KOCC Kickball

KOCC Kickball


Hey y’all, a MIcks bartenders family is in need. Please help if you can.

Kickball Established in 2004, KOCC is an adult kickball league consisting of 18 bar-sponsored teams and 2 divisions. Teams play every divisional team once and a few interleague teams.

Every sponsor bar has the opportunity to host the league postgame Sunday nights. See you at the field!

Operating as usual


Please join us next Sunday at DMACS 542 S. Jefferson Davis 12 - 4pm.
RSVP is recommended, tell a friend and bring a friend! 🍺🦞

docs.google.com 08/27/2019



It's time, let's do this. Fall Ball 2019 registration is now open!

Don't miss out, sign up while you can!

Our plan as of now (based on sign ups) is to have:
-10 teams (instead of 8)
-18 players per team - 11 dudes and 7 ladies (instead of rosters of 22-25) - this means we need 180 at least to sign up, which we had last year, and 70 ladies. LADIES DON'T FAIL ME NOW!
-9 players on the field just like summer, same ratio too, 6 dudes and 3 chicakdees
-7 innings (instead of 9)
-There will have to be 3 games per night so looking at game times of 6:00, 7:15, and, 8:30 (or something like that, still TBD, lights go off at 10:00 PMish)

Pertinent details re: the league itself:

WHEN: MONDAYS for 12 weeks (rainouts built in), looking at starting either 9/30 or 10/7 (I prefer 9/30 as we ALWAYS have rain outs and then boom, it's Christmas. Not trying to play fall ball in 2020)

WHERE: City Park Quad (Mid City)

WHO: all you weirdos and hopefully new weirdos who want to experience KOCC

WHY: duh, kickball iz lyfe

WHAT: ^see why

Dues: $40 (because I like to be transparent AF, here is the breakdown of dollhairs: $8.3 for fields, $1.7 to the league for balls and equipment, and $30 to each captain for jerseys).
Venmo (to me, we don't have a league venmo sadly): Jenny-Higgins (my pic is me holding 2 weenie dogs)
Paypal: [email protected] (please select "Friends & Family" so we don't get charged a fee)
Cash: in my hand

^If you pay via Venmo or Paypal, please add a note as to who you are paying for if multiple ppl. Make it easy on me, don't make my brain hurt.

I will add you to the google doc below once I receive payment. Only I will be able to edit, you can view. NO PAY, NO PLAY. But please monitor the spreadsheet and check for my errors, I guarantee I will make some.


Google doc link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u4Y_3rQ7VlJMZpiwy6g6b7M-45bWf1PvAefL78W1k8Q/edit?usp=sharing

docs.google.com Sheet1 #,First Name,Last Name,$40 Dues,Summer Team,#,First Name,Last Name,$40 Dues,Summer Team,#,Captains,In or Out,Theme 1,Darren,Siddons,Paypal 8/6,Maulers,1,Jenny,Higgins,Venmo 8/6,Sexyback,1,Derek Robichaux,In,The Sandlot 2,Jon,Frosch,Venmo 8/6,Ruebots,2,Laura,Barth,Venmo 8/6,Pirates,2,Mario...

[08/09/19]   Karaoke tonight at DMacs starting up at 11pm! Also Who Dat?! ⚜

[07/12/19]   Games are cancelled this Sunday. Be safe and stay dry!

[06/14/19]   The Summer is starting to heat up with 4 weeks of games already in the books.

This Sunday, June 16, features an impressive slate of games. Early playoff position potential games, teams searching for their first win, up and coming teams looking to build on their early season success, This Sunday will be Hot!

12:00 PM Ruebots vs Shockers
12:00 PM Cobra Kai vs 69ers
1:30 PM Bushwackers vs Fuzz
1:30 PM Tonics vs Hangovers
3:00 PM Sexyback vs Scallywags
3:00 PM Maulers vs Bad Habits
4:30 PM Red Army vs Juice Factory
4:30 PM DPRB vs Doom

Come out, grab a drink from DMacs Bar & Grill, and enjoy some Kickball!

[05/22/19]   Week 1 of the 2019 Season is in the books! A tough slate of inter-conference games see the High Life conference flexing it's muscles with a 7-2 record vs Jameson conference with only Sexy Back and Scallywags remaining as the undefeated teams in their conference.

