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"To be the undisputed leading and dominant
Scientific Research Provider institution in USA and Beyond". Vision
"To be the undisputed leading and dominant
Scientific Research Provider institution in Africa and Beyond".

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Daily Bible Verse 11/23/2018





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"Slovak", "language names.spanish es": "Spanish (Spain)", "language names.spanish la": "Spanish (Latin America)", "language names.swahili": "Swahili", "language names.swedish": "Swedish", "language names.tamil": "Tamil", "language names.thai": "Thai", "language names.turkish": "Turkish", "language names.ukrainian": "Ukrainian", "language names.vietnamese": "Vietnamese", "language names.welsh": "Welsh", "header.home": "Home", "": "Read", "header.plans": "Plans", "header.videos": "Videos", "header.notifications": "Notifications", "header.friend requests": "Friend Requests", "header.settings": "Settings", " placeholder": "Search...", "header.sign in": "Sign In", "header.sign up": "Sign Up", "profile menu.bookmarks": "Bookmarks", "profile menu.highlights": "Highlights", "profile menu.notes": "Notes", "profile menu.images": "Images", "profile menu.friends": "Friends", "profile menu.badges": "Badges", "profile menu.sign out": "Sign Out", "": "Events", "footer.versions": "Versions ({count})", 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Would you like to update your Notifications?", "change": "Change", "ui.yes button": "Yes", " button": "No", "plans.plans": "Plans", "plans.plans back": "← Plans", "plans.related plans": "Related Plans", "plans.see all": "See All", "": "Discover", "plans.my_plans": "My Plans", "plans.day_completed": "{username} completed Day {day} of the Bible Plan: {plan_title}", "plans.which reading": "{current} of {total}", "plans.status.on track": "On Track!", "plans.status.days": "{count} Day Ahead!", "plans.status.days ahead.other": "{count} Days Ahead!", "plans.status.missed": "{count} Missed Day", "plans.status.missed days.other": "{count} Missed Days", " plan language": "Bible Plan Language", "plans.share plan": "Check out this @YouVersion #BiblePlan: {plan_title}", " plans": "My Plans", "plans.widget.start reading": "Start reading", "plans.widget.view my plans": "View My Plans", "plans.widget.featured plans": "Featured Plans", "plans.widget.view all plans": "View All Plans", "plans.widget.reading": "reading", "plans.widget.readings": "readings", "plans.widget.readings 5 or more": "readings", "plans.stats.friends": "{count} friend subscribed to this plan", "plans.stats.friends reading.other": "{count} friends subscribed to this plan", "plans.stats.friends": "{count} friend has completed this plan", "plans.stats.friends completed.other": "{count} friends have completed this plan", " completions": "Over {count} completions", "plans.stats.view all": "View All", "plans.stats.close": "Close", "plans.settings": "Settings", "plans.privacy.visible to friends?": "Do you want your friends to see your Plan activity?", "plans.privacy.private": "Private", "plans.privacy.public": "Public", "plans.title": "Reading Plans", "plans.meta title": "Online Bible study, devotionals and reading plans", "plans.browse by category": "Browse by Category", "plans.subcategory": "Sub-category", "plans.browse plans": "Browse {category} Plans", "plans.swap list localization": "(View in {swap_locale})", "plans.showing language filtered": "Only showing plans available in {lang_name}", "plans.all": "All", "plans.all plans": "All Plans", "plans.all category plans": "All {category} Plans", " plans": "My Plans", "plans.completed plans": "Completed Plans", "plans.saved plans": "Saved Plans", "plans.none found": "We couldn't find a plan to match your criteria. Try widening your search.", "plans.about publisher": "About The Publisher", "plans.overview": "Plan Overview", "plans.complete": "Plan Complete", " complete": "Day Complete", "plans.start": "Start this Plan", " for later": "Save for Later", "plans.saved for later": "Saved for Later", "plans.sample": "Sample", "plans.back": "Back", "plans.length field": "Plan Length:", "plans.view sample": "View a Sample Reading", "plans.users subscribed": "{user_count} Users Reading This Plan", "plans.more info": "More Info", "plans.about this plan": "About This Plan", "plans.about the publisher": "About This Publisher", "": "Day", "plans.month": "Calendar", "plans.publisher": "Publisher", "plans.success widget title": "Make the Most of Your Reading Plan", "plans.success blurb": "Reading Plans are the best way to make God's Word a part of your daily life. But almost everyone falls behind now and then. Hearing what God has to say to us each day is important, so we've put together a few tips to help you stay on track.", "plans.success blog link title": "Read Blog Post", "plans.a users plans": "{username}'s Plans", " have no plans": "You're not subscribed to any reading plans right now.", " public plans": "No reading plans are visible for {username}.", "plans.filter by lang": "Filter Plans by Language", "plans.plan settings": "Plan Settings", "": "Search", " placeholder": "Search {category} Plans", "plans.subscribe to plan": "Start This Plan", "plans.previous day": "PREV DAY", " day": "NEXT DAY", "plans.previous": "Previous", "": "Next", "plans.finish": "Finish", "plans.reading completed _ mark and show next": "Next: {next_reference}", "plans.done reading": "Done", " verses": "No verses for today", " content": "Your plan has no scheduled scripture readings for this day, so it has been marked as completed.", " today": "This day’s reading", "plans.devotional": "Devotional", "plans.completion status _ below percentage": "Complete", "plans.current progress html": "Day {day} of {total_days}", "plans.start date _ before date string": "Start Date:", "plans.end date _ before date string": "End Date:", "plans.are you behind": "Falling a bit behind?", " you want to reset": "Want a do-over?", "plans.catch up text": "Shift today's reading to your last completed reading (day {last_completed_day} of the plan).", "plans.catch up description only": "If you ever fall behind on your readings, don't worry! You can always shift the current reading back to your last completed reading.", "plans.catch me up": "Catch Me Up", "plans.restart description": "You can restart your plan. All of your reading history and progress will be reset and start from the beginning.", "plans.restart": "Restart Plan", "plans.privacy description.private": "Your Plan is Private. Switch your setting to Friends Only to share your Plan activity with friends.", "plans.privacy description.public": "Your Plan is visible to friends. Switch to Private to make your Plan activity private.", "plans.make private": "Set to Private", "plans.make public": "Share with Friends", "plans.privacy title": "Privacy", "plans.stop reading": "Stop Reading This Plan", "plans.accountability": "Accountability", " reminder to me": "Email a daily reminder to me ({email_address})", " weekly report to a friend": "Email a weekly report to one or more YouVersion members", "plans.calendar": "Calendar", " members placeholder": "Find a YouVersion Member", " members": "Search", "plans.email_on": "Turn Delivery On", "plans.email_off": "Turn Delivery Off", " delivery text": "Turn email delivery on if you'd like to receive your daily reading plan content in your inbox. Pick the time of day you'd like to receive the email and the Bible version that works best for you.", " delivery": "Email Delivery", "plans.morning": "Morning", "plans.afternoon": "Afternoon", "plans.evening": "Evening", " time": "Delivery Time:", " version": "Delivery Version:", "plans.add members placeholder": "YouVersion Member Name", "plans.add member": "Add", " edit": "Edit", "plans.unsubscribe successful": "You unsubscribed from this plan.", "plans.already subscribed": "You're already subscribed to this plan!", "plans.partner added successful": "Success! {username} has been added to plan accountability.", "plans.partner removed successful": "{username} has been removed from plan accountability.", "plans.make public successful": "Success! Your plan is public.", "plans.make private successful": "Your plan is now private.", "plans.reminder on successful": "Success! Daily reminder emails will be sent.", "plans.reminder off successful": "Daily reminders will no longer be sent.", " delivery on successful": "Success! Daily readings will be sent via email.", " delivery off successful": "Daily reading emails will no longer be sent.", " delivery updated successful": "Success! Email delivery settings have been updated.", " on successful": "Success! Weekly accountability reports will be sent.", " off successful": "Weekly accountability reports will no longer be sent.", "plans.catch up successful": "Success! You are now caught up on your reading.", "plans.restart successful": "Your Plan has restarted from the beginning.", "plans.subscribe successful": "Great! You're subscribed to this plan.", " number": "Day {day}", "plans.which day in plan": "Day {day} of {total}", "plans.must start to complete": "Start this plan to save completed readings!", "plans.invalid reference": "Sorry, one of the scripture references for this reading may not exist in the selected version. Try selecting a different version, above. If you continue to see this message, please let our support team know about the issue.", "plans.sidebar notice": "You are viewing a reading plan.", "plans.congratulations": "Congratulations!", "plans.completed notice": "Congratulations! You have completed your reading plan.", "plans.exit": "Exit", "plans.loading sidebar content": "Loading sidebar content...", "components.ErrorMessage.genericError": "An error occurred", "": "Announcement title is required.", "": "Bible reference not valid.", "": "You must choose a location from the map.", "": "You must choose a location from the map.", "": "Start Time cannot be in the past.", "": "Timezone is required.", "": "Bible reference not valid.", "": "URL is required.", "": "URL Label is required.", "components.EventHeader.status.published": "Published", "components.EventHeader.status.draft": "Draft", "": "Live", "components.EventHeader.status.archived": "Archived", "components.EventHeader.unpublish": "Unpublish", "components.EventHeader.saving": "Saving...", "components.EventHeader.saveAsDraft": "Save as Draft", "components.EventHeader.myEvents": "My Events", "components.EventHeader.eventBuilder": "EVENT BUILDER", "components.EventHeader.signOut": "Sign Out", "components.EventHeader.createAccount": "Create Account", "components.HtmlEditor.text": "Text", "components.HtmlEditor.bold": "Bold", "components.HtmlEditor.italic": "Italic", "containers.Auth.title": "Events Sign