Explore Kid Talk- Parenting Support

Explore Kid Talk- Parenting Support


****Taming your Toddler's Tantrums****
I have spent the last several months developing a workshop just because you asked for it.
In this class we will be talking about:
👏What triggers your child.
👏The process your child has to go through to calm down
👏Why time-outs don’t work.
👏How to make transitions easier
👏Actionable tips to do right away
👏How to set expectations
**This class is right for you if:**
😞You have tried all the things and it doesn't help.
😞You try and hold your little one and it makes the tantrum worse.
😞It's like a switch where he is calm and then the next moment he is hysterical.
And you get to learn it all for just $39. You will also get the recording and worksheet for future reference. You just can't beat that. 🙂
DM me if you have any questions.
*It's the LAST DAY, the LAST DAY *
Click here to join the workshop and save your seat

I'm Rachel, a toddler parenting coach. I work on a process of firm but kind parenting in all situations. I help moms move away from being stressed and overwhelmed to being more connected with their kids and love parenting again.

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Who would be interested in a workshop on Not Yelling? Strategies to use in the moment to not yell, what to do when you lose it and yell and how to recover.

Drop an emoji below if interested.


Having a toddler can definitely test our patience.
Children have no impulse control.
They are exploring and learning about the world around them.
We have to remember to be patient and model how to handle situations. If we yell, we are teaching them to yell.
Toddlers are these little people but have big emotions. They don't know what to do and have a tantrum. They don't have logic at this time and their world is right at that moment.
You want to recognize their feelings. Their feelings are ok, but not the behaviors. You have to separate those things.

✨Want to learn how to handle tantrums and power struggles in a way that WORKS and have them listen? Click the link to join the Mastering your Toddler Tantrums workshop today. It's at an amazing price of $39

Toddler Tantrum Workshop 01/16/2022

Toddler Tantrum Workshop

Tantrums, crying, yelling, and fighting. It does happen. I won’t lie to you and say it doesn’t.

You can learn strategies for what to do when they do happen though.

When our little ones are having big emotions we have to keep our calm and not join the chaos.
It's easy to respond to big behaviors with a big response.

Are you ready to learn skills that will change the way you parent and change your relationship with your little ones?

After the workshop you will:
🤗Found clarity and a better understanding of where their child is.
🤗Now know what to expect.
🤗Realized how to tweak what they say to be positive and still be in control.
🤗Understand the importance of setting clear expectations.
🤗Got actionable tips to do each day in different situations.

Click here to join the workshop for only $39. https://www.explorekidtalk.com/toddler-tantrum-workshop/

We can work together on the Mastering your toddler tantrum workshop so you can feel confident in handling the next tantrum.

Toddler Tantrum Workshop Mastering Toddler Tantrums Know how to handle tantrums in a firm but positive way. February 8th, 2022 12 pm EST time Introductory Pricing Toddler Tantrum Workshop $39.00 Make sure to use your primary email so


“Rachel my little one is 3 years old and I just don’t know what to do with the tantrums and behaviors anymore. Mine doesn’t listen, doesn’t follow what I say, uses me as a punching bag, and completely flips a switch when something has to end.
Mine just screams, cries, and throws everything.
After she cries, so do I.
I’m thinking about it each day and I feel lost.
“I know I need more of a plan."
Have you felt this way?

😳You feel lost and unsure of what to do to help.
😳Everyone has an opinion and it makes you feel worse.
😳All you hear is people saying “age 3 is no joke and will kick your butt.”
😳You have tried all the things and it's just not working.
After working together the parents:
🤗Found clarity and a better understanding of where their child is.
🤗Now know what to expect.
🤗Realized how to tweak what they say to be positive and still be in control.
🤗Understand the importance of setting clear expectations.
🤗Got actionable tips to do each day in different situations.
The parents shared this was completely worth the investment to have guidance and understanding. “I feel so much better after talking with you Rachel. I now have a plan for how to handle the tantrums and what to say to help my little one.”
💚This workshop will help you move away from total chaos to calm.
💚You can approach the situation from a place of understanding which will allow you to be more connected to your kids.
On Feb 8th, I’m hosting a private paid workshop where I’m going to walk you through the steps and strategies I use for overcoming and even preventing frustrating tantrums!
Join using the link and regain the peace in your home you so desperately crave. There is also a Q&A time at the end so you can ask about your own personal situations and we can role-play what to do!
Limited spaces available!

Join now for only $39. https://www.explorekidtalk.com/toddler-tantrum-workshop/


Myth Busted-- Breast is Best

This is what you hear from people who say babies should be fed exclusively with breastmilk.

Now don't get me wrong I know that breastmilk has its benefits (has antibodies, helps their immune system..) but that doesn't always mean it's best.

