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Hey Facebook, i’m Drew, Operator of Drews Auto Detailing. We are a full service mobile detailing company based in Staten Island. We service all of your detailing needs right at the luxury of your home

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Magic eraser is the non-detailing specific tool that every detailer should have in the arsenal! Great for plastics, door panels, leather,(sometimes) and so much more!


Whenever I am detailing the interior of a vehicle, I always Like to remove the plastic trim pieces, cup holders, and any other parts that makes cleaning 10x easier. These pieces pop right out effortlessly and allow me to scrub them down all in one scoop, instead of having to bend down and go around the vehicle to clean each piece individually. It just makes sense this way.


It's that time of year where the weather isn't snowy and cold but not one hundred degrees either. That means it's the perfect time for a wash, decontamination, and proper protection for winter. Here i'm doing a little winter prep on the exterior of this Escalade so it's ready to go. Before I jump into the "hand washing" process, I like to foam down the paint to loosen up any surface level dirt and such.

Drews Auto Detailing updated their business hours. 10/13/2021

Drews Auto Detailing updated their business hours.

Drews Auto Detailing updated their business hours.


I know I speak a lot about brushes ..😂 but they're the foundation to this business. I have tons for the interior and exterior, but here are my top 3 must haves for exterior detailing ( wheel cleaning specifically)

1. Long Handled brush to hit inside the wheel well and lip area

2. Speed Master brush for the inner barrel that accumulates tons of dirt and brake dust

3. HIGH QUALITY detailing brush for the face of the rims and lug nut area!


Got the Workstuff detailing brush in hand to clean this leather seat. When picking out any type of brushes to add to the arsenal, I always shoot for the higher end ones. Yes, they may be a bit more pricey but you know exactly what your getting for what your paying. @work_stuff_detailing makes great brushes, they're durable, soft, and come it tons of different sizes. If your shopping on the cheaper side you'll find some brushes can actually scratch the surface your using it on.


Deep cleaning filthy, muddy rubber mats. Super satisfying to clean and the results are awesome. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Quick and simple method to attack this:
Heavy rinse with pressure washer
Strong clean ( Super Clean Here )
Drill brush ( yellow aggressive brush )
Rinse to perfection


Removing some light spots, staining from the back of these cloth seats!

Simple & Easy process:

1 Super Clean
2 Drill Brush
3 Mop Up


Removing all sorts of dirt and scuff marking from the tan plastic trim piecing. The best way to attack this is with the Magic Eraser and favorite all purpose cleaner. Here i'm generously covering the area with Meguiars All purpose Cleaner, Scrubbing with the Magic Eraser, and rinsing with the steam cleaner. Mop up and it's just like new!


Lightly cleaning these wheels on a maintenance clients vehicle. These are the types of vehicles you want to see in your business. Already clean overall!! Just needs some light agitation and a good rinse with the pressure washer. Maintenance details are ideal in this industry. Consistent work on vehicles that are already kept in great condition. Your clients have a freshly detailed & protected vehicle on a regular basis at a discounted price. That's a win, win if you ask me.


Got the Foam cannon here to add a thick layer of soapy suds on the paint before the hand washing process. I like to make sure I add a dense and even coverage around the entire vehicle, from top to bottom.


Overtime when never cleaned or maintained properly, the inner barrel of the wheel begins to build up a massive amount of Brake dust, grime and filth. A good way to detail this area correctly is with a quality brush and strong cleaner. Here i'm using Meguiars Wheel Brightener to break down the grime and the long Speed Master brush agitate deep into the barrel.


Got the steamer here to blast off any dust or dirt on the middle console. Steamer does an amazing job getting into those intricate areas around the buttons, trim pieces, cup holders. I make sure to hit every aspect, including turning the vehicle on and moving the the gear shifter in drive to blow out any hidden junk.


Having a system in place is an absolute key to move quickly and efficiently. I speak to many people in the detailing industry who begin to get stuck in the mud during their detailing process because they do not have a fundamental system in place. If you do not have a system in place it ends up wasting you time and money. Here i'm cleaning up the back and side of this leather seat as I address the back door panels, mid console area. It just makes sense to hit these parts of the seat now since i'm back there, so when the whole vehicle is just about done, the last thing I need to clean is only the front side of the seats.

My SIMPLE system:
All hard rubber, vinyl, plastic pieces


Tan carpets can be the worst to deal with! The light color of the mats makes every stain, spot, spill, and piece of dirt stand out like a sore thumb. In most cases it's necessary to clean them to the 9 with heavy chemical, scrub, steam, and extract! Here i'm doing just that. Using the steam cleaner with the triangular head attachment to scrub down these carpet mats. The hot steam coupled with scrubbing power of the bristles really helps up all the loosen dirt and debris.


Carpet extraction going down!! Using the Bissell Spot Clean Pro to suck out any remaining dirt and water after the shampooing stage. The bissell is a great entry level extractor used for medium grade dirt and stains. There are way better options in the market but for most jobs this is all you need!


