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[07/03/21]   Ok my 5 pound left!!!!  Come quickly!!! Chicken salad available!!!! $10.00 a pound!! While supplies last!! Let me know if you want some!!! Goes great with barbecue!! 🤣post will be removed when sold out!!

[11/08/20]   Chicken salad is available today only!!! First come, first serve!!! 1 lb. container. $10.00. Must pickup at back door. We have a event from 2-4!!! PM us if you want some!!
Thank you ALL!! 😊

[09/19/20]   We have mums!!!! Get your fall on!!
Small are $7.00
Large are $15.00
Assorted colors!!!
Place your order today!!
We can drop them off if you need us too!! (Locally only, New Hope/OXR, Hampton Cove area)

[08/01/20]   A “HUGE” shoutout to everyone that made today’s event a big success!!! We could not do this without our tribe, that’s for sure!!!

There is no way I could ever do what I do without my bff’s, Billy and Janice Colburn. Poor Billy, he just does whatever we ask of him, if it’s ten trips to the store or if it’s just to give a tour of the building and answer questions about Dr. Carpenter, he’s the man, (Billy also learned today that you don’t take someone some crackers on a paper towel!!! 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️), and Janice Colburn, she so mild mannered, she just go with the flow!!! We can be going crazy and she like, whatever!!! Love you guys!! #blessed

Thank you, Doug and Amanda Fanning Browner for surprising us this morning by showing up to volunteer and help us out!! Doug was our upstairs go-to!! (He’s the only one that was physically able to scale the stairs!!🤣) and Amanda, she’s a lot like Janice, she just goes with the flow!!! Always willing to do whatever needs to be done!!! #famlove

Got a call last week from Donna Boyd Meadows saying, me and Mason will be there to help on Friday!!! They show up, jump right in and never complain!! Mason took home all the tips for the day!!! He worked hard!!! Great young man!!! Love to see kids work!!! (Hard work never hurt anybody!!)

Of course, we can’t forget Lorrell Thompson Vann and Teresa Keel for their tireless hours that keep the wheels turning!!! I love you all!!!!


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Dr. Carpenter’s Courtyard
It was work, but it was fun!!!!




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