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I am an independent US distributor for a company that has a nice variety of products, one removes all your makeup with just water, chemical free and good up to 1000 washes, in addition to this product, we have a nice extensive makeup line, soap/bath/skin care line that includes exfoliating soaps, body butter , sugar scrubs, along with a skincare line including a lash& brow growth serum, renew serum, Boost: formula like botox for wrinkles and more... Wanted to see if you had any interest in learning more and becoming a possible reseller/ distributor of our products and make 50% profit. I would be more than happy to send more information. If you can let me know either way, that would be great.
Thank you for your time

With long time experience in eyelash extensions we have a strong background, making us the best experts in this field .Want to try it? Call us! 917-580-8080

Operating as usual

Beauty Department updated their business hours. 07/07/2021

Beauty Department updated their business hours.

Beauty Department updated their business hours.


May you have a sparkling celebration on this special day.
Wishing you a happy 4th of July!



Swipe to see our price list for nail services 👉🏻
9175808080 💕


911: What is your emergency 🚨?
Me : I need eyelashes extensions 😭
We know how you miss your lashes !!! That’s why Lashes Department will be working not only 7 days a week from 9:30 am till 8 pm but even longer ! 🤩 ( extra hours fee $20).
If you don’t see availability online just text us 9175808080 and we’ll find a spot for you 🤗


Appointments for eyelashes are available from July 6th 🎉🎉🎉 Don’t wait till all the spots are taken. Book your appointment today at or text 917 580 8080 💕


For more information Dm or call 9175808080 💓


Life isn’t perfect but your eyebrows can be ! 😉 Book your appointment with our brows specialists today at or text 9175808080 💞


Manicure procedure is not only cleaning of the cuticle, it’s also great way to treat yourself with cool & funky designs💅🏻
Especially during the summertime ☀️🌴👙
Here some ideas 💡 for your inspiration 🤩 Slide the carousel 👉🏻
Our open day is July 6th🎉🎉🎉 so go ahead and schedule you appointment online at or via text 917-580-8080
Xoxo 😘 We can’t wait to see you and pump your nails👌🏼


Hey beauties🥰
Did you heard that restaurants and summer terraces are open back again⁉️
We have great news for you💕
Our new crew member, gifted and talented Aima is available for makeup and hair styling🤩
We offer:
✨express makeup $80
✨cocktail makeup $120
✨wedding makeup $250
✨fake lashes $20
Schedule your visit online at or text us 917-580-8080 we can’t wait to see you July 6th🎉


👄 Aqua lip permanent makeup- is the most natural looking and the newest technique. It helps your lips to improve uneven shape, to give brighter color or more natural looking color to discolored lips, or just making your every day routine easier without annoying applying lipstick 💄
You don’t have to worry every time after eating or drinking that your lipstick is gone!
Your lips will look awesome and kissable every single moment❤️


Dear clients💗
We also miss you a lot & dreaming to open our doors as soon as possible, but at the moment we are not ready to accept any appointments, because our state didn’t give the official permission yet!
Please stay safe in these difficult times and stay tuned for our updates🙌🏼
We will notify you immediately!
Your LD team💋


💅🏻Neat cuticle-free nails 💅🏻
The cuticle on the nails makes your hands look untidy and leads to the appearance of burrs. You can fix this nuisance easily and at home 🏡
All that you’ll need is:
✨1 capsule of vitamin E
✨1 tbsp. l olive oil
✨Orange stick
Mix the ingredients and dip each finger into the mixture for few minutes⏰then move the cuticle with an orange stick or trim with the manicure scissors ✂️


Even while staying on the quarantine, we have to be prepared for treating our friends our loved ones😍when it’s all over.
Looking for the perfect gift 💝?
We have it🙋🏼‍♀️
Our gift certificates made especially for any occasion 👼🏼 Choose your own favorite certificate from LD:
✨pink velvet
Make this gift unforgettable❤️
Support our business 🙏🏼


