The Seforim Sale

The Seforim Sale


“Learning at RIETS, has been a unique experience and opportunity for me. The amount of growth in both my knowledge and skills since I have started semicha is truly amazing. The most extraordinary thing for me is that I am able to take both the knowledge and skills beyond the walls of the beit midrash and into my interactions in everyday life.”

Aaron Ishida is from Cincinnati, Ohio. After being involved in NCSY in high school he spent one year at the Israel Experience at Bar-Ilan University and another year at Derech Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem. After two years in Israel, he attended Yeshiva University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. While in YU, Aaron was greatly involved with The Seforim Sale, running sale during his senior year. He is currently in his third year of semicha and has been learning under Rav Herschel Reichman for six years. He recently completed our joint certificate program in mental health counseling with the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and is hoping to continue his studies after semicha. Aaron was recently married to Halleli Chapman this past May. #MeetOurTalmidim
Is it possible to actually talk to someone? I have been trying to get help with an order for the past 4 months with almost no email responses!!!
Will you guys eventually restock on R. Bazak's new sefer, To This Very Day?

I am very, very proud to be featured at The Seforim Sale over at Yeshiva University. Come find me in The Haggadah Section.

Better yet, take a picture with me, and sent it over. I'd love that.
Is there any customer service?? I was shipped an incorrect order and have sent about 10 emails over 6 months and only once got a response that it is being looked into. Can I have my correct order?
How can I buy the new book, Akarut Hilkhatit by Rav Bigman and Rav Holtzman, in the US?
At The Seforim Sale at Yeshiva University!
Until February 23rd or the inventory runs out – whichever comes first.
Few copies are available – hurry to buy!
Rabbi Gil Student gives an overview of the works of unique and world-renowned Torah scholar with thousands of "online talmidim and talmidot," Rabbi Aharon Rakeffet. "Rakeffet Aharon" is published through ShvutAmi, an organization dedicated to bringing Torah to Jews in the FSU. All four volumes of the sefer can be found at this year's Yeshiva University Student Organization of Yeshiva - SOY The Seforim Sale sale in February.
If you happen to be going to The Seforim Sale at YU....

They're selling Widen Your Tent in the English Mussar and Machashavah area at 14% below list price.
When will the 2020 catalog and prices be posted on the website?
I received an incorrect shipment from the Sale.If anyone else received an incorrect shipment, please advise, as we may have received each other's orders.
[email protected]
I received a delivery of books that I didn't order. My order # is 39426 and if someone received the books I ordered, please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.
The seforim sale is over, and the web site catalog is thus also down. Is there any way I can still find the catalog? Just perusing it is fantastic.

North America's largest Jewish book sale, completely run by Yeshiva University students. For all your Seforim needs!Open Feb 6th-24th 2022 We are the biggest Jewish bookstore in the Entire North America for 1 month in February.

We also are an entirely run by Yeshiva University Students as well!


After much research and analysis, we have decided not to have the in-person Seforim Sale this year due to social distancing restrictions as per the health and safety guidelines. We have explored many different options, however, given the ever-changing NYS and NYC guidelines, it was not possible to plan and host the event this year. We hope to see everyone next year!

For more information:

or: 06/23/2020

Turning a Page in the World of Jewish Publishing - Jewish Action

See if you can spot The Seforim Sale in the new issue of Jewish Action Magazine!! There are still many more chapters in the story of the Jewish publishing world that remain to be written.


We all need some good news right now:

We are incredibly excited to announce the publication of Tribal Blueprints: Twelve Brothers and the Destiny of Israel by Prof. Nechama Price!

Get it today with free shipping only from


Only 5 more hours till the flash sale ends! 10% off** orders!

** discount does not include "set land" and gift cards.


Thanks so much for everyone who came to our last Story Time of 2020!

Shout out to Sophie Ostrow for being our reader 2 weeks in a row!


Online flash sale starting at 12 am for 24 hours!

Everything except "set land" and gift cards is 10% off.

The 10% discount cannot be combined with any other offer.


We’d never thought that we’d see the day, but today is the last day of The Seforim Sale...

Starting at 10 am, you will have one last opportunity to purchase all the books you can carry (or can’t - we don’t judge).

Hope to see everyone there! (Tag a friend who needs to be there today to remind them!)


Second to last night of The Sale starts tonight at 8!


It was amazing having Rabbi Dr. Saul Haimoff at The Sale!


Donate blood today in Morgenstern Lounge on the Wilf Campus from 2-8 PM for a 5% discount coupon for the Seforim Sale!


So excited for this event tomorrow!




Thank you to MJE and Rabbi Mark Wildes for a very thought provoking lecture.

Stay tuned for the rest of our upcoming events of the season!


