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I will not purchase another thing from this company. Poor customer service and misleading information on your site. Very disappointed by the support received from this company and the Fresca manufacturer.
China Yantai Dongfang Glass Co. Ltd. (DFG), manufacturer and exporter of processed glass in China and we offer a fantastic array of glass products and glass solutions for local and national projects, including but not limited to tempered glass,laminated glass, insulated glass.
WhatsApp: +8615905354231
E-mail : [email protected]
Web :
I wanted to warn people about our recent experience with Kitchen & Bath Authority, just for awareness purposes. We ordered a Toto toilet, a toilet seat and a tank for a total of $533 in early December. When the items were delivered, the toilet was shattered. We immediately wrote to Kitchen & Bath Authority to let them know. They asked us to send photos of the damaged piece, and we did. They confirmed their receipt of same, and then said the manufacturer confirmed that we would need to dispose of the toilet and send the tank and lid back to Kitchen & Bath Authority in order for us to receive a refund. We did return the items using UPS and had our tracking numbers. The items arrived at Kitchen & Bath Authority on 12/23/20, as was confirmed by UPS. By 1/5, we had not received our refund, so we called Kitchen & Bath Authority just to find out what the status was. They told us they received everything, were processing the refund, and that we would receive it by 1/8/21. We did not receive the refund, so I called again on 1/11/21. This time, the customer services person told me that we would receive the refund by the end of the day, but we did not receive it. We called again today, and this time, they told us that they needed to locate the returned items in their own warehouse before they could open the claim and provide a refund. They said that would be done by the end of the day. We still have not received the refund. I had to actually dispute the charge with my credit card so as not to lose the $533. My credit card company will now investigate this with KB Authority. We thought KB Authority was a reputable company, but given was has transpired with this situation, we see that may not be the case, so wanted to share so that others can be warned when purchasing goods from Kitchen & Bath Authority.
Did order #169294 shipped yet?
Aloha, Dr. C. Campbell
This company has the worst customer service. They sent me an email asking if I had received my order. Don't you think the company should know if that they had not even shipped my order.
When I called about the email they said that email was just to let me know of the latest delay. Of course the email was a delivery confirmation not a notification of delay. My order has been delayed twice and all their phone people say is either cancel your order or you just have to wait for the delivery. When I placed my order the site said it was in stock. We are stuck with crap because the main part is installed and is only compatible with their valve.
Hello. Is your online chat working? I was wondering how long my order will take? Thank
Ordered under mount sink from KB Authority for kitchen to be templated last Friday. We called KB and explained we needed it before Friday and they said it would arrive before then. The sink did not arrive till late Friday. We were not notified the item had been sent and no tracking number was provided.
Early Friday we purchased a different sink for the under mount.
KB will allow us to return the sink if we pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee. They say everyone charges a restocking fee and they do provide tracking numbers even though that was not the case with us. Their representative said they only give estimated delivery dates and we should have been told this.
Please note Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depo, and many others carry the same sink and DO NOT CHARGE A RESTOCKING FEE AND SHIPPING FEE.
After not hearing anything after placing my order, and not receiving anything after 10 days I finally reached out to find out what was going on. To my dismay I come to find out that the “in stock” items were actually not in stock. I find it very unsettling that had I not reached out no one from KItchen and Bath Authority tried to contact me to resolve the order. I ended up switching to a different color of the same product as I was assured that there were plenty of these in stock and it was the same price.
The order was for a quantity of 2 Robern 2430 flat white medicine cabinets.
On 04/27/20 FedEx delivered 1 of the units to me. As instructed we opened and inspected the unit. It was in good condition so being Monday night and our garbage pickup is Tuesday morning we discarded the box and styrofoam packing and expected the second unit the next day or so believing they got separated at some point.
After not receiving the second unit I gave a call, only to find out that they weren’t even aware of the missing second unit and after finally confirming that FedEx lost the unit I would have to wait 24-48 hours for it to be confirmed lost and only after that could my replacement unit be sent.
Again I never heard back and had to once again be the one to contact them in regards to my replacement unit. Now I find out that it is now on back order and it could be June to August before I would receive this unit.
Now I understand there is a lot of different circumstances going on now, but I feel totally disrespected by KBA not even having the decency to follow through with their promises to keep me informed, or to try to resolve this matter with different options. I see online that they have 25 units of the beveled units. Two of them would be fine, but since I followed their directions and totally unboxed and inspected the first unit I don’t have the packaging to return this unit. I offered to use one of the other boxes to return the useless single unit, but was told with 99.9% certainty that it would not be a viable option.
So here I sit with one useless unit until mid summer now and after spending nearly $800.00.
Very disappointed with this companies handling of my order. All I want is two matching units so we can finish our remodel, or the ability for a full refund so I can go somewhere else.
Do I have to be a member ? I had 3 items in my cart for a few a few hours and you deleted them !! :/ And now I can't find them again.....
You guys are scam artists. Been waiting for a refund for a mirror (that was delivered damaged 3xs) and have not gotten a cent back. Stay away from this place
checking on shiping order# 23-04496-06863
Would love for someone to contact me to fix this but otherwise I guess this will have to work. Reviews and customer service is everything in this marketplace.

This is the Absolute worst company to deal with. Ordered a bathroom vanity in August. It was back ordered then finally Delivered damaged, 3 times. Now the 3rd time they are refusing to replace or refund as they are blaming the manufacturer and freight company, even though they have my money. I have had to take days off work, pay a contractor and all to still not have a working bathroom 3 months after the back order date. Wouldn’t recommend using them for anything. They will steal your money and blame you for the item being damaged upon arrival. On top of it all they emailed me to tell me of their claim denial at 5 pm then shut down for the day. As a business teacher and professional I would highly suggest you guys start treating your customers with minimum respect or you’ll be the next to close for good. If you don’t believe me look at all the horror stories online about your company. Don’t need a Christmas Miracle just need a vanity for my bathroom that was not damaged before it was received and for your company to do the right thing. Just want what I paid for.

We strive to provide excellent kitchen and bathroom appliances from top name brands.

Operating as usual

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