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Time to make the sausage… or in Farmer Nate’s case, CREATE the sausage. Yep, he’s at it again. Read on a see what’s cookin’ at Breakaway Farms!
We can’t wait to try this NEW Breakaway Farms sausage tomorrow! Read what Farmer Nate has to say about it…

"Many have asked me to create a taco sausage for several years and I’ve resisted because I didn’t just want to put taco spices into a pork sausage. It wasn’t until I was challenged to create more beef sausages that it hit me; I should put everything that you would put on a taco INTO the sausage! And so we present “Tacos al Gr**go Sausage”!! Everything you’ve wanted in a taco sausage and then some. This new offering is made with all beef & seasoned with just the right amount of cumin, oregano, Spanish pimenton picante and garlic, but that’s not all… tri-colored corn tortilla chips? In there. Sharp cheddar cheese? In there too. Sour cream? Yup. Cilantro? Of course. Fresh Diced Onions? You get the idea. This is a full taco stuffed into a sausage. And the name? Yeah, it’s a play on my very white, country boy upbringing. The flavor is very much a Gr**go taco."
These were 🔥🔥!! Rosemary and Garlic pork chops.. (sautéed some fresh garlic and rosemary just for spirit). Hands down best I’ve had in a long time..
Made pernil today. It is absolutely amazing. So tender and flavorful. The finishing oil made the best crust. Thanks Nate and all the rest! You guys always Wow my table.
Say what?! Taco sausage - new at Breakaway Farms! Get it Saturday at the Winter Market. Our should we say spring market? It’s gonna be 50 degrees. Yippee!
GIVEAWAY! 🥩 Valentine’s Day is coming up and whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your BFF or anyone else - good food should be on your menu!

Sooo, I’ve partnered with Breakaway Farms to offer one of my lovely followers TWO 8 oz dry aged, grass-fed Filet Mignon steaks, wrapped in their Black Pepper Bacon and topped with a house made Garlic Herb compound finishing butter. These steaks are freakin’ amazing!

Head over to my latest Instagram post (link in the comments!) for more details on how to enter!
Last night I had the pleasure of cooking for some of my extended family. A fabulously fun group of 9 who enjoyed 7 appetizer style dishes while enjoying drinks and laughs, stories and conversation. This simple crostini was created with marinated flank steak from Breakaway Farms , watercress and pea shoots from @brogue_hydroponics, confit cherry tomatoes, horseradish cream sauce, and those crispy crunchy little onions people put on green bean casserole (imho, this is a much better place for them).
#lancastereats #lancasterdinnerparty #gatheryourpeople #letmedothecooking #effortlessentertaining #cleanupisincludedlol
#flanksteak #crostini
Fresh Breakaway Farms bird, with some Texas Honey bbq rub.. smoked to a perfect golden brown juicy meal. Happy Holidays friends!!
We’re so proud of Breakaway Farms and how they’ve embraced the Easton community and helped us grow this epic festival. #tenyearsofbacon
Touchdown! Matt Feeser of Breakaway Farms claims victory in the Big Ten Tailgating Snack Challenge at PA Bacon Fest! He did Farmer Nate’s alma mater - Lehigh University proud! Kudos to his fierce opponent Chef Ada Chandler! 💪 🏈 🥓🏆🐷
Which chef will win the Bacon Battle at PA Bacon Fest 2021?! What tasty creations will the chefs from Savory Grille, Grille 3501 and Northampton Community College come up with? Thanks Easton Farmers' Market for sponsoring the cook off and to Breakaway Farms for providing the 🥓. UPDATE: And the winner is... Brad Shive, Grille 3501!
Loved seeing everyone at bacon fest today. The bacon on a stick and the charcuterie cone was amazing. See you at Emmaus next week!

Be a better cook. Serve your family the best. Gather your friends around the table. Experience authentic meats and poultry that is more nutritious and full of flavor.

Breakaway Farms is your local source for real, grass fed, nutrient dense foods. We help you bring your family and friends together around great food. We want you to be a better cook/grill master/host. The ingredients to your meal matter. How your meats are raised and processed matter. Where they come from matters too. Let us help you create memories of the best meals your friends and family have e

Operating as usual


We’re setup & ready to serve you at the following locations today. It’s going to be a gorgeous, warm day. Remember your sun shade & sunblock & come see your farmers!

