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Rahu is a discontent incarnate and is never pleased. Then to attain that position of comfort it always executes the mind run upside down. This craving of getting more and more, at times forces the individual to deceive or lie, perhaps he thinks, to attain self-fulfillment.

if you have Rahu in the 4th house, you will always find unusual, chaotic happening in your home. Also, your mother will be a completely different personality or she will have lots of ups and downs in her life. Even health and happiness can be affected.
There can be a foreign influence in your home either there will be foreign stuff or home in an exotic place. The word foreign influence also means external influence in the house, so either some unknown person or unusual spells.

The 4th house also governs Land and Real Estate, therefore if Rahu here it can take you to foreign lands or far off place from home. This position also shows a Vastu Dosha in your house. This is the Sukh Bhav and a malefic planet in Sukh Bhav will get material prosperity but relations and health will become a challenge.

Thus whatever Karak 4th house has, it will have a Rahu influence. You will also be fond of fancy cars and even your education will have a Rahu influence. This can either take you abroad for education or a foreign language will be proceeded.

Therefore when Rahu is placed in the 4th house, you will be more inclined to study something out of the box and challenging but remember it won’t make your educational journey a smooth one.

There will be a lot of obstacles in your education system. Actually, this is the feature of Rahu that where ever it is placed, you will have to face failures related to that house, it will bring ups and downs as you are not an expert in this area.

When Rahu is posited in 4th house, it is counted 10th from 7th house (Marriage or Relationships). So this is the Karma Sthan of your partner, now we check the career and status of your partner.

Here Rahu will behave like 10th Rahu for your partner. Career options that come under the domain of Rahu can be considered for your partner, or it will be related to MNC. The relations can be a challenge initially, as this is 12th from the 5th house of love and care. You might need to put extra effort to make the marriage or relationship work. The prime reason is your spouse will be work-oriented, very energetic and demanding, so you have to learn skills to make your marriage work.

Generally the 4th house Rahu makes you operate from house, if there are other combinations in the chart that signify 4th house for career, then the native can do business or collaborate with international corporations There are chances of Career in the education system, Catering, Foreign ventures, and real estate commissions.
Let’s talk of Rahu working at a lower level. Here the involvement of Rahu will be noticed in the form of some forgery in documents, manipulation, unauthorized activities, or funds. There are chances of getting into addictions, as this the Sukh Bhav, so Rahu when gives Sukh, it a deal with the devil. Perhaps the consumption of alcohol and drugs can be expected. And land into mental illness and other health issues.

Rahu when works with higher principles, then the person will prefer staying aloof, take higher knowledge, and meditate to attain Sukh or happiness.

When Rahu is in the 4th house, it aspects 8th house and 12th house. Thus Rahu is influencing the 8th house of secrets, obstacles, pain, and chronic illness. This will add pressure in life and it will bring transformation.

The 12th house relation with Rahu will activate the 12th house things like expenses, disappointments, abroad travels, and Investments.

Rahu in 4th house generally troubles in the form of Vastu Dosha, There can be a Toilet, seepage, or septic tank in North East of your house. According to Lal Kitab, 4th house is North East.
It can affect your mother, physical and mental health, and most importantly your emotions and feelings as 4th house also govern your heart. You cannot overlook your health for the sake of money. This position will make you go for money and take hasty decisions due to which you might have to pay.

Hence prevention is better than cure, if Rahu is active in 4th house, you can bring positive things of Rahu like research, abroad travels, and foreign guests and objects. As we have the free will of doing good karmas and change the ill effects to a certain extent.

Abhishek Shah

Majestic Baroda  -lets bring a change updated their address. 02/08/2022

Majestic Baroda -lets bring a change updated their address.

Majestic Baroda -lets bring a change updated their address.


