Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.

Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.


Hi, I've got a 2008 Saturn Aura XR 3.6 that needs transmission work (solenoid). Do you do this type of work? I'm in Naugatuck.
Happy Easter to both of you and your families. I hope everyone is healthy. Have a great day.
hows nova
what up
Roger found a picture of one of you when you were little lmao!
hey anyone lookin for a Sportster maybe! :-)

I could see U boys doin this after buildin a bike w/ all the skid plates on the bottom & that tail piece! :-)
Happy Birthday, Tony! 🎈
Happy birthday Tony!
Thought you might agree
hey here's a way to work on Ford's & can we start w/ my wife's! LOL ;-)

Pro Automotive and Motorcycle provides services for all cars and trucks, along with motorcycles.

We also provide custom fabrication services, along with motorcycle dyno-tuning.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 10/12/2022

3" true duals for this beautifully restored k3500.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 08/09/2022

Repaired some damage on this oil pan caused by a manhole cover. From the looks of this part, it's nothing special, your average sbc pan. However, when this average pan bolts on the bottom of a sbc in civic, it makes it pretty special. Hopefully the customer will bring it by after he reinstalls the pan.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 08/04/2022

It's safe to say we have some time into this silverado turbo setup. But we are happy with the outcome, unfortunately the transmission is not. The manifolds were crafted from schedule 10 pipe and the exhaust flanges are a beefy 3/8", both of which are 304 stainless. Down pipe and wastegate pipe are both 304 16g, downpipe is polished. Cross over incorporates 2 v-bands on each side for a leak free seal. The wastegate is mounted in an readily accessible area so spring change is not a hassle. Stock ignition wires can be used with ample clearance so there is no need to worry about burning wires. Cold side is 6061, with a mishimoto air to air intercooler. Unfortunately when we were tuning it the transmission decided it had enough. New transmission and some more boost to come soon!🤙

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 07/29/2022

Stainless duals for this beautiful D150. The customer bought this truck off the show room floor in 1978. At the time he purchased it, he had just enough money to add a 440 under the hood. We appreciate the opportunity to work on this beauty.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 06/13/2022

Stainless, shorty 2 into 1 for this street glide. Stepped 1.75 to 1.875, merging into a 2.5. We have a removable baffle, but after hearing it with nothing, there's no way it's getting installed. Definitely an aggressive sounding exhaust. Mounts in the factory location and retains the oxygen sensors. All components we made in the USA.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/24/2022

True duals for this silverado. 409 from the cats, back to some custom 4" 304 tips.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/15/2022

69 camaro in for an exhaust, and tune. This is the first time we have had to make tailpipes that go under the differential. With the triangulated 4 link and beefy axle housing, even with the tightest center line radius bends, we could not go over. Still plenty of ground clearance, and no more drone. The customer left it up to us to decide on tips, so we fabricated some dual outlet stainless wambajambas, for some extra pizzazz.


Will this forgotten Corvette run again?

Will this forgotten Corvette run again?

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 03/23/2022

Nothing wrong with working late, especially when is on some LS's.


Brothers who cam together, eat strawberry jam together.

We don't frequently close early, but when we do it's for tire slaying.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 01/20/2022

Cool ram in for a leveling kit, ball joints, brake work, and a custom exhaust.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 01/11/2022

Ang putting in work!

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 01/05/2022

An extra half foot on this 2021 Denali, thanks to a BDS lift. Top that off with some mud diggers and a straight pipe, and she's good to go. Only slight trimming of this new trucks fenders/bumper was required.


Just a light tire slaying.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 12/09/2021

A little frame repair on a jeep.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 11/21/2021

Lately it seems like every car show you go to, frequent posts on automotive related social media, and even just driving to or from work, you are bound to see a c10. We didn't set out to build anything that would stick out in a crowd, or really draw much attention. And for the most part that holds true. Like most c10 modifications we started with the suspension, front drop spindles and springs, and installing the differential on top of the leaf springs, rather than underneath. When it came time to upgrade the tired 4.3, we figured we would just use one of the ls engines we have waiting to be installed in something. This is where we started to shift our thinking, we actually installed a bone stock lm7 and drove it for a couple days. The result was only first gear burnouts, and lackluster acceleration. So a turbo seemed like the cheapest solution. While it is still a sbe lm7 with the exception of arp rod bolts and gapped rings, the top end doesn't and valvetrain only retained the intake manifold. We had a lot of fun fabricating everything for this truck, from the schedule 40 manifold, to the coolant overflow, many hours went into this truck. Currently tuned for only 10psi, and we are happy to say, she's a tire slayer. Short idle video is in the comments.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 11/12/2021

