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Headquartered in Lower Manhattan, Muratek is the embodiment of a virtual IT department. Our aggressive philosophy combined with our rock-solid service make us your best option. The days of high-priced technology directors and underutilization of corporate assets is over. Muratek takes on the role of your entire IT department. Our consultants make executive level decisions in cornerstone business a

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MSP Sales Job in New York, NY at Muratek 09/22/2021

MSP Sales Job in New York, NY at Muratek

MSP Sales Job in New York, NY at Muratek Easy 1-Click Apply (MURATEK) MSP Sales job in New York, NY. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. See if you qualify!

11/11/2020 11/04/2020

7 Most Infamous Cloud Security Breaches - StorageCraft No matter how large the company, hackers spare no one. These major seven incidents show why cloud security breaches are such a concern today. 11/02/2020

10 Latest (MOST DANGEROUS) Virus & Malware Threats in 2020

ht Malware is always evolving. Keep yourself up to date with the latest malware, viruses, and other threats. 10/29/2020

EXCLUSIVE: Medical Records of 3.5 Million U.S. Patients Can be Accessed and Manipulated by Anyone | SecurityWeek.Com The results of 13 million medical exams relating to around 3.5 million U.S. patients are unprotected and available to anyone on the Internet, with more than 2 petabytes exposed. 10/29/2020

2 More Hospitals Hit by Growing Wave of Ransomware Attacks Hospitals in New York and Oregon were targeted on Tuesday by threat actors who crippled systems and forced ambulances with sick patients to be rerouted, in some cases.


Muratek's cover photo 11/27/2018

Amazon Web Services introduces its own custom-designed Arm server processor, promises 45 percent lower costs for some workloads

" GeekWire is reporting this week from #Amazon’s signature #CloudTechnology conference in #LasVegas, as the public #cloud giant announces new products, partnerships and #technology initiatives " | | #GeekWire #WebServices #ArmServerProcessor #Processor #ArmServer After years of waiting for someone to design an Arm server processor that could work at scale on the cloud, Amazon Web Services just went ahead and designed its own. Vice president of infrastructure… 11/20/2018

Report: Tens of Thousands of E-Commerce Sites at Heightened Security Risk

For those out there who use the #Magneto platform. Take heed. And #ThankYou, Foregenix for further information on this topic. :

"Report: Tens of Thousands of E-Commerce Sites at Heightened #Security Risk" | | #ApplicationDevelopment #WebDevelopment #ECommerce #Risk #DarkReading #CyberCriminals #PaymentCardIndustry Report delivered at Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council meeting flags issues in deployments of Magento, a popular e-commerce platform. 11/13/2018

Health system moves from text-only to AI-powered interactive multimedia radiology reports

"The University of Virginia #Health #System wanted to create #interactive #multimedia reports, believing that #radiologists could communicate better through the use of enriched & interactive #content." | | #AI #HealthcareITNews #ApplicationDevelopment The University of Virginia Health System wanted to create interactive multimedia reports, believing that radiologists could communicate better through the use of enriched and interactive content. 11/13/2018

An IP Address Vulnerability Took Down Some Google Services for 1 Hour | Digital Trends

"It might have been for just an hour, but some of #Google’s services went down … caused by an improper #rerouting of #IPaddresses and traffic away from usually the listed ports toward #China and #Russia, Ars Technica reports." | | #Network #NetworkSecurity #NetworkVulnerability #DigitalTrends It might have been for just a brief hour, but some of Google's services went down yesterday on November 12. The outage was reportedly caused by an improper rerouting of IP addresses and traffic away from usual western sources towards China and Russia, according to Ars Technica. 11/08/2018

Innovation foundation: Smart data governance is a team sport

" Five roles to develop and four rules to follow for effective and secure #data governance in the age of #AI, #Analytics, #PopHealth and #PrecisionMedicine. " - | #DataGovernance #DataWarehousing #HealthcareITNews #ITSecurity #TechNews #TeamEffort #HeatlhcareIT #SmartRules #GoodAnalytics Five roles to develop and four rules to follow for effective and secure data governance in the age of AI, analytics, pop health and precision medicine. 11/08/2018

