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Poppy's Garden


Loving my arrangement especially on this cold, snowy day.🥰
She loved her Valentine’s Day flowers. Thank you for making such beautiful flowers 🌸
First of all, these flowers are beautiful! Second, to the “secret Cupid” who donated all of these beautiful flowers to the healthcare workers at Saint Francis Muskogee...thank you! You brightened the day of so many. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed. 💕
I will also miss Trey Benton and the team at Greenleaf Wholesale. They have looked after me for years. Hopefully something good will come out of this and they will again be in our florist life.
Love the fall colors! Always enjoy popping in Poppy's Garden in Downtown Muskogee for a floral pick me up.
I sure hope You are going to need some plumes this year Meagan....my pool seems to be growing you plenty
Is there anyone in this picture you know
Just a very sincere THANK YOU for my extra special roses to take to my Mom's grave for Mother's Day!! You are so kind! It brought tears to my eyes when Gemma brought them out to me Saturday. My sister brought a peonie from her yard to add to it!! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

Almost a week later and my flowers are still gorgeous 😍 thank you Poppy’s Garden
Thank you for the amazing Valentine flowers that you delivered to my Mom and Sister!! They loved them!!
Forever thankful for the beautiful arrangements & extra mile you go to make sure everything is perfect. ❤️

I loved walking in my house to find these today from my boys 😍
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️ my beautiful flowers from Poppy’s Garden from my sweet husband! Your flower arrangements are always top notch Meagan Ferren . Plus I got to see your sweet Dad as he delivered today!

Meagan Ferren, owner of Poppy's Garden Floral Design & Events. Poppy's Garden is a full service flow Full service florist and event planner creating for weddings, events, styled shoots, your everyday floral needs, and everything in between.


We are hiring at our Muskogee location!

My favorite duo, Summer & Hailey, on our team are heading off to school and will be leaving us sooner than I care to think about (brb crying 😭😭😭). We will miss them dearly!

So we need to hire two people to help out around the shop ASAP. Some of the tasks associated with this position are customer service, cleaning, plant care, flower care, and computer work. Working in a flower shop is not a fluffy and pretty job, like some may think. We need team members that are hardworking, have a good attitude, are able to multitask, and are willing to do whatever needs to be done. It is hard work, but we love our team and always make the not-so-fun tasks fun!!

Call the shop to apply 918-537-2304.


If you’ve been following along on our stories, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been working on an ongoing project in our storage units. I’ve been setting stuff aside the last few months that I am ready to part with…I haven’t even shown y’all all the stuff I’ve got in the attic 🤦🏻‍♀️. So we decided to have a sale on the back porch, but we decided to make it even more fun and invited our neighbors to join us!

I was going to call it a junk sale, but it’s not really all junk (unless you’re asking ). We’ll have some vintage goodies, some plants that need new homes, vases, pots, containers, candle holders, and a hodgepodge of stuff I’ve collected over the last few years. Keep a look out on our stories for some sneak peeks!


Stop by our Tulsa location to shop our bouquet bar this weekend and help celebrate their first birthday!

Today until 6pm
Tomorrow from 10am-4pm


The shop is OPEN today 10am to 2pm!!!

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Happy Friday! I’m headed to Roche Harbor, WA for the weekend to freelance for my flower bestie ! Shane helped us with our big wedding in February and I’m so excited to spend the weekend helping with his wedding.

The shop will be closed the next couple days while I’m gone. I apologize for our odd hours the last couple weeks. We’re in the midst of event season and still have a few more weeks of craziness before we are back to our normal schedule. Thank you all for being patient with us!!! Have a fun weekend! 💗


CLOSED, SATURDAY 5/14! I changed my mind, so we’re changing the plan.

The team and I have been working our booties off this week with major cleaning, reorganizing, decluttering, computer work, orders, and now we’re working on rearranging the shop. Basically we’re in OCD mode times 100000000.

We started rearranging the front of the shop today. Right now it’s in that phase of rearranging where it looks worse before it gets better, aka the shop looks like a total disaster 🌪 .

