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Shafiq Abdussabur, Helping to create “A Better Beaver Hills.


Happy New Year
New Haven ❤️


New Haven
Heart Broken for the Families.


2023 Choose Two Most Important:
- More Wealth
- Better Health
- More Family Time


What’s are you thinking for some NEW YEARS Resolutions?


Don’t worry about being great tomorrow. Just be “Your Best You” today


I am an expert at getting back up!


The Curtis Family has been a cornerstone in New Haven’s Beaverhills Community. A hard working and hard praying 🙏🏽 family. We wish you the best holiday and may you all stay blessed!

The New Haven Police Department Victim Advocate, Officer Nancy Jordan, hosted a raffle to raise money for a family who lost a loved one to a homicide. She raised enough money to donate $700 to the Curtis family. She presented the check to them and was happy to bring some support to them during this first Christmas while they were missing their loved one. She went on to quote her favorite poet, Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

New Havener Of The Year 12/28/2022

New Havener Of The Year

Honda Smith made a promise to herself and to her West Hills neighbors that, after retiring from three decades of working for the city, she would find a way to keep serving her neighborhood.

As a reborn westside community center thrives under her watch and neighbors keep busy and fed, that promise has been well kept.

Smith, 58, has spent nearly her entire adult life serving the people of New Haven in multiple capacities. As a public space enforcement officer for the city’s parks department. As a work zone and construction inspector for the public works department. As the alder for Ward 30’s West Rock/West Hills neighborhood. As the visionary who spearheaded the resurrection of The Shack by pulling together neighbors and allies from throughout town.

She has long been respected by her peers and city residents more broadly for her persistence, charity, selflessness, and commitment to public service.

But 2022 felt different.

New Havener Of The Year Honda Smith made a promise to herself and to her West Hills neighbors that, after retiring from three decades of working for the city, she would find a way to keep serving her neighborhood. As…


Final Winter Storm Update

From Rick Fontana, MS
Director, Emergency Operations
City of New Haven, CT
Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security

At 4:00 PM the temperature is holding at 40 degrees with the final droplets of rain departing for good, and roadways are drying with winds. There is a chance of snow flurries/squalls possible in the Artic air throughout 8:00 PM, and a localized snow coating cannot be ruled out. Still expect wind gusts tonight 40 MPH. There are no current outages. The temperature will drop to freezing looks closer to 5:00 PM. which will cause wet and puddled roadways and sidewalks to become hazardous.

Many roadways were covered with water and 8 were closed to travel. 4 separate incidents of vehicles going around barricades needing the occupants removed by NHFD. High tide was almost 3’ above normal causing roadways, parks, and the shoreline areas suffered the greatest impacts.

Parks DPW has trucks with sand/salt ready to deploy as needed, available tree crew on stand-by this evening and there is still a potential for scattered power outages. There are no current outages.




Teachers are the Frontline Workers for our children’s future.


We need housing for families.
3 bedrooms apartments to be exact. That is where the greatest Voucher supply is. That is also the group who has been on the 5yr waiting list.


Attendance and parents involvement or Not?
The State Education Staff stated that many children are absent do to -Homelessness, -Being a caretaker of their siblings (babysitting), - Mental Health/Trauma.

In addition they also stated that high absences are directly related to the high number of teacher absences and the high numbers of substitute teachers.

Parents are a part. But, there are millions of dollars that have been given to educate New Haven students and why 65% of New Haven Black students absent? What is the “why” behind this happening?


New Haven Education Meeting

5,200 Black students chronically absence.
65% Black kids?? This is an Alarm indicator.


Senate President Martin Looney

Good day please find herewith the pages for public to view tonight's meeting on New Haven Public Education by State legislators at 5 PM

Senate President Martin Looney Proudly representing New Haven, Hamden and North Haven in the Connecticut General Assembly.


Hanukkah 🕎 on the Green


Currently, NHPD officers are on standby looking to leave for other police departments (with 109 police departments needing a total of 1,000 officers).
Like our NHBOE Teachers, they are saying the same thing:
1- Overworked- 60hrs 70hrs per/wk
2- Can’t afford to live in the city- High Rents.
3- Working under an expired Contract.

