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We are a furniture repair shop handling most any kind of wood repairs to chairs, caning, stripping, refinishing and spray painting.

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 08/15/2021

Wanted to post a nice example of a turn of the century upholstered rocker. Most rocking chairs were not upholsterd which makes this chair sort of rare. It needed the works, new springs, refinishing and upholstered. Thanks to Jodie and her upholstery work from Interiors Done Right, another piece of furniture has been saved.

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 06/22/2021

Can't seem to get enough enjoyment from working on cedar chests. This chest was built 1920s 30s during the depression Era. The stains on the top were severe and I can never guarantee total removal of them being a veneer construction. Fortunately I was able to remove 95% of the damage. Another great turn out for a customer that cherished her family heirloom. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers.

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 06/11/2021

Antique filing cabinets and office supplies are probably the rarest things that I see in my shop for repair and refinish. Primarily because filing cabinets were replaced by computers, but some can still have nice functionality. I like to collect some and I had refinished one recently to organise my sandpaper. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 05/24/2021

Singer sewing machines have been around surprisingly for more than a 150 years with the first one patented 1851. They improved over time and this particular model of machine was available around the turn of the 20th century. So many machines over time became dysfunctional which pushed them into the garage or re-purposed as a plant stand or side tables. This made them susceptible to water and other damage. Luckily this sewing machine was able to beat most of those odds by only needing refinished with minor repairs. The customer was willing to restore the beauty of the machine which is something that I usually dont perfer to do. Restoring the machine requires a fair amount of patience and time removing grime without compromising the paint. Between the two of us we thought we did a jaw dropping job bringing this Singer sewing machine back to life. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 05/17/2021

Ahhh another cedar chest This piece was made by lane in Altavista Virginia sadly they closed their doors a few years ago I've seen many sizes and shapes this one is from the 1940s 50's with a mahogany veneer to better match a mahogany bedroom set. The top had some water damage but was able to sand it out without compromising the veneer. They keep coming and I am extremely grateful to be able to work on them. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 05/15/2021

Love love love Mid Century Modern furniture, it is growing more and more desirable. In the past few years I've seen more than ever. The quality is fantastic and was made before the fiber board and poly materials were invented given it a better fighting chance. This dinning room table was roasting in an attic for many years and the couple rescued it and brought it to me. I was happy to be a part of keeping the MCM table from withering away. Furniture repair and refinishing by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 04/21/2021

Wanted to make a post on one of the nicest Hall Trees I've seen in some time. Being solid quarter sawn oak or better known as tiger oak, the finish had a dark tung oil type finish which made it look muddy and cloudy. The customer wanted it lighter, more of a golden oak, after carefully removing the old tongue oil finish the old wood had plenty of patina left so very little stain was needed. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 04/17/2021

This depression era secretary had quite a few apologizes since being stored in a garage for so long, moisture can really cause problems. The drop front lid was missing and the kick plate had some missing pieces. Depression Era furnitures quality was compromised some what due to the depression to keep the cost down. This is an example of the best u could find during this period without spending a ton money that no one really had back then.

Photos from Antique & Modern Revivers's post 01/20/2021

Wanted to post a unique dinning room table that has extra leaves that attach to the outer part of the table. The customer wanted the table refinished to an expresso color. I suggested that the inlay would be almost invisible in going that dark so I carefully masked the inlay so it would stand out. They were pleased and it matched the kitchen cabinets nicely. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Another nice example of darkening a piece of furniture from the early 50's. This blonde color was very popular back then. Good quality furniture like this is always worthy of keeping. Making it a dark brown is all it needed to match the other furniture in their house.


This year sure has been the most for spray painting furniture. It just makes no sense to get rid of furniture just because the color doesn't match the colors of the house. The new decor for most homes now are with gray walls and floors. Wood tones just don't match so spray painting or white washing the furniture is a great and affordable way to correct the colors from clashing. This solid cherry entertainment center was just the right size for their new home and it accommodated everything that they used which is a good reason to keep it. What a difference it makes now that the colors complement each other. Furniture refinishing and furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Cloudy old finishes can bring a nice surprise such as this Danish piece of furniture. Many times the old finishes will become cloudy which blocks the true wood color, when I removed the old finish to my surprise it was a dark rosewood. I refinished it with no stain, I didn't need it . Absolutely gorgeous Made by CFC Silkeborg danish furniture Denmark.


Danish Modern Furniture is really becoming popular. Ive seen quite a bit of it in the last year than I've seen in a good while. Plain and simply, people are keeping the good quality furniture and having it refinised to the original or they are modernizing the look to met today's decor. This danish modern dining room set by Koefoeds Hornslet was top of the line back then. The customer loved the furniture but wanted to upgrade to match some other furniture so we did a 2 tone effect, the table top, Credenza and tea cart top in a redish brown and the chairs and table legs in a expresso. It looked fantastic. No need to get rid of good old furniture if all it needs is a facelift.


In the late 1800s and early 1900s inside bathrooms became more common in homes and people started keeping their medications and cosmetics in the bathroom. This is when medicine cabinets were born. There were many sizes, shapes and styles. Most had a mirror and shelves with a towel bar . Some were even recessed in the wall to maximize space. I have always admired them and they can really spruce up the powder room.


