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Digital marketing consultant for WSI in Connecticut. WSI - We Simplify the Internet by working with We deliver all facets of digital marketing.

We take a holistic approach to all engagements to help you target your ideal customers by strategizing and implementing programs to drive more qualified traffic, convert that traffic to leads, and nurture the best leads into customers.If you haven't heard about us before, that is ok, unless you are actively looking at digital marketing companies there is no reason you should know us. But by the en


Tips on using social media to thrive in your business:

1. Post consistently so followers know what to expect from you.
2. Have fun with it. You want to provide fun ways to generate more leads and engage with your customers!
3. Know your audience and what they want to see from you. Responding accordingly can go a long way in boosting your engagement rates.


What is SEO? It is search engine optimization. What is it used for? To help you and your brand get discovered on the internet on a larger scale. Why use it? To help boost the success of your business.


We all want to attain social media success. That's why there are teams here to help you do it! Let us help you succeed on your social platforms!


Why is PPC also referred to as "hands-off" marketing? That's because, when used strategically, PPC marketing techniques can help your website do the work for you. All you have to do is sit back and allow your ads to be converted to engagement.


: One of the most important practices in social media? Learning everything you can about your audience! If you don’t know who your audience is, you can’t give them what they want. In turn, they won't care about your brand!

Small Business Guide to Social Media 10/14/2022

Social media can be a tricky beast to tackle. With this marketer's guide to social media, though, you should be able to build your strategy in no time!

Small Business Guide to Social Media Social media is a crucial business channel for marketing, advertising and customer service. Learn how to create an effective social media strategy.


Much like in your home, decluttering your website is important for ease of navigation. Even if you're excited to let everyone know all there is to know about your business, too much can be overwhelming. Showcase what's most important, and leave the rest for the deep links.

Google Explains the Difference Between Neural Matching and RankBrain 10/11/2022

Want to know the difference? Neural matching helps Google better relate words to searches, while RankBrain helps Google better relate pages to concepts.

Google Explains the Difference Between Neural Matching and RankBrain Google addressed questions going around the SEO community as of late related to neural matching and its used in search.


Regardless of your experience level, launching a website is a stressful, complicated task.

Fortunately, we have a guide of five steps you definitely want to take before launching your website.

1. Know your website’s purpose
2. Choose your website platform
3. Ensure mobile responsive design
4. Check your business & domain name
5. Know Your Branding


For optimum success, you should determine the best strategy for your PPC campaign. A/B testing can help. It allows you to focus on the best audience for your campaign, increasing the probability of its success.

Why People Click Out of YouTube Videos [New Data] 10/05/2022

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is a key platform for digital content marketing. In order to be the most successful on YouTube, you need to know how to attract AND KEEP viewers. Read on.

Why People Click Out of YouTube Videos [New Data] If viewers disengage with your YouTube videos, they'll click out and find better content from a competitor. We asked consumers what drives them to do this.

Timeline photos 10/04/2022

Even if your marketing is top-notch, the quality of your product can speak volumes. Studies show that customer reviews are 12x more trustworthy than marketing by the business. Be sure your product is just as sound as your marketing plan, and your consumers will follow.

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

To get your brand out there, you want to know your social platforms. Understand which social media outlets your target audience uses the most frequently and do your research on them. This way, you know the best way to communicate to your audience.

10 Tips to Win at Local PPC 09/30/2022

Want to drive more qualified visitors to your website who are further down the buyer funnel and more likely to convert?

PPC, done right, is incredibly valuable for businesses and brands of all sizes who want to grow and be profitable.

10 Tips to Win at Local PPC There are right and wrong ways to leverage a PPC budget. For local businesses, it's important to know the difference. Here are 10 ways to win at local PPC.

How to Get the Most out of Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy 09/28/2022

When business and transactions are conducted online, it goes without saying that a business's audience responds to an online presence. If you want the most out of your ecommerce business, a strong digital marketing strategy is key.

How to Get the Most out of Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Learn about the different approaches and resources you can reference to develop an effective ecommerce marketing strategy.

How to Create an Audience Profile, And Why You Should [+Examples] 09/27/2022

When planning a campaign, understanding your target audience is essential. To help get in this mindset, audience profiles or personas may be used. Here's how to create them.

How to Create an Audience Profile, And Why You Should [+Examples] Learn what to include in an audience profile, how to write an audience profile, and take a look at some examples for further inspiration.

The 15 benefits of having email automation workflows 09/26/2022

Email marketing is one of the biggest marketing channels available to small businesses - and one of the best for ROI. While email blasts and segmented campaigns are keystones of this channel, developing these can be time-consuming and challenging. Instead, try email automation workflows!

The 15 benefits of having email automation workflows With email workflows, you can nurture contacts and turn more leads into customers. Read more to see all the benefits of email automation workflows.

Timeline photos 09/24/2022

Not getting the engagement you should? Conduct a social media audit! Review your analytics to see what type of content works best with your consumer base...and what doesn't. Do you receive the most engagement with videos? Photos? BTS? Take a step back to take two forward.

Everything Should Not Be A Blog Post: Start Using Silos 09/21/2022

A content silo is a method of grouping related content together to establish the website's keyword-based topical areas or themes. Much like a farmer uses different silos to separate different grains, content silos are used to distinguish different themes.

Everything Should Not Be A Blog Post: Start Using Silos Having trouble deciding how content should be organized on your website? Rather than put everything on your blog, columnist Patrick Stox recommends silos.

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

A website should be like a well-labeled path - smooth, easily navigable, leading you to your destination. Plan your buyers' digital journey ahead of time. How will they get from page to page? Are the directions obvious? Planning will make for a smoother process.

