Euro Module Solutions

Euro Module Solutions


I try call your number not in service please hit me up my message asap I need send my car to your shop....asap

Specializing in VW / Audi electrical diagnostics,coding,programming (keys & modules), Tdi, European vehicle Ecm / Tcm tuning and cloning. Dealer trained with tech line support.

Located in Queens, NY. Early 80’s-90’s Audi / VW & 5 cyl welcomed. Formally know as DubCreations. AUDI / VW programming, coding, smart key/ bcm 1&2, ECU/TCM tunes.Dsg adaptions and programming.Also offering ecu tuningLocated in Queens, NY. All Audi urs6, urs4, 4000, couple, VW dasher, quantum, all 80/90 era welcomed!!

Operating as usual


Audi A7 gateway replacement & CP unlocked

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2017 vw jetta throttle body harness repair

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2021 Audi Q5 gatewate module damaged

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Living in nyc owning a VW Passat with doors that don’t lock 😂😂


Vw cc steering lock module and key peogramming

Local shop visit to program replacement steering lock module and key programming on this 2011 VW cc.


Just in case anyone was wondering where the 12v battery is on a b8 audi q5 hybrid. It’s under a/c lines..and panels...and hvac tubes..


2022 Audi e-tron GT cockpit view 👍🏼
✅ transport mode off
✅ module component protection unlocked
✅ mmi system adaptations
Ready for new home 🤙🏼


2011 VW CC 2.0t- Shop replaced engine module. Now “immo active” message is displayed and engine starts then stalls.
✅ program ecm and keys
✅ coding
✅ transfer vin data


2014 Audi Q7. CC: rear hvac doesn’t turn on. Found and repairing wire harness damage 👍🏼


Also offering Mercedes Benz ecu clone and immobilizer service!!


Offering VW/Audi ecm replacement programming or immo off service.
✅ immobilizer removed
—— or ——
✅ component protection unlock
✅ key programming
✅ coding
✅ vin data transfer
Inquired for pricing..


Audi radio 5f module replacements.
✅ component protection unlock
✅ coding
✅ load Navi maps (if equipped)
✅ transfer Sirius subscription (if equipped)


2018 Audi sq5 in for steering fault. Steering rack replacement, programming, coding and adaptations will make all happy and take all malfunction lights off 👍🏼


2016 Audi S6 steering rack
✅ replacement
✅ alignment
✅ component protection
✅ adaptation
✅ svm update
✅ g85 steering angle calibration
✅ harness pin/harness repair due to water damage


2017 VW gti replacing ez retrofit cluster with oem virtual cockpit..
✅ program cluster
✅ unlock component protection
✅ set existing mileage
✅ coding
✅ updated svm update


2014 Audi s4- brake lights on all the time. The booster, brake light switch, abs module, ecm and body modules were replaced but issue is still present. Oddly enough, have encountered an issue like this before. Now let’s give it a try.. 😉


2014 Audi q5 no start, rear brakes locked and no power due to water leak 😬..


2008 Audi A5 ecm replacement.
✅ component protection
✅ coding
✅ vin data transfer
✅ programming


2009 Audi Q7 tdi complete system overall due to high pressure fuel pump failure. Practically everything fuel related will be replaced.


Audi / VW immo off ecu’s. If none are in stock for your application, simply supply your module. Inquire for pricing..


2013 Audi s5 mechatronic unit here for programming and clutch adaptations after replacement..


2017 vw passat no start/power towed in from the dealer. Customer towed out of the dealer due to an astronomical quote to repair which included power steering module, body module and battery and didn’t guarantee to fix all issues. The alternator, multi fuse link and about 5 fuses (which non were recommend by the dealer) were replaced and vehicle operates fine now.


VW Module audi wires ecu tcm harness

Assorted Audi VW harness pigtails & male/female terminals (2020 Audi A5 q8 a7 - VW early 90's) relay terminals, ecm / tcm, airbag, bcm, gateway, 5f, amp connectors, optical wire, etc.. reply with info on that your looking for ~ photo / part #.
If I don't have the connector your looking for but only the wires are damaged on your, I can fix it!!

Euro module solutions . Com

VW Touareg Audi Q7 program Tuning keys VW phaeton Audi Q5


Audi component protection unlock service available. Required when replacing cluster, ecm / tcm, headlights, amplifier, gateway, steering rack, central electricians, sport differential, 5f, mmi / mib radios, etc.


2020 Audi Q7 wiring/harness rodent damage even with poison and ultra sonic repellent. This isnt the first wiring repair on this vehicle 😬..


Audi part number verification. Have you ever found a part for your vehicle but it's off by one character? It's cheaper than what the dealer quoted you but your not sure if it'll work for your application? Well, i can help!! Provide a valid part #, vin #, description and ill look to see if its compatible for your application. Body modules, computers & modules, headlights, steering angle sensor, yaw sensor, abs module, mmi/mib, radio, seat modules, amplifier, camera module, engine computer ecu/ecm, transmission module tcu/tcm, mechatronic unit,etc. PLEASE ALLOW 4-48 HOURS FOR A RESPONSE. I am not responsible if the wrong information is provided or vin data is locked. Euro Module Solutions. com. Also, programming modules available in the tristate nyc area..


2013 vw jetta 2.5l check engine light comes on/off and engine randomly stalls. Engine fault codes: Po112/p0111. Duplicated customer concern- found engine harness damage..


2012 Audi A7 gateway module replacement, component protection unlock, coding, programming and complete system adaptation..


2015 Audi A5 with 1,700 miles (yes, 1700 miles!!) no mmi/blank screen and malfunctions on cluster. Found rear harness damage in trunk area..


Audi q8 no interior lights, rear hvac inop and random cluster faults. Found interior body harness damage..

Photos from AUDI VW module solutions's post 06/29/2021

B9 audi sq5 & sq5 sport back. Which is your pick?


VW tdi audi diesel tuning dpf glow plug

Audi Q7 q5 a6 a8 a3 etc
VW jetta golf Passat jetta etc
Pd / common rail
Tdi regeneration
Electrical issues
Program keys and modules
Engine code deletes
Glow plug light malfunction

Audi Q7 cata cnrb Audi A6 cpnb tdi q5 cpnb q7 cnrb jetta brm Passat bhw jetta Cjaa a3 cbea a3 crua golf alh


2021 b9 audi Q5 J533 gateway module replacement, programming, key adaptation, full system coding and component protection unlock.


Audi A7 j500 steering rack replacement programming and svm software update..


Audi VW module solutions
✅ Component protection unlock
✅ Dealer Odis program / activations
✅ Vcds coding
✅ SVM software updates
✅ Electrical diagnostics
✅ Ecm / Tcm tuning
✅ Ecm / Tcm cloning vin & immo
✅ Tdi service & tuning
✅ 48v / hybrid
✅ Key programming & more..

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Audi A7 gateway replacement & CP unlocked
2017 vw jetta throttle body harness repair
2021 Audi Q5 gatewate module damaged
Vw cc steering lock module and key peogramming



Smart key and fob programming. All lost keys duplication. Module program and coding. ECU/Tcu tuning, cloning and immo data transfer. Component protection unlock. ODIS svm updates. Electrical system diagnostics. Auto to manual swap wiring and ecu firmware.


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