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Mercury enters retrograde on August 23, joining a line up of other planets.

Strong retrograde energy will start to build, drawing us to focus on our inner world.

Retrograde energy guides us to get still, to pause, and to be patient. We are often not primed to be comfortable in these types of states. Sitting in stillness, taking our time, waiting for inspiration to rise up can be considered too passive or even lazy.

But when we give time to these states, especially with all the retrograde activity, it can enrich our inner world. It can deepen our intuition and raise our psychic abilities.

All of this retrograde energy is here to connect us with our inner world and to recognize the wisdom we have within.

This is a powerful time for practices like reflection, journaling, and practicing patience. Instead of rushing ahead or seeking answers, we are guided to move into a state of allowing. We move away from human-doing and step into human-being.✨


Here we go again loves, Mercury is backwards. Remember your "R's" during the next month.

Release, restore, receive.
Reasses, revist, refresh.

Try to hold off launching new plans/deals/ideas and perfect them with your "R's" while we are in retrograde. Polish things up or do you reaearch while you are waiting.(Trust us we know how the retrograde can spin off big plans into a mess you'll have to clean up later!)

Leave extra time for your goals and tasks as you're sure to hit some unseen hurdles, especially involving technology. Go with the flow and trust your intuition!

We invite you to do some meditation during the next month and don't forget your self care!

See yall on the flip side! 🤪 🥰

P.s. welcome to ♍️ Virgo ♍️ season!

"May the odds be ever in your favor!" 😬🤣🥲

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Our Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse, received a reading from the wildest of wildlings!


✨Come see us today ✨

I have availability for in person and online readings today! Reach out to secure your spot ✨💕


Unfortunately, with the weather and cloud coverage we have decided to cancel our stargazing at wayah tonight.

We hope yall are able to catch the meteor shower before it leaves our viewing space.


🌌This month the new moon will be on Aug 16th, which makes the 13th a great night for star gazing!

If you'd like to join us and learn about how you can utilize the energy of the coming new moon in your manifestations we would love to have you!

The prediction says we have a great chance of seeing 50-100+ meteors per hour!

Let us know if you'd like to join us! ✨️


Hi ladies! Chelsea still has some availability this week for lash appointments, facials, and other services!

Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse also has availability for virtual or in person guidance sessions! to book your appointments!

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Tonight we are incredibly grateful for the amazing turn out for our first ♒️ Full Moon Workshop & Women’s Circle 🌕

Thank you so much to all our beautiful ladies in our tribe!


What a beautiful and powerful message from our Muse 💫

Skye: will be at the shop today and has some openings for Intuitive Guidance Readings & Creatrix Sessions ( where she creates a personalized self care, ritual box for you )

Reach out to her if you have any questions or would like to book a spot.

Much love & Happy Friday Friends 🫶🏻

✨Collective Message ✨

It’s time to really sit with yourself and ask the hard question•••


What is holding me back from speaking my truth, from stepping out, from doing what it is that I love, from letting go, from moving forward & from Surrendering?

I know for most of us the root is some sort of fear.

We have let it drive for so long… but is it deeper than that?

When we finally stop being avoidant and allow ourselves to be uncomfortable in the silence and begin to seek the answers within ourselves. For when we really go within and embrace those feelings with love, grace & curiosity; that we are able to understand ourselves a bit more. It is then that we start to see glimpses of our light and we begin to love and befriend our shadow. We begin to regain control of the wheel & RECLAIM OUR POWER.

I love & believe in you 💕
We’ve got this 💫


Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse will be at the Shop today and Friday offering Intuitive Guidance & Creatrix Sessions.

Reach out via Messenger to secure your spot or swing by to catch her by chance✨


Happy Thursday loves! The studio will be closed today so our birthday girl can get some ink therapy from the lovely Myfanwy Josephine!

Hope yall have a beautiful day! See you soon!


New moon in Cancer...who dis? 🌚

Today is the perfect day to set the intention to release what is no longer serving you.

Release is an important part of our journey and is necessary for us to be able to restore our energy and be ready to receive.

Take a moment today to sit with yourself and ask yourself what your heart needs to feel fulfilled. You deserve to love and be loved. 🌑

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🪄We have a new treatment to offer! ✨️

Our Goddess Treatment is a 3 piece treatment provided by Myfanwy Josephine, Chelsea Kuruzovich and Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse ✨️

Release. Restore. Receive.

