Check out the best first date locations in Idaho! Spacebar Arcade, 315 Cuisine, Rollerdrome, #YellowstoneNationalPark, Craters of the Moon NPS, Portneuf Valley Brewing, Caldwell Night Rodeo, #MagicValley, Whittenberger Planetarium
Nampa’s iconic Rollerdrome has been refinishing the skating rink and they’re almost done! If all goes well, they plan to re-open Friday! We can’t wait to see how they turned out — it’s looking great!!
Would you like to share your love of skating with an international teen? Gaia is a 17 yeaar old from Italy who enjoys artistic roller skating. She desires to spend the coming school year as a high school exchange student. Schools in Nampa and one in the Vallivue district have opening for her. Gaia speaks English and has insurance and spending money to cover her needs.
Now, she seeks a caring and fun loving family to open their home to her for the school year. Host families are volunteers who provide a bed, three meals a day, transportation when needed and exposure to life in beautiful Idaho. It is that easy! Couples with children of any age and those without children at home are encouraged to host.
For details on how you or someone you know can make a difference in Gaia's life while making a lifelong friend, contact [email protected].
Noticed you tripled the cost of your group on? That is such a huge jump. With the state of economy it's really hard to afford. Your group on went from $24 to $64 for a 10 pass. Wondering why? Nampa locals have supported your business for so long .
Thank you for a great party despite a seizure. He had a great time.
This is not a bad place to take your kids for a fun outing.. However your DJ guy better learn to talk to kids in a different tone. I get kids will be kids climbing over the walls taking drinks out of the snack bar and maybe putting their skates on where your not supposed to.. But what do you expect when the seating by the lockers is full.. Spent almost $100 bucks for our group and he spoke rough more than once. If he can't handle the kids get a different job.
went roller skating with shane (10) and Chris (8) what fun..
Pocatello is hosting an adult tournament, May 19th....please come and play, bring a team or individuals...get ahold of Marty if you need any info... $25 per player....Thanks

Don't forget!
Bruisecille Brawl(Rhonda Sheets) will be at the Nampa Roller Drome from 1:30-3:30 today. Come and ask her any questions that you have about Roller Derby!

Also, Parents skate free on Sunday Fun day!

We want to help you be stronger in 2018!

What do you want your highlight reel to look like for 2018?

Go get it!
we need these

The Nampa Rollerdrome was built in 1948 and was built for the sole purpose of roller skating. Great The Rollerdrome offers public skating sessions, birthday parties, private parties, fundraisers & more.

We also offer roller hockey leagues for adults & youth, speed skating classes and team, artistic classes & team & classes to learn how to do them all. For more information go to

Operating as usual


Closed today. Hoppy Easter everyone


Closed for Easter. Have a great day with family and friends. We'll see you next week.


School is still out on Monday for a few places. Come join the FUN!


Spring Break Skating starts in less than 30 minutes. Who are you bringing with you?


Spring Break fun starts Monday


Just an FYI for everyone out there. Stay safe and classy friends.


Open today from 1-3:30, 3:30-6 & 6-8:30 today. Come join the FUN.

Pattison's West in Federal Way is a hotbed for Olympic talent 02/25/2022

Pattison's West in Federal Way is a hotbed for Olympic talent

So cool to see another Northwest Skating Rink getting some airtime. Mike is an amazing man and a great coach and rink owner. Congratulations Mike.

Pattison's West in Federal Way is a hotbed for Olympic talent Olympic speedskaters KC Boutiette, Apolo Ohno, JR Celski and Aaron Tran all competed at Pattison’s West in Federal Way as kids before reaching their Olympic dreams.


Just wanted to share this with our amazing friends and families. Healthy choices lead to better lives. Be safe and keep a good eye on your kiddos and others also.