Doom 8 - Ruebots 6
Maulers 6 - Fuzz 5
Hangovers 5 - Beat-Alls 4
69ers 7 - Bushwhackers 4
Pieholes 10 - Juice Factory 1
Scallywags 7 - Tonics 2
Sexy Back 15 - DPRB 1
Cobra Kai 4 - Red Army 2
Bad Habits 13 - Shockers 1


The kocc 2017 Fall Draft is underway! Thank you to everyone who signed up!

[09/10/17]   KOCC Fall Ball is rapidly approaching!

Only 40 spots left for the upcoming season. It's very not too late to sign up or get interested friends involved. Also, we've locked in the official date for the draft, same as mentioned before, next Sunday night the 17th at 730 at Treo.

Games will be Monday nights from October 9th. until December. 9 inning games at fields in City Park. $30 cash or PayPal to [email protected]. Put your name and # in the notes.

Come join the insanity.


The 2017 Summer KOCC Champions: Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers defeated the 69ers 4-3 in the championship to take home the trophy for the 3rd time.

On the other side of the brackets, the Ruebots fell to Juice Factory, to claim the Toilet Bowl honors.

Congrats to all of our teams for a great Summer!

[08/30/17]   The long hot summer if drawing to a close. This weekend is Championship Weekend at St Patrick's park.

12:00pm Red Army (1) vs 69ers (2)
12:00pm Toilet Bowl - Ruebots vs Juice factory
1:30pm Bushwhackers (1) vs Shockers (3)
3:00pm - All-Star Game
4:30pm Championship Game - High Life Conference vs Jameson Conference

6:00pm Kocc Season End Awards Ceremont/ Beat-Alls After Part Karaoke spectacular - Finn McCools

However, just because summer is ending, doesn't mean the fun has to end!

If you have ever been interested in joining this crazy spectacle, now is the time.

KOCC Fall League. Space is limited to 200 people. There will be a draft with 8 captains, so for the most part, teams will be balanced.

Games will be Monday nights from October 9th until December. Draft is on September 17th. We will play 9 inning games at fields in City Park Quad.

$30 cash or PayPal to [email protected] Please include your name and number with payment.

Come join the insanity.


Once again, those pesky kids will be all over the field at St Patricks all summer long! Welcome back to kickball!



KOCC Kickball's cover photo

[06/26/16]   Inter-conference Week#2 - June 26, 2016

Some great inter-conference games including two repeat playoff matchups and a toilet bowl repeat from last season!

12:00 PM Beat-Alls vs Hangovers
12:00 PM Cobra Kai vs Bushwackers
1:30 PM Pieholes vs 69ers
1:30 PM DPRB vs Furies
3:00 PM Juice Factory vs Bad Habits
3:00 PM Red Army vs Sexyback
4:30 PM Ruebots vs Shockers
4:30 PM Scallywags vs Tonics
6:00 PM Fuzz vs Maulers

[05/17/16]   Welcome to Summer 2016!

[06/15/15]   Follow us on Twitter and Periscope @theKOCC

[01/10/15]   2014 is in the Books.

The Pieholes have defended their Summer title over the Bad Habits.
Meanwhile, in Fall league, Stephanie Fisher's Wu Tang Killer Bees stung the Ghostbusters in a close one.

It was a great year of kickball.

Coming up soon is the annual King Cake/Crawfish/Oyster Extravaganza to raise money for the field at St. Patrick's park on January 25. $25 a head and you get a ton of food.

Come out and support your league.

[08/11/14]   Playoff Schedule:

Grass Field
Maulers (2) vs Pieholes (3) - 12:30
Cobra Kai (2) vs Bushwhackers (3) 2:00
69ers (1) vs Red Army (4) - 3:30
Bad Habits (1) vs Sexy Back (4) 5:00

Dirt Field:
Ruebots (8) vs Hangovers (9) - 2:30
Tonics (8) vs Beat-Alls (9) - 4:00

[07/27/14]   Week 9 Scores - July 20, 2014

Cobra Kai 5 - Bushwhackers 4
Bad Habits 14 - Tonics 2
Fuzz 11 - Beat alls 1
Sexyback 3 - DPRB 1
Maulers 4 - Red Army 2
Scallywags 5 - Ruebots 2
69ers 9 - Shockers 1
Furies 14 - Hangovers 2