So we’re going to be closed tomorrow so we can continue making our messes. We’ll have it all cleaned up and back to normal for you all next week.

Our hours next week will be a little different again. We’ve got an event in the middle of the week and another over the weekend. I’ll keep you all posted! So sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We greatly appreciate your understanding! 💗


We will closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

We need to put the shop back together from Mother’s Day, do some much needed Spring cleaning, and work on some projects outside of the shop to get ready for some upcoming events. We will reopen this weekend!

So sorry for any inconvenience!



If you didn’t catch our stories (or 💩show) this morning, you may not have heard that we are officially sold out. We have lots of plants to choose from in our Muskogee location. And don’t forget, we’ll be at our Tulsa location (inside ) with a Build Your Own Bouquet Bar. Magpie will also have lots of goodies for you too! 🥂+ 🌸 = FUN ✨✨✨

Thank you all so much for ordering flowers for your sweet Mommas!!!


Just added to the website!

We just sold out of our Small Arrangement, so we added this beauty to the website.

We have reached capacity for orders we are able to take for tomorrow, Friday, May 6th. We still have availability for Saturday orders.



The shop will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week so we can get prepped and ready for Mother’s Day orders. We will reopen the shop on Friday and Saturday!

All Mother’s Day pre-orders will be available for pickup or delivery on Friday and Saturday.

We have a couple fun things going on this weekend too! Our wrapped bouquets will be available at , you can order those through their website. We will also have a Build Your Own Bouquet Bar at our Tulsa location inside on Saturday, May 7th! Plus we have a ton of beautiful plants in our Muskogee location. So come see us and pick up something for your Momma!

Photos from Holly Felts Photography's post 05/01/2022

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful wedding and as always Holly Felts Photography captures everything perfectly!

Photos from Poppy's Garden's post 04/15/2022

Thank you for the sweet messages, comments, likes, shares, and votes for our installation at . It was a huge honor to be part of ! When I was little, my Meme sent me to art lessons at Philbrook with a bunch of my friends, girls I’m lucky to still call friends today. We all loaded up in one of our mom’s SUVs two days a week and drove up from Muskogee (with our Beanie Babies in tow of course). Since then, I’ve always had a love for art, which made it that much more special when OKCMOA reached out!

Projects like this help me recharge and get excited about my work, give me perspective, and give me gratitude for this career. I’m sure from the outside, being a florist looks so fun. And it is! But my goodness, it’s hard. It’s so hard! Honestly, it’s the business owner part I struggle with the most - definitely not for the faint of heart. When I was in floral design school, there wasn’t a chapter, or a week based on being a business owner. I literally have no idea what I’m doing, just learning as I go. I’m a talented floral designer and feel like an inadequate business owner half the time. To all my fellow business owners, raise your hand if I'm not alone here 🙋🏻‍♀️

Right now, we are working on a lot of business things behind the scenes to catch up from growth we've had over the past couple years. All that is happening while the daily demands are still going. It feels like there are a thousand things to do in a day. A day turns into a week, then a month goes by and I’m wondering where the time has gone. I’m beyond thankful for the growth and know it’s part of the plan, sometimes that plan happens a little faster than I’m ready for.

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite thing to do about my job was, and it’s to create quietly by myself, to be zoned in on what is in front of me. Projects like this make me remember when I started this business, when things were a little calmer, and it makes me cherish the design time I get to myself.

All this is to say, I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to take on a project like this and be reminded of why I love this wild crazy career I’ve chosen. I’m riding the flower wave I guess 🌊


Hi! So I’m a dumb dumb and forgot that Easter is this weekend. Our Easter options are now on our website (as of a couple hours ago 🤦🏻‍♀️)! Hurry and place your orders!

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Happy 1st day of Spring 🌼

I don’t know about y’all, but this florist is ready for Spring flowers. Can’t wait for blooming branches, mostly ready for the dogwood trees to start popping, and spirea season! There is nothing better than spirea season!

