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Herrin Farms and Produce


It is only through your outpouring of support for our growing market that our farmers are able to expand, improve, grow their product offerings. Herrin Farms and Produce are busy on these last pretty days of fall!

That makes our hearts happy to see our farmers planting new crops, new varieties, and ordering their seeds to prepare to meet the needs of our community. For that, we are sincerely thankful :)
This is just another reason we LOVE our farmers and our community. Wise words from our friends at Herrin Farms and Produce. Your support of our market matters to these farmers more than you can imagine.
Bringing farmers and makers together with our community members is win for everyone involved.
If you didn’t stop by the Tuesday Neosho Farmers Market you are missing out on great produce! Got these tiny tomatoes from Herrin Farms and Produce here in Neosho! Dinner without cooking: watermelon from the local fruit stand by Walmart or Taco Bell, cobb salad mix with dressing from ALDI USA with fresh tomatoes from the farmers’ market! Bursting with flavor! Worth every penny! I will be there Saturday morning!
It's peak tomato season and we've got them in all shapes and sizes!
Sunflower Farm, Herrin Farms and Produce, Smiling Dog Farm, Nectar Valley Farm home of “The Jelly Experiment“ , and Lee Harvest Farm have all a variety of tomatoes.
Small, large, yellow, heirloom, slicing, canning, cherry and much more are available at the market this Saturday.

9 to noon, directly across from the Neosho Library.
You'd be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your Saturday morning than in Historic Downtown Neosho enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of your hometown farmers market.

This week won't disappoint as we host our first Dog Days of Summer contest! Bring your leashed dog to the market where we will having a photo contest for your pup. There will be a winner in 3 categories and the winner receives $15 in market tokens.
Our market lot is overflowing with peak season freshness. This week expect to see a host of fresh picked cucumbers, lots of tomatoes from tiny to hearty, large slicing tomatoes, to classic heirlooms. Green beans are in abundance as are assorted fresh picked herbs, live native wildflowers, potatoes and onions. It's hot pepper time and we've got them. From small, sweet peppers, to jalapenos and everything in between.

Gorgeous loaves of fresh artisan-made breads, sourdough products, hot rolls, and pizza crusts will be available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Gluten-free and keto options of artisan style baked goods are available.

Lovely cut flowers to grace your table and dried local grown lavender to add a special scent to your home.

Pasture raised eggs will be available to make breakfast even better. It's not a trip to the market without a sweet treat or two and tomorrow we will have two artisan bakers offering up delicious hand made goodies. From cinnamon rolls, to cookies, to quick breads, to muffins, it's hard to leave empty handed :)

The egg rolls will be ready and piping hot, the lemonade, iced teas, and coffee drinks will be ice cold. For the kiddos, there's dye-free snowcones and cotton candy. There's ready to eat snacks and treats and even sandwiches for the hungry.
Local, chemical free honey will be available in a variety of sizes.

Grab your shopping list and make plans to find your favorite farmer and talk with them about how they raise those tomatoes and peppers. How did they grow that celery or okra, get to know them and find out! We love our customers, our community and strive to bring locally produced goods into the hands of our family and friends.

The market is open twice weekly, on Saturdays from 9 to noon, and Tuesdays from 4 to 7 in Historic Downtown Neosho, directly across from the Neosho Newton County Library.

Here's who's we're expecting at the market this Saturday:

Dogwood Hills
Shack on the Rock
Lilly’s Mad Batters
One Tree Farm
Smiling Dog Farm
Redings Mill Bread
Our Little Piece Of Heaven
Desserts First
Herrin Farms and Produce
Treasures Of Eden's Body Boutique
Sweet Springs Gardens
Sweet Springs Drinks
Little People's Kitchen
Lee Harvest Farm
CountrySide HillBilly Bees
Sunflower Farm
Kiele Gardens
Our market has been blessed this year to have great farmers that have enjoyed a HUGE tomato harvest. We have seen tomatoes of all types, colors and sizes.
Come check out the wide variety of tomatoes TODAY at our Tuesday evening market. The weather is gearing up to be perfect for a delightful market day.
We've got beautiful heirloom tomatoes from Sunflower Farm. Herrin Farms and Produce is bringing a truckload of fresh picked slicing and canning tomatoes. Our Little Piece Of Heaven has cherry tomatoes and Sweet Springs Gardens has tomatoes of all varieties!
Today is the day to stop by and grab your favorite tasty tomato in Historic Downtown Neosho. 4 to 7, directly across from the Neosho Library.
Make sure to stop by the market tomorrow to get your tomato fix! Our friends over at Herrin Farms and Produce have an abundance of fresh picked tomatoes! Our Little Piece Of Heaven, Smiling Dog Farm, and Sunflower Farm will also bringing a variety of tomatoes.