Completely resetting these rubber floor mats. Liberal amount of cleaner, drill brush, and rinse. I've found using the drill brush for any car mats in general is the quickest and most affective way to go. It does a great job cleaning out any cracks or crevices.


Quickly cleaning the gas cap area while detailing the exterior of a vehicle is a great little add on for your clients. It takes literally less then 30 seconds and goes a long way. Your customers will appreciate this attention to detail when you show them. The details is what it's all about.


Deep cleaning leather seats here with the Scotch-brite non abrasive scrub pad and dedicated leather cleaner. When dealing with leather it's important to stick with any dedicated leather cleaners. The reason is high alkaline cleaners like APC and degreaser sometimes have the tendency to leave a dripping stain mark if sprayed directly on leather or left to long. Doesn't happen all the time but better to be safe and do it correctly. And always remember shiny leather is dirty leather, when clean correctly it should have a matte appearance.


Blasting all the dirt off these nasty pedals. This is an area that is commonly missed and not really thought about most of the time. Although your customers may not recognize this, it's all about the details. In this video i'm soaking the pedals with Super Clean Degreaser, agitating with my detailing brush and finishing off with the steam cleaner to rinse. The steamer is my go-to for dirty pedals because the extreme heat and pressure it produces allows me to get into the tight cracks and grooves. Mop up with a microfiber towel and you have great results.


It's very important in the detailing process to focus your time and energy on certain areas of the vehicle that need the attention and not spend so much time on areas that don't really need cleaning at all. Time is money and at the same time you don't want to clean areas that are not dirty at all and risk causing some level of damage potentially.

For example: Here i'm only taking my detailing brush and all purpose cleaner to areas of the door panel that I know will have the majority of dirt and body oils. This includes the door handle, top part of the panel were the drivers hands touch to open the door, and the leather part were the drivers forearm rests as well. This vehicle is in great condition and just needs to have certain areas addressed.


You'll notice through the detailing process there are certain areas that build up the same type of body oils and dirt overtime! The middle console is one of those areas. Overtime due to the drivers right forearm always resting on the console it builds up a shiny reflective look! A good rule of thumb to remember is SHINY leather is DIRTY leather. The same goes for the knob shifter area, as it's usually partially leather and needs to be cleaned because the drivers hands is consistent touching it. You want to make sure your hitting the cup holders and all parts of the middle console. No other way to address this area with APC and a soft detailing brush.


Disgusting, disaster rims get a complete makeover. Here i'm testing the Meguiars Wheel & Paint Decon to see how well it performs on really hammered wheels. I've been using this product on the exterior of the vehicles I'm detailing as part of the decontamination stage because it's meant for painted surfaces as well, but i've never tested it's limits like this. The color changing you see is the product going to work and clinging on to all the Iron particles, brake dust, dirt, and grease. I like to let the product dwell for a minute or two before agitating. I start with the speed master brush to get behind the wheels in the inner barrel and finish with quality detailing brushes to get the face of the rims.


Giving the steering wheel a good cleaning. This is one of those areas that needs a little more attention for obvious reasons. The driver is constantly touching all parts of the steering wheel like the buttons, horn area, blinker & windshield knob, and this can cause more grease and dirt to accumulate over time relative to other areas like the dashboard were it is barely touched. You obviously don't want to speed through the process but don't need to overthink it either. Here Im using all purpose cleaner, a few high quality brushes and a simple microfiber.

Note: If your a detailer or any individual in the market for detailing brushes, don't go for the cheaper option as in my experience most cheaper brushes tend to not have soft bristles and end up scratching or damaging the surface your working on.


Resetting carpet mats! What I mean is, i'm bringing them as close to its original appearance as possible. Carpet mats with spills, dirt, stains, mud, and filth need this level of detail.

The best way to do this is by:

1. Completely Soak Mats
2. Generous even amount of cleaner
3. Drill brush ( Crosshatch pattern )
4. Rinse throughly
5. Extract remained liquid


Deep cleaning carpets in the most simple and effective way possible. This is a great way to attack carpets that are not really hammered and are not super clean either. I started with a thorough vacuum, spray a generous amount of cleaner, steamer with the round bristle attachment, mop up, and repeat. It's really straight forward and cuts to the chase.


Cleaning up door panels with Super Clean Degreaser. The greatest degreaser out in the market. Super effective and smells amazing, leaving that fresh clean scent to finish the job. Filled a couple ounce in the bottle with Super Clean and the rest distilled water. Covering the entire area and scrubbing it down. I also have the Works stuff detailing brushes in hand with the steamer to reach nooks, cracks, crevices, etc.


Doing a quick, thorough vacuuming of the carpets before I hit them with some chemical and steam. Here i'm using in of the best portable Vacuums our there in the market for mobile auto detailing. The Rigid 4 Gallon Wet/Dry shop vac. Had this bad boy for over 2 years, been through some hefty jobs, and still working like it's brand new. Extremely durable, powerful, and LIGHT. Definitely my go-to right now.

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