It is a good thing to know others, but it is a wise thing to know yourself. Nature has bestowed on every living thing the necessary power that is required for its survival. It is inherent in everyone and is an incredible thing. It can change the impossible into possible, sadness into happiness, war into peace and hate into love. The question is ‘Do you realise, the power you have is a gift of nature?’ As a human being you are bestowed with the true power of abundant kindness, joy, love, truth, and peace within yourself. These are the things that can change the face of your own world. Despite all turmoil, there is abundant source of happiness in you, which can be brought forward whenever and wherever you need. In the deepest hour of sorrow, you still have the power to change sorrow into happiness. The only thing you require is to practice these powers, because whatever you practice, you get good at it. If you find yourself getting angry within no time, it means you have practiced anger the most in your life. Practice peace in your life and you can get good at it.

by Prem Rawat



According to Sage Prashar all the effects which have been described in astrology and for horoscopes all are applied to females also. The physical appearance of lady should be determined from the Ascendant just similar to males but fortune and longevity of husband must be analyzed 7th and 8th house therefore in case of Manglik lady a lot of care has to be taken. It is the reason that grand parent disorder generally never comes to female and it usually get transferred to male child as Mars in the horoscope of a lady usually act as impacting planet to the males related to her. We are not aware how much weight medicine gives it but in Vedic Text females has been blessed with a cosmic shield against the malefic impact of malefic planet which can impact a male but not a female. Genetic disorders or health problem are usually part of it. it is also seen that if some malefic impact is there then it can go up to 3 generations. Similarly widowhood, genial problem etc also propagates like wise. And those effects which are impossible to be characterized to the female, must be declared to be applicable to her husband.

In Brihat Jataka of Sage Varha Mihir it is said that the effects which had been described for male horoscopes, if all those that are found in female horoscopes, suitable to females should be declared as applicable to them alone, and the rest should be ascribed to their husbands. The problem and longevity of the husband is to be deduced through the 8th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon whichever is stronger. Matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc. should be determined from the Ascendant and the sign occupied by the Moon. From the 7th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon which ever is stronger, her welfare or happiness and the nature of the husband should be established. Similarly Sage Mantrewara's Phaldeepika it is mentioned that the effects, which are declared for men, they entirely applicable to women too. The woman's prosperity and happiness have to be decide from the 8th place and children should be declared from the 9th house and matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc., should be determined from the Ascendant. From the 7th place that her welfare, power of influencing her husband and the nature of the husband should be determined. Good planets in these houses produce good results but other planets and certain combination tells about stress in her life which can be of the much aggressive nature then the impact seen in normal horoscope.

It is one of the most important as well as sensitive segment of Vedic astrology to which we wish to like to share with the visitor of Vedalink's family site. In Vedic astrology, whatever effects may accrue from the horoscopes of females that are applicable only to men, and most of them are impacting husband or family life only. The good and other impact must be calculated from the Moon or the Ascendant whichever of them is stronger. Stronger means comparing them in 16 charts, and which ever getting more time better house or friend house or exalted house is known as stronger. From the present package, which is giving you the free horoscope and 21 charts, you can easily identify it, for your help the comparison chart is also provided in the package. From the 7th house from the Ascendant or the Moon one can identify the happiness and the 8th house from it can identify the most hurting event in a female life. All this should be well analyzed and duly by the strength or weakness of the planets, benefic and malefic, before an announcement is made, of the Ascendant and the Moon, find which is stronger. Many astrologers has opinion that the well being or the reverses of the husband can be determined from the 9th Bhava. Some holds that the widowhood is found out through, the 8th Bhava; and the placement of lord of 8th house in 7th house or vice verse are the major component makes such disasters in lady's life.

One of the very famous astrologer of modern age namely Shri V. subrahmanya Sastry, from the southern part of India described it in more specific manner by dividing the views in three parts. These parts are

(1) Impacts which are to be applied to women.
(2) Impacts which are concerning to men alone
(3) Impacts which are applied to both.

Suppose for instance that there is Adhi Yoga found in ladies horoscope and is not in husband horoscope then Adhi yoga losses its impact on ladies life. As it is related to family hence contribution of male planets impacts it more. So in the transit of time of 6 years when stars of both get mixed with each other then the husband use to get the impact of the yoga of wife's horoscope. Same is applicable to friends of opposite s*x, it is much related to moon and moon is more related to sense of security or caring duly felt by the person.