4 to 7, directly across from the Neosho Library.
Big slicing tomatoes, little cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes and more!
It's tomato time and our market is the place to get them :)
No matter what type of tomato you prefer, we have them. Our farmers have been working all season long to have a bumper harvest. More and more tomatoes are rolling in each week.
Smiling Dog Farm has a variety of lovely heirlooms, Sunflower Farm has golden Sun Gold tomatoes and Cherokee Purple, Our Little Piece Of Heaven has cherry tomatoes, Herrin Farms and Produce has large Big Boy and Better Boy slicing tomatoes as well as Lee Farm.
Stop by the market this Saturday to browse all the tomato offerings and chat with the farmers about their harvest and how they select their favorite varieties to grow. This Saturday from 9 to noon, directly across from the Neosho library.
Today is the day for our Tuesday evening market!

It's the perfect time to stop by for a quick take-out meal for dinner made with market fresh ingredients. Sweet Springs Gardens is firing up the grill tonight offering hibachi grilled chicken with market fresh veggies. Stop by and give it a try! Herrin Farms and Produce is bringing LOTS of large, juicy slicing tomatoes tonight. Smiling Dog Farm, Sunflower Farm and Our Little Piece Of Heaven will all be bringing freshly picked produce.
Creamy Hills Dairy is bringing along some grill bundles in both beef and pork options. Grilling is a great idea to not heating up the house on these warm summer nights.
Lilly’s Mad Batters is with us tonight with assorted quick breads, mini peach pies, and some fresh garlic herb foccacia bread. One Tree Farm is ready for the heat with fresh squeezed lemonade and a freshly made batch of lemon curd.

Plan a stop at the market tonight in Historic Downtown Neosho from 4 to 7, directly across from the Neosho Library!
This Saturday market has the making of great things! It's been hot and the heat loving crops are gaining their stride. Expect to see lots of tomatoes! Cucumbers, assorted herbs, garlic, summer squashes, blackberries, onions, potatoes, jalapenos, lots of green beans, peppers and much more are on the market tables. Smiling Dog Farm, Sunflower Farm, Herrin Farms and Produce, Our Little Piece Of Heaven, and Lee Farm are all bringing produce. Sunflower Farm will have Sun Gold tomatoes and Smiling Dog is bringing some heirloom tomatoes. Kiele Gardens bringing some ready to bloom sedum and from the kitchen, gluten free sourdough buckwheat bread and crumpets along with sourdough English muffins. Joy's Prairie LLC is bringing their DIY elderberry gummy and popsicle kits. Redings Mill Bread has been busy creating in the kitchen and will be bringing a gorgeous garden loaf (pictured), plus their bluberry loaf, herb loaf and roasted garlic loaf.
Desserts First is baking on this hot day today and will be bringing assorted cupcakes, cookies, keto treats, and bread. CountrySide Bees joins us with local honey in a variety of sizes. One Tree Farm has a new lemonade flavor for the week, Pina Colada! They will also have a fresh made batch of lemon curd and pastured eggs. Egg rolls will be ready and lemonade will be flowing.
Grab your shopping list this Saturday and check out everything our farmers and bakers have been busy creating! This Saturday and EVERY Saturday, and now Tuesday. 9 to noon directly across from the Neosho Library in Historic Downtown Neosho.
It's tomato time!
Tomatoes are finally coming on strong at the market. One of our farmers who specializes in tomatoes is Herrin Farms and Produce. This family takes tomato growing seriously. Sam and his entire family have 500 tomato plants! It takes a lot of time and work to maintain that kind of crop. They have worked for years to improve their farming methods to increase their yield and offer the very best final product.

