KCFO Menifee-Murrieta

KCFO    Menifee-Murrieta

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KCFO MENIFEE- IS LOCATED IN SOLA STUDIOS SUITE #19 PLEASE Follow Instagram - Kriskcfo and Instagram ~ Glamorouslockslashes.salon


New Year Special Eyelash Extensions $75.00 reg.$ 125.00

bellalash.com 10/29/2015

Volume vs. Cluster…What’s the Difference? | Bellalash Blog

K.C.F.O introduces Volume lashes for the individual who wants thicker fuller looking eyelashes. Make an appointment with K.K. Eyelash Extension Technician

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KCFO - KRISTY (Eyelash Extension Technician)

We're having some major lash envy over this gorgeous set 😍😍


Bella Lash Eyelash Extensions

Where do you stand on the cluster vs. volume debate? Check out our blog post on how each type of extension can effect the health and look of your eyes!



KCFO latest ~ Volcanic Contouring Masque for Ladies and Gentlemen
Face~ Neck~Body


24kt. Gold leaf and 24kt. NGT Gold Facial
Come and be pampered like a Goddess ! ~ KCFO


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Pumpkinlicious Energy Treats
Get recipe at Mywholefoodlife.com

[11/26/14]   With the New Year 2015 just around the corner Lot's of New goodies and helpful tips on their way thanks for your support ~


KCFO Menifee-Murrieta


Strong is the New Skinny !

murad.com 11/21/2014

Recipe: Dr. Murad’s Favorite Quinoa Tabouleh | Face Forward

murad.com Dr. Murad Recipe: Dr. Murad’s Favorite Quinoa Tabouleh July 28th, 2014 Makes 5 servings 1 3/4 cups water 1 cup uncooked quinoa ½ cup coarsely chopped seeded tomato ½ cup chopped fresh mint or parsley ¼ cup raisins ¼ cup chopped cucumber ¼ cup fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped green onions 1 ta…


Exercise & Acne
If you have a special skin condition,such as acne. You may need to take care of your skin to keep it protected before, during and after exercising.
1. Prior to working out ~ clean skin with warm water and mild soap. This allows pores to release toxins through sweat without mixing with bacteria that can be present from dirt , oil , and make up.
2. During your workout make sure to wear sunscreen if you're exercising outside. When wiping sweat from your face, use a clean towel to dab the sweat off your skin.
3. Following your workout, shower immediately, thoroughly washing your body and face. Put an oil-free moisturizer to help replenish skin hydration.


Dry Brushing:
Use natural bristles (Soft) a loofah or coarse towel will also do the trick. Brush the dry skin. A good time to dry brush would be before a shower or bath.
Brush the entire body it stimulates circulation.
Shower and moisturize with oil or lotion to lock in softness.


Spring is around the corner ~ It's time to Cleanse & Detox
Cleansing is the Natural process of eliminating toxins and waste from your body.
Detoxification is the powerful natural process that removes waste from your cells, organs, and blood. But when our bodies become so bogged down and toxic we are no longer able to effectively detox naturally. Here at K.C.F.O we are treating our clients with the best natural way to jump start the Cleanse & Detox program. ENJOY :):):)


Untitled Album


Hot Stone Massage


Waxing Tips ~
Not just for Summer... Whether Female or Male waxing facial/body hair is a much better choice over shaving because it can last weeks at a time.
KCFO uses 100% natural beeswax and resins :)


Winter Facial Time
Coconut Oil is excellent in giving a Glow to your Face :)
Start off the day with a nice walk or jog or run to get the energy juices flowing. Follow up with a healthy breakfast (maybe some oatmeal for you high cholesterol folks) to get the body metabolism going.


Building for a Brighter Future :):):)

[01/24/14]   Everyone knows at least one person whose life is affected by cancer. We're committed to finding the best eyelash solution for each individual situation.

If you are still going through chemotherapy and radiation,individual extensions may not be the best solution for you. I recommend faux mink strips. A non latex medical grade adhesive will ensure that your lashes stay in place throughout the day.

Unfortunately we're not able to apply individual lashes to clients who have alopecia and are undergoing chemotherapy unless and until normal lash growth has resumed.


Let's change the Face of Cancer with Eyelash Extensions :):):)


Classy and Fabulous :):):)

[01/22/14]   IF Lash Extensions are not damaging why are we hearing so many horror stories...
Many untrained technicians are applying the lashes incorrectly and using poor quality products.
Some are using way to much glue and attaching to multiple lashes this causes heaviness and breakage of the natural lash itself.
Ladies if you are considering lash extension you should ask your lash stylist these questions.
1.) Make sure your stylist is properly trained and certified.
2.) Do not ever get flares or clusters these tend to fall off and you will see more of a difference than individual lash.
3.) Make sure your stylist offers advice on the length, curl, and thickness during your consultation.
KCFO knows that each client has different taste and we take pride into giving what the client wants. :)

[01/21/14]   KCFO (keep calm facial on)
February Valentine Special




Gel Pad applying Eyelash Extensions


Before and After Eyelash Extensions


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