Dear customers 🥰
We love you & this is a pleasure for us to share with you all of these useful tips about how to take care of yourself during the quarantine! We hope you are enjoying all the information ℹ️ but it’s also very important to know, what’s going to be the most interesting for you to read about🤗 you can write in comments ⬇️ about what you want to hear from us ❤️
Unfortunately it’s very difficult time for all of us and for our business to 😢 please help us & support our small business 🙏🏼 You can order all necessary stuff through us:
✨growth lash serums
✨tools & materials for lashes extensions
Thank you all for following us! We can’t wait to see you all 😘 Waiting for your comments⬇️your LD team🎈


Here are some simple advices from our nail technicians of how to restore your nails after the gel polish removal💅🏻
☘️Regular olive oil will help to restore nails and strengthen them. Heat the oil (to a comfortable temperature in the microwave or in a water bath), dip your fingers in the oil and keep them there for at least 10 min. Repeat the procedure every evening at least for one week - the result will be amazing 😉
☘️Add foods rich with proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A, C, E and D to your everyday meals. This will allow you to normalize the balance of substances from the inside and give your body missing trace elements.
☘️Rub the lemon juice into the nail plates and leave for 2-3 min, then rinse with water. Vitamin C, which contained in the juice, will quickly help to restore your nails🥝essential oils will make them stronger.
To get rid of dull color and strengthen nails, use lemon juice🍋
☘️One of the most popular ways to restore nails after gel polish is a berry mask🍒The main rule: berries should be sour! Cranberries, lingonberries or red currants will be the best choice. You can just blend them together to a homogeneous mass & then apply composition onto the nail plates, wrap with cling film and leave for 15 min, then simply rinse with water. This time will be enough to enrich dehydrated nails with useful fruit acids and saturate them with trace elements🤩
☘️You can quickly repair damaged nails using an iodine grid. Apply a small amount of iodine to each nail plate with a cotton pad, for whole night, by the morning yellow color will "disappear", and nails will become stronger.
☘️You can also make your nails stronger with the sea salt baths. In a small amount of water - add 1 tablespoon of salt & some essential oils. Put your nails in for 10 min. Apply a nourishing cream on your hands after. Repeat this procedure no more than 2-3 times a week.
☘️Very effective & popular procedure called "Paraffin Baths." It is possible to eliminate peeling and microcracks, saturate nails with useful trace elements, slow down the aging process on hands. Paraffin therapy session usually takes 20-25 minutes but the effect of it lasts for a long time😍


Good afternoon everyone 💕
Here are some interesting facts about our nails 💅🏻
🌸 For the right-handed people, nails are growing faster (on the right hand than on the left) and it’s opposite for the left- handed people
🌸Following biological facts- our nails are scales
🌸Human nail grows completely in about five months
🌸Soft, exfoliating and brittle nails are the first sign of calcium lack in the body
🌸Nails are growing faster in the summer time than in any other season
🌸 The bad habit of biting your nails is scientifically called "onychophagia."

And how are your nails look now?🤔Are you already dreaming about manicure 💅🏻? In the next publication we will tell you how to take off gel polish safely at home 🏡 & to not ruin your nail plate! Stay tuned & be safe! Your LD team 💕


Hey girls💖 Hope you’re all good🙏🏻

Here are some interesting facts about our real eyelashes🤩

✨Eyelashes are the darkest, stiff and thickest hair that grows on the human body
✨On average, the upper eyelid has 100-260 and the lower 50-160 lashes
✨Eyelashes full renewal is approximately every 3 months
✨Eyelashes are not prone to gray hair
🌟Women in ancient Egypt were first in the world, who find out the lash tint. They used coal - it was their traditional mascara 🤩

From the early begging women all over the world 🌍 wanted to look gorgeous👑! Beautiful, dark, volume eyelashes are the main part to have the desired look 👀

🖤Girls, if you want to renew your real eyelashes while we are on the quarantine & resting from the extensions- DM 📲us to order especially made eyelash serum that really works ❤️
Always yours LD team😘


