Stash Vintage and Retro

Stash Vintage and Retro

We are a small business specializing in Vintage and Retro collectibles and Merchandise. Vintage and Retro accessories, furniture, and antiques.

Operating as usual 05/24/2012

The Emergence of the Fix-It Society Before you toss out that broken toaster or torn garment, consider joining the ranks of curious tinkerers and take part in the fix-it economy. 05/19/2012

Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia 'Aims To Teach Tolerance' (PICTURES)

"A thick naiveté about America's past permeates this country. Many Americans understand historical racism mainly as a general abstraction: Racism existed; it was bad, though probably not as bad as blacks and other minorities claim." A museum which exhibits nothing but memorabilia spawned by racism, segregation, civil rights and anti-Black caricatures has opened its doors in Michigan, USA.


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[04/21/12]   When {{ STASH VINTAGE }} opens its doors to NYC/Queens, we will have a full service coffee and tea bar with locally sourced products. Learn about history and look at retro goodies while enjoying a drink with friends and family! 03/31/2012

Vintage Weight Loss Ads: A Look At The Health Advice Of Yesteryear

Nice! Healthy eating advocacy AND hillarious mid-century marketing ploys... how can you go wrong?! Would Don Draper approve these messages? With Mad Men's season five premiere bringing everyone's favorite vintage show back to television on Sunday, we decided to take a look back at the ads that influenced our dieting styles and body images over the years. 03/13/2012


Daylight Savings Time got me thinking about some of the vintage and antique clock collectors I know. While I adore their wonderful collections of timepieces, I would dread having to change the time on all of them. Think of antique clocks and a stately grandfather, German cuckoo, or Art Deco Bakelite clock may come to mind. But clockmaking is a vast fie...

[02/21/12]   "The best vintage is the vintage we have to sell" -Greene 02/21/2012

Toaster Central Toaster Central sells Working Vintage Toasters, waffle irons and refurbished small electric kitchen appliances. 02/21/2012

Philip Williams home of Original Vintage Posters in New York City, NYC, More Poster Than Exist, larg

Anyone got some old posters they want to sell to me? vintage posters, Manhattan, New York, largest gallery in the world, with more than 12,600 square feet to display the largest collection of original posters for sale. Our gallery features over 100,000 unique posters dating from 1870 to the present, with categories such as biological,Cuban,... 02/10/2012

Stash Vintage & Retro -

The items page is now up and running! Check us out weekly to catch the latest bargains. Pricing and Information is coming soon.


Ten Valuable Vintage Super Bowl Football Programs

Go Giants! The first ten Super Bowl programs are valuable sports memorabilia. The Super Bowl I program is valued at over $350. 02/03/2012


While looking through some of the inventory, I remembered how much I enjoy vintage signs. Their appeal is excellent, because of their versatility and color variations. 01/28/2012

Paper poetry: The colorful world of vintage pop-up, movable and toy books (with slide show) — Unive UW Libraries Special Collections' exhibit "Merry Company: Pop-ups, Movables & Toy Books," comes mainly from the collections of an extraordinary donor, Pamela Harer. The exhibit will be open through March 12, 2012.

01/28/2012 ~ Vending Machines, Soda Fountains & Antique Advertising Blog

Pop anyone? An informative blog about vintage vending machines, gas pumps, juke boxes, antique advertising and related classic American memorabilia. Brought to you by VintageVending Inc. & 01/26/2012

WE 500-series Telephone Types - plus 1500, 2500, 3500, Princess and Design Line series info

By far the most popular telephone model ever made, the Western Electric(Northern Electric, Stromberg Carlson, and several other companies also produced these sets for Bell Telephone Company) Model 500 Rotary Dial telephone. These classic vintage phones are one of the most sought after accessories for any vintage/retro decorated room. Most were destroyed as Bell telephone "upgraded" customers to touch-tone Model 500 telephones. A majority of land-line services still support pulse dialing, so these telephones with minor re-wiring can work like they did decades ago. 01/25/2012

Antique Fan Collectors Association

Just yesterday I lubricated a vintage fan for a friend and got to thinking about vintage and antique electric fans in general. These fans are easily the centerpiece for many Night Stand, Desk, Kitchen, etc. From the wild multi-color retro-era fans to the gorgeous brass-bladed fans of the late 19th century and early 20th century, they can become the start of a wonderful vintage decor, or just an amazing accessory to be cherished. 01/24/2012

Vintage Toy Figures

The Chinese New Year has me thinking a little bit about antique figurines and their symbolism within various cultures worldwide. What lends toys their inherent significance? Do they help us see our selves and our world differently? What makes a dragon more venerable than, say, a rat? This particular collection of toys gives us a glimpse into the accepted notions of race, masculinity, and specieshood in early 20th-century americana. The Vintage Figure Blog 01/21/2012

Vintage and Antique Test Equipment

Gotta love these early century knobs, dials, and meters! Mad scientist gear! Vintage and Antique Test Equipment and Tube Testers from the 1920's and 1930's


Stash Vintage and Retro

Hello hello, this is our new business and FB page for it. Please like if you would like to. We offer a lot of diverse merchandise for decorating and furnishing. If you just like to look at vintage and retro collectible, we have plenty of pictures posted, and will have more soon!

We are a small business specializing in Vintage and Retro collectibles and Merchandise.


Incredible Large vintage Swami Lamp. Has two large bulbs/retro shades Original and three smaller wand lamps with 2/3 covers, one of the light covers is missing, but could probably be replaced with something similar. The condition is almost perfect, and all lights/switch function perfectly. Would make an awesome center piece for any home. Price is $475.


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New York, NY

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Interested in buying a unique and rare piece of furniture, accessory, or just something cool? Then check out our site, we have many cool vintage and retro items available for sale, and are continuously acquiring more merchandise. SO if you have a request, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will let you know if we have it, can get it, or where you might be able to find it.
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