes involving teenage drivers than any other factor. Second on the list of causes is driving with other teenagers in the car. Speed and distracted driving, separate or combined, are dangerous.

[05/16/13]   Vehicles that are insured for teenagers had claims for collision damage twice as high as vehicles insured for only adult drivers, according to a 2007 study by the Highway Loss Data Institute.

[05/14/13]   Over 50% of teens admit to texting while they drive. If you know a teen driver, have a serious talk about the dangers of texting and driving to help the new driver understand the dangers associated with this behavior.




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Low Low Rates, 5 Hour Class N.Y.S. Required, Ask About Our Discount Packages, Lessons 7 Days Week (6Am-9pm), 19 Years Of Experience, Lic. By The State Of New York
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