[07/13/14]   Week 7 Scores:

Maulers 3 - Pieholes 0
Sexy Back 6 - Juice Factory 1
Beat Alls 3 - Dread Pirates 0
Shockers 2 - Furies 1
69ers 30 - Hangovers 0
bad Habits 3 - Bushwhackers 0
tonics 3 - Cobra Kai 1
Red Army 9 - Ruebots 0

[06/29/14]   Week 5 Scores -

Red Army 4 - Juice Factory 2
Pieholes 8 - Bad Habits 2
Sexy Back 3 - Maulers 1
Furies 14 - Beat-Alls 2
Scallywags 4 - Fuzz 1

Tonics - Shockers - Suspended
Dread Pirates - Hangovers - Suspended
Cobra Kai - Ruebots - Rescheduled
Bushwhackers - 69ers - Postponed

[05/28/14]   Week 2 scores.

Bad habits 4 - Dread pirates 0
Shockers 12 - Scallywags 4
Maulers 1 - Furies 0
Cobra Kai 18 - Beat-alls 0
Pieholes 16 - Hangovers 0
Juice Factory 3 - Bushwhackers 3
69ers 11 - Red Army 0
Fuzz 11 - Tonics 3

[05/20/14]   Week one Scores!

Furies 1 - Cobra Kai 4
Maulers 8 - Tonics 3
Scallywags 1 - Dread Pirates 1
Ruebots 2 - Bushwhackers 12
Hangovers 5 - Juice factory 9
69ers 16 - Beat-Alls 0
Red Army 1 - Fuzz 5
Shockers 0 - Bad Habits 4
Pieholes 4 - Sexy Back 1


KOCC Kickball's cover photo

[05/16/14]   The Summer 2014 Officially Kicks off this weekend!

Games start at 12 noon at St Patrick's Park.

Furies vs Cobra Kai -12:00pm - Dirt Field
Maulers vs Tonics - 12:00pm - Grass Field
Scallywags vs Dread Pirates 1:30pm - Dirt Field
Ruebots vs Bushwhackers 1:30 pm - Grass Field
Hangovers vs Juice factory 3:00 pm - Dirt Field
69ers vs Beat-Alls 3:00 pm - Grass Field
Red Army vs Fuzz 4:30 pm - Dirt Field
Shockers vs Bad Habits 4:30 pm - Grass Field
Pieholes vs Sexy Back 6:00 pm - Dirt Field

The After Party will be at The Holy Ground right after the games!

[05/04/14]   K.O.C.C. Social is Tomorrow!

Sunday, May 4, 2014 - Pickup Games 3 - 6pm St. Patrick's Park
Followed by the Tonics After Party at Rendon INN featuring the crawfish cooking wizardry of the CLESI.

[04/08/14]   "Summer is coming"

We'll see a rematch of last year's championship with the Pieholes playing Sexyback in the late game. 03/16/2014

KOCC 2014 Summer Season kicks off May 18th

KOCC 2014 Summer Season kicks off May 18th

We'll see a rematch of last year's championship with the Pieholes playing Sexyback in the late game. Kickball of Crescent City


4th of july pieholes bbq

[08/09/11]   August 14

12:30 - #2 69ers vs #3 Furies
2:00 - #2 Dread Pirates vs #3 Cobra Kai
3:30 - #1 Pieholes vs #4 Red Army
5:00 - #1 Bushwhackers vs #4 Sexy Back

Bar: The Saint

August 21

12:30 - #8 Defenders vs #9 Hangovers
12:30 - #8 Tonics vs #9 Beat-alls
2:00 - Girls Game
3:30 - High Life Conf - High Seed vs Low Seed
5:00 - Jameson Conf - High Seed vs Low Seed

Bar: Mick's

August 28

12:30 - All Star Game
2:00 - Toilet Bowl
3:30 - Championship Game
5:00 - Awards Ceremony at Finn McCools


Birthday Tubes


moments before being rescued


how sammy tubes


brief reversion to arctic tubes


Dread Pirates * Scallywags

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