AIRnyc’s Community Health Workers meet people where they live to improve health, connect families to social care and build health equity. AIRnyc Community Health Workers help people with chronic conditions stay healthy and out of the hospital.

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Photos from AIRnyc's post 08/17/2021

We all have the right to live in communities free of harmful environmental conditions. Tune into the second citywide Environmental Justice Town Hall 🗓TOMORROW AUGUST 18TH AT 6PM to learn about the scope of the Environmental Justice for All Report. Link to register in bio. #ej4all #environmentaljustice

Photos from AIRnyc's post 07/16/2021

New Yorkers no longer need an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine! Just walk-in to these locations:

Scroll for English / Spanish / Haitian Creole / French / Bengali / Hindi / Simplified Chinese



Excited to talk with these amazing women about building better community health. Join us this Thursday 11/12 @3pm! RSVP here:


Get AIRnyc masks for #NYCs hardest hit communities. #covid19 #masks #iprotectyouyouprotectme #resilience #vigilance!/donation/checkout


Buy AIRnyc masks, help #NYC's hardest hit communities stay #resilient and #vigilant. "I protect you. You protect me." #iprotectyouprotectme!/donation/checkout

[07/15/20]   AIRnyc CHWs making connections that make a difference.
#communityhealthworkers #covid_19 #nyc #telehealth Uber New York Common Pantry NYC Health + Hospitals #harlemhospital #asthma #COPD 06/24/2020

The Power of Kindness During the Pandemic

Yomaira Corbin, one of AIRnyc's Community Health Workers, tells us a heartfelt story about helping someone in need during the pandemic. #communityhealthworkers #covid By Yomaira Corbin, AIRnyc Community Health Worker 06/24/2020

‘The City Fumbled It’: How 4 Families Took On the Virus

"As the pandemic hit, rather than wait for an official response, Ms. Princella Jamerson rallied with residents and tenant leaders." Resilience. Resourcefulness. Listen to people. #nycha @HealthPeopleOrg #MilbrookHouses In the South Bronx, the coronavirus had a devastating impact on an already vulnerable population. Residents of public housing didn’t wait for the city to help. 06/19/2020

COVID-19 and Beyond: Recover, Reopen and Rebuild by Investing in Community Health

"To recover, reopen and rebuild, we need robust investment in both human capital and technology."
#VoicesOfRealLife #CommunityHealthWorker @BrownShosh @USofCare This past week marks 100 plus days since New York City’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 - 78 days of lockdown, over 21,000 deaths and 500,000 jobs lost due to this disease.

[06/11/20]   AIRnyc has launched a fundraising campaign called "I protect you. You protect me." The phrase means more to us than just wearing a mask. It's about solidarity, health equity, and justice. By making a donation today, you are helping vulnerable New York families make it through COVID-19. And for every $20 donated, you will receive a commemorative AIRnyc face mask. Click here:

#covid #healthequity #communityhealthworkers #iprotectyouprotectme


I protect you. You protect me.



We know River Park Towers well.... Here is one of our CHWs visiting a family in 2019:

“It’s the death towers, you could say that,” said Maria Lopez, 42, a resident with a variety of health issues... asthma... 10 neighbors taken away...

For AIRnyc, health starts at home with technology-enabled health services provided by experienced Community Health Workers to create a network of care for vu... 05/11/2020

Defining Access to Health Care

"In many ways we live in separate cities, one with all the benefits of a modern society and one on the margins, punished for being poor and pushed into getting sicker." #sdoh #discrimination #copay #covid #racism #AccessToCare By Tywan Mata, Director of Care Coordination, AIRnyc


MetroPlus teams with Amazon, Bain & Co. to assist high-risk members

Meaningful #COVID collaboration across a health plan -
(MetroPlusHealth), a tech company (awscloud), and a CBO - namely AIRnyc! Helping vulnerable people connect to services and get food in a period of crisis.
#chatbot #CommunityHealthWorkers Plus: Northwell reports profitable 2019, grows to $12B in revenue Public Health Solutions staff using app to monitor their health during crisis NYU Langone records 145K video visits in six-week span 04/24/2020

How Cities Can Provide Rapid Relief for Vulnerable People During the COVID-19 Crisis | Commonwealth Fund

"It should not have taken a pandemic for us to wake up to this inequity: some people safely at home with full refrigerators while others are lining up at food pantries or already dying or dead." - Shoshanah Brown, CEO, AIRnyc While we cannot end structural racism and break intergenerational cycles of poverty in the midst of this crisis, there are three interrelated efforts that every city can undertake to provide some relief to people hit hardest by COVID-19 and to establish an improved infrastructure for addressing heal...