In", "containers.Auth.signIn": "Sign In", "containers.Auth.subHead1": "If you are a Bible App user and you already have a YouVersion account, you can sign in using your same credentials.Don’t have a YouVersion account yet? Sign up now at to start creating Events.", "": "Email", "containers.Auth.password": "Password", "containers.Auth.forgotPassword": "Forgot Password", "containers.EventEdit.event": "Event", "containers.EventEditContentContainer.choose": "Choose some content to get started.", "containers.EventEditContentContainer.needHelp": "Need help?", "containers.EventEditContentContainer.title": "Event Content", "containers.EventEditContentContainer.previous": "← Previous: Locations & Times", "": "Next: Preview →", "containers.EventEditDetails.title": "Event Details", "containers.EventEditLocationContainer.title": "Event Location", "containers.EventEditLocationContainer.previous": "← Previous: Details", "": "Next: Add Content →", "containers.EventEditPreview.title": "Event Preview", "containers.EventEditPreview.previous": "← Previous: Content", "containers.EventEditShare.title": "Event Share", "containers.EventEditShare.subTitle": "Your Event is Now Published:", "containers.EventEditShare.edit": "Edit Event", "containers.EventEditShare.go": "Go to My Events", "containers.EventEditShare.share": "Share your event:", "containers.EventEditShare.copy": "Copy", "containers.EventEditShare.copied": "The shortlink was copied to your clipboard", "containers.EventEditShare.previous": "← Previous: Preview", "containers.EventFeedDiscover.title": "Discover Events", "": "Discover", "containers.EventFeedMine.title": "My Events", "containers.EventFeedMine.previous": "← Previous", "": "Next →", "": "My Events", "": "Create New Event", "containers.EventFeedMine.subTitle": "EVENTS CREATED BY ME", "containers.EventFeedMine.newFirst": "Create Your First Event", "containers.EventFeedMine.learn": "Learn how to make a great Event", "containers.EventFeedSaved.title": "Saved Events", "containers.EventView.title": "YouVersion Event", "containers.SelectLanguage.choose": "Choose Your Language", "features.Auth.errors.sessionExpired": "Your session expired. Please login again.", "features.Auth.errors.invalidEmail": "Invalid email or password.", "features.EventEdit.errors.locationMustHaveTime": "All locations must have at least one time.", "features.EventEdit.errors.locationRequired": "You cannot publish an Event with no locations.", "features.EventEdit.errors.contentRequired": "You cannot publish an Event with no content.", "features.EventEdit.errors.planSearchFailed": "Search did not match any documents", "features.EventEdit.errors.noMatchingPlans": "No matching Plans", "features.EventEdit.components.EventEditNav.details": "Details", "features.EventEdit.components.EventEditNav.locations": "Locations & Times", "features.EventEdit.components.EventEditNav.content": "Content", "features.EventEdit.components.EventEditNav.preview": "Preview & Publish", "features.EventEdit.components.EventEditNav.share": "Share", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentFeed.reorder": "Reorder Content", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentFeed.doneReordering": "Done Reordering", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHeader.text": "Text", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHeader.reference": "Bible Reference", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHeader.plan": "Plan", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHeader.image": "Image", "": "External Link", "": "Giving Link", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHeader.announcement": "Announcement", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.types": "Content Types", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.learn": "Learn how to make a great Event", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.text.title": "Text Module", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.text.desc": "Outlines, key points, discussion questions… Share any text-based general content that will help your attenders follow along with your message as it’s happening. Your text modules can be any length and can include rich text formatting.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.reference.title": "Bible Reference Module", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.reference.desc": "Select any Bible verse or passage, linked directly to any of YouVersion’s 1,200+ versions, in 900+ languages. People viewing your Event can tap your reference to see it in their Bible App reader, where they can Bookmark it, Highlight it, and more.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.plan.title": "Plan Module", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.plan.desc": "Link to Bible Plans and Devotionals that relate to your teaching points, helping your audience continue to engage with God’s Word throughout the week.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.image.title": "Image Module", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.image.desc": "Bring your Event to life with any kind of supporting graphics: series art, photos, Verse Images etc. Attenders will be able to easily share your Event images to their social media, taking your message viral.", "": "External Link Module", "": "Creates a button inside your Event that links to any external website. Put your audience just one tap away from online giving, volunteer signup, or church home pages.