The NHPD Union Labor contract expired this past July. It is 1 of 6 expired City union contracts that have not be negotiated to date.

Photos from IRIS - Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services's post 12/17/2022

Photos from IRIS - Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services's post


Shout Out To Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
In 2023, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 should DEMAND the right to Vote and Choose their own DESTINY. Right now they have “Taxation without Representation.”
Sound familiar?


My awesome Beautiful Granddaughter. First snow fall of the year and she acted like it was a blizzard. Making snowballs in our yard. The same yard her father made snowballs in when he was her age.

After, she went next door to her house. Yes, she lives next door. She represents the 6th Generation of her family from New Haven. I guess you could call her a Native Queen 👸🏽

This is what New Haven should be for all. This is the Vision.


I don’t have all the answers. But, I am willing to listen to people form solutions and fight to get them done!


In Jan. 2022 New Haven announce it received $115 million in American Rescue Plan -ARPA Funds
Tonight, 30k New Havener’s are still living with Food Insecurity.

Photos from Shafiq Abdussabur's post 12/12/2022

Enjoyed a snowy evening with my East Rock Family listening to great conversations by local author Lary Bloom.


‎ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ from Shafiq Abdussabur and Mubarakah Ibrahim. Just poppin in to give salaams.

Did you take your husband’s last name?
I did not


A Sunday Afternoon with author Lary Bloom- new book “I’ll Take New Haven”


We should make sure that Everyone in New Haven is never
Cold, Wet or Hungry!
Do you agree?


Homeless, Hungry and Surviving in New Haven Streets.

My Policy- “New Havener’s should never be cold, wet or hungry!”


Let’s end the “Out of Town Leadership Experiment!”
Imagine a 2023 New Haven Native.

Youngest U.S. Black mayor elected in Arkansas 12/07/2022

Youngest U.S. Black mayor elected in Arkansas

What can be accomplished when youth are made a priority.

Youngest (18yrs old) U.S. Black mayor elected in Arkansas.

Youngest U.S. Black mayor elected in Arkansas Jaylen Smith, 18, defeated Nemi Matthews Sr. in a runoff election Tuesday night.


Georgia Senate Election!
Just a remninder of why it’s so important to:
-Get Registered to VOTE
-And Show up and VOTE!!


About Affordable Housing-
Did you know that Currently when Affordable Housing is created in New Haven, it’s open to All Connecticut Residents?

Shockingly, New Havener’s are not guaranteed to be able to move into the various upcoming New Haven Units throughout the city.

New Haven needs to create a specific plan and policy to insure that New Haven Residents remain living in their New Haven Neighborhood and City.


Brooklyn-born 52 yrs old Hakeem Jeffries Becomes the highest-ranking African American in the House and become the first Black lawmaker to lead either party in the chamber.


Democracy is-Making sure all children are taught to read.
No matter their race or economic status.


Teachers Matter!


The best way to spend a Rainy Day.


Kool-Aid Free!!


Last school year, 84 percent of third graders in New Haven public schools read below their grade level, according to district reading assessment data.

Last week-For the first 45-day marking period, more than 42% of students so far have missed at least 10% of school days since late August.

Photos from Hang Time's post 11/22/2022

Reinvesting in People in New Haven


Hangtime in New Haven has restarted.
Charlie Grady “live and direct!”
Shout Out to Earl Bloodworth- New Haven Point Man!


$25M and $15.7M do all Americans have a fair chance to run for elected office?

I remember in the 6th grade teachers would ask us. Who wants to be president when you grow up? That was 1978.

Now in 2022, seems like you need to be a generational millionaire just to run for Mayor let alone Congress or the Senate.

Something is wrong with our American Democracy when wealth and status replaces the peoples will and day-to-day interest. $$$ is driving the future of our nations elected offices.

Want your public figure to be the top-listed Public Figure in New Haven?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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The “woke” era is over … it’s time to educate people and give them the tool to make change.~ Shafiq Abdussabur
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New Haven Artist Isaac Canady Exclusive Art Interview- Yale Unniversity
New Haven Artist Isaac Canady Exclusive Art Interview- Yale Unniversity



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