5 Reasons Why Repeat Customers Are Better Than New Customers 09/19/2022

Did you know that on average, selling to new customers costs about 5 times what it costs to sell existing customers?

New customer acquisition is important, but don't forget that your loyal patrons are more reliable and more profitable. Learn more, here 👇

5 Reasons Why Repeat Customers Are Better Than New Customers When your business needs to increase revenue, where is the first place you look? Repeat customers have the power to drive your business. Here's why.

Ensure Your PPC Campaign Is Successful With These Tips 09/16/2022

If you want to get the best out of PPC marketing, your efforts have to be spot-on. To achieve your wanted result, read this article about how to ensure your PPC strategy is successful.

Ensure Your PPC Campaign Is Successful With These Tips To achieve the desired results, your marketing efforts have to be on-point. Here's how.

Organic Traffic: Common Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them 09/14/2022

Avoid distorting SEO goals and prove your strategy's ROI with these helpful tips!

Organic Traffic: Common Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them Not all organic visits from Google represent SEO traffic. Here's how to rethink organic traffic and why you should target non-brand keywords.

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

When building a website, title each page with concise, key-phrase rich headlines. The visitor should know what the webpage will cover within the first couple of seconds of visiting the page, so they don't become frustrated by not finding what they're looking for.

Council Post: 13 Social Media Trends For Brand Builders To Consider In 2022 09/12/2022

Looking to establish a powerful social media presence this year? Consider these 2022 social media trends for brand builders.

Council Post: 13 Social Media Trends For Brand Builders To Consider In 2022 Creating a strong brand is all about influencing what consumers think about your offerings and your company, and social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for shaping their perception.

Google shares tips for success in Google News search results 09/09/2022

A lot has changed in the world of search engine optimization.

However, certain fundamental principles remain unchanged. Take a refresher (or first look) at Google's SEO best practices.

Google shares tips for success in Google News search results Get reacquainted with best practices for getting your content in Google News.

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

Ranking #1 in Google is completely worthless if your website is not designed properly to convert that traffic into leads and sales! Get help applying SEO strategies to your website today, to ensure your success!

The Benefits of Local Marketing Strategies Can Increase Business 09/06/2022

Small businesses may not have the infrastructure to compete with larger corporations, but their ability to reach local markets gives them a unique edge. Learn more here 👇

The Benefits of Local Marketing Strategies Can Increase Business Local businesses get a marketing advantage when it comes to marketing online. Learn about local marketing and what you can do to reap the benefits.

How to Run a Focus Group for Your Business 09/05/2022

Focus groups are a great way to test a product or campaign before it reaches the public, but carrying out the group requires the right knowledge. Read on to learn more.

How to Run a Focus Group for Your Business Plan your data-rich focus group with these questions, template, and agenda that will help you incorporate the findings into your launch strategy.

Timeline photos 09/03/2022

Looking to improve your bounce rate? Declutter your site for faster load times.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. Everyone has clicked off a website in frustration because it just didn’t load fast enough. Ideally, your website should load within three seconds. Otherwise, you could be losing valuable customers!

40 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Results 08/31/2022

Email marketing can be one of the most effective promotional channels at your disposal, but also one of the easiest to get wrong. As users become more accustomed to trashing emails, marketers must up the value of their email content.

40 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Results Email marketing is challenging. Tip the odds of success in your favor with these 40 email marketing tips, covering everything you need to know to succeed.

10 Highly Effective Web Design Tips Backed by Research 08/30/2022

Beauty is in the eye of the mouse-holder - but a website cannot succeed solely through compelling design or thought-provoking content.

Here are 10 tips to ensure that you're heading in the right direction and aren't turning customers away!

10 Highly Effective Web Design Tips Backed by Research Are visitors feeling only lukewarm about your website? These science-based web design tips will help you create a site they will love instead.

Timeline photos 08/29/2022

Want to know how your business or website is performing in terms of SEO? Analytics can provide valuable information, but perhaps the most direct metric is to look for yourself.

Using a VPN or private browser to avoid any data bias, search for your company by name, industry, product/service, and other categories. See how far you place from the #1 spot.

Timeline photos 08/26/2022

When designing your website, you have to be original. There are many websites on the internet, and to stand out, yours has to be different and interesting.

Timeline photos 08/24/2022

According to a recent survey, these are the top 4 reasons consumers click on paid search ads. Are your paid ads answering consumer needs?

Timeline photos 08/23/2022

In today's world, most of the population is tapped into social media - which is why you should take advantage of its benefits for your business! From increasing brand awareness to generating leads and increasing web traffic, social media can be a game changer for your business.

Timeline photos 08/22/2022

To reach your business network, don't forget the power of email. Studies show that 86% of consumers prefer email for business communication, and tapping into your network can help you establish relationships and potential collaborations your audience will appreciate.

Do AR Product Previews Actually Lead to Purchases [New Research] 08/19/2022

Augmented reality is the next innovation in bringing products to life before the consumer. AR goes beyond photographs to give buyers a stronger sense of a product, but is it worth implementing practically? Read on.

Do AR Product Previews Actually Lead to Purchases [New Research] To learn if augmented reality is actually a beneficial marketing tool, I asked 300 consumers about their experiences with AR product previews.

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

When using a PPC marketing strategy, you have a greater chance of increasing engagement. Marketing takes time, so let PPC ads help decrease the time you spend on increasing engagement.


It's more important than ever to have a distinct voice for your brand and engage with customers on a human level.

Social media is set up for creating a visual brand, allowing you to develop an identity and a voice to showcase your brand values and engage with followers.

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