Yachad night was amazing! Special thanks to Rav Shay Schachter for the excellent Q&A.


Two amazing events happening tonight at The Sale!

6:00 - Yachad event with Rav Shay Schachter in the Sky Caf

8:00 - Rabbi Wildes from Manhattan Jewish Experience will be here speaking about the Jewish route to Happiness (Belfer 209)

So excited to see everyone here!


Maggid Books

Now out! Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile by Dr. Erica Brown.

Get ready for Purim with Dr. Brown's lastest book and the most recent addition of the Maggid Studies in Tanakh Collection. 02/18/2020

The Seforim Sale

The new Koren restock is up on the website ! The largest Judaica Book Store in North American based at Yeshiva University (YU).


Well look what we have here 🔥


We had so much fun at Story Time yesterday!

Come by on Sunday 2/23 at 11:30 AM for the final Story Time of the season 😊📖📖

Looking forward to seeing you! 02/17/2020

Book Review: Praying Legally

Dean Holtz's book talk at The Sale is this coming Sunday! Shalom E. Holtz, Praying Legally (Brown Judaic Studies, 2019)Reviewed by Shawn Zelig Aster“When people prayed in biblical Israel and in the ancient Near East, what did they think they were doing?” With this question, Shalom Holtz opens Praying Legally, a 135-page exploration of one aspect


We’re open today at 12:30 PM in honor of the Melucha V’memshala!

Stop buy and pick up a copy of the Straus Center’s new book on Biblical influence on Politics!

Hope to see everyone there!


We had a great time with Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier and Rabbi Reiss at the Seforim Sale today!

Next up, Rav Ari Kahn!


What is the impact of Neo Chassidus on Modern Orthodoxy?

Here the answer to this and other questions today at 2pm!


Join us tomorrow at 11:30 am for story time for kids!

After that all parents (and anyone else 😅) are invited to a conversation with Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier and Rabbi Yona Reiss on Contemporary Issues in Modern Orthodoxy at 2 pm!

Sundays just keep getting better and better.


Time Change Announcement!

Presidents Day Hours 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm!!!

Thank you Lincoln and Washington 🙃!


Tonight's event with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin and Rav Dovid'l Weinberg was amazing!

Stay tuned for next week's events!


Excited to see everyone at tonight's event!

Tommorow Night is NCSY Advisor Night!!!

The lecture will take place in Belfer Hall Room 207
See you there!


Tommorow Night is NCSY Advisor Night!!!

The lecture will take place in Belfer Hall Room 207
See you there!


Another amazing night here at the Seforim Sale, and we were fortunate enough to have a great lecture by Rabbi Reuven Boshnack!


Tomorrow Night! Rabbi Reuven Boshnack
“Learning the Language of the Unconscious.”
7:00 PM-8:00 PM Belfer Hall, Room 203

Please RSVP with the Link Below


Special thanks to Dr. Moshe Sokolow on his lecture tonight!
Check out his book "The Reading of The Rav" at the sale! 02/10/2020

Seforim Sale Event: Reading the Rav

Today we had the privilege to hear from Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman!
Check out these great pictures from the event 😊

Tomorrow's Event: Dr. Moshe Sokolow “Reading the Rav”
8:00 PM to 9:00, Belfer Hall: 430

Please RSVP:

Stay Tuned for the other amazing events we have planned for this week!


Huge Maggid Books haul! Stop by to pick up a copy!


Always great to see High Schools visit! #VhigadetaLibincha

Our talmidim enjoyed visiting the Yeshiva University Seforim Sale with their rebbeim today!

Our Story

Known as the largest Judaic book sale in North America, The Seforim Sale was founded in 1964 to meet the needs of the greater Jewish community. We strive to supply an extensive array of seforim at the lowest price to the over 15,000 customers who come through our doors during our annual 3-week operation. The Sale is run by students, for students, and all of our profits go towards Yeshiva University Student Life initiatives.

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The Seforim Sale 2020!
Jordan B. Gorfinkel is live!
Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin Book Launch!
Learning for Six Hours Every Shabbat? The Ambitious Social Experiment of Peninei Halakha
Henry Abramson is live!
Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen !
Ben Epstein is live now!
‪“Chanukah’s the yomtov that has no havdalah, we can bring the light of Chanukah with us throughout our entire year!”-Ra...
‪Gadlus round 2! Small insight into the 6:40 Rosh Chodesh/ Chanukah minyun in @YUNews. Last Chanukah minyun tomorrow at ...
‪Gadlus round 2! Small insight into the 6:40 Rosh Chodesh/ Chanukah minyun in @YUNews. Last Chanukah minyun tomorrow at ...



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Tuesday 6:30pm - 10:30pm
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Saturday 8pm - 11pm
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