They specialize in the big slicing tomato varieties such is Big Boy, Better Boy, etc. However, they also grow the very tiny tomato variety called Candyland which are bite size, smaller than a cherry tomato. Tomatoes isn't their only offering, Sam and family also grow a variety of peppers, squash, green beans and blackberries.
Growing food for your table is what Herrin Farms and Produce does well. Stop by the market this Saturday to meet Sam and ask how he farms his 500 tomato plants. Learn about their favorite varieties what it takes to harvest their crop.
This Saturday 9 to noon, or Tuesday 4 to 7, directly across from the Neosho Library in Historic Downtown Neosho.
Tomorrow is shaping up to be a great market! Our farmers have reported they are thankful for the rain! Lots of produce is ready and they are harvesting the goods today. Here's what to expect tomorrow: cucumbers, green beans, onions, potatoes, assorted herbs, garlic, okra, banana peppers, green peppers, tomatoes (both slicing and cherry), radishes, carrots, kale, salad mixes, and summer squashes. Stevens Family Farm has eggplant ready and will be bringing it along. Our Little Piece Of Heaven, Lee Farm, Smiling Dog Farm, Sweet Springs Gardens, and Herrin Farms and Produce will all be bringing produce. Sunflower Farm has a variety of cut flowers and Kiele Gardens will be bringing some coreopsis and grey head coneflower along with basil. From the kitchen it's gluten free cocoa/caraway buckwheat sourdough bread and various varieties of biscuits, plus sourdough english muffins. Herrin Farms and Produce will be bringing blackberries! Lilly’s Mad Batters is back this week with several varieties of quick breads plus chocolate and apple mini pies. Desserts First will be serving up freshly baked cookies, keto goodies, cinnamon rolls, and muffins.
Countryside Bees joins us with locally harvested honey. One Tree Farm will be offering fresh cherry limeades this week in addition to lemonades. They are also bringing pasture raised chicken and a fresh made batch of lemon curd along with pastured eggs.
Shack on the Rock, Dogwood Hills, and Treasures Of Eden's Body Boutique will also be on hand. Dogwood Hills will be bringing lavender sachets!
Joy's Prairie LLC will be on hand serving up their homemade ice cream with fresh elderberry syrup (it's so tasty :) ).
R & J Farms has assorted produce and microgreens ready to mix in to your salads!
Stop by this Saturday to stock your pantry and support your local farmers. Get to know them and learn how they are growing the crops that are feeding your family. Ask about their tomato varieties or their favorite bean. They are eager to share.
9 to noon, directly across from the Neosho Library #neoshofarmersmarket

Locally grown produce for Southwest Missouri! We sell at markets around the area! Like and follow this page for updates on produce & market adventures!

Operating as usual

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 03/17/2022

Let’s see all the green on this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

We’re getting closer to warmer days, greener fields and a new season.

“May the rains sweep gentle across your fields, May the sun warm the land, May every good seed you have planted bear fruit and late summer find you standing in fields of plenty”

An Irish Farm Blessing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🌈


Talk a walk in the blackberry patch!

Even with the summer gone, work and growth doesn’t stop! We’ve expanded our berries just a bit in hopes to meet demand in the future. The goal is to get in about 200 plants! We can almost already taste the blackberry cobblers and pies made with the berries harvested from these beauties.

(Can you spot the farmer in the white shirt?)

We hope everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving! 🦃


With each beautiful sunset we are reminded that a new day always comes and with that the opportunity to work the land we were so graciously given.
The summer season of 2021 has come to a close. Like every season before, we look back and see the multitude of blessings we have received.
We couldn’t thank all of you enough for supporting our work that we have put our blood, sweat & tears into. We love seeing customers/friends enjoy the product of many long days. As farmers, we rely so much on faith. Faith in our land, produce, the weather, and so many other contributing factors. But most of all our faith in our community. In which, you all have never failed us. We’ve received so much love and support through the years. Every year we are reminded why we love doing this work. We truly thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for showing us what an amazing community we are apart of. We hope to continue to serve you all through many more years!

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” – Genesis 8:22

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 08/15/2021

Tis The Season For Okra!

The okra is plentiful this time of year. Did you know, okra is rich in magnesium, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, K1, and A. It’s definitely a healthy treat.
We do get a lot of questions on how you can fix/eat okra. Here are some recipes to help you out if you’re stumped:

•Okra With Tomatoes (would pair perfectly with our itty bitty tomatoes)

•Southern Fried Okra (Grandma Herrin’s Favorite)

•Easy Baked Okra

•Pickled Okra

Get ahold of us to snatch up your homegrown okra.
Call 417-312-0366 or message us on FB.

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 08/13/2021

Hey southwest MO 👩🏼‍🌾

We would love to see y’all at the Neosho Farmers Market tomorrow morning, 9-12!

Come see us, get some goodies & chat with local growers! ☀️


Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes 🍅

Lots of red on the table today!
The market is alive and you don’t want to miss it. There is so much to see & buy.

