✨Desde la Asociación DEC queremos agradecer a Sprinklr su apoyo como nuestro nuevo Patrocinador Platino 2023 y por apostar por el impulso de la en nuestro país.✨

📊 Sprinklr es la única plataforma de Experiencia de Cliente verdaderamente del mercado. A través de inteligencia artificial y , ayuda a las mayores empresas del mundo a cuidar a sus clientes 😀en más de 100 canales
Ferrara Candy Sweetens Social Customer Service with Sprinklr
Sprinklr and Sitel Group Partner to Enhance the Contact Center with Social Customer Service http://ow.ly/WNSF50MoR82
Sprinklr and Sitel Group Partner to Enhance the Contact Center with Social Customer Service http://ow.ly/n8EK50MnKRs
🟣 La concrétisation des utopies avec Stéphanie Barret (LinkedIn) & Olivier Lagane (Sprinklr)

(re)découvrez le replay du , séquence par séquence, sur notre chaîne YouTube. https://bit.ly/3VRWmZ4

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Europe’s largest Department Store El Corte Inglés Transforms Shopping Experience with Sprinklr
In 2023, the role of the will be more critical for business success than ever before. These vital leaders are in charge of creating and maintaining strong programs, ensuring compliance, and so much more—all with limited resources.

Esteban Gutierrez, CISO & VP, Information Security New Relic, Gerald Beuchelt, CISO Sprinklr, and Frank Baalbergen CISO Mendix go above and beyond to tackle the most pressing challenges today—and safeguard their respective companies from the next major cyberattack.

Discover this year 👀 https://laceworkinc.net/3VZt2zU

Sprinklr and Sitel Greece Partner to Enhance the Contact Center with Social Customer Service
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Un-siloed teams. Happier customers.™ Sprinklr’s value to the enterprise is simple: We un-silo teams to make customers happier. Way happier.

When we started in 2009, we saw the dark side of wildly popular SaaS point solutions – Frankenstacks fragmenting customer experience. Dividing brands from the people they serve. Killing sales and growth. Sprinklr’s true, unified platform with single-code architecture solves the problem of internal silos. Today, Sprinklr is the leading customer experience cloud for the enterprise front office. Our


When Utility Warehouse was looking for a new tool to help improve their Partner support quickly and effectively, they chose Sprinklr because of its ease of use. The results so far:

📈 48% increase in first contact resolution

✅ 99.19% of tickets resolved on the first attempt

⭐ A rise in 5-star reviews from 66% to 93%

Check out the full success story: http://ms.spr.ly/618490e9Q


For content marketers, it's quite the tightrope walk to produce high quality content in a short amount of time. In this video, we discuss how you can establish a robust content marketing strategy that doesn't make your team feel burned out and can help deliver results 📈

Watch the full episode: http://ms.spr.ly/61869LNVC


The latest episode of is now available! Learn about the connection between farming and customer-centric culture with CX Expert Annette Franz. She shares insights on taking care of employees and customers for holistic CX success.

Listen here 🎧 http://ms.spr.ly/61849IIgs


Just in time for the holiday season, Sprinklr can now help brands manage TikTok Video Shopping Ads directly within our platform 🛍️ http://ms.spr.ly/61879afYR


Learn how Planet Fitness pumped up their customer service using Sprinklr AI+ ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61839v37L


"The hot new thing is doing today's thing better." –Jay Baer

On Episode 2 of , we dive deep into:

1️⃣ How can brands stand out in the age of GenAI
2️⃣ How can brands use storytelling to improve sales
3️⃣ Embracing the creator economy

Learn more: http://ms.spr.ly/61809vMSO


In this video, we share 6 simple and practical content marketing tips that will help you set up an effective plan that doesn’t burn out your team.

Watch now 📺 http://ms.spr.ly/61889tnoE


Every year the CMO has to play a bigger role internally than they ever did before, says Sprinklr Founder & CEO Ragy Thomas to Forbes's Seth Matlins at LinkedIn Collective.

Watch the full interview ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61839qt5x


Brand reputation is currency in today’s digital world and as a brand marketer, you want to be prepared with a solid crisis management plan. We've got your back with 3 brand crisis management tips that can help you stay nimble and safeguard your brand 🔒 http://ms.spr.ly/61899UdNx


Nearly 9 in 10 travelers want at least one thing to be personalized during their trip — anything from a daily greeting to a reservation recommendation.

