Tremont NY Locksmith Store

Tremont NY Locksmith Store

Locksmith Service in Tremont, NY At Tremont NY Locksmith Store we are proud to offer Locksmith Services in Tremont, NY. If you are Locked Out of your home call our Locksmiths for Expert Lock and key Solutions.

Like: Opening Locks, Lock Picking & Jammed Doors and Lock Installations. With a 24 hour Locksmith Service our Auto and Emergency Locksmiths are here for you day and night 24/7.

Operating as usual 10/19/2021

POINT TO NOTE: It’s easy to break open the cheap locks procured from big-box stores

Such locks are mass produced and chances are, criminals already know 101 ways to manipulate them. Look for a grade 1 lock or a grade 2 lock at the least. You can get in touch with Tremont NY Locksmith Store for the best recommendations on locks. We’ve got a massive collection of the best locks in the industry, and can fit your property with the right ones.

To buy a lock or for any other locksmith service in Bronx, NY, feel free to reach us on 718-509-0731. For additional information, visit 10/11/2021

Don’t settle for less, hire the best! Dial 718-509-0731 to get the best locksmith services in Bronx, NY. At Tremont NY Locksmith Store, we provide a comprehensive list of locksmith solutions that pander to clients from automotive, residential and commercial sectors.

Here’s why you should choose us:

• 24/7 availability
• Service provided across Bronx, NY
• On-the-spot issue resolution
• Zero added charges
• Low service fee
• Trained locksmiths at your service
• Large fleet of mobile vans
• Maximum customer satisfaction rate

Get in touch with us today! 10/04/2021

Why should property managers use Tremont NY Locksmith Store?

Property managers in Bronx, NY juggle multiple tasks, from property management, to maintenance to addressing customer grievances. As such, the added burden of managing the locks and keys in the respective properties can be quite overwhelming. Let Tremont NY Locksmith Store make things easier for you. We provide:

1) Contractual maintenance services:
You don’t have to remember when the next maintenance check on your property is due –because we’ll take care of that. From regular checks to repairs to maintenance, we’ll provide the whole package, at periodic intervals.

2) Rekey solutions:
With tenants shifting regularly, you might need to rekey the locks far too often. We provide exclusive discounts for homeowners looking to rekey the locks in their properties. For a low call out fee, we’ll rekey all the locks in the property, plus provide a set of 3 keys for each lock ( or as per requirement)

3) Key convenience:
With innumerable keys to keep track off, losing sight of even a single key will cause mayhem. Call us and discuss your requirements with us. We’ll set up master key system or help you keep specially coded keys to all your properties in one place.

Interested? Call 718-509-0731 today! To explore our other services, visit our website 09/27/2021

Evicting a tenant? Call Tremont NY Locksmith Store on 718-509-0731 today to avail our eviction locksmith service! We’ll rekey all the locks in the property, carry out repairs if any, change locks if needed and hand out the new set of keys in minimal time and at a special discounted price. Available 24/7, you can call us any time you require our services in Bronx, NY.

Derive the maximum benefit, get the best deals, and experience superior workmanship and the heights of professionalism by opting for Tremont NY Locksmith Store. For information on our other services, make sure you check out our website: 09/20/2021

Panic bars installation:
Commercial properties or public buildings require a proper emergency exit setup that facilitates easy escape during contingencies. At Tremont NY Locksmith Store, we can assist you in setting up the right infrastructure as well as ensure that your property complies with the local state regulations and rules in Bronx, NY. With our panic bar installation, repair and maintenance services, you’re not just ensuring the safety of your customers/visitors/employees but also get the approval of the authorities.

Contact us today on 718-509-0731 and we’ll set up the best emergency exit locks in your property. For more information, you can also visit our website: 09/09/2021

The best key maker in Bronx, NY:

From conventional keys to chip keys, we’ve mastered the art of key making and are the best key maker in town. Utilizing state-of-the-art key cutting tools, high-quality materials and the skill that we’ve honed and refined over the years, we can precision-craft a wide variety of keys. Whether you require a spare, or a new key, you can turn to Tremont NY Locksmith Store for all your key making needs. We’ve even got special discounts if you order more than one key from us.

Want to know more? Email us on: [email protected] or call 718-509-0731 09/02/2021

At Tremont NY Locksmith Store, we understand how important your home’s security to you, and we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that you get the best security infrastructure set up at your property.

There are a few common security mistakes that we’ve seen most of our customers unknowingly commit:

• Hiding a key in the open
• Installing cheap locks
• Flaunting valuables
• Sharing your location on social media sites
• Leaving the house empty for prolonged periods
• Improper alarm systems

If you’re worried that your security setup might not stand guard against modern security threats, don’t worry, we can help you! We know what works to safeguard your property against the rising state of crime in Bronx, NY and will equip your property with the best components.