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.announcement.title": "Announcement Module", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentHelpModal.announcement.desc": "Church news, calendar events, programs, classes, volunteer and missions opportunities... Announcement modules are the perfect container for sharing information that’s timely and important, but that you don’t want to distract from your Event’s primary message. Each announcement module appears on its own page in your Event, and can even include rich text content (such as bold and italics).", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentInsertionPoint.title": "Insert next module here", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeAnnouncement.title": "Title", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeAnnouncement.prompt": "Write something here...", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeAnnouncement.caption": "In your Event, only your Title (above) will be visible. When a user taps on your Title, the Body (below) displays on a separate screen.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeContainer.dirty": "Content will automatically save a few seconds after you stop typing.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeContainer.failed": "Unable to save.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeContainer.tryAgain": "Try again.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeContainer.lastSaved": "Last saved {when}", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.errors.wrongSize": "Image size must be {requiredWidth}x{requiredHeight}. Your image is {yourWidth}x{yourHeight}.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.errors.wrongType": "Invalid filetype. Must be JPG.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.caption": "Add caption", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.prompt": "Drag and Drop an Image", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.onlyJpg": "[JPG only]", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeImage.sizePrompt": "{requiredWidth}px width x {requiredHeight}px height", "": "Select Image", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeLink.kindrid": "If you are looking for a smart, simple giving platform, try Kindrid.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeLink.label": "Link Label", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeLink.prompt": "Write something here...", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeLink.url": "URL", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypePlan.replace": "Replace", "": "Search for a Reading Plan", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeReference.language": "Language", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeReference.version": "Version", "": "Book", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeReference.chapterVerse": "Chapter:Verse", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.ContentTypeText.prompt": "Write something here...", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.LiveWarningModal.title": "Cannot Delete While Event is Live", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.LiveWarningModal.desc": "Once an Event has gone live, you cannot delete Text, Bible Reference, and Image modules from it because users may have already added their private notes to them. You can, however, edit these modules.", "features.EventEdit.features.content.components.LiveWarningModal.ok": "OK", "features.EventEdit.features.details.errors.generic": "There was a problem while publishing your Event.", "features.EventEdit.features.details.errors.invalidTimes": "A single service cannot be more than 12 hours, and the difference between the earliest start time and the latest end time on an Event cannot be more than 8 days. Please adjust your Event times and try again.", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.errors.wrongSize": "Image size must be {requiredWidth}x{requiredHeight}. Your image is {yourWidth}x{yourHeight}.", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.errors.wrongType": "Invalid filetype. Must be JPG.", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.changeImage": "Change Image", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.removeImage": "Remove Image", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.prompt": "Drag and Drop an Image", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.onlyJpg": "[JPG only]", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.sizePrompt": "{requiredWidth}px width x {requiredHeight}px height", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.sizePrompt2": "Your image dimensions should be {requiredWidth} x {requiredHeight} pixels.", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.eventName": "Event Name", "": "Church Name or Organization", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.desc": "Event Description", "": "Next: Add Location & Times →", "features.EventEdit.features.details.components.DetailsEdit.blank": "{field} cannot be blank.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.Location.oneRequired": "Add at least one time.