Hotel Pennsylvania

Hotel Pennsylvania


Hôte très bien placé mais dommage que les chambres laisse à désirer, chambre délabrée.. je déconseille !
Hi Harutyun Kujoyan and what is the occasion u went to the bad hotel...any how have a good time ....
I’d rather sleep in a gutter than that RANCID DISGUSTING hovel!! Its SH*TTE, I don’t know who has the balls to call that rathole a hotel. The best thing I can say is, no matter where you are in NYC, stay anywhere but this massive ripoff.
I have never received such an awful service in any hotel in my whole life. First thing, I find used syringes in my ROOM. What the hell! This alone is a HUGE fault! Then I go to the cafeteria to buy some water bottles since the elevator person told me to wait there even though it was momentarily closed. The lady there was counting money. She looked at me and told me "Why are you standing there? I'm not open! I don't even know why you are standing there!". I think I have never seen such an awful customer service ever!

Needless to say, I'll never stay here again!
What a dump! Don’t be fooled by the lobby as we were. The rooms are despicable. Cheaper to stay out further and Uber around.
Hi, it’s been two months since our stay at hotel Pennsylvania and I still haven’t received my refundable deposit back. Any recommendations?
My daughter stayed there last week 4 days. Was told day before there was parking. Ah No was all blocked off. Check in took 2 hours. 2nd day no heat or hot water. Couldn’t get extra blankets, bathrobes, no compensation. Third day my daughter left her wallet in her luggage. Left got back. Someone was in her room and went through her luggage. Wallet, license, social security card,money all gone. The sh*tty guy David at front desk yelled and screamed at her. Instead of taking complaint, checking video cameras to see who was in her room. She called the police . Waited over 2 hours for check out and they had the balls to try and charge her for late check out. Also got 115 dollar ticket due to vallet telling her she could park in a spot by the hotel. Oh did I mention unwelcome critters.
WORST SH*THOLE INTHE CITY!!! IT SHOULD BE IN THE BOWERY. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANY ONE! The place is a dirty cockroach ridden dump. Enjoy the pubic hairs left in your unmade bed...
Worst experience ever!!!

The Hotel Pennsylvania is a hotel located at 401 Seventh Avenue (15 Penn Plaza) in Manhattan, across the street from Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden in New York City.HistoryEarly yearsThe Hotel Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad and operated by Ellsworth Statler.

It opened on January 25, 1919 and was designed by William Symmes Richardson of the firm of McKim, Mead & White, which also designed the original Pennsylvania Station located across the street.Statler Hotels, which had managed the Pennsylvania since its construction, acquired the property outright from the Pennsylvania Railroad on June 30, 1948 and renamed it the Hotel Statler on January 1, 1949. F

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