💥Eyelashes removal💥
As we promised earlier, here is an instruction of how you can remove lashes extensions at home safely👇🏼
💫Do it eye by eye:
- take one wet cotton pad
- separate it for two even parts
- fold it in half
💫Apply cream remover, using a sponge applicator( Q-tip/ Micro-brush) directly onto your lash roots. 💫Leave the remover on for 10 minutes allowing the cream to pe*****te deeply into the adhesive. 💫Gently remove ( pull down without pressure) lashes extensions.
After you going to be done with one eye 👁, wipe the rest of the removal from the Lash roots with a dry cotton pad. Wash your eye with the gel (foam) makeup remover cleanser- rinse with water 💦.
Please make sure, that while removing, your eyes are closed tightly. If in any cases, you’ll feel that your eye is burning- stop ✋ the process & wash off well with water.
LD team 💕


Hey girls 😍
Here is our gorgeous client Anna, who came in for her lash refill right before quarantine 🚫 I can notice that her lashes done ✅ by Katya still look awesome 👏🏼 and full 🥇 Yess... our girls are real professionals & we are proud of them 🙏🏼
In our next publication, we will give you direct instructionsℹ️of how you can remove your eyelashes at home- safely ❣️while you’re not able to come in😞
Our beauty team want you to always remember - “Only good vibes and great mood can help us to survive in this difficult world situation”
Stay strong 💖


To attention off all‼️🚨

Due to the following situation we have 50% off all products from Lashes Department store⬇️

▪️if during the quarantine you’ll decide to remove your eyelashes, you can buy the remover from our studio.
▪️all tools, lashes and products that you need for the lashes extensions are discounted.

Starting from Monday, March 23 we are going to be closed 🚫We hope to open our doors soon! Follow our Instagram updates to check when we’ll be open again. Stay safe & protect yourself❗️We going to miss you very much, your LD team ❤️


Girls in this post we want to let you know about our 3 phase sterilization process of instruments for hardware manicure🚨
🚨1st step: We putting instruments after each client into ultrasound machine with barbicide solution. After that we cleaning instruments under water.
🚨2nd step: We packing instruments into individual disposable craft bags and writing the date of the sterilization on each bag.
🚨3rd step: Final step we putting craft bags with instruments into a dry heating machine ( 150c for 80min)
🌸After that our instruments are sterilized and ready to use🌸


We glad to introduce you our new eyelashes extension technician - Victoria🥰As always, we doing an offer to introduce new technician to our clients: all next week -20% for all new sets by Viktoria🌸Swipe left to see more works🌸To make an appointment: Call 917-580-8080🌸 @ Brighton Beach


Вечеринка удалась на славу. 🥳 Столько красивых девушек из Нью Йорка собрались в @tete_cafe и отлично провели время 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️. Танцы под лучшие Хиты от @iogansen и сопровождение ведущего @dmccuba , шампанское , конкурсы с призами от @lashesdepartment @love_your_body_nyc @gizianewyork 🎁
Этот вечер мы ещё долго будем вспоминать 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
Спасибо @annanatochi за организацию.
И Спасибо всем , кто пришёл и разделил вместе с нами празднование начала весны. 🌷🌷🌷 @ Cafe/Lounge Tete-A-Tete


Чувствуете, что нуждаетесь во внутреннем и внешнем обновлении? 💕
Тогда самое время воспользоваться услугами студии Lashes Department✨
Здесь вы сможете преобразиться и отдохнуть!
Lashes Department- это самая стильная студия красоты в Бруклине😍
Насладитесь высочайшим сервисом наших услуг на:
✨наращивание ресничек;
✨моделирование бровей и ламинирование ресниц;
✨макияж и перманентный макияж;
✨одновременный маникюр и педикюр;
✨шугаринг и восковую эпиляцию;
Давайте создавать красоту вместе ❤️
Ваша Kate Levter💋


Dear lash makers 💕 we have all that you need here for your work :
- adhesives
- primers
- cleaners
- removers
- all kind of necessary tweezers
- lash palettes and mink eyelashes
- aftercare cosmetics & many more🌸
You are always welcome to contact us for more information ℹ️ 917-580-8080 & our girls are going to be glad to help you🥰


✨Introducing aftercare that feels like skincare. The perfect addition to your daily lineup, our newest collection cleanses lashes effortlessly while caring for the delicate skin around the eyes with targeted ingredients.
✨The result? Better retention and refreshed, hydrated, nourished skin.