To seek the advice of our security experts and for other locksmith services, call us on 718-509-0731 08/26/2021

How to replace transponder keys for cheap?

Transponder keys lean towards a high price range, making these components one of the most expensive ones, with some variants costing as high as $600. So, you might be asking yourself: why are they priced so high? Some might say that the technical intricacies involved coupled with the complex programming needed to get it to work justify the price, we, at Tremont NY Locksmith Store, beg to differ. With skilled technicians on our team, no job is too complex for us, and that means, the transponder key that costs you a fortune when you call your car dealer, only costs a fraction with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you need a new transponder key? Or a spare? For cost-effective keys and other locksmithing solutions in Bronx, NY, there’s only one number you’ll ever need – call 718-509-0731 08/19/2021

Locked car keys recovery: If you’ve inadvertently left your car keys locked inside your vehicle, don’t fret! We’ll recover it! Instead of taking the expensive lane of making a replacement, we use our strategic unlocking techniques to get into your car and retrieve the keys. Tremont NY Locksmith Store also provides a wide range of other automotive locksmith solutions, such as:

• Transponder key making
• GM Vat key duplication
• Car boot unlocking
• Laser car keys
• Lock repairs
• Ignition switch replacement
• Ignition key making
• Roadside car lockout assistance
And more.

For further information on our locksmithing services in Bronx, NY, please visit or talk to our representative on 718-509-0731! 08/12/2021

Door repairs in Bronx, NY: Is your door off-track or in need of a tune-up? Tremont NY Locksmith Store can help you there! Our solutions are aimed at restoring the condition of the existing door, without replacing the entire setup. This saves our customers a lot of time as well as hassle. From broken panels, to rusty hinges, we’ve dealt with it all. If you’ve got a door that needs fixing, there’s no one better than us in Bronx, NY to help you out. We fix wooden entry doors, steel doors, garage doors, sliding patio doors, and more

Contact us on: 718-509-0731 or drop us an email on [email protected]. 08/05/2021

24-hour emergency unlock solutions:

Locked out of your home? Lost the key to your safe? Don’t worry, with Tremont NY Locksmith Store, you won’t remain locked out of your property for long. We run operations 24-hours in Bronx, NY. Come what may, rain or shine, day or night, you can always count on us for locksmith service. What’s more, our 24/7 solutions don’t carry any extra charges, which means that if you pay $30 during standard hours, you pay the same, even if you hire us in the middle of the night. Can it get any better than this?

Don’t wait, save our number 718-509-0731 and call us any time you need our help 07/29/2021

High security keys: At Tremont NY Locksmith Store, we provide a wide range of high security solutions, including crafting hard-to-duplicate high-security keys that make it extremely difficult for a burglar or intruder to break-in. Not just that, our high security keys offer enhanced key control. Most organizations suffer from unauthorized key duplication. With ordinary keys, it won’t take long for an employee to sneak out a key, hand it over at the nearest kiosk and make a copy. That’s why you need restricted keys – and there’s no one better equipped in Bronx, NY than us to assist you with that.

Reach out to us on 718-509-0731! For more information, visit our website 07/22/2021

No extra charges, no hidden costs! Get flat upfront rates across a wide range of services from Tremont NY Locksmith Store. Here’s a quick overview of what we offer:

• Key making services
• New lock installation
• Lock repairs
• GM Vat key duplication
• Transponder key programming
• Master key system
• Deadbolt installation
• Trunk unlock
• Safe installation
• Push bars installation
• Rekeying service
• Smart locks
• Mortise locks
• Door installation and repairs
• Mailbox locks

Our services in Bronx, NY are not restricted to this list. For complete details on our services, do check out our website: If you want more information on our pricing scheme, don't hestitate to call us on 718-509-0731. 07/14/2021

How much does a locksmith cost? Well, if the locksmith you’ve hired is Tremont NY Locksmith Store, then rest assured, you won’t be handed out a heavy bill. With customer satisfaction topping our priority list, profit-making is only secondary to us. This is evident from the countless customers across Bronx, NY, who’ve shared their positive experiences with us. We value integrity, stand strong on our work ethics, and above all – value YOU, our customers.

