Hotsol is an email service for purchased email lists. Send cold email to to B2C and B2B email lists. 09/10/2020

How to Write the Perfect Cold Email for Your Business | Hotsol

Follow these tips to write the perfect #coldemail for your business. #emailmarketing. Cold email marketing works! Follow these steps to write the perfect cold email and turn your cold prospects into warm leads. 01/10/2020

Political Email Marketing Service | Send Political Email | Political Marketing

Election season is upon us. Get your candidates elected with these tips.
#democrats #republicans #trump #politics #marketing Political email marketing campaigns put candidates iin front of the right voters and donors. Learn how to launch a succesful political email campaign. 10/17/2019

Email Blasts: Send in bulk with IP Warm Up | Hotsol

Learn how to warm-up your Ip to send email blasts in bulk. Send email blasts to purchased b2b email lists with Hotsol Email Marketing. We help companies deploy cold email blasts in bulk. 07/30/2019

B2B Marketing Tips for Cold Email Marketing | Hotsol B2B marketing to cold email lists is a great way to generate warm leads and increase ROI. Follow these B2B marketing tips to drive successful results. 05/28/2019

B2B Email Marketing: A Complete Guide for Conversions

B2B Email Marketing: A Complete Guide for Conversions

#b2b #emailmarketing #marketing #sales Hotsol is the leader for b2b email marketing. Send cold email campaigns to your purchased lists and cold contacts. Grow your business with b2b marketing. 02/07/2019

Purchased email lists. Are they right for your company? | Email Marketing Company: Hotsol

Purchased email lists. Are they right for your company?

#emailmarketing #smallbusiness #B2B Hotsol is an email service for purchased email lists. Turn cold contacts into warm leads. Lead generation with purchased email lists. Call us 866.275.7395. 01/22/2019

How to send cold email to purchased email lists | Email Marketing Company: Hotsol

A company designed for sending cold email to purchased email lists.

#Emailmarketing #coldemail #emaillists #smallbusiness Hotsol specializes in sending emails to purchased email lists. Send your message to B2B and B2C email lists. Call us at (866) 274.7395. 01/21/2019

How to send cold email to purchased email lists | Email Marketing Company: Hotsol Hotsol specializes in sending emails to purchased email lists. Send your message to B2B and B2C email lists. Call us at (866) 274.7395. 11/04/2018

Improve email deliverability rates with these tips | Email Marketing Company: Hotsol

#emailmarketing #digitalmarketing #smallbusiness     The question everyone wants to know the answer to is how to get more emails delivered to the inbox. Is email deliverability better with dedicated email servers, cloud email servers or SMTP email servers? All of these can be effective at sending emails, but getting them delivered to … 10/12/2018

Email Marketing for Small Business | Email Marketing Company: Hotsol Expand your customer base and skyrocket revenues with Hotsol email marketing for small business. Send to unlimited subscribers. No daily limits. 07/20/2017

5 #emailmarketing trends to look out for Experts predict these up-and-coming technologies will soon catch on in email marketing and improve connections with customers. 07/14/2017

#Emailmarketing: 6 Cold Email Secrets Revealed Making your emails stand out requires some subtle changes rather than a single “silver bullet” approach. Here are 6 cold email tips to consider. 07/12/2017

Psychology of #EmailMarketing: 7 Examples for Better Sales Email marketing campaigns not converting? Here are 7 psychology of email marketing tips to help you boost your conversions and increase your sales. 07/11/2017

Email Lists: Why Organic Lists Are Better Than Purchased Lists

Email Lists: Why Organic Lists Are Better Than Purchased Lists #emailmarketing #smallbusiness As you’re building your small business, promoting your products and services through email marketing campaigns is an excellent way to establish brand awareness and acquire new leads. When you’re… 06/29/2017

#Emailmarketing: Making Your Emails a Visual Delight with Rich Media The importance and the ROI brought by including rich media within an email is explained in conjunction with the pros and cons of each type of media. 06/28/2017

How to Write Email Newsletters People Open & Act On #emailmarketing Here are nine tips and some examples on how to create e-newsletters that entice people to open, consume, click, and act – Content Marketing Institute 06/27/2017

How To Use Behavioral Data In Personalized Marketing Campaigns #Emailmarketing When observing industry leaders like Netflix, Amazon and Starbucks, marketers can see that these brands use personalized marketing campaigns and strategies to provide consumers with the relevant experiences they demand. And they get results by doing so.