Our very own Grant and Buddy share their wisdom on how brands can personally connect with customers and blend technology with a human touch to provide a tailored travel experience ✈️ http://ms.spr.ly/61829lgqa


Customer experience is like a well-curated art tour that can guide us through a transformative journey, says Grant Hartanov, AVP, Unified-CXM Best Practices Group at Sprinklr.

Listen to his expert insights on art and the science of customer experience 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61869lg3o


Disruptive forces like social commerce, AI, and the creator economy are reshaping marketing. Learn from experts in our Socialverse masterclass.

Watch episode 1 now ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61839lwKb


Responsible AI is the future and presents a wealth of opportunities for your business 🚀

On the latest episode of CX-WISE, our very own Grant Hartanov and Buddy Waddington share their wisdom on finding the delicate balance between innovation and responsibility.

Listen now 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61889YOBY


57% of travelers are all about convenience these days, according to Deloitte.

Discover how brands can blend tech and personal touch for tailored travel experiences, from Sprinklr’s Grant Hartanov and Buddy Waddington 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61849iZ9o


Social media marketers possess many job duties in today's dynamic landscape, adding complexity, which could be a lot to juggle.

With Sprinklr Social, SMMs can experience the benefits of a simplified user interface equipped with AI and self-service functionalities all in one, Whoa!

B2B Marketing Agency Founder & Board Advisor, Lee Odden loves that it's:


Plus, AI enhances productivity and efficiently utilizes your time, enabling you to prioritize other important tasks!

Learn more about the Sprinklr Social all-in-one solution today: http://ms.spr.ly/618299xXe


One unified platform across teams has helped SHISEIDO to plan effective, data-driven social campaigns, resulting in a 244% increase in overall owned media account performance in 2022. 💄 http://ms.spr.ly/61869goHC


McKinsey & Company research reveals that 71% of customers expect brands to provide personalized experiences.

One industry that demands personalized experiences? Travel. So how can travel brands effectively embrace the right tech to meet these customer expectations?

We caught up with our very own Grant Hartanov and Buddy Waddington to learn more and heard some interesting real-word stories. Listen now 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61819eLeV


64% of businesses expect AI to increase their productivity, according to Forbes. So how can companies leverage AI to provide a human touch to their customer experiences?

On the latest episode of , Grant Hartanov, AVP of Unified-CXM Best Practices Group at Sprinklr, and Buddy Waddington, Insights & AI Solutions Specialist Manager at Sprinklr, share the answers.

Listen now 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61819jT0z


🚨 New CX-WISE Episode Alert! 🎧

Curious to know how AI is shaping the way we travel the world responsibly?

Listen to Sprinklr's very own Grant Hartanov, AVP of Unified-CXM Best Practices Group, and Buddy Waddington, Insights & AI Solutions Specialist Manager, share their insights on how brands use customer data and AI to craft exceptional experiences for sustainable travelers.

Tune in and get wise 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61899Zvsl


Advertising: The magic ingredient that makes brands legendary. Think of how an iconic red aerated drink can bring to mind Coca-Cola or Dove’s “real beauty” campaign promotes self-love. Looking to create memorable campaigns for your own brand? Here are 6 critical steps to know before you get started 🎯 http://ms.spr.ly/61869ZE0o


When the pandemic reshaped retail, IKEA responded.

✅ Refined care strategy
✅ Boosted agent experience
✅ More tech for seamless, top-notch support.

R️ead more: http://ms.spr.ly/61809VAjA


One of the best ways to stand out is to be the one company in your industry that isn’t boring, according to CX expert Dan Gingiss - The Experience Maker.

Check out Dan’s insights on how brands can zig when everybody else zags. http://ms.spr.ly/61899VG4T


Don't be afraid of customer complaints, says Dan Gingiss - The Experience Maker.

Discover his expert insights on how to truly understand your customers and give their voices the spotlight they deserve.

Listen now 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61899nTZh


Brands often fail to respond to positive comments from customers.

Dan Gingiss - The Experience Maker shares practical insights on how businesses can inspire brand love simply by responding to positive customer feedback.

