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Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/30/2023

I wasn't on here too much last week; i was busy getting these items done for some customers; in between that, i had company in town a day or so and made a small trip to Georgia for the weekend. Projects are all finished and picked up and now I'm off to Texas for the next couple of weeks. Some of you I have spoken with and as soon as I get back, I'll start your items. 😊 Thanks to all of you for your business and support. It is very appreciated. ❀️

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/27/2023

From that to these! Isn't it amazing how we can repurpose scrap wood into beautiful things like this set of end tables? Just finished up another set of these "cross" end tables for a customer. 😊

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/16/2023

Good morning and Happy Monday to everyone! 😁 Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a productive one. Here's the projects I did. The two tables were custom made for a couple repeat customers of mine. The one is a biggie! 85in. long. Distressed grey with a driftwood stain on top. What do you all think? Do you like the distressed look or prefer a classic paint job?

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/10/2023

Just finished up this duo for a repeat customer. She bought my cross end tables awhile ago and then wanted a tv console table & a coffee table to match those. (Color scheme) So here they are. And after delivering them yesterday; she informed me in the near future she wants to get a headboard and a bench built. 😁 I have the nicest customers! Thank You all for being so nice and supportive of me. Very appreciated. πŸ₯°

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/08/2023

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniela and Marco; a couple who came to buy one of my tables. Usually people use my tables for the entryway or behind the couch. But they explained to me that they will be using it as a "social table" at their mobile coffee business. At first , I didn't see it or get it. Then Marco explained to me that he's from Portugal and there they have Cafe's, with small bar like table tops to sit at and drink your coffee or to eat something, while socializing with someone next to you doing the same thing. I never thought of this idea as a selling point but thanks to them, I can use it as a marketing tool. 😊 Isn't it amazing the different ways people think of things and visualize an item. Such creativity. Thx to Marco & his wife for taking a pic demonstrating how they plan to use my table. And giving me something to advertise to give people that same visualation of it's uses. Small business have to work together to help one another succeed. With that being said, if you love good coffee and delicious artisan food (mini pancakes with delicious toppings), then go check out their page on IG or FB for where they'll be at next; give them a follow and go taste it for yourselves. πŸ˜‹ Itchy Monkey Craft Coffee is their business name. Check them out, they are great people!


Finally got around to testing out my new tool I got a few weeks ago for my bday. An electric planer. It works wonders! The piece of wood on the left side looked like the one in the middle, until i took a layer off of it and cleaned it up. For those that don't know what a planer is. It takes bad layers of wood off to expose the good wood underneath and if a piece of wood is uneven, this can be used to level it. Making building much easier. This is gonna be a game changer for some of my projects. 😁

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 10/02/2023

Late post..meant to post this Saturday when I finished up my orders for the week. Here's those last couple I was doing. Last 2 pics were a few small simple ones for a repeat customer. She wanted a small end table to match her console table she bought from me. And requested this little couch arm table (my 1st one of them) that she just wanted lightly burned. Turned out nice. (I think) Now to plan out my orders for this week. πŸ€” Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Happy Monday. 😁

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 09/29/2023

Happy Friday everyone! 😁 Sorry I've been quiet this week; I've been busy busy. (Which is a good thing) I had 6 custom orders to do. Here are 4 of them; the other 2 will be complete tomorrow and picked up. And I already have a couple orders for next week. Keep them coming. Loving what I do. 🀩 I hope all of you have a great weekend. Cheers πŸ₯‚

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 09/22/2023

Today's projects! Both customers loved their custom pieces. One sent me a pic of hers after getting it home. It's always nice to see where my things end up. 😊 Tomorrow I'll be back at it; getting another order done.

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 09/18/2023

Happy Monday everyone. Hope it's a good week for you all.
Wanted to finally reveal the BIG project I been working on all week. This was a custom job for a very sweet couple (Emily & Shuler). A behind the couch table/bar. This big boy is 91'L/38H/20W(deep). This was my first one of these and I am very pleased with how it turned out. What do you all think? They were too. 😁 I will post a pic of it's new home when I get one. So keep an eye out for it. In between doing this project, I did a small one for a neighbor. This small rustic table to put his tabletop grill on. Now it's time to get started on more orders. πŸ‘

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 09/11/2023

Good afternoon everyone 😊 I'm way behind on getting these posted. I been doing life things and working on some projects for a few customers. Working on a big one this week. Can't wait to share with you all when their done.
These tables here are the one I wrote about earlier in the week. The ones I told you was something different I haven't done yet. Hope you like. I incorporated a little religion into these. For those that are into that. What do you think?

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 09/06/2023

It's just about firepit season; so that means it's "stump" time. These are very popular during the cooler months. People love them for seats around their firepits. So I'm gonna be making some soon. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who is..let me know. So I can be sure to make plenty.
I also like finding rare looking stumps that I can do decorative things with; like this table I made here. So cool! Btw, happy hump day everyone. 😊


I'll be back at it this week. I got something new coming. Something that's my first time doing but has been on my list of projects to do. Hoping they are a big hit. If so, I'll be making lots more in different colors and variations. Coming soon! 😁 Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/31/2023

Good afternoon everyone! 😁 Now that the hurricane is over with, I can get back at it. Here's those tables I told you I was working on. First one is a custom job for a customer. She has this color scheme in her home and has a tv stand these she wanted a matching entryway table. Turned out nice! Don't ya think?
The other is that green paint I asked about not too long ago with the benches. I decided to try it on one of these. I love it. Nice table for someone who likes "Earth" tones. πŸ‘

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/29/2023

Some smaller items I worked on the past couple of days. Along with 2 more of my slim tables. (Pics coming soon)
My personal model πŸ˜† is showing off a "Love" wall shelf. Stained Early American brown. 32H/13W at its widest part. Then I made a wood dog bed box. I had a bunch of different scrap wood laying around that I used to put this together. Apparently these are pretty popular now, so I thought I'd make one to see how it does. Not sure yet if I will stain it. I'm kinda liking the rustic natural look of it and all the different tones of wood color I used on it. Opinions?


