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We are a team of certified travel agents with direct access to many popular travel vendors and can organize vacation packages of all sizes and pretty much any type and save you hassle and money!

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Fly Across Niagara Falls on an Exhilarating Zip Line This Summer Thrill-seekers, this is the vacation activity for you. 01/25/2020

‘For those of you thinking of taking your family on vacation but you’re not 100% sure, TAKE. THE. TRIP.’ “It’s still pretty early in summer, so for those of you thinking of taking your family on vacation but you’re not 100% sure, take the trip. You may worry about money, finances, work days missed, kids behavior, etc, but don’t. Just do it. Take the trip. A few years ago during a funeral visita... 12/31/2019

17 International Getaways You Can Hit On a Long Weekend Three-day weekend? Go big, then get home.


Free Spirit Travel

Then you make sure you’re being a good friend and hook them up with your Free Spirit Travel agent ;) 12/30/2019

Giving Children Vacations Instead of Toys Can Lead to Advanced Brain Development, Experts Suggest

And we have some awesome specials going on:)) Aside from a potential boost to long-term happiness, vacations can make children smarter.


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[08/14/19]   We want to thank everyone for being patient with us as we process a tragedy that has hit our family. We appreciate each one of you for your support and understanding. We do want to let y’all know that we are back up and running! Thanks again ♥️


Have a blessed week! 06/29/2019

Scientists Say That Traveling Makes Us Much Happier Than Any Material Wealth Why do many people go shopping the minute they have money in their wallets? Material wealth brings you happiness, albeit

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A Blessing Before Summer Vacations As schools begin their summer breaks and summer vacation season comes upon us, let us all take the time to pray and reflect on what slowing down and taking time for ourselves and our families means for us and our relationships with God.


Caption these! 05/23/2019

Going on a cruise is better for your well-being than any other kind of vacation If you're daydreaming about this year's big getaway and wondering where to head for some serious R&R, one study may have offered the perfect solution. 05/23/2019

10 Ways Travel Agents Actually Save You Money Get a better vacation for less with a trusted travel advisor.


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Longest suspension bridge in U.S. opens in Gatlinburg in May Here's something to cross off your travel bucket list: A walk across the longest suspension bridge in the U. S. The SkyBridge in Gatlinburg stretches 680 feet across a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains. It's part of the SkyLift park that takes passengers up 500 feet to the top of Crockett Mountain... 04/26/2019

NFL Draft in Nashville: 'There never has been a scene like this for any draft' The 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville was the scene many expected - with thousands of fans flocking to Lower Broadway - and it left draft observers stunned.

04/26/2019 04/26/2019

This Beer Train Takes You on a Mountain Adventure of a Lifetime Hop aboard this 1920s locomotive and raise your glass! This Durango brew train is the perfect trip for all beer lovers.

[04/26/19]   Who’s watching the NFL Draft??!!


Then you make sure you’re being a good friend and hook them up with your Free Spirit Travel agent ;) 04/25/2019


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