Jeep life.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 11/02/2021

After a while tuning, it was determined that we needed a larger capacity radiator, so we added a mishimoto. Only running 7psi on spring pressure, and it moves much better than the original TBI or TPI. In the future, if the customer wants to change these boat anchor heads and stock TBI bumpstick to something aimed more at performance, we're sure she'll be a little ripper. For now it's a tame cruiser.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 11/01/2021

Had a chance to finish up the Syclone. The internal waste gate was was not able to adequately regulate the boost pressure, so a tial 38mm was installed as well as a dump pipe. To finish it up, we added an oil catch can that fits tidy on the inside of the fender. The customer will enjoy the truck for the rest of the season, with big plans in the future. 🤙

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 10/22/2021

We're pretty stoked we had the opportunity to work on one of the coolest production trucks ever built. In 91 the syclone was faster in the 1/4 mile than a Corvette, and even a 348 Ferrari. To help this guy go faster we upgraded the turbo, along with a 3 inch turbo back exhaust. Getting the factory water to air intercooler to work took some pie cuts, as the CLR was too tight to use something mandrel bent. We love pie cuts anyway 🥧. The customer has a few more upgrades planned in the future.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 08/02/2021

Some Dom tubing.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 07/22/2021

Notched frame for this clean Monte Carlo to clear some 22's.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 07/02/2021

Generally completing someone else's project never goes as planned, and this nova was no exception. The car arrived needing the bulk of the engine harness installed, the entire fuel system, exhaust and cooling system to name a few. The engine was recently built and was also never fired. We started with the simplest tasks first, relocating the ECM and fuse box to inside the car, figuring out the correct sensors required, mating the torque converter to the back of the ly6. When those tasks were completed we started with the fuel system, which again was very straight forward. Infact, everything went very well up until the time we went to start the engine. After priming the fuel system and checking for leaks, it was time to turn the engine over. After cranking for a few seconds we anticipated it would fire right up, just like the previous ls swaps of the past. That assumption was wrong. After double and triple checking the hardwiring of the system(which is extremely simple)no issues were found. So we check for spark, nothing, also no injector signal. However we had an rpm signal. First thought is crank position sensor, so we check that, it was used and the customer wanted a new one so without checking it on an oscilloscope we replaced it. Still nothing. We reverted the computer back to a stock tune thinking there was a corrupt fine, but still nothing. Finally we decided to trace the wires from the crank sensor to the ECM, all check out fine. So we removed the connector from the ECM to test resistance, low and behold two pins on the ECM were bent enough that they did not line up with their counterparts on the main connector. So we aligned them properly and reinstalled the connector. With our fingers crossed we cranked the engine and within a couple seconds she roared to life. So it's all downhill from here, we'll be slaying tires and banging gears in no time, right? Again wrong. Having ran it for a couple minutes we shut it off and lifted the car the check for any leaks. What we found was a nice oil slick after running it for less than five minutes, from the rear of the engine. After confirming the oil pressure sensor and valve cover gaskets were not leaking, that left us with the rear main seal or perhaps the oil pan gasket. Since the customer had this engine built buy an engine shop, we assumed it was something he did, as he told us that he swapped the oil pan. Upon inspection, the oil pan gasket was not the source of the leak. So out comes the transmission. After removing the transmission we found that a couple bolts were leaking from the rear main seal housing. After removing the housing it was pretty clear why, there was no gasket installed. So we took a picture for the customer so he knew about the extra labor. We knew after starting it that it had an aftermarket camshaft, but after pulling the rear cover we were able to confirm exactly what was in it, as the customer was unsure of what the engine builder installed. Knowing this will aid us in tuning the vehicle. After fixing the leak nothing else was left to do other than tuning it, or so we thought. We made it about about 3,000 rpm and 100 feet from the shop until the engine started to misfire. So we turned around and pulled it back in. Oil pressure was fine, and it was running at an acceptable temperature. After isolating the misfire to cylinder three, we assumed it was a simple coil pack, as they were used. Swapping coils between cylinder's yielded the same result. Cylinder three had left the party. Injectors were new, so next thing to check was if a rocker arm was out of adjustment. It felt like a punch in the face after pulling the valve cover to find a broken rocker arm and obliterated lifter, furthermore what could have caused this. So after looking over the rest of the springs and rockers, we determined the cause was coil bind. Now, remember when we installed the rear housing gasket, how we were able to see what camshaft was installed. We even took a picture for reference to aid in tuning. When looking up that part number the manufacturer explicitly states that stock valve springs can not be used. What springs are installed in our 823's? You guessed it, stock springs. After a complete cleaning, head removal, and spring installation, we are happy to say that we can confirm that it pulls hard to 6500 rpm. What's the moral of this story you may ask, nothing, still beats working on rot boxes. Slaytires.