Good morning & Happy Sunday everyone. One of my customers sent this to me yesterday to share its new home. I custom made this one to a smaller size, just to fit this small narrow wall space just inside their front door. It looks great! Don't ya think? That's the biggest reward for me, is seeing something I created inside someone's home bringing life to it. πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ


Greetings from Charleston, SC. Hope everyone is having a great day. Vacation for me is coming to an end. That means I'll be back at it again. So keep an eye out for new items coming soon. 😊


It's 5 o'clock somewhere


Thank You everyone for your opinions yesterday. I'll take your advice and leave them off. 😁 I'm currently on vacation mode so I won't be adding any new content this week but I'll be on periodically with this or that. LOL
I'll leave you all with this current situation I'm in. Hope everyone has a great week. 😁


Good morning everyone! πŸ™ƒ I need your help again. I had these titanium gliders that I thought might look good on these blue bench legs. What do you all think? Here's a pic; one with them on and one without. Which do you think looks better. On or off??

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/18/2023

Here they are! The blue benches all of you voted on. They turned out very nice. What do you all think?

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/17/2023

Throwback Thursday!
One of the 1st benches I made. About 3 years ago. Made this for a couple to put on their lanai.

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/16/2023

My personal model gave me a hand showing this "LOVE" wall shelf off. πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š Did this for my sister in law. Just delivered today. Gonna make another one with stain in the near future. That one will go up for sale.


Thank You all for participating in my poll yesterday. πŸ˜€
Blue was the winner!
Keep a lookout for the finished set. Coming soon.


Good morning everyone 🌞! I'm getting ready to make a set of benches. I don't want to stain this set; I thought I'd add some color this time. I picked 2 sample colors to try out. One is a olive green and the other is a indigo blue. The olive green I thought would be nice for people who like earth tones. And the blue for people who like coastal, beachy, water tones. I'm thinking one of these colors as the base part of the benches and a brown stain top for the seat part. Here's a pic of the colors. What color do you all think would be best to try out? Majority wins. 😁 Hope you all have a great day! Pics of the winning color coming soon. Thx

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/13/2023

Some of that wood I ripped yesterday was to make this beauty. Another happy customer. 😁

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/13/2023

How I spent part of my Saturday. Ripping some wood to prepare for my next couple of projects. Made a cute little plant table with some scrap pieces of wood and this cute "love" sign for one of my sister in law's. Hope everyone else had a nice Saturday. 😊

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/12/2023

Today's projects were this mini version of my console table. (Customer needed an extra small one) And this tethered wood flag I just threw together with some scrap pieces of wood. Looks great just about anywhere. Porch, front door, yard, garden, man cave, or any corner of the house somewhere. 43H/10W

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/08/2023

Today I finished up this Farmhouse "X" style buffet table. Distressed white with a grey wash stain on top. 36H/48L/15W
Contact me if interested. 😊

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/05/2023

Just finished up these 2 for a couple of customers. And just got another order for someone next week. The black with brown stained top is a favorite!

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 08/03/2023

Cute live edge plant stand. Made from oak.


One is left...$40

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/31/2023

How I spent my Sunday...finishing up these two beauties. A couple narrow entryway/console tables. Great for saving space. I'm loving the sea blue color! DM me if you're interested. Thx

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/30/2023

Made this coastal entryway table for a great couple recently; they were so kind to send me a pic of where it's new home is. Looks great! That's the payoff for me. 😁

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/29/2023

Playing catch up and getting a few items up that was done recently. This is a great looking distressed piece. So rustic looking. Just sold the other day but you can always order one. DM for details. 😊

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/22/2023

Finished up these cute little benches. 19H/35L/7.5W
Perfect for home decor, kids benches, or a bench for one (adult) . These are selling for $40.


Hi, I make furniture out of repurposed wood. Quality work at reasonable prices. I strive to keep my prices budget friendly! Times are hard & I understand that. There's nothing more rewarding than recycling used wood into beautiful pieces of furniture that later end up in peoples' homes. I just started my FB & Instagram business pages. Follow me to see more of my items & new ones that go up. In this pic are just a few popular ones I've recently done; If you like something you see or have an idea, please contact me, and we can work out the details. I would be happy to help. Let me make something for you. 😊 I'm located in Tampa Bay, FL area and currently doing pick-up only and in some circumstances, I will deliver for a small fee. I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, & cashapp.

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/16/2023

Made a couple more long & slim console tables. Black w/stained brown top & a weathered grey w/black top. Great for the entryway, behind the couch or to fill that empty wall space.
Order yours today!

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/08/2023

Couple of cute benches I recently did. $60ea. Dimensions 20H/45L/11W . I Stained them with minwax Early American brown. One of my favorite go to stains.

Photos from Repurposed4You's post 07/02/2023

Made this custom console table for a customer; and it turned out wonderful. She was very happy and now plans to order a raised garden box.

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Thank You everyone for your opinions yesterday. I'll take your advice and leave them off. 😁 I'm currently on vacation mo...




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