Offered at $233 for a limited time only!

Message us for more details! 🪷


Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse has availability for readings today ✨

Reach at to secure your spot. As always walk ins are welcome, but appointments are priority.

Have a beautiful Friday and make sure to spend some quality time with yourself- The cards said so 💕

In stillness you meet your true self.

Shhh.... Do you hear that? It's the whisper of the Universe asking you to listen.

The loudest clamor doesn't necessarily correspond to our truest heart.

Imagine a pristine lake. If there are too many waves disturbing the surface, you can not make out what's at the bottom. But when the water is still, the image becomes crystal

In stillness, we get the rare opportunity to listen with another set of ears. Quiet contemplation, mindfulness, meditation, and just doing "nothing" all have even more value in our always-on lives. Everything is talking to us if we simply slow down to listen fully.

In those subtle whispers you will meet your truest self. This is the same one that's been talking to you along.

"How can I cultivate the habit of stillness on a more regular basis in my life?"

Sit still for 18 minutes and simply listen.
As thoughts come, let them go like clouds passing. Listen fully to a deeper truth around you. After the 18 minutes, the next word or phrase you hear or see is your answer.

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We got some new stuff in from some of our local creators and some other fun gadgets and gizmos!


Today’s a good day ☀️

The shop will be open til’ 6 pm- Come see us.


We have openings for appointments this week!
Book now to save your space!


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Full Moon Workshop & Women’s Circle on August 1st 🌕 🫶🏻

Mark your calendar’s and stay tuned for more details soon ✨


✨️Another stunning set we got to create today! ✨️

❤️ these hybrid sets! 😍 to book your appointment!


Here’s a for you lovelies ✨

Come by and see us we will be here til’ 7 pm and Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse has availability for Intuitive Guidance and Creatrix Sessions 🎴 🎨 💫

Message us or follow the links to secure your spot 🫶🏻

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🪷It's almost Friyay! Stop by and see us tomorrow from 9am-7pm! 🪷

Book your appointment now with Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse to save your space! ✨️

We have some new gadgets gizmos and whachamacallits in stock! 📚🕯🎶


🪘drumroll please!!! 🎶

✨️Our 777 winner is Karissa Pack!!!✨️

Congratulations beautiful!
Stop by and claim your $44 gift voucher! 🎁


The Universe be playing sometimes 😆

Come see us from 1- 6pm


✨️ Whether you're going for a natural everyday look or a dramatic evening style, our lashes have got you covered✨️

👀 this volume set we created today! 😍


✨️Our lash extensions are meticulously crafted to achieve a flawless and long-lasting result. Say goodbye to mascara and hello to effortless beauty! ✨

🪷 We offer a variety of lash styles and lengths to suit your individual preferences. From classic to volume lashes, we've got 🪷

📅 to book your appointment!📆


We did it 👏🏼

We hit over 777 Followers!!!

You know what that means!?

🪄 Time for our first G I V E A W A Y ✨

We will do a drawing this Wednesday & Announce the Winner of the 💲4️⃣4️⃣ Gift Voucher💸

We appreciate all of the love & support 💕


We are just 3 followers away from our first giveaway!!!✨️ Invite and share for a chance to win!


✨ We are appointment only today ✨

Message us or use the profile link to book.

I have availability for online and in person readings today 💕

1 pm - 8 pm

Message me to book yours or use the beacons link in my bio ✨

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Come see us today!

Photos from RoseMari Apothecary & Thyme Studio's post 06/29/2023

🪷We scored some new Tarot decks from the Midnight Garden Tarot vault! Come take a peek and add to your collection! 🔮

Also, check out these tarot bookmarks made by Sarah Jelly Fish Creations! 😍✨️

Oh and we got some more Tea for your giggles and grins! 🫖🍄🍃

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Release. Restore. Receive. Book your custom Good Medicine Facial TODAY (June 29th) ONLY to save 20%!


I mean who doesn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

✨Come see us from 11 am - 6 pm today ✨


A little journal prompt for your Wednesday morning!

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😍 we love knowing others enjoy our magical little space just as much as we do!


🎼 Thyme Studio has a new and improved menu and it has been updated on our website! 🎶

Use our Facebook link, Google, or message us to book your appointment now!

Skye: Intuitive Guide & Mystical Muse

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