We think that as now social status has been changed but certain impacts still standing as it is, and we have seen that such impacts acts and many ladies gets lessor result in life compare to their stars. We admit that in present scenario the females has taken up various kinds of occupation and holding high positions and posts of responsibility. They are also occupying high political positions. Such women are not dependent on their husbands or parents. But as far as the sensing the glimpse of Venus and Moon is concern it still same. More over it is also seen that if a female has very high or king kind of yoga in her chart then it use to give her fame out side as well as in home dominating impact. Due to the same reason she use to get a person whose planets are much weaker to her and such person can not absorb the glitter of her planets. Usually such persons are almost isolated of very cool in nature.

According to one yoga, if a lady is born in day time and her ascendant and moon are in at Odd sign then she is recognized as a blessed lady with a lot of potential and also get the blessing of domestic harmony. But such ladies are masculine in form and bearing also hence they are much short tempered and use to have much control on others. Similarly if the birth is in night and her Ascendant and Moon are in even signs, then such lady use to get blessing of a lot of excellent qualities, be of loyal character, beautiful and physically fit.

If between Ascendant or the Moon, one is in even sign and the other is in odd sign then such woman concerned are usually have the tough determination and also have much habits like males.


Trimasa is the Chart related to misries and happiness, which are much concerned to ladies as Navamsha is considered for general public. It is holding key of getting knowledge about the female horoscope and without reading or knowing Trimasa chart it is not possible to understand the fate of a lady.

The impact of Trimasa, which has been described by Sage of Vedic astrology, in brief the analysis is as under (we can not give the exact translation as Sage has used much clear words and same is not advised to say in open).

If a lady is born:-

When the Ascendant or the Moon (whichever is stronger) is in a sign of Aries or Scorpio and:-

a. Trimsamsa is of either, Aries or Scorpio is there, then she use to have, very free life before marriage.
b. Trimsamsa of Ta**us or Libra or the Zodiac in which Venus is placed in Rashi Chart then she enjoys much pleasure before marriage.
c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo is rising, then she will be full of cunning and adept in enchantment.
d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces is rising then she will be worthy and virtuous.
e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius is rising then, she will be modest or restricted.

When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Gemini or Virgo and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio, she will be very moderate and a hard worker.
b. Trimsamsa of Ta**us or Libra is rising then she must be having good qualities.
c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be very cold in making love but found of talking.
d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be owner of pure soul.
e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be a very much hiding lady.

When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Ta**us or Libra and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio is rising then, she would have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.
b. Trimsamsa of Ta**us or Libra then she is very nice and possesses excellent qualities.
c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, then she will be skilled in all the arts.
d. Trimasa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.
e. Trimasa of Capricorn or Aquarius gives chances of more then one marriage.

When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Cancer and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Scorpio then she will be self-willed and uncontrolled.
b. Trimsamsa of Ta**us then she will be self-skilled in arts and handwork.
c. Trimsamsa of Virgo, she will be gifted with all excellent technical work,
d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter, she will be owner of a saint qualities.
e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she may get separation or more then one marriage.

When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Leo, and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Aries then she will be very talkative,
b. Trimsamsa of Gemini then she will be virtuous features
c. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be pure and virtuous
d. Trimsamsa of Saturn then she must have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.

When the Ascendant or Moon is in Sagittarius or in Pisces and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio then will be endowed with many good qualities.
b. Trimsamsa of Ta**us or Libra, she will be holy.
c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be well versed in many sciences.
d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.
e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be very cold or will be highly free.

When the Ascendant or Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius and she is born when:-

a. Trimsamsa of Mars then she will be a working lady but will be very proud.
b. Trimsamsa of Venus then she will be learned but fruitless.
c. Trimsamsa of Mercury then she will be cruel and immoral.
d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be devoted to her husband.
e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she will be very free and will have relations with servants.