When looking for a functional antique to invest in, it's hard to beat the traditional secretary/desk. Some of them just had the bottom section and some also came with a bookcase on the top They are also good as a space saver. Homes were built a lot bigger back then and the furniture was usually large to accommodate the space. Secretary's are only 3 to 3 1/2 ft. wide which makes them fit just about anywhere. This solid mahogany secretary was refinished with very little stain added. I used the natural patina that it had created over 80 years for its primary color. The traditional dark red mahogany finishes are nice but they can hide the pretty wood grain, as you can see this wood was so gorgeous i just couldn't hide it with a dark stain. Furniture refinishing and repair Antique and Modern Revivers by Shawn Snyder


Kitchen cabinet restoration has always been something to consider when looking into home renovations. Years of water and grease splashing on them not to mention our dirty hands can break down a finsh to were the wood is now vulnerable to permanent staining and warping. Refinishing them is a great option rather than replacement. The cabinets themselves can be a challenge due to not being portable but the doors and drawers are and with some careful preperation the cabinets can be done successfully. The handles are usually worthy of restoring also but can be easy replaced if necessary. These cabinets were restored back to the original but changing the color is also an option. Furniture repair and refinishing by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers.


Curved glass china cabinets are attractive in there own right as long as they dont get broken. This china cabinet and server are from the 1930's to 40's. The customer wanted to make them darker to a Espresso color. The curved glass can be quite challenging to deal with and expensive to replace. I've removed them in the past to refinish the cabinet but these appeared to be more trouble than what it was worth so masking off was the better option. Espresso finishes have been around for a while and look good in many different settings. If customers are looking for this kind of finish the only downfall is that the wood grain becomes harder to see, but it does look stunning. Furniture refinishing, furniture repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Sun faded furniture is always a problem that I run in to especially when they are sitting by windows or placed outside on porches. This super nice solid mahogany desk had no compromises, even the inside of the drawers were solid mahogany, but it had its fair share of sun fading. Usually the reddish color is what fades out giving a more brown appearance. The top had a decorative grove around the outer edge that seemed to be more of a nuisance then anything else so the customer wanted it filled with a black inlay. Putting the red back into the wood with the black inlay really made this executive desk pop. Furniture refinishing and repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Brightening up a room can be uplifting and the feeling of having more space. This rock solid oak dining room set was massive and had been in their posession for quite some time. Like so many customers the wood colors are fading a bit and being replaced by painting and distressing. Knowing to replace the set with a different finish and the same quality would be extremely expensive so restoration was the better option. What a difference this made for brighten up the room. Distressing furniture can be the biggest challenge to where it looks naturally worn. Now they have a care free maintenance no need to worry about nicks and scratches. Furniture refinishing and restoration by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Toning down the yellow has been the norm lately in my furniture restoration. The new decor colors such as greys, blacks, and white wash finishes just do not complement the yellow toned furniture easily. This solid maple dining room set was a high quality and worthy of keeping. Painting the chairs a classy Satin black updated the appearance to go more with today's color. With the right amount of preparation before spray painting, the chairs can look brand new. Furniture refinishing and restoration by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Yes, another blanket chest. This one on the other hand had a painted grain simulation of burl walnut on the front. When this piece was made, during the depression era, they cleverly cut corners to keep the cost down so it would be more affordable. Money was tight back then and factory's did what ever they could to make a sale. I refinished the chest and restored the hand painted burl walnut on the front. The customer wanted the base painted black to complement other pieces that she had. Very cool how they painted that grain. If I hadn't recognized it, the grain would of disappeared in the refinishing process.


Had the opportunity to restore what I believe to be the most unique dining room table. This table was huge in design with three leaves. Not only that it was built out of solid mahogany. The natural wood color (patina) had more color than I've ever seen. Notice the old finish how it had became cloudy and was obscuring the beauty of the wood. Now with a new crystal clear finish the woods beauty can be appreciated once again


Cedar chests have been really popular this year. I must have refinished a half a dozen or more. This one was obviously from the 60's by the way the legs were built. The mahogany veneer had some bad scratches that needed to be sanded without going through the veneer. It was 98% effective. Only a little bit was removed in the process. A great example of mid-century modern furniture.


Refinishing painted furniture can be risky at times due to the reasons of why it was painted, either to hide bad stains or cigarette burns or on the better side, just to change the appearance. Lucky this perfectly preserved table was only painted to change its appearance. The customer wanted a wood grain table with a white wash finish to match their new decor. Very happy it turned out good for them. Furniture refinishing and repair Antique and Modern Revivers by Shawn Snyder


Im seeing more and more young couples wanted to hang on to their antiques and good old furniture. Today's modern decor and colors just don't always match the wood tones of the original furniture. Nothing wrong with changing the color, it's better than getting rid of it especially if it fits and is sentimental. This hall tree is a fine example how to modernize its appearance by doing a white wash. The colors will blend in much better now for their beachy home. Furniture refinishing and repair Antique and Modern Revivers by Shawn Snyder


Wanted to make a post of a cute sized pine table and chairs. The customer purchased this years ago and the color did not match her new Decor. The size was perfect for the place she wanted it so we changed the color to match her new decor. Furniture refinishing and repair Antique and Modern Revivers by Shawn Snyder.


Mid-century modern furniture has become very popular over the last decade. I personally have noticed a big increase for the restoration of this style of furniture. A lady had a danish walnut table that had some veneer damage and some bad stains. Luckily the stains were not all the way through the veneer which allowed me to sand them out. I had some old walnut veneer that I used to do a patch repair. Stains are always some what of a risk to remove completely. Fortunately this table was a very good success. Furniture Refinishing and Repair by Shawn Snyder Antique and Modern Revivers


Blanket Chest have always been one of my favorites to restore. There were so many different styles and finishes. This one had a two tone finish. Although Lane Manufacturing Co. in Altavista Virginia were the most common there were many other small companies that produce them as well this one was by Roos Manufacturing Company.


Depression era china cabinets 1920's 30's were made for displaying the most in all angles plus they were not too tall so you could use the top for display as well. A nice customer had this one from her family but unfortunately the glue joints dried out and it was very wobbly. The only way to fix it properly is to take it apart, reglue and clamp it back together. Now she fills safe displaying her family's china.





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