Presidents Day Skate Monday February 21st, 2022. Name 2 Presidents and get Skate Rental FREE #inlinehockey #rollerdromenampa #rollerskate #idahoskaters #treasurevalleyskating #namparollerdrome #nampa #skatingrink #rollerdrome #idahoskating #downtownNampa #IdahoStatesman #nampaidaho #downtownnampa #rollerskating


Happy Thursday. Private parties are booming. #downtownnampa #PressTribune #rollerdrome #idahoskating #rollerskating #downtownNampa #skatingrink #inlinehockey #treasurevalleyskating #nampaidaho #treasurevalleyskate #nampa #IdahoStatesman #namparollerdrome #rollerdromenampa #rollerskate #Fox #idahoinlinehockeyleague #idahoskaters

NC Customs Titanium Swiss Bearings – NC Customs Sports Wear 02/17/2022

NC Customs Titanium Swiss Bearings – NC Customs Sports Wear

Our former National Champion Nike Campbell has created his own line of gear and bearings. Check it out and give him some support. He's raising funds to try out for the Olympics. Been his dream since he was 4yrs old. Go get you some NCC products #inlinehockey #rollerdromenampa #nampaidaho #nampa #downtownnampa #downtownNampa #idahoinlinehockeyleague #namparollerdrome #namparollerdrome #idahoskaters #idahoskating #rollerskating #treasurevalleyskate #treasurevalleyskating #rollerskate #skatingrink #rollerdrome #IdahoStatesman #PressTribune #Fox

NC Customs Titanium Swiss Bearings – NC Customs Sports Wear NC Customs Titanium Bearings have been tested and designed for indoor and outdoor skating at the highest levels. They are lighter, faster and resistant to rusting.

9 Best First Date Locations in Idaho 02/16/2022

9 Best First Date Locations in Idaho

Ahhh yeah, we'll take it. Thank you :)

9 Best First Date Locations in Idaho Choosing an activity for a first date can be one of the most stressful parts of getting to know someone. As if going on the date and getting to know a


We all need a hype man like this in our life

Hahaha kid having some fun


Customers asked for new we have a whole fleet of new rentals for your feet :)


Yes! You can pay at the door for our NYE Skate party tonight from 7-1am. You do not have to pre-pay. Our cashier is ready at the door to meet you.


Open 4-7pm today. Drop your kiddos off while you finish your Christmas Shopping.
#downtownNampa #rollerskate #rollerdrome #treasurevalleyskating #rollerskating #idahoskating #idahoinlinehockeyleague #skatingrink #treasurevalleyskate #rollerdromenampa #inlinehockey #namparollerdrome #nampaidaho #idahoskaters #nampa #downtownnampa


Open at 1pm Every day for the Holidays starting today. Come join the fun. #downtownnampa #rollerskating #inlinehockey #idahoskating #idahoskaters #skatingrink #downtownNampa #rollerskate #rollerdrome #rollerdromenampa #idahoinlinehockeyleague #nampa #namparollerdrome #treasurevalleyskate #treasurevalleyskating #nampaidaho

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome 12/18/2021

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome

Holiday Skating is upon us. Come join the fun. Remember you can purchase online for last minute gift ideas. Skate passes, NYE skate party admission and more.

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome Nampa Rollerdrome Skating Rink

Photos from Rollerdrome's post 11/18/2021

Not too shabby for a Wednesday evening at the Rollerdrome :)
#idahoskating #inlinehockey #rollerdromenampa #rollerskating #idahoskaters #idahoinlinehockeyleague #rollerdrome #namparollerdrome #downtownNampa #skatingrink #downtownnampa #nampa #rollerskate #treasurevalleyskate #treasurevalleyskating #nampaidaho

Public Skating Schedule & Prices - Nampa Rollerdrome 11/17/2021

Public Skating Schedule & Prices - Nampa Rollerdrome

Homeschool Skate today from 10am-noon. Open to the public. Come join the fun. You can now buy your tickets online also

Public Skating Schedule & Prices - Nampa Rollerdrome Nampa Rollerdrome Skating Rink

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome 11/15/2021

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome

Don't forget to book your Private Party slots before they are gone at

Home - Nampa Rollerdrome Nampa Rollerdrome Skating Rink


Goalies and full benches for pickup tonight. The Winter League is in 2 weeks. You gonna be ready? These guys will. #rollerskating #rollerdromenampa #nampa #rollerdrome #skatingrink #namparollerdrome #downtownnampa #downtownNampa #idahoinlinehockeyleague #inlinehockey #idahoskating #idahoskaters


Homeschool Skate 10am-noon today. Open to everyone.


