Alia Plant Services

We give elegance and oxygen to your residential, office, hotel, restaurant or place you wish. Who we are
Our experience and knowledge of interior landscape is vital in assisting our clients in design of attractive plants.

Choosing the right plant is the first step in creating a comfortable atmosphere. We take great pride in introducing our products and assure you that we will do our very best to maintain a personal touch. We offer
Installation and maintenance. Our “concept-through-maintenance” services are fully guaranteed to meet each client’s personal and professional satisfaction. We pledge to all our clients to

Operating as usual


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A green week for all
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Alia Plants is your best choice this spring...
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We are the best choice for maintaining your plants.

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Spring not only brings good weather but also many pests so it is necessary to monitor the plant and attend to if you have a parasite.

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Begin spring and need to see your beautiful garden ...
Wait until you have passed the coldest, sowing and transplanting time or permanent annual plants.

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For a plant can thrive, they need drainage, and adequate watering pots.
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Spring is a good time for new beginnings, nature itself offers their offspring. What would you like to start this season?


Tables Centers


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If you do not have time to maintain your plants, do not worry, Alia Plants do it for you.
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We are the best choice.
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The bamboo palm is native to China plant whose cultivation has spread worldwide. Currently it can be found as part of the decoration in homes, gardens and terraces.


Your home needs fresh air.
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Happy starta to the week.. remember Alia Plants it's your best choice.
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Like this? We can help you choose plants that your office needs.
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¡Go Green! Alia Plants is your best choice.

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Because we are interested in the maintenance of the plants.
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¡Go Green! With Alia Plants.
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Spring is approaching and it is time to choose the plants you want to have.
A place with good light in your home is a good option.
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¡Happy start to the week!...Remember that we offer maintenance for your plants ... Where you want, in your home, office, hotel ...

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Spring is the most beautiful time of the year: spring flowers, everything becomes more green, come the good morning light.

Contact us we have the best advice for you.

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We are the best choice.
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Alia Plant Services

The plants that decorate our houses bring benefits to our health and mood.
Get how it works.

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Alia Plant Services

One of the main activities carried out by plants is air filtration through a vital process called photosynthesis: carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted into oxygen which, again, will be expelled outside, renewing air quality.


For more ecological homes.
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Your house needs fresh air. We maintain your plants.
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Not sure what plants to put in your home?
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We are the best choice
for maintaining your plants

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New York, NY

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Monday 9am - 5pm
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