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Kosmic Hue Enlightenment

Kosmic Hue Enlightenment is not just a movement its a lifestyle! "Where passion meets purpose "!

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Amazing interview. Kosmic Hue


Did you know- these three parts of the brain- the amygdala, hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex- are the most-affected areas of the brain from trauma. They can make a trauma survivor constantly fearful, especially when triggered by events and situations that remind them of their past trauma. Overcoming trauma requires effort. Full episode premieres February 7th at 5pm est. Subscribe to my website Kosmichueenlightenment.com and YouTube. https://youtu.be/j9w16tXZtYY #abronxtale #robertdeniro #film #movies #lillobrancato #mentalhealth #trauma #entrepreneur #divinefeminine #kosmichueenlightenment


Tune in! 1 hour left!https://youtu.be/PYdDwW2Ex2A




If you missed the premier tune in to the play back!

youtube.com 12/20/2020

Kosmic Hue Enlightenment- Into the minds of our me!

youtube.com Episode-1 Q&A Based discussion on various subjects to dive into the minds of men so that we can gain insight on recent disconnects between the sexes !


Full episode premieres Sunday December 20th at 5pm . Soul ties, polygamy, understanding a man's vision, is love enough to be loyal ?Just some of the topics touched on.Tune in ! 😉 https://youtu.be/fxTP-D7PJjA


One step at a time !

[11/09/20]   Join me for an introductory free flow virtual class of Kama Yoga. I will be explaining exactly what Kama Yoga is and how it can bring more peace and balance in your life!"Head over to my website" Click on Events" for more details. Link in my Bio! #yogapractice #yoga #yogi #entrepreneur #divinefeminine #dance #kama #kamayogi #kamayoga #mantra #kosmichueenlightenment #manifestation #manifest Kosmichueenlightenment.com



Testing phase (at the completion of a cycle). Are you equipped to move to the next level?🤔

youtube.com 04/27/2020

What Is Love?


youtube.com What is love to you? Drop a comment below. ► SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/BUjQW8 ________________________ ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Videos: https://goo.gl/pqjbrR...


POWERFUL Quantum Healing Meditation to Release Sexual Trauma

https://youtu.be/oip-NkxJqnk Sexual trauma is held in the Sacral Chakra. Blockages in this Chakra manifest as emotional instability, stress, fear, depression, addiction, and sexual dysfunctions.

This meditation uses Quantum Healing to release sexual trauma from the body. White Tantra Retreat Bali March 3-10, 2020 www.scarletttantrika.com/retreat Prot...

youtube.com 03/18/2020

Anti Virus Frequency - Immune System Booster - Cleanse Infections, Virus, Bacteria, Funga


youtube.com ♫ Get 50% off your first order - promo code "NEOBEATS50" ♫ Purchase this session (highest quality download): https://sellfy.com/p/mnd4lh/ ◎ About this neobea...


Social ,Economic ,Financial crisis! Coronavirus begins reset!

We have been warned for years ! Nothing to fear!

[03/10/20]   Building a world 🌎 as one world 🌎 fall away 👁💫


Break ups is possibly the worst pain humans can experience in life . Very close to the loss of a loved one .Yet and still it happens to teach us about ourselves.There’s no real help available to teach individuals how to cope with the pain of a break up. Some people go on to live life completely in misery not addressing the pain. Worst some choose to end the pain in Suicide because the pain was unbearable to handle. Will be doing a discussion on this topic as well !

[02/28/20]   Ascension is ascending out of the Hell state of mind and being into Heaven ! 🙏🏽👁💫

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