Come see us today, Neosho Farmers Market 9-12 across from the library! 👩🏼‍🌾

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 08/06/2021

It’s Friday which means the weekend is upon us! With the weekend comes the Neosho Farmers Market. 🍅

This market will be packed with greatness all around! It’s artisan day which creates the opportunity to come see unique vendors and events all while shopping for your locally grown produce. So, come out and see us, bring a friend, the family or your dog! 🐶☀️

We will have:
-slicers tomatoes
- itty bitty tomatoes
- jalapeños
- bell peppers
- okra

Neosho Farmers Market, across from the library 9-12!

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 08/03/2021


Come see us after work, on an evening town run or just for fun! Get your vine ripened tomato for dinner or your Wednesday lunch (one of the Herrin’s favorite is a bacon & tomato sandwich 😋)

Enjoy all the goods that the Neosho Farmers market has to offer. Tomorrow afternoon, 4-7!


Do you need canning tomatoes? We’ve got you covered! 🍅

As canners ourselves, we understand the importance of good quality produce for your canning needs. Our canning tomatoes are carefully graded and picked out just for you! We want to get you & your family set up for those winter months when you’re really missing those vine ripened tomatoes!

We do have a list for our canning tomatoes! If you would like to be put on the list please send us a message on Facebook or give us a call at (417) 312-0366.

When ordering please include:
-your name
-your number
-how many pounds you are wanting

We do not have limitations on how many pounds you are wanting! Just a reminder, there is a list & we will be going down that list. We will get ahold of you as soon as we have your produce.

Thank you all so much for your constant support. We love getting our community local farm fresh produce!


Come see us this morning & get your fresh local produce! 👩🏼‍🌾

Neosho Farmers Market, 9-12, across from the library!

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/30/2021

We survived the heat, so far! ☀️
We’re hoping it won’t be as hot tomorrow morning during all the wonderful shopping our customer might be doing.
We hope to see you all (even with the heat) tomorrow morning @ the Neosho Farmers Market, 9-12 across from the library.
What to expect from us:
-itty bitty tomatoes
- jalapeños & banana peppers
- bell peppers
- cucumbers

Photos from Spencer Hill Homestead's post 07/29/2021

We love to see y’all enjoying the fruit of our labor!

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/28/2021

Canners for Juicing! 🍅

These smaller than slicer tomatoes are perfect for juicing! A necessity in the Herrin household for the winter months.

We are selling these little guys for 50 cents/ pound.

Claim these beauties by messaging us! We have limited quantities.

Happy Wednesday! ☀️

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/27/2021

Come see us today, 4-7, at the Neosho Farmers Market! ☀️🍅

Also, we currently have a family friend in the hospital due to Covid. He is fighting for his life. Please pray & help this sweet family as they go through a difficult time. ❤️

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/27/2021


We will be at the Neosho Farmers Market this afternoon, 4-7!

What we’ll have to offer you on our first Tuesday:
- itty bitty tomatoes
- cucumbers
- jalapeños & banana peppers!

We’d love to see you guys!


Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes 🍅 we’ve got plenty to go around!

What better way to spend your Saturday morning then supporting local farmers & vendors! ☀️

Come see us @ the Neosho Farmers Market! 9-12 across from the library.

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/23/2021

We’re fresh from picking & excited to bring some homegrown produce to the Neosho Farmers market tomorrow, 9-12 across from the library! 🍅
It’s been a hot one today but our supper tonight makes it all worth it. A hamburger topped with a vine ripened Herrin tomato! 😋🍔
What to expect at the market tomorrow:
- tomatoes
- itty bitty tomatoes
- zucchini & squash
- cucumbers
- jalapeños
- banana peppers
- bell peppers

We hope to see familiar & new faces!


Come see us @ the Neosho Farmers Market!
9-12 across from the library! 👩🏼‍🌾💚

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/16/2021

Fri-YAY! 🎉

It’s the end of the work week & that means we’re headed into the weekend!

We’re definitely in a weekend mood because tomorrow we get to bring some fresh produce to all the amazing customers @ the Neosho Farmers Market ( across from the library, 9-12)

What to expect from us:
- vine ripened tomatoes!
- lots of itty bitty tomatoes!
- zucchini & squash
- cucumbers
- jalapeños, banana peppers & bell peppers!

Can’t wait to see y’all there! 👩🏼‍🌾


We’re looking into the future and it’s RED.

Good morning southwest mo ☀️

We are blessed to finally say that our vine ripened tomatoes will be at the Neosho Farmers market this Saturday! We are so thankful for all our loyal customers patience as our tomatoes took their sweet time perfecting their goodness. 🍅

We can’t wait to see everyone and share in the joy that a good homegrown tomato brings!



