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Videos by Coastal Therapy Services, Inc. in Mount Pleasant. Coastal Therapy Services, Inc. has provided Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy to children o

SOO much good stuff going on here! 🤩🤩Our friend is working on prone extension for core strengthening and endurance. He is also working on auditory processing and reaction time with the color and sounds of the buzzer! Doesn’t he make it look so easy?! But that’s a SUP

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SOO much good stuff going on here! 🤩🤩Our friend is working on prone extension for core strengthening and endurance. He is also working on auditory processing and reaction time with the color and sounds of the buzzer! Doesn’t he make it look so easy?! But that’s a SUP

🍀💚🌈 H A P P Y S T P A T R I C K ‘ S D A Y!!☘️🍀🌈 Check out the fine motor and executive functioning skills used to execute the CUTEST crafts EVER!!!⭐️💚 We are so LUCKY!!⭐️ Love, your Coastal Family!!

🫧T H E P O W E R O F B U B B L E S🫧 Listen to one of our physical therapists talk about how using bubbles can work on so many great gross motor skills!💙🫶🏼 Way to go team!

H A P P Y M A R C H 💚 Our Coastal crew is getting in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit already!! ☘️🍀 Check out some of our amazing artwork so far!🤩🤩

🤩AAC DEVICES 🤩 Our therapists here at Coastal had tobiidynavox meet two of our sweet friends who are trialing an AAC device. For our friends who are diagnosed with apraxia of speech or who have difficulty with effectively communicating; AAC devices are an awesome way to communicate effectively to others, and therefore, reduce frustration and anxiety that can stem from not being able to tell others how you feel! Thanks for coming out @tobii_dynavox 🫶🏼❤️💛💙

✨🤩Friday vibes!🤩✨ working on language development, play skills, jumping skills, and ball skills! Way to crush your Friday goals friend!! #pt #ot #speech #therapy #children #pediatric

Balance is 🔑 Did you know that balance is important for both static and dynamic activities? Our first friend shows how important dynamic balance is to walk across a balance beam. Our next two friends show us a great example of static balance by completing “tree pose” 🧘‍♀️🌲and a standing on tip toes. Both dynamic and static balance are so important for everyday skills; such as walking across a narrow curb at school, standing on one leg putting on socks and shoes, or reaching up on tip-toes to get the book on the top shelf! ✏️🚌🧦👟 📚 How neat!! Nice work team!!!!

✨Happy Wednesday! ✨Our friends here are having a dance break to wake up our bodies for therapy! Miss Bri, our OT, is working on socialization and interacting with peers, as well as, promoting dynamic balance ideas such as hopping on one leg! Way to go team! ❤️💙💛

OT Spotlight! Go Miss Morgan! She is using the visual schedule to help sequence steps for pottying to increase independence using her kiddo’s favorite paw patrol characters. Extra bonus points for using the velcro to target some hand strengthening and pincer grasp to reset once the chart is filled up!

Rocking and rolling through the week at Coastal! This friend had so much fun with this activity that he declared he wanted to be an OT when he grew up! This one activity targeted SO many skills, including: 🤸sensory processing, 🤸reflex integration, 🤸spatial skills, 🤸praxis, and 🤸executive functioning #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds

Meet Ms. Liz! Liz received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Motor Development and minor in Psychology from the University of South Carolina. She then went on to get her Master’s degree in Occupational therapy from MUSC. Liz knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career in OT, having a younger brother with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Having such a close connection observing how OT makes a difference in every-day life and her interest in the pediatric population, this has driven her to provide the best care possible for all children and their families. Liz has experience with Handwriting Without Tears, visual rehabilitation for pediatrics and targeting feeding concerns with Oral Placement theory and infant oral motor feeding, and a particular interest and passion for serving children with neurological conditions, particularly with cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injuries. She spent 2019 training and was certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) for children with neuromuscular disorders and has extensive experience implementing Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and upper extremity casting and splinting with multiple age groups. Liz enjoys supervising Level I and Level II students and is currently in collaboration with MUSC doctoral students to establish multiple comprehensive modified intensive CIMT protocols for Coastal Therapy and for incorporation in group settings! Outside of work, you can find Liz out exploring with her dog or looking for her next travel adventure. #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds #otmonth #occupationaltherapymonth

Next up is our OT lead, Ms. Jenny! Jenny graduated from Thomas Jefferson University School of Health Sciences in 1998 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. She has over 18 years of experience in a variety of different settings serving various populations. Jenny started her career in adult rehabilitation treating adults with brain injury. During that time, she completed the 3 week certification NDT/Bobath Certificate Course in the Management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury. After 8 years of working with adults, Jenny made the switch to pediatrics. She has never looked back and has completed additional coursework in sensory integration, the Handwriting Without Tears program, DIR/floortime, visual motor deficits, feeding therapy, etc. Jenny enjoys working with children with a variety of diagnoses including: prematurity, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Jenny specializes in sensory motor feeding, NDT techniques for children with hemiparesis/hemiplegia, and visual motor deficits. She loves working with families both in the natural environment and in the clinic environment to facilitate the next stage of development. When not working with children, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband and her own three school age children. She also loves running, playing tennis, and spending the day on the beach. #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds #OTMonth #occupationaltherapymonth

Some bunny is getting ready for Easter! Check out this easy oral motor activity using a cup, a straw, and a glove! Use as an activity to warm up for eating or as a calming activity. #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds

It’s World Down Syndrome Day! This is celebrated on 3/21 because Down Syndrome is present when there is an extra copy (so 3 instead of 2) of the 21st chromosome. We loved seeing all the fun, crazy socks today to celebrate the differences and uniqueness of each child with Down Syndrome. We 💕 our friends with Down Syndrome - that extra chromosome sure does come with a lot of smiles and adventure! #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds #downsyndrome #worlddownsyndromeday #trisomy21

Hoping for a little luck of the Irish this week with the time change AND a full moon 🤞🏻 #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds #stpatricksday

Upper body strengthening + undying love for destruction = Fun OT session #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds

Pinkies out for bubble mountain on a Friday afternoon! #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds

She got h🏀🏀ps #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds

⚪️Rolling through the week ⚪️Check out this fun art activity we have been doing this week. You can target skills from OT, PT, and Speech skills with this one! ⚪️OT: bilateral coordination, upper body strength, shoulder stability, visual tracking, force grading ⚪️Speech: target words (ball, roll, up, down, stop, go, etc.) ⚪️ PT: completing in various positions (standing, tall kneeling, side sitting)

Who needs fancy equipment to get a strong upper body? Not this guy! Check out how we put these tactile fidget toys in between cushions of his @nuggetcomfort couch for him to play with and pull to target grasping and upper body strength! #Coastaltherapyservices #occupationaltherapy #ot #physicaltherapy #pt #speechtherapy #slp #earlyintervention #ei #pediatrics #peds