Crazy how som of these cars came with such a restrictive exhaust. From the stock 2" single exhaust to true dual 2.25" with chambered mufflers. We went a little razzle-dazzle on the tips, for some extra flare.



Before and after shot of an exhaust we bent for an old corolla. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a 300 series stainless or titanium exhaust, but it is substantially easier and much cheaper to fabricate. Utilizing 16g 409 pipe, it has excellent durability and is resistant to rot. This is the most economical exhaust system we offer.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 06/01/2021

It started out as a simple belt replacement, or so we thought. This 280 bagger came in for a slipping clutch. After a much needed update on the basket, pressure plate, springs, friction and plates the customer picked it up. He made a joke that he would be back soon because the belt was going to snap now that he can get power to the wheel. Well, two days later the belt snapped. So we replaced the belt with the strongest one we could find. This particular customer rides this bike hard, so we made sure to duplicate that on our test ride. Needless to say after a couple hard pulls, the new belt shredded. Now we aren't pulling the swingarm again and banking on the chance we may have gotten a defective belt. So the only other option is to convert it to chain drive. You might be wondering, why not just replace the belt with a chain the first time around. We had considered it, we had even discussed this with baker transmissions, but could not get a definitive answer on parts to do this. The company who manufactured the bike went out of business over a decade ago(thunder mountain). Although many parts on the bike are compatible with production Harleys, anything to do with chassis and wheels do not . After coming to the realization that no 1.125 inch belt is going to stand up to the 121 engine, we started doing more research. Which led us to zipper's. Pete was nice enough to send us a slew of front drive sprockets and an offset rear. After coming up with a close combination, we were able to machine the rear sprocket spacer to line everything up nice. The process took a lot of measuring and patience, but ultimately was a success. Hopefully the primary chain can hold up to the abuse. 🤙

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/21/2021

Awesome intake, until you need to replace a map sensor. With a stock intake it takes less than a half hour.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/13/2021

Stoked on all the new upgrades we added to our dyno the beginning of this year. It has aided us in more efficient, and precise tuning. Really putting it to good use, although the poor dyno hasn't caught a break for a few weeks.



A herd of Harleys.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/11/2021

Third gear punched out and went home.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/10/2021

Before and after a little stretch and lower on this zx14.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 05/08/2021

Finally got the hookup on some American made, stainless mandrel bends. What's better is that they are available with a 2" center line radius. Took a while to find, as the big companies sell pipe made and bent overseas. Stoked on the quality and the tight bends. Happy to say this exhaust was completely made in the USA! Customer will enjoy the up and out drag pipes, as well as everyone in a few mile radius.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 04/30/2021

Busy this week finishing up the turbo setup up for this 3rd gen camaro. Hotside is done with the exception of the wastegate. Fortunately because we will be using a carburetor, there won't be nearly as much to do for our charge piping. We are excited to hear the 5" fender dump.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 03/27/2021

Overly complicated dual 4 inch tips, out of 304. Modeled after a stock powerstroke tip.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 03/21/2021

Pie cut titanium intake tube. Because titanium is so much stronger than aluminum, a much thinner material can be used, saving weight. It also does dent or bend nearly as easily as aluminum. Only downside is how expensive it is, and how time consuming it is to weld, and how much argon is consumed, and how important cleanliness is... All jokes aside we love working with titanium, especially when the torch comes out to color it.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 03/14/2021

Got some tire slayers on deck.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 03/12/2021

We have done our fair share of ls swaps prior to this car. So when this customer brought us his impala we figured it wouldn't be too difficult, especially with all the space in the engine compartment. Generally with the huge selection of parts available to help, it is usually pretty straight forward. However, we found that if you want to install an ls in a bagged b-body, and still lay frame, they're aren't many parts that you can buy. So we get to do what we enjoy most, custom work. From extensive header modification to oil pan clearancing, this was trickier than we thought. However, it's aways worth it in the end lay frame. More updates to come.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 01/06/2021

Really had to tuck the exhaust up with how low this car is.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 12/31/2020

This one took a lot of time. From cutting all the correct angles, to de-burring and prepping everything this project took a solid day. We are pleased with the way it came out. 100% stainless 5 inch exhaust. All easily removed using factory hangers and v-bands, tucked up close to the body with the use of some tight radius piecuts. The argon was certainly flowing for this one.

Photos from Pro Automotive and Motorcycle LLC.'s post 12/23/2020

Changed out some leaky two bolt flanges in favor of a v-band.

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Will this forgotten Corvette run again?
Brothers who cam together, eat strawberry jam together.
Just a light tire slaying.
Motor job Monday.
Lb7 running
Lb7 standalone harness
454 elco
Great day to tune the blown malibu




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