If you would like to be on the list for canning toms then please send us a message with:
-How many pounds you are wanting!

When we have your canning tomatoes ready, we will message/ call you & discuss pick up! 👩🏼‍🌾

We are located in Neosho, Missouri!

*Disclaimer: please know that we will be moving down the list, so being on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will get canning tomatoes this season.


Come see us & other amazing vendors @ the Neosho Farmers Market, 9-12. Directly across from the library! 👩🏼‍🌾

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/10/2021

Good evening SWMO! 👩🏼‍🌾

We will be at the Neosho Farmers Market tomorrow, 9am-12pm!

What to expect:
-Yukon potatoes
-itty bitty tomatoes
- jalapeños
-green bell peppers
- zucchini & squash
- banana peppers

We can’t wait to see familiar and new faces! 💚


God Bless America 🇺🇸

Happy 4th from our family to yours ❤️🤍💙


Come see us today @ Neosho Farmers Market! 👩🏼‍🌾

Get all your goodies for the 4th of July from us and the other amazing vendors 🎇

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 07/03/2021

Good evening Southwest MO!

July 4th weekend is upon us & we hope to see you at the market getting fresh goodies for your celebrations! 🎆

We will have fresh….
- bell peppers
- zucchini & squash
- cucumbers
- jalapeños and banana peppers
-…..and some of our itty bitty tomatoes!!! 🎉

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace”

Once again, we are awaiting the arrival of our vine ripened tomatoes. We are SO close but we are trusting the process. ❤️

Sometimes tomatoes are stubborn and certainly are on their own time! 😉

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 06/25/2021

The time has arrived…! 🎉
Herrin Farms will be at the Neosho Farmers Market tomorrow, 9-12!
We have different varieties of fresh produce to offer. Such as…
-green and purple beans
- zucchini and squash
- cucumbers
- jalapeños, bell peppers & banana peppers!

We are IMPATIENTLY awaiting the arrival of our vine ripened tomatoes and our itty bitty cherry tomatoes. They are taking their time to ripen but that must mean they are perfecting their deliciousness. 🍅

We hope to see y’all there! ❤️

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 06/13/2021

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not the body, but the soul.” 💚

We are inching closer to market time!! Our tomatoes are thriving and they have lots of green on them. We’re hoping to see red in a couple weeks! 🍅

We can’t wait to see our loyal customers again, see new faces & enjoy the gift of the summer season (especially bacon & tomato sandwiches 😋).

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 05/26/2021

Have you ever tried our itty bitty cherry tomatoes?

They taste just like candy! 🍬

These Candyland Reds go perfect in salads or to just eat straight from the box! They have certainly become a hit with our customers.

If you already love these itty tomatoes, let us know your favorite way to eat them 👇🏻

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 05/15/2021

Dreaming of vine ripened tomatoes on this rainy afternoon? 😴🌧

Our tomato plants are looking healthy and are growing at a substantial rate! We can’t wait till these beautiful plants start dropping vine ripened homegrown tomatoes. I guess dreams really do come true...!


Many of you have asked about our Tuesday market. We will be starting our Tuesday evening market once the produce starts coming on strong, usually in late June to early July.
Last year was our first season for a mid-week market and we were blown away by the support! Our farmers have even ramped up their production to have enough to support a twice weekly market.
Stay tuned to our page for the latest information on all the market events and dates! #neoshofarmersmarket

Photos from Herrin Farms and Produce's post 05/08/2021

The blackberry bushes are looking spiffy after a nice trim!

It seems the extreme cold weather we had back in February may have nipped some of them. Blackberries usually come back strong so we’re sure we’ll have plenty this season! 🖤


Meet the Farmer Pt. 1

Sam Herrin

Favorite produce to grow: tomatoes
Favorite produce to pick: blackberries
Favorite produce to eat: tomatoes

“I’ve been raising produce since ‘93. It got kicked off by the interest of more clean eating & canning by my grandparents. Our family has always grown produce and canned for as long as I can remember. My kids have been helping since they were little. I love growing because of the satisfaction that comes along with the customers happiness and homegrown produce. The appeal of direct from farm to consumer is the utmost freshness. You’re not able to get that from the store. We believe people deserve fresh local produce, especially vine ripened tomatoes. We hope the community lets us serve them for more years to come”

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12753 Palm Rd
Neosho, MO

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