USS Yorktown Association

USS Yorktown Association


I will be attending the reunion this year with my sister Dayna Harrell-Johnson and be apart of the memorial as we honor our dad Danny Harrell who passed away in January and served on this amazing ship 66-70. Does anyone know what the dress code for reunion? I know there are different things being done I just didn’t know what the dress code is. Thank you in advance and I hope to see a lot of you in October and possibly hear some stories about my dad from anyone who served with him during his time
Tomorrow is the big day. Art Leach turns 101!! Happy Birthday to an amazing man who continues to bless us all with his presence and his delightful smile. We miss you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Thank you Tommy for this video.
Here's an interesting document.

My father was on the Yorktown when it was in the Battle of Midway, I really didn't know anything about any of this because he never talked about it. He would be 101 years old if he were still alive.
View looking aft on the flight deck, in November-December 1943, at the time of the Marshalls-Gilberts Operation. Planes are F6Fs, TBMs, and SBDs. Photo by Kerlee. (NARA)
Flight deck crewmen respot F6F "Hellcat" fighters, circa late 1943. Photo by Kerlee. (NARA)
All hands gaze to port, as air defense sounds. Note manned anti-aircraft gun positions, and partially open roller door on weather balloon hangar, at right. (NARA)
Sailors chip paint on the ship's underwater hull, in dry-dock at the Norfolk Navy Yard, VA., circa June 1943. Note-tapered end of armor belt at left. (NARA)
I'm sorry guys, I guess I was having a senior moment. I thought I was on a site about the USS Lexington CV16. Forgive me for this mistake.
Port of
Had an uncle (Brooks Brazil) that served on the Yorktown during WWII.
He was an aviation ordnanceman.
Pri-Fly is coming along. Thanks to the Staff of Patriots Point, the Foundation and Smith Works for collaborating with our Yorktown Crew to make it happen. If you still want to donate to help this project become a reality please follow the link after the Pri-Fly video at
Pearl Harbor commemoration aboard USS Yorktown.

Honoring and Celebrating those who served aboard The Fighting Lady The Yorktown Association organized the first gathering of our veterans to celebrate their service aboard the Fighting Lady in New York City, five years after the ship's commissioning, on April 15th 1948.

We've honored this tradition each year since, now holding our annual reunion aboard the ship. Since the USS Yorktown came to Patriots Point, the Association has had a presence on the ship. Our non-profit organization serves an important role as the caretaker of the Yorktown's storied history and her crews. We're preserving the legacy of our Yorktowners and providing a returning place for them, their family and friends.

Operating as usual


To celebrate International Women's Day, we thought we'd share an audio clip of a dinner conversation between Clark and Connie Reynolds and Dwight Long (documentary filmmaker who created The Fighting Lady). In this clip, Long expresses admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt and tells two brief stories about her.


This month is the #cvcentennial - 100 years of carrier aviation for the United States Navy! This photo of the Langley was colorized to show how open it was below the flight deck. Langley was converted from the collier USS Jupiter.
Notice what's missing on top of the flight deck. No island!


ALL HANDS! - Our special rate rooms will be released to the public on Friday, March 4th. If you have not booked your rooms, please do so ASAP! You will need to call the hotel and have your current membership number to book our special rate for the reunion.
**Only those who are registered for the reunion will get discounted rates. The hotels will receive those names on March 11th. Some people are booking these discounted rooms and are not registered for the reunion. The hotel will raise your hotel room rates to their current rates, if you did not register for the reunion.
Participation in reunion events, hospitality room and tours are only available to those who have paid for the Reunion.
Crew, Family and Friends who are not registered and will ONLY be attending the Memorial Service need to call the office at (843)849-1928 to register for that event.
That is all.


The Fighting Lady in Hong Kong Harbor (1954). What was your favorite port visit?


Happy Presidents' Day!


TGIF! Got any plans this weekend? (Colorized WWII photo of VF-1 pilots with a little down time on Tarawa.)


Admiral Jocko Clark carving the cake with his USNA sword. They're at the 1948 reunion at Rupperts Brewery in New York. The cake says "Rupperts Salutes the Fighting Lady". Who wants a slice? 😁


If you had to spend Valentine's Day without your sweetheart, seems like Brazil during Carnival was as good a place as any!
Those lucky dogs. 😁


MARCH 4th - $25 late fee applied to registrations
Register now and beat the deadline! Mail in your form or register online at


Steaming as before (photo from 1957 cruisebook)


Pouring another cup 'o Joe, this morning. Happy Monday. (Photo from the 1968 cruisebook)

Here's How a Fighter Pilot Landed a Cargo Plane on a Carrier 02/04/2022

Here's How a Fighter Pilot Landed a Cargo Plane on a Carrier

A fascinating interview just posted to YouTube.
One of our board members, RADM James Flatley on his landing a C-130 on an aircraft carrier in '63.

Here's How a Fighter Pilot Landed a Cargo Plane on a Carrier Support this channel by using the SUPER THANKS (heart icon above) or by becoming a Patron at one or all three of the b...