Cybersecurity strategies evolving in face of big risk

"Many #healthcare organizations now realize that achieving a secure #IT environment is not a 'one and done' endeavor, but rather is an ongoing effort." By necessity, the healthcare industry has seen big changes in its approaches to cybersecurity since 2008, according to a new HIMSS report, which finds a noticeable shift from a compliance-based approach to one focused on risk management. 11/08/2018

DevOps Vendors at the Forefront in 2019 - InformationWeek

" As #DevOps becomes a widespread #enterprise trend, vendors are expanding and improving tools to incorporate #DevSecOps and further address #cloud and #OpenSource needs " - | #Business #BusinessTrends #TrendingTech #InformationWeek As DevOps becomes a widespread enterprise trend, vendors are expanding and improving tools to incorporate DevSecOps and further address cloud and open source needs.


We deal with a lot of #software solutions here, but now for the first time ever... we've launched our official #PumpkinPatch! Ha ha ha

A #HappyHalloween to all from everyone here at #Muratek - where we're all treats & no tricks.

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Solid #security begins with a solid #password. Period. But be sure it's something you remember, too...

A mere three years ago, passwords such as "123456" were among the most popular (Though obvious).

Use these tips to better safeguard your #team and #systems against threats. | #Muratech #TechTips #SecurityTips 12/07/2017

Hackers Steal $70 Million in Bitcoin Nearly $70 million worth of bitcoin was stolen from a cryptocurrency-mining service called NiceHash following a security breach, causing the company to halt operations for at least 24 hours. 12/06/2017

It's been a year of reckoning for Facebook, Twitter and Google Russian meddling. Fake news. Disturbing content. The honeymoon is over for Silicon Valley 11/29/2017

Bitcoin sees sudden, sharp spike after smashing through $10,000 The cryptocurrency traded at an all-time high of $10,819.56 soon after it broke through a closely watched milestone Tuesday night. 10/02/2017

Can Blockchain Stop the Next Equifax? Not So Fast Blockchain can't do it all.


We are currently looking to expand our sales force with Field Reps in , New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to promote our managed services.

Please contact either Mark O'Brien @ 212.251.0531 ext 100, or reply with an email to [email protected]

Muratore Technology Group, Muratek is an equal opportunity employer 01/12/2017

Artificial Intelligence Looms Larger in the Corporate World

From automatically repairing network device outages to writing credit reports, artificial intelligence is quickly finding its home in industries throughout the economy. Spending is projected to increase from $8 billion last year to $47 billion in 2020. Once a mainstay of startups and big tech firms, technologies like machine learning are taking a bigger role inside corporate giants including American International Group and Fannie Mae. 12/30/2016

2016 and the year ahead

From record-breaking DDoS attacks to the adoption of new networking protocols, 2016 has become a milestone year in communication technology. Courtesy of TechCrunch, here's a review of the last 12 months and what we can expect in the year ahead. From the Muratek family to yours, we look forward to our continued work with you and wish you a fulfilling and productive 2017. This past year was a big one for internet attacks, encryption, blackouts, speed and IoT, and 2017 is positioned to bring even more headlines for each of.. 12/12/2016

Ransomware attacks against businesses increased threefold in 2016

Ransomware attacks increased in frequency this year from once every two minutes to once every 40 seconds: "Kaspersky's research revealed that small and medium-size businesses were hit the hardest, 42 percent of them falling victim to a ransomware attack over the past 12 months." The number of ransomware attacks targeting companies increased threefold from January to September, affecting one in every five businesses worldwide. 11/23/2016

Most hackable holiday gifts

In light of upcoming annual Black Friday shopping events, here's a quick recap of the vulnerabilities associated with networked gadgets on the market today: “Unsurprisingly, connected devices remain high on holiday wish lists this year. What is alarming is that consumers remain unaware of what behaviors pose a security risk when it comes to new devices...Consumers are often eager to use their new gadget as soon as they get it and forgo ensuring that their device is properly secured." Intel Security released its second annual McAfee Most Hackable Holiday Gifts list. 11/08/2016

Here's how businesses can prevent point-of-sale attacks

"Retailers, hotels and restaurants have all been victimized through the same Achilles' heel that cybercriminals continue to attack: the point-of-sale system, where customers' payment data is routinely processed. These digital cash registers are often the target of malware designed to steal credit card numbers in the thousands or even millions." Retailers, hotels and restaurants have all been victimized through the same Achilles' heel that cyber criminals continue to attack: the point-of-sale system, where customer's payment data is routinely processed. 10/24/2016