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.Location.use": "USE THIS LOCATION", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.Location.edit": "Edit Location", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.Location.delete": "Delete Location", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddButtons.addPhysical": "Add a Physical Location", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddButtons.promptPhysical": "You can add multiple locations.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddButtons.addVirtual": "Add Virtual Location", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddButtons.churchOnline": "Did you know? You can launch an online ministry for free using the Church Online Platform.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddTime.minutes": "minutes", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddTime.hours": "hours", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationAddTime.days": "days", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationDeleteModal.sure": "Are you sure?", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationDeleteModal.selected": "You have selected the following location to be deleted:", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationDeleteModal.warn": "This will remove the location from all past and present events. You will not be able to re-use this location for future events.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationDeleteModal.cancel": "Cancel", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationDeleteModal.delete": "Delete", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.prompt": "Enter the Location address...", "": "Country", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.timezone": "Timezone", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.namePrompt": "First Baptist East Campus", "": "Location Name", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.nameOptional": "Optional: Useful if adding multiple locations", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.addAnother": "Add another time", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.cancel": "Cancel", "": "Save this Location", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationEdit.virtualPrompt": "Enter a city to set a timezone...", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.shift": "Shift start dates", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.forward": "forward", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.backward": "backward", "": "by", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.week": "week", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.weeks": "weeks", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.month": "month", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.months": "months", "": "day", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.days": "days", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.hour": "hour", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.hours": "hours", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.update": "Update", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.LocationTimeShifter.shiftButton": "Shift all dates and times at once", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.UnpublishModal.cancel": "Cancel", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.UnpublishModal.title": "Unpublish to Make Changes", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.UnpublishModal.desc": "To add, edit, or delete the Locations and Times, temporarily unpublish the event. During this time, your event will not be visible in search results. Don’t forget to publish your event again.", "features.EventEdit.features.location.components.UnpublishModal.unpublish": "Unpublish", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.notes.prompt": "Add your private notes...", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.notes.noAuthPrompt": "Sign in to add your private notes…", "": "Review Your Event Before Publishing", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.previewUrl": "Preview URL:", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.share": "Share Event", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.locationsAndTimes": "Locations and Times", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.publish": "Publish", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.unpublish": "Unpublish", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.locations": "Locations:", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.discoverable.title": "Discoverable:", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.discoverable.desc": "Your event will be visible in Bible App Event location and search results 5 days before your earliest start time.", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.status.title": "Status:", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.status.desc": "The red LIVE badge will display when your earliest start time begins.", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.remove.title": "Remove:", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewFeed.remove.desc": "Your Event will no longer be discoverable after its final end time. Attenders who tapped “Save Event” when your Event was discoverable will still have access to an archived version of it, This Event will also continue to be accessible through direct inbound links.", "features.EventEdit.features.preview.components.PreviewTypeAnnouncement.expand": "Expand", "": "Read", "": "Plan