Listen to the full episode ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61859VDFF


Asiste a Sprinklr CX Connect en Madrid y aprende insights prácticos sobre cómo marcas como Zurich, Illunion, Pronovias, Veridas, Accenture Song y Mutua Madrilena están aprovechando al máximo la IA generativa para ofrecer una experiencia de cliente legendaria. http://ms.spr.ly/60009pbdr


One customer service experience can make or break a brand. Looking to level up your customer service on social media? Try these strategies:

🚀 Speed & Consistency: Respond lightning-fast with an integrated solution that keeps you on track.

🌟 Team Supercharge: Empower your squad with training focused on brand voice, customer empathy, and problem-solving to ensure a unified approach to customer service.

👂 Listen Up: Monitor what's being said about your brand. Embrace feedback, tackle reviews (good and bad), and show your customers that you care.

⏰ Smart Automation: Implement automation tools to efficiently manage high volumes of customer inquiries while maintaining a personalized touch.

🔍 Unveil Authenticity: Acknowledge hiccups if they occur and take ownership of any issues that arise.

If you want to be in your customers’ good books, having a robust social media customer service plan is a must. Check out our guide to get started – plus, learn from top brands like Warby Parker, JetBlue, and more. http://ms.spr.ly/61879uX2D


Struggling to get buy-in from your boss for your CX initiatives? Sally Mildren, CX & Healthcare Strategist, suggests linking initiatives with outcomes that matter, like customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. By showing clear connections between initiatives and measurable results, companies can justify investing in CX programs.

Read more 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61859uNi9


Join Sprinklr Founder & CEO Ragy Thomas and other industry leaders at on August 23 to learn about new disruptions and proven ways to succeed with real-world examples.

Register now ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61819OtpX


On the latest episode of CX-WISE, Dan Gingiss - The Experience Maker delves into his WISER approach to achieving remarkable customer experiences with interesting real-word stories.

Tune in to get wise 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61839OocN


How can you build an AI roadmap to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape? Learn tips and tricks from Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO of Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, at Socialverse 2023. Register now to save your spot ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61829M8QK


Customer service is a subset of customer experience, says CX expert Dan Gingiss.

Discover his expert insights on how to make every interaction count with your customers.

Listen now 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61879M8Kl


Calling all social media enthusiasts 🤳 Socialverse 2023 – a documentary style masterclass for social media professionals – is right around the corner! Save your spot to watch the action unfold on August 23 ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61839M8JN


Live chat is like having your very own genie, a magical live agent who appears out of thin air to grant your wishes or resolution in real time 🧞‍♀️

Let's explore 4 game-changing questions you absolutely must ask yourself to find out if live chat support makes sense for your business ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61829z9Rq


Disruptions = opportunities 💡

We're stoked to have Ann Handley of MarketingProfs at to share her tips for how to navigate this ever-changing world of social.

Register now to save your spot ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61889yN1y


How can brands thrive in the ever-evolving social landscape?

Join Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, at Socialverse 2023 to learn about the trends, strategies and insights that will propel you in social media marketing 🚀

Register now: http://ms.spr.ly/61849Eiak


🚨 The newest episode of is out now! 🎧

Having a hard time building positive buzz about your brand?

Renowned CX expert Dan Gingiss shares his wisdom and practical insights on how brands can harness the WISER approach– witty, immersive, shareable, extraordinary, and responsive – in customer experience to generate positive word-of-mouth.

Listen now to get wise 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61809HcSq


You know how the right lens can make a scene come to life? Well, the same goes for CX. When a brand collects customer feedback, it gives them a whole new perspective to work with.

Learn from the wisdom of Sally Mildren, CX & Healthcare Strategist, on how to capture invaluable customer insights and so much more! 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/61809EDYA


📆 Have you RSVP'd to Socialverse yet? We're bringing together some of the sharpest minds in the business to equip social media professionals with tips and insights for succeeding in this ever-changing universe.

Learn more and register ➡️ http://ms.spr.ly/61819Eiv3

Timeline photos 06/06/2023

🚨 The newest episode of is out now! 🎧

Learn how to deliver CX personalization that truly evokes the emotions of your customers with Howard Tiersky., Digital Transformation Influencer. He talks about how leveraging customer experience data and AI can help you inspire customer love.

Listen now to get wise 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/6182g97DY

Sprinklr 06/05/2023

The Recap 💪 From reimagining contact centers as care centers to prioritizing your team’s well-being, we've got you covered in the round-up!

Tune in to get wise 👉 http://ms.spr.ly/6184ggKj8


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