For Ladies:-

Dear Visitor, in Vedic astrology there are many remedies which was made as a part of life by many ladies in ancient time. Now the pattern of life has been changed, and generally no one has that much time to keep the lengthy chanting or remembering parents etc etc. nor every one is able to live with parents as for earning many has to go far from them. We wish to revive some very potent and very small acts which are now called or known as Myths but in fact they are remedial measures which usually saves from the hard ship of disturbing planets. These remedies are much related to Venus, Rahu and Mars. We have tested them and found them very much effective. We hope you will be able to get much relief by these acts or deeds. We also pray to god that your life may get filled with peace, and anger and hot exchange may never come in your family.

Spraying or dropping water on the hot plate of cooking material (specially bread made of flour) before making food, and then just wiping it by dry cloth, keeps health problem away from home.

Drinking water, about one or half hour earlier to food, makes the stomach very active in digesting food and develops the hunger more.

Giving little sweet thing after day food and water after it to husband, makes his nature very cool and anger never come near to him.

One the birth day of yours as well as husband and on wedding anniversary, do not take bath from plain water, it will be best if you pour two tea spoon of raw milk in the bathing tub. It will dissolve all kind of difference between you and both uses to get attracted toward each other.

Whenever you feel that hot exchanges are taking place, without any proper reason, or on very small thing, never hesitate to adopt above mentioned deed.

If you or your husband are born just after sun set or within two hour of sun set, never give milk after sun set, it increases cough problem.

If you think that your husband is giving less attention on you, then serve him milk made items in morning time, your complaint will get satisfied.

If you feel that warmth is reducing in your relations, then try to go out of home during rain, your problem will go away for one year.

If you feel that your husband is ignoring you just touch the right side of his neck with wet hand, malefic impact of Venus will go away from him.

If you feel that your husband is taking too much drink, use more tomato and Salad in food, his habit of too much drinking will get checked.

If you feel that some other lady is trying to attract your husband, then in early in the morning when you come face to face first time then just touch your forehead by middle finger and take your husband name in heart. It will shred away the impact of other lady from his thinking.

Never bring or keep plucked flower, either for decoration or show or due to any other reason, except for prayer, in home or in working place, it reduces the willpower and soul power (Aatm Shakti), of family members for temporary time.

If you are expecting some guest or visitor in office, then use plucked flower as bucket in table, but do not go in to the meeting room prior to visitor, any one who enters first dying flower always takes the will power of that person for prolonging their life. If he enters in room, you will surely get benefit in meeting.

If you wear any flower on hairs or as part of beautifying your self, then take the name of the person in while fixing flower in hairs, flowers will give complete impact on that person and he will remain attracted toward you.

Never use plastic flower for decoration in middle of room, it increases disturbance in home.

If you feel that your husband's expanses are becoming uncontrolled and he is also unable to understand why it is happening, just throw few sweet biscuits for birds in an open area in daytime.

If some big tree is there near to your home, and its shadow is falling on your home, during daytime, even for small time, then pour one glass of water on the routs of that tree, prosperity will always remain in your home.

If northern and southern walls are having windows, then never open both the windows at a time. It brings evil impact in home.

If air is coming direct in to your home from the main entrance, then never open the door fully, it gives poverty or covers the luck for 6 months.

If you feel much bored and same is felt by others, without any proper reason, make a visit near to some river or natural pound and pass whole day in it. If you or your husband get any chance never hesitate to take a dip in it. It will wash away all malefic impact of Rahu from your as well as your family's head.

If there is any old widow in your relation or living near to your home, never hate her, but never allow her to enter into your home during early morning or sun setting time. If she desires any thing then provide her and deliver that thing into her home.

In festivals specially during the starting week of month of Libra sun sign, gift some crockery or cloths to her, but remember that after purchasing it, before reaching home deliver it to her, do not bring that gift in your home first.

If you are chased by haunted dreams for more then two days continuously, then keep some iron plate or knife below to your bed sheet or bed foam.