Developed specifically for lash artists and built from the ground up, this is aftercare reimagined. Taking care of your lashes has never been so luxe.💕


Our lovely clients, we care a lot about each of you. We ask you not to make an appointment with us if you feel sick or have a flue.🤒 It’s better to stay at home and take care of yourself. We want all our clients to feel comfortable and safe in Lashes Department🌸

Thank you for understanding🙏🏻
Stay healthy❤️
With love your Lashes Department team💕💕💕



Ни для кого не секрет, что мастера работают много - то с клиентами, то со студентами, а ещё нужно семье время уделить, в спортзал сходить, сделать Домашние дела 😤🔫, вообщем, когда ещё найти время для общения и просветления?

Для сообщества Lash стилистов в Америке Я и партнеры запускаем абсолютно новый образовательный проект

💥Lashartists Busy Day💥

Это Live проект, стартует в New York и пронесётся по крупным городам Америки.

Интересно? Мы старались!

💥Lashartists Busy Day💥

Достоин Вашего внимания!

🪑Места ограничены.
Подробности в Директ 📲


It’s just impossible to stay away of this stunning manicure 💅🏻 Spring is almost here girls!🌿🌺Don’t forget to make your manicure/ pedicure appointment with us💕917-580-8080 @ Manhattan Beach Area


Spring is already here🌸
Don’t forget to treat yourself with a perfect gel manicure by our technicians Julia,Nargiza &Rinata💕
Stone, French, ombré, stamping, foil designs are available for you to enjoy 💗
P.s. After hours available (extra plus $20 required)
Open hours 9:30 AM-8PM💕
@ NYC Brooklyn


I want to thank everyone who wrote a review for our accounts in Yelp and Google for your time & attention.Your rating is very important to us!Your feedbacks help us grow and move on, because we feeling your love and support. 💞
As I promised before, today I will choose three of the best reviews and present🎁 something to each person.The choice is not easy that’s why decided that everyone will get a present.
1 review 🎈of Larisa receives free eyelash extensions
2 review 🎈of Liza receives free hard gel manicure
3 review 🎈of Malina receives free eyebrow styling & tinting
4 review 🎈of Anna gets 50% on eyelash extensions (for quick reaction - you were first)
And everyone else will receive 10% discount on any services from Lashes Department 💓
Hugs & kisses to everyone 🤗 Have a nice day 💋 @ Lashes Department


Great news🤩 now we have three artists working in our beautiful team💕Julia, Nargiza & Rinata will do any designs, nail extensions and just flawless manicure 💅🏻 for you! Go ahead and make your appointment online at or call/text us 917-580-8080🌸💕


Starting from March we’re going to add one more set for you 🌸 Mega Volume Set🤩 Follow our updates☝🏼 Schedule your appointment online at or call/text us 917-580-8080💕


Friends, we invite you to the Ukrainian Lounge Party in Manhattan on March 8
For reservation tables contact 6469156082
Date: March 8, beginning at 8 p.m.
Music Support: Dj Kanel, DMC Kuba and Misha Iogansen.
Address : Monarch Rooftop 71 W 35th St
New York NY 10001
Celebrate International Women's Day with Ukrainian New York.
Entrance 21 +
In partnership with Lashes Department


Attention girls 🌸 we are looking for lash-maker to join our beautiful team! Contact us for more information 917-580-8080💕

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New York, NY

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Monday 9:30am - 8pm
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