Info", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.duplicate": "Duplicate", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.share": "Share", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.delete": "Delete", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.draft": "DRAFT", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.edit": "Edit", "features.EventFeedMine.components.EventListItem.view": "View", "": "Unable to delete Event", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContent.copy": "Copy", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContent.copied": "Copied", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContent.share": "Share", "": "Read", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContent.readPlan": "Read Plan", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContentAnnouncement.expand": "Expand", "features.EventView.components.EventViewContentAnnouncement.collapse": "Collapse", "features.EventView.components.EventViewDetails.expand": "Expand", "features.EventView.components.EventViewDetails.collapse": "Collapse", "": "Save Event", "features.EventView.components.EventViewDetails.signIn": "Sign In to Save Event", "features.EventView.components.EventViewDetails.saved": "Event Saved", "Auth.sign up": "Sign Up", "Auth.sign in": "Sign In", "Auth.sign up google": "Sign up with Google", "Auth.continue google": "Continue with Google", "Auth.sign up facebook": "Sign up with Facebook", "Auth.continue facebook": "Continue with Facebook", "Auth.have an account": "Already Have an Account?", "Auth.sign up alternate": "Already have an account? Sign In", "Auth.plan blurb": "It looks like you want to start a Reading Plan. Smart! Plans can help you make the Bible a part of your daily life. Sign in or create an account below and get started!", "Auth.bookmark blurb": "It looks like you want to use a bookmark. Great! Bookmarks help you keep track of verses you want to memorize, share, or mark as favorites. Sign in or create an account below, and get started!", "Auth.friends blurb": "It looks like you want to interact with Friends. Good idea! You'll be able to share what you're learning and help each other stay on track with reading goals. Sign in or create an account below and get started!", "Auth.share blurb": "It looks like you want to share Scripture. Wonderful! You'll be able to share verses via Facebook or Twitter. Sign in or create an account below and get started!", "Auth.highlight blurb": "It looks like you want to highlight scripture. Great! Highlights help you organize and keep track of your favorite verses. Sign in or create an account below and get started!", "Auth.note blurb": "It looks like you want to take a note about scripture. Good thinking! Notes can help you remember and organize the truth you discover in God's Word. Sign in or create an account below and get started!", "Reader.chapter": "Chapter", " reference": "Read {reference}", " chapter": "Read full chapter", "Reader.plan title": "Free Reading Plans and Devotionals", "Reader.plan title ref": "Free Reading Plans and Devotionals related to {reference}", "Reader.plan subtitle": "Bible Plans break your Scripture reading into manageable daily portions. Plans often include supporting devotional, audio, or video selections. Whether you call them Bible Plans, Reading Plans, or Devotionals, Plans are a proven way that you can make the Bible a natural part of your everyday life.", "": "The Bible App", "": "", "Reader.header.parallel": "Parallel", "Reader.header.parallel exit": "Exit Parallel Mode", "Reader.header.cancel": "Cancel", " label": "AUDIO", " window": "Open in new window", "Reader.header.font label": "READER SETTINGS", "Reader.header.notifications label": "NOTIFICATIONS", "Reader.header.more label": "More", " input": "Reference or Keyword...", "Reader.header.home": "Home", "": "Bible", "Reader.header.plans": "Plans", "Reader.header.videos": "Videos", "": "Me", "Reader.header.recent versions": "Recently Used", " label": "BOOK", "Reader.chapterpicker.chapter label": "CHAPTER", "Reader.chapterpicker.chapter unavailable": "This chapter is not available in this version. Please choose a different chapter or version.", "Reader.chapterpicker.choose chapter": "Choose chapter", "Reader.versionpicker.language label": "BIBLE LANGUAGES", "Reader.versionpicker.language sub-label": "Bible Language", "Reader.versionpicker.change language": "Change Language", "Reader.versionpicker.filter languages": "Filter Languages...", "Reader.versionpicker.version label": "VERSIONS", "Reader.versionpicker.choose version": "Choose version", "Reader.reader settings.footnotes": "Footnotes", "Reader.reader settings.numbers": "Numbers and Titles", "": "Events", "Reader.more.settings": "Settings", "": "Bible", "": "Users", "": "Plans", "Reader.version.learn more": "Learn More", "Reader.version.courtesy of": "{abbreviation} brought to you by {publisher}", "Reader.verse action.copy": "Copy", "Reader.verse action.bookmark": "Bookmark", "Reader.verse action.note": "Note", "Reader.verse action.private": "Private", "Reader.verse action.public": "Public", "Reader.verse action.friends": "Friends", "Reader.verse action.draft": "Draft", "Reader.verse": "Save", "Reader.verse action.add labels": "Add Labels…", "Reader.verse labels": "You don't have any labels yet. Simply start typing and press


New York, NY
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