HavenZone inc

HavenZone inc

Offering a one-stop-shop for all of your IT & communications needs! HavenZone provides managed services for all of your IT needs.

We allow you to lower your costs by not paying for a full-time employee. HavenZone Offers:
- Fully managed infrastructure
- Helpdesk style support
- Proactive monitoring of devices
- Full network audit & solutions
- Network Cabling
- VoIP Phones and Systems
- Network Design
- Access Control (Digital & Physical)
- Security Cameras IP CCTV

IT Outsourcing
In today’s economy it is not cost effective


Cybercrime is a business. Hackers are trying to scrape any amount of money or information from you that they can and have utilized technology to do it.

Oftentimes it’s not a hacker sitting in a cold, dark basement trying to crack into your network. They have bots and software designed to repeatedly look for ways into your network.

It’s not personal, it’s business which means you are just as likely to be a target as anyone else. Protect yourself accordingly.

If you aren’t sure how, please ask. We are here to help.


When it comes to security, you can’t have any loose ends.

You need strong firewalls and antivirus.
You need training for your team.
You need someone who can monitor your network and patch any vulnerabilities that arise.

The future is digital so cybersecurity MUST be a priority for everyone.


Do you have a plan in place to get you back up and running if a disaster occurs?

Whether it’s a natural disaster that destroys your office or a cyber attack that shuts down your business, you need to have an incident response plan to mitigate the issue and reduce downtime to avoid more damage to your business.

👉And remember, creating the plan isn’t enough. Everyone on the team needs to know what they’re responsible for and what to do.

Make sure to develop, test, review, and update the plan regularly.

Need help making one? 📲Schedule a FREE 10-Minute Discovery Call to get started - https://smpl.is/8dr71


Hackers care about one thing - breaking into your network to get what they’re after.

Make sure you’re protected in 2024 and beyond!


Your web browser will alert you when it’s time to update it.

This is often because a bug or a vulnerability has been detected.

If you do not update your browser when prompted, it could leave a hole open for cybercriminals to get into your network.

Take two minutes and complete the update.


Cybersecurity isn’t an ‘add-on’ or an ‘upgrade.’ It’s a necessary part of EVERY business.

You should be looking at every layer of your business and asking, is this secure? If not, what do I need to do?

If you’ve approached cybersecurity in the past as an afterthought, we can help.

📲Book a call with our team to learn more about where you might be vulnerable - https://smpl.is/8dr6x


New year, SAME RISKS! 😳

Cyber threats increase every year. Make sure YOU are protected.

Here are 5 steps you can take in 2024 to help protect your business.


The start of a new year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express how grateful we are for all of our customers! May your new year be filled with an abundance of happiness and success.

We are beyond excited to see what 2024 has in store!


What’s the difference between firewalls and antivirus and do you need both?

Firewalls block all incoming threats from penetrating your network where antivirus is actively scanning files to detect and remove threats. They work together and you need both!

But basic firewalls and antivirus are not enough for business owners. You’re a target for hackers and often need additional layers of security to prevent cyber criminals from finding ways around your firewall.

Start with a FREE Security Assessment to see where you stand and what you need to be properly protected - https://smpl.is/87lu4


What should you do if you’re hacked? These are the basic steps but you’ll want to contact an IT professional because you’ll likely need to scrub your computer and install better security software. You’ll also need to make sure that the other devices in your network aren’t affected.

Prevention is key! Make sure that your company and all of the devices in your network are secure to lower your chances of being hacked.


When shopping online it is better to use a credit card or a payment service like Paypal instead of a debit card for several reasons.

One of the biggest is that the debit card is linked directly to your bank account and you do not want a cybercriminal to gain access to that information.

Another is if you dispute an unauthorized purchase made with a debit card, you’ll be in a weaker position because the merchant will already have your money.

It could take weeks or longer to get it back.

When you use a credit card you’ll have time to dispute a charge before any money is actually paid out giving you the upper hand.


While we hope everyone has integrity, you run the risk of overpaying for IT support when you pay some companies by the hour.

A good way to eliminate that concern is choosing a company that has offers a flat-fee rate.


At a basic level, encryption is the process of scrambling text to render it unreadable to unauthorized users.
It's a good idea to encrypt any files that contain sensitive data such as passwords, important documents, financial bank account details, and more!

Do you currently encrypt your emails and files? If not, we can help you get set up.


Merry Christmas!

Our team is wishing our friends and family a joyful day full of peace, love, and gratefulness!


Co-Managed IT is designed to support your IT team, not replace them.

We offer expert solutions for less than what it would cost to hire those same positions in house.

To find out more about how we can assist your IT team, get in touch - https://smpl.is/87ltw


Hackers are using social media to their advantage! Aside from reading your profile for clues to your password and security question, they’ll set up fake profiles to trick you into sending them money or information.

They can pretend to be someone interested romantically or even a business. We often see this with fake giveaways.

Here’s the rules -
1. Don’t give personal information over the internet
2. Do not send money to people you don’t actually know
3. Giveaways will not ask you to send them money first (if they do, it’s likely a scam)
4. Don’t do any of this using a work device


Thank you for the kind words.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working together for a long time.

If you are in any need of IT support, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help!


We spend more time than ever before on our devices which means it’s only a matter of time until we all click a bad link.

Using this website validator at www.scam-detector.com/validator you can enter the web address BEFORE you click on it to find out if it’s one that you can trust. Try it out!


What you do each day adds up so make sure you’re going in the right direction!

Have a great week!


The cloud isn’t only great for your bottom line, it’s also good for the environment!

Help the environment and move to the cloud. Ask us how!


According to BetaNews.com, a recent pentesting project found that 93% of the companies in the study were able to be breached.

Once a hacker is in, there are so many other problems they can cause. The best solution is PREVENTION.

Start with your FREE Security Assessment - https://smpl.is/87lrv


Shopping online this holiday season?

Here are a few quick tips to keep you secure this holiday season.


Cloud solutions typically come with basic level security and that is NOT enough, especially if you’re storing client data, financial details, or internal documents.

Make sure you have adequate security for the cloud! If you’re not sure what you have or if it’s enough, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you figure it out.



Haha, just a little reminder that if you don’t have auto-backups synced and haven’t clicked the “back up my device to the cloud” button in a while, today is a good day to do that.



Can’t fool us.

Shared via


How long do you think it would take to crack a 7-character password?

A few seconds? A few minutes?

You might be surprised! (Answer below)

A.31 seconds!


Happy Hanukkah!

May peace, love, and joy come to you and your family during this Festival of Light.


Privacy is important but often overlooked with the most common of devices.


Have you ever wondered if your passwords are strong enough or if a savvy hacker could crack them quickly?

Check out the free password strength checker at security.org! You can type in any combination and it will estimate how long a computer would take to crack it.

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