Always try to see your both the palm just after waking up, even while you are lying on bed, then get up and remember GOD, it will keep many evil impact away from your life.

If your husband left some food half eaten then never throw it in dustbin, but just take a taste of it then if you desire throw it in bin. It will save your husband from the curse of mother earth.

Never give the left milk of your children to cat, home pet by doing this they will never be able to enjoy milk and will start hating it. It will be the best if you mix some water in it then give it to pet.

If some brittle cup or plate or dish got broken, or some line of crack comes in it, never use it, but keep it near to wall of your house for one day, then throw it in bin. By this poverty will never come in your home.

If without any reason, some cup or plate or dish fells in floor then do not keep it in home, immediately keep that cup or plate near to some tree out side the boundary of your home or warp it in some plastic bag and keep it outside home. It is a sign of some coming problem related to evil cosmic air, by keeping it out side, no evil mystic power will be able to disturb your family.

Never throw the waste or plucked hair which use to come out by combing, in toilet pot, otherwise it can give you some serious stomach or nervous problem.

While combing if the comb get fell form your hand, then before using it again blow some air from your mouth on it. The best is, if you put it below tap water then use it.

Never oil your hair and comb after sun set, if due to some reason you have to wash your hair or comb it for some party, then first close all the windows then do it.

Never go out of home with wet hairs in open during your periods, it can bring a lot of occult problem in family.

Always put left feet first in home, when you are entering in home, and enter in home with lowing your head, by this holy souls blesses you and your family from heaven, and family member in home always remains in high spirit.


7th house is much related to happiness, joy and otherwise impact on husband, in female horoscope, this house and Navamsha contributes a lot while deciding the general harmony in married life. We wish to give certain conditions related to 7th house and Navamsha, which can make you understand or know about the impact of it. Of course under a proper guidance of a teacher one can really understand the impact in total, but we are trying our best to provide you all this knowledge and the yoga which are found generally much near to accurate. Of course the partial aspect of good planet reduces the malefic impact and sleeping planet or owner of house gives less negative or positive result.

In female horoscope if the 7th house be vacant or no planet is there, such situation known as strength less position and if it is without benefic aspect then it makes the female her self a coward and proves a disregard hooligan for her husband.

When the 7th house is a moveable sign, then it indicates that either her husband will remain always be on move or in journey or will live away from home.

If Mercury and Saturn are placed in the 7th house, then it gives her a great shock as her husband may have some deficiency in making relations.

If the Sun (alone) occupies the 7th house, then it gives health trouble to husband or separation or she use to abandoned her husband or by her husband.

If Mars is in the 7th house then it is always better for the female to take special care of matching horoscope before marriage as it can give her widowhood. But if husband also have such placement then they use to have tense relation but blessing of marriage always remains with her.

If Saturn is in the 7th house, she lives to an old age either remaining unmarried or gets much late marriage. In such cases out of cast early marriage are much seen and such marriages always ends in separation.

If a benefic planet is occupying the 7th house then the female will enjoy marital happiness and will be chaste.

If the Mars is placed in the Navamsha of Venus and Venus is in the Navamsha of Mars and both are together in Main Horoscope, then such female use to remain uncontrolled and bring much shock to whole family (due to her involvement with others). If in this yoga the Moon be in the 7th the female concerned enters into wrong connections due to her husband.

If the 7th house or the Navamsha both are having Aries or Scorpio sign, then the husband use to have other women in his life and also use to have ill-tempered nature.

If she is born in Virgo or Gemini Navamsha of Mercury, her husband will be very learned and clever.

If she is born in Navamsha of Sagittarius or Pisces, her husband will be of great merit and will have all possessions under his control.

If she is born in Navamsha of Ta**us or Libra, her husband will be fortunate, very good looking and will be liked by women.

If she is born in Navamsha of Capricorn or Aquarius, her husband will be like old man.

If she is born in Navamsha of Leo, her husband will be exceedingly soft in his disposition and will be very hard working.

These are the texts from my observations and ancient texts collected over years of my research in vedic astrology.

Abhishek Shah




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