For the finest in locksmithing solutions at the most affordable rate, reach out to us on 718-509-0731! Visit our website for more details: 07/07/2021

#1 Thing to do when moving into a new home: Rekey your locks

Yes, even moving your stuff into your house comes after this. In case of properties that have passed hands several times, there’s absolutely no way to know how many people still have the keys to it. Even if the property you’re moving into is a new one, you’ve no guarantee as to who’s got the keys to it. Make the wise choice, by calling Tremont NY Locksmith Store to rekey the locks in your home. The procedure consumes minimal time and is cost-effective. If the locks are too worse for wear, we’ll get them replaced with new ones in a hassle-free manner.
Scores of residents in Bronx, NY trust our locksmithing services – and it’s all for a reason! Hire us today by calling 718-509-0731. 06/30/2021

Tremont NY Locksmith Store is your one-stop locksmith solution provider in Bronx, NY. With a diversified clientele that extends from the automotive to the commercial sector, we’ve rendered unparalleled service over the years, to become the community’s top choice. From our pricing to the quality of work we do, we win across all aspects. To experience superior service, all you need to do is call 718-509-0731. Do it now, and you get the chance to get a discount of up to 15% on all our services. 06/23/2021

Lock maintenance tips from an expert locksmith:

#1 Lubrication is key:
Spray a lubricant into the keyhole, and be generous with the amount you use. Once you’ve done that, run the key in and out of the lock several times to make sure the lubricant is distributed evenly within.

#2 Hinge adjustments
Door hinges are put through constant use, as a result, they may loosen over time. Since they’re held in place with head screws, use a screwdriver to tighten them from time to time. If the door gets misaligned, even the bolt or latch will not be in its right place.

#3 Find a locksmith
Here’s the most important tip: find a locksmith before you end up needing one. Regular maintenance by a professional can help prolong the life of your locks. Save our number 718-509-0731 into your phone. You’ll be happy you did, when a problem arises.

For maintenance, repairs, and installation services, reach out to Tremont NY Locksmith Store. We’re the best locksmith in Bronx, NY and offer a plethora of services at nominal rates. Visit our website for details information on our services: 06/16/2021

Locksmith tips:

10 things to do when you’re locked out of your car:

1) Don’t panic
2) Move your vehicle aside so it doesn’t block traffic
3) See if you’ve left any windows or doors open
4) Do not abandon your vehicle even for a few moments
5) Check if you have a spare key on you
6) If you’ve given your spare key to someone, call them
7) The internet is filled with DIY unlock hacks – try them, there’s a small chance of success
8) Do not attempt any destructive means of unlocking the vehicle
9) Call a locksmith
10) Use a towing service as a last resort

If you live in Bronx, NY, and are locked out somewhere in and around the region, Tremont NY Locksmith Store can reach you in less than 15 minutes and help unlock your vehicle. Call us on 718-509-0731. We’re available 24/7. 06/09/2021

8 things you need to secure:

• Important files and documents
• Cash
• Hard drives
• Guns and ammo
• Jewelry, collectibles and heirlooms
• Tools and machinery
• Passwords, pin numbers, codes
• Prescription medicines

Get safes, sturdy cabinets, and locks installed from Tremont NY Locksmith Store to secure what matters to you. We offer exclusive discounts to the residents of Bronx, NY on a wide range of services. If you want to know more, visit our website : You can also call us on 718-509-0731 06/02/2021

Why do you need a spare car key? Car keys are expensive when compared to their traditional counterparts, but keeping a spare handy can save you a lot of recurring expenses in the future. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire Tremont NY Locksmith Store to get a spare key made for your vehicle:

• Making a copy keys costs you less than making one from scratch
• Spare keys can come in handy during lockouts
• Spare keys make replacement hassle-free
• It’s easy to provide a family member access to your vehicle
• Switching keys between the original and spare, extends life of both the keys

We can make transponder car keys, GM Vat keys and other car keys at affordable rates in Bronx, NY. Get in touch with us on 718-509-0731 today! 05/26/2021

When is the right time to change locks? Tremont NY Locksmith Store recommends changing your locks when:

• You find signs of physical deterioration
• The lock model is outdated
• It frequently jams during operation
• It’s rusted and worn out
• If you move into a new home
• If your neighborhood is prone to burglaries

We can replace your existing locks and upgrade them with robust, sturdy and top-quality locks that will last you years. For pricing and other details, call us on 718-509-0731. You can also view the complete list of our service offerings in Bronx, NY on our website: 05/19/2021

Did you know? Over one-third of burglars use the front door to gain entry into your property. Secure your property today with expert solutions provided by Tremont NY Locksmith Store. We can reinforce your doors, install new locks, secure other entryways to bolster the security of your property. Apart from our expert security solutions, we also provide a wide range of other locksmith services in Bronx, NY.

For more details, check out our website : 05/11/2021

Door installation: Tremont NY Locksmith Store specializes in installation of a wide range of stock doors as well as in custom-crafting doors as per customer requirements. Here are some of the types of doors we install:

• Framed and Paneled Doors
• Flush Doors
• Glass Doors
• Steel Doors
• PVC Doors
• Fiberglass Doors
• Wooden Doors
• Sliding Patio
• Storm Doors
• Hinged Patio

Fix an appointment with us today by calling 718-509-0731. We fit doors, install locks, make keys and a lot more in Bronx, NY area.



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