Dog Model

Photos from Poppy's Garden's post 03/17/2022

Green is GOOD 🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We loved incorporating these adorable ivy topiaries in the design of our recent wedding. Always love a little nod to a tennis theme 🎾

Rentals , , and


How fitting is it that my Momma’s birthday is on ! If you’ve been to the shop you’ve probably met this sweet lady! I may act like most of the time, but I’m lucky enough to look like my Momma!

Thank you for teaching me your amazing work ethic, I’m still striving to match you and dad in that department. I’m thankful for your uplifting spirit, teaching me to follow my dreams, stand up for myself, and never give up. Thank you for always reminding me to be nice, caring, loving, and to show grace to others when they need it most. Thank you for showing me to put my heart into everything I do. Thank you for continuing to be a woman to look up to and strive to become.

Happy Birthday Momma! I love and appreciate you more than you know! loves you too! 💕


Don’t forget to stop by Sip n’ Shop tomorrow night! Flower Mom & Flower Dad will be here for our 30% off sale 🪴

Sip-N-Shop is tomorrow from 5-8. Come do some shopping, wine tasting, and register to win one of our new Muskogee tees. Hope to see you all there!


Don’t forget tomorrow, March 1st, we reopen at our Muskogee shop for our “The Boss is Away Sale!” From March 1st thru the 5th all containers, gift items, AND plants (with the exception of a few plant babies I am not emotionally prepared to let go of) are 30% off!!!

We will not have any flowers available this week. I will be taking some time for some behind the scenes work I need to catch up on. So while I’m out of the shop this week, since there will be no flowers, the girls thought it would be fun to sell all my stuff (💩). 😂😂

I will return to the shop on March 8th and will be ready to get back to flowering! Sorry again for any inconvenience, we will get back to normal soon!

Please call the shop if you have any questions 918-537-2304.

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Last week was some of the most magical magic we’ve ever magicked. Thank you everyone for following along! I still don’t think I’ve had a chance to process everything, and we have even more beautiful pictures and fun videos to share with you all. If there is anything I’ve felt over the past week, it’s gratitude. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with gratitude for our amazing team that helped make this wedding possible!

Thank you to these amazing humans (plus some missing from the picture)!!! I couldn’t have done this without every single one of you! Thank you for helping me bring our bride’s vision to life. Thank you for trusting me through this long process, for working so incredibly hard, for missing many precious hours of sleep, for taking time away from your lives and families, for processing thousands of flowers, moving heavy buckets over and over and over again, for loading and unloading three Uhauls, for working hours and hours on scaffolding and ladders, for wiring thousands of flowers in the middle of the night and into the morning, for working through the night and then going out in the crazy twenty degree weather to make some of the most beautiful arches with frozen flowers and somehow laughing through it, and for doing tear down in the middle of a winter storm (what actually felt more like being in the middle of a warzone of raining Dippin’ Dots). Most of all thank you for keeping me laughing all week long! The moments I had the privilege to share with you all are moments I will cherish for my entire life. I can't thank you all enough!

Photos from Poppy's Garden's post 02/17/2022

Have you guys ever seen so many flowers in one place? We sure haven’t!

But man are we excited for this wedding 🤩


We have a lot of good info to unpack, so listen up 🚨🚨🚨

The shops will be closed for the next couple weeks, through the end of February, for a gorgeous wedding we are working on. We will not be available for any flower or plant orders during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience!

We will reopen on March 1st with a huge shop sale!!! From March 1st thru the 5th all containers, gift items, AND plants (with the exception of a few plant babies I am not emotionally prepared to let go of) are 30% off!!! We are calling it “The Boss is Away Sale!”

During that week, there will not be any flowers available. I will be out of town taking some time for some behind the scenes work I need to catch up on. So while I’m gone that week, since there will be no flowers, the girls thought it would be fun to sell all my stuff (💩) while I’m away. 😂😂

I will return to the shop on March 8th and be ready to get back to flowering! We miss you all already, and can’t wait to see everyone once we’re back in the shop!!

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204 S. Main Street
Muskogee, OK

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 5:30pm
Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Friday 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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