Maybe it's not best for you. And That's OK!

Our society, the hospital, and moms online try and pressure new moms that breastfeeding is the only right choice. This is so far from the truth.

You might struggle to breastfeed.
You might be hurting or can't produce.
You may not want to. You may hate doing it.

All of this does not make you a bad mom and yet society makes you feel less than, ashamed or broken. You push yourself to breastfeed because you feel you should.

A mom shared with me that she pushed and pushed herself to breastfeed even when in horrible pain and suffering with mastics. She felt that she couldn't stop and that she needed to breastfeed.

👉The baby cried at every feeding.
👉The mother cried at every feeding.
👉Feedings took so long because the mother was in pain and the baby wasn't getting milk easily.

The mother struggled with these feeding each day, week, and for months until she couldn't take anymore and stopped.

⭐️She then allowed her body to heal.
⭐️She wasn't in pain anymore and could be there for her new baby.
⭐️The baby's feedings were easy and the baby was drinking.
Let's stop telling new moms that breastfeeding is the only answer. It crushes the moms that can't breastfeed.

Do you have a breastfeeding story to share?


Myth Busted- Asking for help is a sign of weakness.

Parenting is hard, stressful, and overwhelming, yes. Every age brings new behaviors and new challenges. Just when you figured one thing out something new is happening.
It’s ok to ask for help. Asking for help does not show weakness, but instead strength.
We are taught in many ways that asking for help is not always ok. It is actually more socially acceptable to criticize ourselves or others instead of asking for help.
I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems.
I’m supposed to figure it out.
We are not meant to do and figure everything out by ourselves.
You can learn a process and steps for when you are angry and frustrated. A process for when different situations come up.
You can move from being overwhelmed and stressed to a more connected and peaceful home life with your little ones.

We do this through a 3 step process called Exploratory Parenting Method which includes:

Learning how your words have meaning and ways to change them around but still get the same result. Learn about setting limits and expectations with your little ones.
*Understanding where you are emotionally each day and what you can handle.
Help to stay consistent when setbacks happen. (They do happen)

Let's work together.

This is for you if:
💚You have tried a bunch of things that are not working and ready for some guidance to get on the right path
💚You want to get more intentional about your parenting goals
💚You are tired of asking questions in Facebook groups and getting bombarded with answers that don’t really help
🌟Parenting is hard. You don't have to be on this roller coaster alone. If you would like to talk about what working together would mean for you and your family send me a message saying INFO. We work together side by side so you have constant support.🌟


Give yourself a gift you really want this year. ⁠

😔You don't want more toys or stuff. ⁠
😔You want to stop having mom guilt. ⁠
😔You want a more peaceful home life.⁠

⁠You want to be more connected to your kids. ⁠

It is possible. ⁠😉⁠

Things are not impossible.⁠
You don’t have to feel helpless.⁠
You don’t have to feel that nothing will change.⁠
It’s not too late.⁠

Don't spend money on something you don't need but instead on something that could completely change the relationship with your child. ⁠

Give yourself the gift of peace this holiday season. ⁠

Working together is an investment in your parenting and your relationship with your children. You will be able to create a life you love by being more connected to your kids.⁠

Are you ready to have personal support?
If you have any questions or want to know more drop an emoji below.


So many parents have shared with me that they yell more than they would like. They just don't know what to do instead.

Now that the holidays are coming you have more stress and feel anxious. Your kids are on overload and they feel it too.

👉Your little one is not listening.
😔You get frustrated.
😔You yell.
😔They cry.
😔Nothing gets fixed.

This workshop is for you.

In my workshops, I try to encourage, educate, and interact with the parents so you have someone on your team, helping you have strategies to be the parent you want to be.

In the CONTROL YOUR YELLING WORKSHOP, I'll show you how to really take action and strategies to control your yelling. You will learn what to do in the moment and what to do after to have recovery with your little one.

This is a three-day workshop inside my Facebook group. It starts on November 8, 2021.

Sign up here so you don't miss any of the resources. https://www.subscribepage.com/b8g6d0_copy2_copy

A Parent’s Resource for Children

Hello, I’m Rachel founder of Explore Kid Talk. I write a Parent’s Resource for children. This often includes activities, development and day to day struggles with children. I’ve found that so many families have difficulty with keeping their children busy, happy and learning at the same time.

Which is why it is my passion to give you tips and strategies to help deal with day to day life with children. One of the things my readers love the most is knowing they are not alone. I know that you would find it useful. I’d love for you to take a look.

What makes me qualified to help you? I am a certified General and Special Education Teacher in Elementary Education. I specialize in todders and early childhood and have been working in Early Intervention for the last 8 years.

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