Bryan 02/03/2022


Join us at the April 6 reunion dinner

Bryan This is "Bryan" by Dean Peterson on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Obituaries in Athens, GA | Athens Banner-Herald 02/02/2022

Obituaries in Athens, GA | Athens Banner-Herald

We just received the sad news that one of our members from USS Yorktown CV-5 passed away. Mr. Hancock was at the pitoval Battle of Midway and travelled extensively to share the history of his ship.

Obituaries in Athens, GA | Athens Banner-Herald John William Hancock Athens - On January 18, 2022, John Hancock, age 97 and a native of Alma, Georgia, peacefully slipped the surly bonds of earth...


In honor of Black History Month, we proudly highlight a war hero that later served on the Yorktown in 1957. Chief Petty Officer Carl E. Clark was a Pearl Harbor survivor. But it was what he did during a kamikaze attack on the USS Aaron Ward that was truly remarkable. In spite of his own injury, he helped others to safety and extinguished a fire where ammunition was stored. He was finally honored 60 years later for his heroism. To find out more, you can check out his memorial page on our website. #BlackHistoryMonth

Photos from USS Yorktown Association's post 01/27/2022

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Since the Yorktown served in the Pacific Theater, we don't have a direct history to share about the Holocaust, but we would like to commemorate one of our nation's (and our ship's) finest pilots, Lt. (jg) Alvin B. Levenson.
He was one of 550,000 Jewish-Americans (including 2 Medal of Honor recipients) who answered the call to defeat fascism. One has to wonder how they were effected by the news of the Holocaust. Though Jewish-Americans made up a little over 3 percent of the population, they were over 4 percent of the Armed Forces.
Levenson's story is particularly harrowing. He was a dive bomber pilot who fell 1,200 feet to the ocean without his parachute opening and survived! His Mae West (life jacket) didn't fully inflate, either, and he had to tread water for three hours while sea gulls attempted to pluck his eyes out! Read the 1945 article for yourself. (See attached)
You'll find more stories of bravery in our kiosk on board the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.


Help us celebrate World War II veteran Bill Watkinson as he turns 100 years old on January 23rd! #HappyBirthdayBill πŸŽ‚


USS Yorktown (CV-10) was christened by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt 79 years ago.
To learn more about the history of the ship, see our website.

Photos from USS Yorktown Association's post 01/14/2022

When was the last time you crossed into the Domain of the Golden Dragon and what was your favorite souvenir?
(Navy wool jacket donated to Patriots Point in 2021)


I know our Vietnam vets can relate! πŸ˜‚

πŸ€£πŸ˜‚How true?!


Today we celebrate one of our board members, RADM James Flatley III, USN (ret). It's his 88th birthday, and we can't thank him enough for all he has done as a Navy pilot for our country and as a man dedicated to the history and preservation of the Fighting Lady. We don't know where we'd be without him!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰#happybirthday


In honor of National Trivia Day:
Who knows the original name of our ship when her keel was laid? (Hint: It was a Revolutionary War vessel captained by the father of the U.S. Navy.)#trivia #TriviaTime


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
When do you plan on visiting in 2022? Let us know, we would love to see you!


What an honor it was to recover the crew of the Apollo 8 launch on December 27, 1968. Here is a photo of the capsule being brought on board!
Do you remember watching this big event unfold?


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at the USS Yorktown CV-10 Association. We hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family.

#merrychristmas #Holidays #family


Has Santa made it to your neck of the woods yet? We have spotted him tonight landing on board! We were sure to leave some cookies out on the flight deck for him πŸ˜‰


Which Apollo launch took place on this day in 1968 and was recovered by the USS Yorktown?


For the 1969-1970 cruise, the USS Yorktown (CVS-10) got her Blue Nose by crossing into the Arctic Circle. Santa was busy making toys at the time. Glad to see the crew of the Queenfish got to meet him.

U.S. Naval Institute Archive Photo of the Week: Santa Claus greets crewmen of the USS Queenfish (SSN-651) at the North Pole, 1970.


Well, this is too cool. Who knew these were veterans?

If you served in the #ArmedForces and are celebrating your birthday today you share two things with these Famous Veterans who were born on December 17th including #Avatar, #Geronimo: An American Legend actor: #WesStudi (Army Vietnam); long-time #BostonPops conductor: #ArthurFiedler (#CoastGuard Auxiliary) and actor #ErnieHudson who is perhaps best known for playing #WinstonZeddemore in the #Ghostbusters film series (joined the #UnitedStatesMarineCorps immediately after high school). Thank you for your service! Check out 100s of celebrities who served:


Happy Birthday United States National Guard!
Our National Guard has a very unique opportunity to serve not only our country, but to lead civilian lives as well.
While a great deal of their responsibility lies in protecting communities against floods, fires, and hurricanes, the National Guard has fought in every war the United States has been involved with since 1636.

Thank you to all of our National Guard servicemen and women!

Photo by Staff Sgt. Amy Wieser Willson, U.S. Army


The Fighting Lady has been a part of many different film projects.
Along with Tora! Tora! Tora!, the USS Yorktown was used to film, "Temporarily out of CONTROL," an episode of "Get Smart."(season 4, episode 12)

Have you seen the episode?

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