[03/23/20]   We are open and providing remote services and virtual home visits to vulnerable families across New York City via telephone, video, and text, conveying information about COVID-19 and other conditions, while helping people refill medications, schedule appointments, access telehealth benefits, and connect to food programs, housing services, and legal assistance. #COVID19 02/24/2020

Ride with a Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers + great technology. Take AIRnyc + #UberHealth. Our CHWs ride with people to appointments they need, solve problems with them and for them, then circle back to verify progress. #SDoH #socialcare #CHWs #impact #communityhealthworkers #healthcare A place where words matter


Peggy Shepard's wisdom, experience and leadership will guide our work on NYC's inaugural Environmental Justice Advisory Board. Honored to join this team as we face the challenges ahead! #justice

[12/16/19]   Hear from Hanna!
If you want to help people who really need it, please consider making a donation to AIRnyc: #donate 12/03/2019

Donate to AIRnyc Giving Page

AIRnyc is a staff pick for donations on @wirecutter! Thanks, Tim Heffernan! And thanks for the air filters! Donations are vital for us to serve vulnerable New York families. Donate here:
#nytimes AIRnyc’s Community Health Workers meet people where they live to improve health, connect families to social care and build health equity at the community level. 11/01/2019


Yes! AIRnyc has been selected as an @Uber Community Impact Initiative partner. For AIRnyc families, getting to a medical appointment can mean the difference between staying healthy or going to the ED. #socialcare Learn more: Uber 10/30/2019

Shoshanah Brown – CRE 40th Anniversary

Inspired to be joining @majoracarter, @DrMaryTBassett
and other greats as a #CRETrailblazer! Thank you for the honor #CRE40. How old is your organization? The organization that is now AIRnyc began as a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) project focused on pediatric asthma in 2001 at Harlem Hospital Center. In 2012, we founded AIRnyc the organization based on the early results of that Community Health Worker-led...

[10/28/19]   Does your grandma take care of everyone around her? Sometimes she needs help, too. Reducing stress can improve asthma control. #CHW #asthma

[10/23/19]   1/ Talking with Urmi Desai, Family Physician, about working with AIRnyc. #socialcare

[10/23/19]   2/ Talking with Urmi Desai, Family Physician, about Community Health Worker home visits. #socialcare #asthma #medicationmanagement #chw 10/23/2019

Healthier Homes, Healthier Childhoods | United Hospital Fund

Asthma home-based #CHW interventions "may also offer compelling returns on investment... for VBP contractors and managed care organizations (MCOs) by reducing costly ED visits and hospitalizations for pediatric asthma."

@NYCHealthSystem 10/23/2019

Opinion | To Treat Chronic Ailments, Fix Diet First

Good food. Exercise. Safe housing. Access to care. And support from #CHWs along the way. There is a “shift in thinking from a problem-based medical delivery system to a holistic, wellness-focused preventive maintenance.” Dr. Bernard Lewin #socialcare For many patients, the right food may be the best medicine. 10/23/2019

Underground Lives: The Sunless World of Immigrants in Queens

Shout out to @ChhayaCDC and @MaketheRoadNY for doing the good work. #HousingIsHealth The basements of Queens are the open secret of a literal underground economy, driven by a steady influx of immigrants and the need for affordable housing.


BOOM! AIRnyc - lead CBO driving asthma outcomes in NYC... "Within a six-month period, OneCity reports the pediatric asthma admission rates (PDI-14) decreased by 25%." #CBO #DSRIP #CHW #socialcare #socialdrivers
NYC Health + Hospitals


Sometimes it's worth stepping back to appreciate what "social drivers" or "social determinants" of health really mean. Here is a difficult story of a Bronx woman who struggled in life and died too young. #SDOH #CHWs

[10/04/19]   @tywanmata has joined our ranks! A veteran from @CHNNYC and @CAMBAInc, Tywan brings expertise in Health Homes, CMAs, quality measures and more to his new role at AIRnyc's Director of Care Coordination. Welcome, Tywan! #socialcare

[10/03/19]   "Am I having fun yet? A resounding, “YES." From MCO to CBO. Blog by Rose Gasner on her first few months at AIRnyc.

[09/25/19]   Complicated Circumstances: Asthma and Incarceration


AIRnyc Cinemagraph 08/29/2019

Inside North Carolina’s Big Effort to Transform Health Care

Bravo, @SecMandyCohen and @PatrickConwayMD! NC is leading the way. Adding that Community Health Workers are key to this change. We partner with primary care to take on social drivers of health. #CHWs The state and its top insurer are pushing to pay health care providers based on whether they keep people healthy, not for each service they provide.

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AIRnyc’s Community Health Workers meet people where they live to improve health, connect families to social care and build health equity at the community level.

Healthy has an address.

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I protect you. You protect me.
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