Large DDoS attacks cause outages at Twitter, Spotify, and other sites

Three waves of massive cyberattacks targeted Internet directory company Dyn on Friday, crippling services such as Twitter and Spotify for hours at a time. The DDoS attacks are the latest to utilize Internet of Things devices to flood targets with traffic: "Dyn said it has not yet attributed the attack to any group or country, and that the DDoS traffic has been coming from tens of millions of discrete IP addresses around the globe." Several waves of major cyberattacks against an internet directory service knocked dozens of popular websites offline today, with outages continuing into the.. 10/04/2016

Largest DDoS attack ever delivered by botnet of hijacked IoT devices

As networked devices flood the market, factory-set passwords have led to gaping security holes, as demonstrated by a botnet that used IoT devices like lightbulbs, cameras and thermostats to launch the biggest DDoS attack ever. Securing the internet of things should become a major priority now that an army of compromised devices – perhaps 1 million strong - has swamped one of the industry’s top DDoS protection services. 09/07/2016

Hackers targeted voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois

The intruders, who are likely foreign and have been connected to Russia, stole hundreds of thousands of Illinois voter records and put malware in the Arizona registration system. The attack comes a month after thousands of emails were leaked in a DNC breach. The FBI is currently investigating digital attacks on voter registration systems in both Arizona and Illinois, according to an FBI flash bulletin obtained by Yahoo News. The Illinois attack took... 09/02/2016

Delta’s massive computer outage is part of a much bigger problem

The outage, which stranded thousands of passengers early last month, is estimated to have cost Delta $100 million: "But whether because of cyberattacks or just plain computer errors, the inter-connectivity built into almost all aspects of our lives means that one problem can quickly cascade into a catastrophe. So companies need to have a plan in place for when something goes wrong." A single computer outage can now wreak havoc on big companies -- and the customers they serve. 08/25/2016

Cisco confirms NSA-linked zeroday targeted its firewalls for years

The exploit was discovered as a result of the recent Equation Group leak, which refers to a team of hackers linked to the NSA - National Security Agency that developed malware to take advantage of such vulnerabilities: "With more than a dozen cataloged exploits still unaddressed, it wouldn't be surprising to see similar disclosures and advisories in the coming days or weeks." Company advisories further corroborate authenticity of mysterious Shadow Brokers leak. 08/15/2016

Hackers Make the First-Ever Ransomware for Smart Thermostats

Security researchers demonstrate the vulnerabilities in Internet of Things devices, such as this network-connected thermostat that can be locked and controlled by intruders: "'You’re not just buying [IoT] gear, you’re inviting people on your network and you have no idea what these things do.'” White hat hackers have made the first proof of concept for malware that locks a smart thermostat and demands a ransom. 07/18/2016

Turn on 5G, turn off old landlines: FCC plans future of phone networks

Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted on two actions that have significant implications for the future of infrastructure. The first approved the use of higher spectrum bands for the development of 5G cellular data networks, while the second will facilitate phone carriers' transition from traditional landlines to fiber or wireless connections. FCC votes open spectrum for 5G, let carriers discontinue legacy voice service. 07/01/2016

Why Brexit could cause data privacy headaches for US companies

The UK's decision to leave the EU will likely have an impact on how international companies approach data management, from privacy laws to the development of new data centers: "Many large U.S. cloud technology vendors have data centers in the UK that act as hubs for Europe...Depending on how the rules shake out, it could push companies to expand their data footprint into other EU-member countries." The impact of the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union could have far-reaching implications for international companies who experts say may need to rethink their data management policies as the move could create a network of disparate data sovereignty laws across Europe. 06/14/2016

Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury

In a victory for the Federal Communications Commission, a federal court ruled today that the Internet is to be treated as a utility, not a luxury, following the commission's efforts to preserve net neutrality. The telecom industry is expected to bring the case to the Supreme Court: "[The ruling]...signals a shift in the government’s view of broadband as a service that should be equally accessible to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision." An appeals court panel affirmed the Federal Communications Commission’s rules about net neutrality, clearing the way for stricter oversight of broadband providers.



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