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Timeline photos 07/10/2019

Half of the 2019 year has passed, and so far we are on pass to great returns after a down 2018 year.
Let’s see what other half will bring.
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$PINS. Someone is getting blown out on short position.
This day #8 and very green and positive since IPO.
1 hour candle chart indicating severely overbought territory: MACD, Keltner channels and RSI.
Wouldn't be surprised if Citron Research came out with an announcement that they are short.
Supersqueeze still possible into $40+/sh territory.
Plus, $PINS is optionable, so if there are no borrows available one can trade through buying ITM or ATM Puts.
#pinterest #shortsqueeze


$SNAP earnings tonight.

$SNAP earnings today after the close.
taking small long PUTS position for next week's expiration.
Other company's miss could also hurt them even despite the beat. Besides, what is snapchat? LOL


Shares Outstanding: 39.85M
Float: 28.69M
% Held by Insiders: 27.75%
% Held by Institutions: 25.39%
Shares Short: 25.29k
Short Ratio: 0.37
Short % of Float: 0.08%
Short % of Shares Outstanding: 0.06%
Shares Short: 60.45k

$KMDA today's runaway pre-market stock

Photos from REAL Markets's post 03/27/2019

$DCAR offering

Photos from REAL Markets's post 03/27/2019

$DCAR turning into a dud.

Timeline photos 03/15/2019

What are your plans for weekend?
Great flick, but only in theory. In practice? Real players guarding the gateways veryyyyy veryyyy tight!
#hft #trading #traders #investing #wallstreet #moneyneversleeps #nyse

Timeline photos 03/14/2019

In case you wonder which company might be nonexistent in the next ten years,- here is one. #fbsucks #piday #piday2019 #socialmedia


resting day for $BSGM. this is only a beginning.

$BSGM update:
As you will see from daily chart this one ran into $5.50 res on daily, now needs to rest today tomorrow, pullback into $4.75 area is addable. Company has solid balance sheet, and expanding into commercialization phase + anticipated endorsement in coming weeks by Mayo Clinic will launch this little hidden gem into teens.

Pyxus International 02/11/2019

Pyxus International

Pyxus International Agricultural solutions to transform the way the world grows. Learn about what we’re doing to grow a better future.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 02/04/2019

$CRON !!!Supersqueeze


And it was a preview of what is to come today! great insight right after earnings!

Sad face of $AMZN

Amazon seems like they are topping out business wise, but has some room overall, AWS is certainly growing strongly and large upside potential.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/29/2019

Photos from REAL Markets's post

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/29/2019

$OCX not done!
Somone soaking up the shares, aka accumulating.


$PCG announces bamkruptcy. Stock is flying again!

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/29/2019

In $OCX today!
Shorts are caught on that market open sell.
This one shall squeeze more today, company has great news.
Sold $CGC remaining position.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/25/2019

Photos from REAL Markets's post

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/25/2019

$CGC new highs are coming!


January is ending soon!!!
what is your New Year resolution?
Sign up TODAY for our discounted rates.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/25/2019

1/25/2019 watchlist:


Government reopening tomorrow?

Renewed talk on Government re-opening gives futures some leg here at late our!

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/24/2019

That's a nice way to get the day going and be done by 10am!


$AMZN low of the day. Watch for 50 day SMA for major support @$1598.
Earnings next week Jan 31!
We are looking for long entry into Febr 1 expiration calls.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/22/2019

Market looks exhausted. Possible roll-over 1/22/2019.


Covered call writing technique 101.
Hold long positions and sell higher strike priced calls against your position.
For each 100 sh you can sell 1 option contract.
Learn how we do it by asking an admin directly.

You can maximize your profit$ through covered call writing.
Join our group and ask one of our members how we collect week after week additional premium while holding the positions.

Photos from REAL Markets's post 01/17/2019


Timeline photos 01/17/2019

Very first book I read was by John Bogle “The little book of Common sense investing” He created and founded the lowest cost mutual family fund of Vanguard. #RIP #Mentor and a #hero#vanguard#investing#trading#stockmarket

Timeline photos 12/21/2018

What #SantaRally ?!?! Don’t kid yourself! And it doesn’t just look like bear 🐻 market anymore! Save some dry powder for opportunity buying. #bearmarket #opportunity #market #stocks #wallstreet #investing

Timeline photos 11/02/2018

The bears will have it their way today! You’ve been warned! What a turnaround! 💵👻#respect the #bears #trading #volatility #bigshort #selloff

Timeline photos 10/31/2018

What goes up,- must come down! $AMZN and it’s all in one month! One ugly candle. #trading #goodluck figuring this one out$$$

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