How to Turn a Cold Email into a Warm Connection #Emailmarketing Sending cold emails, however, is a much more challenging and daunting endeavor. People are not nearly as receptive to receiving a digital request from someone they have never met or heard of. 06/14/2017

3 Tactics to Solve Your #EmailMarketing Woes Email Marketing Is Not Dead (But You Need These 3 Tactics to Keep It Alive) 06/07/2017

4 tips for effective #realestate #emailmarketing Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods for building brand awareness, staying top of mind and consistently converting leads. 05/29/2017

Not getting what you want from your outreach emails? Follow these 10 steps. #Emailmarketing #SMB Contributor Andrea Lehr walks you through 10 tips and tricks to help you step up your outreach email efforts and get your content in front of a wider audience. 05/26/2017

How to Grow Your #Ecommerce Business with Email Lead Capture #Smallbusiness Email marketing still vastly outperforms any other channel. Learn more about making the most of it here! 05/25/2017

#Emailmarketing: Seven Tips for Building a Killer Email List [Infographic] #SMB An email list is vital for your marketing strategy, so check out this infographic with seven smart tips for building your list - from promotions on social media to opt-in incentives. 05/25/2017

12 #emailmarketing fundamentals to master Columnist Mary Wallace provides a primer on email marketing fundamentals for newbies and veterans alike, noting that advanced technology is useless if you don't get these right. 05/22/2017

How to Conduct Cold Email Outreach like a Pro #emailmarketing #smallbusiness Parth Misra explains how to increase your cold email outreach response rate, while staying clear of spammy tactics. 05/15/2017

Maximize email ROI | Experian Data Quality

#Emailmarketing: 10 steps to maximize email roi #Smallbusiness Email marketing remains one of the most successful and cost-effective marketing channels. Some say it’s second only to search, and we agree. The cost of sending an email is measured in tiny fractions of a penny while the average return is between $0.06 and $0.07*. The common wisdom is that every $1… 05/15/2017

7 Content Marketing Agency Tips for #Ecommerce #EmailMarketing Email first became popular around 1993, which is why many people today consider it a dinosaur among marketing tools. However, the actual power of email marketing may surprise you. For starters, aside… 05/12/2017

3 #Emailmarketing Templates You Really Should Be Using for Your #Business Are you using the same template for every email you send? Bad idea. Here are 3 marketing email templates you should be using in your campaigns. 05/12/2017

6 Ways To Improve Your #EmailMarketing Campaigns And Boost Sales Online #Smallbusiness When done right, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to help your business drive online sales. Explore some tips for ensuring the success of your email marketing strategies in my latest post. 05/07/2017

3 Promotional Email Examples Guaranteed to Convert #SMB #Emailmarketing 05/06/2017

#Smallbusiness: 9 Ways to Make Your Email Copy Conversational #Emailmarketing We often hear that a key to successful email marketing is writing like you are having a conversation with the recipient of your message. But what exactly does that mean? What are the key characterist… 05/06/2017

The Top 7 Benefits of #EmailMarketing (Pay Close Attention to No. 5) #Smallbusiness Your small business can use email marketing in many different ways. How do you choose your approach? By checking out the top 7 benefits of email marketing. 05/05/2017

#Emailmarketing: Do Right By Your Email Subscribers and They'll Do Right By You #Smallbusiness Every marketing team worth its weight in retweets knows the value of email marketing. Even those who believe that email is dying a slow death admit that — for now at least — email marketin 04/26/2017

#Emailmarketing: How Critical is Email Delivery? #Digitalmarketing Deliverability is a key virtue in managing and orchestrating a strategic email marketing campaign. Sean Brady, President of Americas at Emarsys, provides a background and discusses the importance of email delivery 04/25/2017

Collect more email signups with these tactics. #Emailmarketing #smallbusiness Having your visitors’ emails allow you to continually market to them even after your rankings on Google go down or when your social accounts are not as active.


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