Some happy hockey players tonight. They missed playing I think. #nampa #downtownNampa #skatingrink #rollerdrome #namparollerdrome #downtownnampa #rollerdromenampa #rollerskating #inlinehockey #idahoinlinehockeyleague


Seeing smiling faces rolling around our floor again is what it's all about. Come join us today. Open 1-3:30pm and 3:30-6pm today #idahoskaters #skatingrink #rollerdromenampa #namparollerdrome #rollerdrome #idahoskating #rollerskating #rollerskate #downtownnampa #downtownNampa #nampa

'Aren't going anywhere': Nampa Rollerdrome gets facelift, set for grand reopening 10/16/2021

'Aren't going anywhere': Nampa Rollerdrome gets facelift, set for grand reopening

Love that local people like Anna Daly and BoiseDev take the time to acknowledge us. Thank you Anna.

'Aren't going anywhere': Nampa Rollerdrome gets facelift, set for grand reopening The Nampa Rollerdrome has been a go-to gathering place for birthday parties, work events and Friday night fun since 1947. While the original hardwood floor still sits in the facility today, owner Josh Lenty closed the rink for a few weeks to give the floor a fresh start. The floor hasn’t been resu...

Photos from Rollerdrome's post 10/14/2021

Update - We're getting's almost Friday #rollerskate #rollerdrome #rollerdromenampa #idahoskaters #namparollerdrome #rollerskating #idahoskating #skatingrink

Photos from Rollerdrome's post 10/12/2021

This has been a long process with 24hr workdays and lots of hard work that we are beyond proud of. We've made a few floor changes and will post a few pictures a day until we open this Friday. #namparollerdrome #rollerdrome #rollerskating #rollerskate #idahoskaters #idahoskating #skatingrink #rollerdromenampa

Photos from Rollerdrome's post 10/04/2021

Update. Sanding is moving right along. Looking Beautiful. Wait until you see the finished floor. It's going to be amazing. #rollerdrome #namparollerdrome #rollerskating #rollerskate #idahoskating #idahoskaters


Anyone want some ground up Roll-On for pillow stuffing 🤷‍♂️


Day 1 of Floor Resurfacing. As Painful as this is to's like ripping off a bandaid. Has to happen sometimes!
#namparollerdrome #skatingrink #rollerdromenampa #rollerdrome


Officially Closed for Floor Resurfacing. We are closed from Sept. 27th - October 14th. We'll see you all on October 15th. Can't wait to see all our skating friends and show them our floor.


9/11/01 where were you when the planes struck? Never forget!


Open Monday for Labor Day Skate 2021

Videos (show all)

Skating our last few laps in 2017 while we can.
It's not too late to get on Santa's nice list. Come skate and get your picture taken with Santa Saturday and Sunday! Fre...
Open All Day today. 1-12am. Come have some fun with us. Sessions are 1-4, 4-7, 7-10 & 9-12. #nampa #meridian #boise #tre...
If you've won limbo before you know what this is. If you haven't, this is the WACKY WHEEL covered in different prizes yo...
This is how we put plastic down at the rink if you were curious
Good turnout for our monthly Home School Skate. Every 3rd Thursday of the month from 10am-noon.  Open to the public
Great last goal scrimmage today at our Youth Hockey Clinic. If you or somebody you know is interested let us know and we...
Every year on 9/11 they have a ceremony to honor the fallen but not forgotten. If you ever have a chance to come in pers...
Some of our skaters testing out the floor tonight
New plastic is all done. Ready to be skated on today at our 4pm session. Come join the fun
Santa is in the building skating, racing and even doing the limbo! If you missed him today he'll be here tomorrow from 2...
2011 Auburn Invitational Juvenile Girls Open 10 laps



19 10th Ave S
Nampa, ID

Opening Hours

Wednesday 3:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday 1pm - 10pm
Saturday 1pm - 8:30pm

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Beauty Within Photography LLC. Beauty Within Photography LLC.
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