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Thank you for my amazing website! ( Mark was a pleasure to work with, responsive and creative, and he was able to understand what I need.
Logo by the one and only Mark Matatov with Bracha Designs
I am always skeptical when doing business with someone that I don't know. Especially when there's a considerable amount of money involved but I was referred by another business owner who vouched for him. And I am very satisfied with the work he did. He made us take-out menus, and dine out menus, and they came out great. Not only that but he was easy to communicate with, and the turnaround was quick. Mark was especially professional, affordable, and I would gladly do business with him again. Thanks @alex Davydov
New plastic cards i designed

Bracha Designs provides Web Design, Graphic Design, Printing and Marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses all over the world.

We have over ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients in every type of business and industry. Bracha Designs offers all type of design and printing solutions including:
• Business Cards
• Post Cards
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Posters
• Banners
• Web Design
• Large Format Printing
• Email Marketing
• Logo Design and Brand Identity
• Invitations and Greeting Cards
• Promotional and Tradeshow Items
• LED and Neon Signs
• Awnings

Operating as usual

Photos from Bracha Designs's post 03/11/2022

Design trends continue to get more and more minimalist stripping designs down to just their core basics. Just take a look at the recent rebrands from these large companies. While much of the logos have been simplified, the feeling the brands invoke still remain.

The best logos are simple, yet convey the brand message, yet remain timeless and memorable. A well thought out and designed logo, along with the right marketing, can help bring a brand - and its sales - to new levels.

What do you think about some of these recent brand redesigns?


You found a really good, cheap web developer. Maybe he's from the states, maybe not. You have them build your site. You pay them. And all goes well....until it doesnt. So now your site has an issue you found or you want to make updates to your site. Great. Except one problem. You have no way to access your site's dashboard and your developer has gone MIA. I've heard this story sooooooo many times!!!!

Or my favorite..."my developer and I had a disagreement so they just shut off my site, or they wont give me my files". Nothing like paying for a website and having it go hostage.

It's important you FULLY own your website. To do this make sure you have the following:

1) Hosting from a RELIABLE company with the login and password

2) Domain purchase from a RELIABLE company with a login and password. This may or may not be the same as the hosting account.

3) Login credentials to your website's dashboard.

4) A local backup of your website. This means you've taken all the files that comprise your website and keep them on your computer somewhere safe.

I've heard all kinds of crazy stories out there, so make sure you're getting your website built from a reputable source and make sure you get your logins and files!!!


We all mess up sometimes. It happens. Even the largest companies make giant mistakes sometimes that cost money, time and clients.

How we handle those mistakes and whether we own up to them or throw blame around when it happens says a lot about who we are and what our company stands for.

Just look at this ad from KFC which luckily has a great PR team. Not only did they admit their mistake, but they put out a great apology that was both honest and funny, and were able to save many potential lost customers.

Has your business experienced a big mess up? And if so, how did fix it?


Your business evolves overtime, as do design trends. For this reason, keeping your brand, website, and marketing materials looking fresh and updated is more important than we may realize.

When your designs look dated or you have information on your website that is clearly no longer relevant, this may turn potential customers away. Everyone wants to work with companies that not only have a good reputation, but who understand current market trends. Outdated design can easily deter from this.

A general guideline is to update your branding and website every 5-7 years. You should, however, review your marketing materials and websites every few months to ensure all information on i is still current and accurate.

We at Bracha Designs are currently updating our website ourselves, which hasnt been updated in a very long time. Stay tuned for a fresh look and an an updated portfolio of our work!


A website requires many working gears in order to properly work. If you're just starting a business and need a website, it may seem a little overwhelming to even figure out where to start. In short, here's what you'll need to have a working website:

1) Domain Name. This is the url or name of your site. something like Finding the perfect domain name may be tricky as there are literally millions of domains already registered, so chances are your desired domain may be taken.

2) Hosting. Simply, put this is where the files that comprise your website are kept. When someone accesses your domain, it send a message to the host to access your files and pull up your site. There a lots of different hosting plans to fit your specific needs.

3) SSL Certificate. This is a layer of security for your site that's vital especially if your site collects sensitive info such as email addresses or credit cards. While this isnt technically required to run a site, sites that dont have one display a big NOT SECURE message which turns many people off. Unprotected sites dont rank well in search engines either.

4) Backups. Make sure your website is on some kind of automatic backup at least weekly. The worst thing you can have is to find out your site was hacked or deleted maliciously.

5) Malware/Virus Protection. Speaking of which above, it's a good idea to have some kind of protection in place for your site. Hundreds of thousands of sites are injected with malware every year by hackers and can steal sensitive information.

6) Caching. In short this saves "states" of your website and preloads them on your server which allows users to have faster load times, especially if they visit your site multiple times.

7) Web Designer/Developer. Lastly, you need a professional designer/developer to design and build your site. Without this, none of the above mattes, and in most cases, this person will guide and help you with all the above to get your site running and in optimal health!


You can have an amazing looking website that's built really well, but if you dont have the proper hosting space to handle it, your site may have slow load times and unexpected glitches - and we know those are big reasons for high bounce rates.

Today's websites use all kinds of scripts and other features that require a decent amount of resources. Hosting spaces as little as 1-2 years old can already be outdated in terms of what resources your modern website may need.

There are many hosting companies that offer different hosting plans for various needs. Basically, the higher tier your hosting plan is, the more server resources it has, which means the faster your website will be.

Do your research and see what best fits your website. A few factors include how large your site is, what programs does it need to, and how many users do you expect your site to receive in a normal day.

I have many clients who opt for the cheapest, entry level hosting plan and simply put, for most websites today, these entry level "cheap" plans can lead to some really slow sites, which leads to higher bounce rates, and potentially thousands in lost revenue. Not so cheap anymore.


Happy Friday!

Here's a marketing ad placement fail to keep you entertained.

Design is about making things look good, but also about making sure these kinds of things don't happen.

#fail #marketing #design #adplacement


Design inspiration can be taken from everywhere. Are there certain colors you like? See an ad that caught your attention? Elements from each can be made your own and used for your brand.


Here are two more funny branding fails for you...

Be sure to get an opinion or two on your branding decisions or consult a professional!

#rebranding #webdesign #2022 #web #marketing #fail


Happy Wednesday!

Here's a fun design fail for all of you.

Might be trying for the Facebook logo in their design, but it's hard to read it without the "F".

#marketing #designfail #design #web


WordPress is straightforward to set up and can be done through virtually every domain hosting provider.

The hardest part is usually picking a provider and choosing a URL.

As WordPress is everywhere, your provider is likely to have instructions on how to download WordPress and get going.

Quick example, BlueHost provides an option to set your site up with WordPress right at the beginning so you're good to go right away.


Landing Pages. They're tough to get right, but when you do they'll make all the difference to your business.

A successful landing page should be tailored to your target customer. Specifics are good to improve conversion rates, but too specific and you could lose out on customers within your market.

The best landing pages focus on a problem the client is having and provide a solution to it (Usually the product, or a white paper).

Include a Call-To-Action and you're good to go!


Here are things to look for in your next designer.

1. Check their portfolio out! It's a quick way to figure out if they're legit and to see if their style matches your aesthetic.

2. See if they're open to jumping on a call to discuss your project. Could be a red flag if they're not.

3. Clear expectations! You'll want to be on the same page with deliverables and setting standards early on will help everyone stay on the same page.

With these quick tips, you're well on your way to finding the best partner for your next project.


Great design is about experience as much as it's about the look.

You want your customers to come back for more, so ensuring they have a great experience will go a long way.

#userexperience #design #web #branding

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