Etown Evolution, organized by Cɪᴅᴇʀ Pʀᴇss Mᴀʀᴋᴇᴛ at the Elizabethtown Fairgrounds (9-3)

Easton Farmers' Market (9-1)

The Lancaster Central Market (6-3)

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Hot & fresh today…. packaged & headed your way this weekend!

Visit one of the following locations this week & next & pick up pulled pork & everything needed for your Memorial Day gatherings!

Easton Farmers' Market
Emmaus Farmers' Market
The Lancaster Central Market


Join us this weekend at the Elizabethtown Fairgrounds for Etown Evolution organized by Cɪᴅᴇʀ Pʀᴇss Mᴀʀᴋᴇᴛ.

Support local businesses & the Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services (ECHOS)!

We’ll be there with our pasture-raised specialty bacon, sausages, burgers, & beef jerky… you don’t want to miss it!


This image needs a caption… Any ideas? 🤣

Meet Socks, the tuxedo farm cat. 😉

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With Memorial Day just 2 weeks away it’s time to make room in your freezers for our seasonal Black & Bleu sausages. These beauties will hit our markets next week, just in time for your holiday cookouts!

Get ready to shop & to stock up for the year… we only make these sausages once, annually, so don’t miss the opportunity! 🗓

Our mission is to help you gather your loved ones around unforgettable, trusted meals & we look forward to serving you & your guests for your Memorial Day gatherings. 🇺🇸


Have you met Nora & Parker? They are fabulous humans whom we love having on our team! They show up every Sunday at the Emmaus Farmers' Market, rocking & rolling with killer work ethic & ready to serve you.

Come say hello (10-1) & stock up on the pasture-raised meats you trust for the week!


Let’s try this again! Last week’s opening day at the Easton Farmers' Market was miserable & wet, but many of you still came to show your support & for that you have our unending gratitude!

We’re back in Easton today & while it’s a bit wet, it’s far better than last week, so come see this incredible market crew & stock up on local, grass-fed, pasture-raised meats you can trust.

Regular market hours resume: 9-1.

See you soon!


Last night’s dinner: Lemon, Chive & Dill Sausage & Creamy Pasta.

This was a quick & easy made meal that we pulled together on a busy school night with everyone headed in different directions & it did not disappoint!

Checkout this new recipe on our website:

Photos from Breakaway Farms's post 05/11/2022

Introducing 2 New Chicken Sausages just in time for the summer grilling season!

Chicken Fajita Sausage: pasture-raised chicken blended with fresh fajita ingredients including fresh onions, bell peppers, cilantro, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, and more!

Cilantro Jalapeño Chicken Sausage: this fresh & invigorating pasture-raised chicken sausage is brightened with picked jalapeño & fresh cilantro.

Grill these moist & flavorful sausages this week & create unforgettable, wholesome meals everyone is sure to love!

Order online at or find these sausages at the following locations this week…

Easton Farmers' Market
Emmaus Farmers' Market


It’s been 2 weeks since Evan entered the world & we are happy to announce that this family is thriving.

Our head butcher, Josh, is back to work & Chantel Clouser is handling it like a boss! 💪

As always we thank you for supporting the Breakaway family as it continues to grow. 🙂

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We welcome you to join us this morning for a beautiful market day at the Emmaus Farmers' Market. Bring mom to market & allow her to hand-select the fresh, local ingredients needed for that special meal to honor & acknowledge all that she is.

We still have breakfast braids, pockets, & parcels available along with a wide variety of bacon, steaks, & more. She won’t be disappointed!

Photos from Breakaway Farms's post 05/07/2022

It is opening day of the Easton Farmers' Market, the day we have all been waiting for!

Yes, it may be a bit wet but when has that stopped us before? 💪 We are as passionate as you are about providing our loved ones with wholesome, trusted meals & we’re eager to help you do the same… rain or shine!

Grab your umbrellas & come visit your farmers this morning for all of the fresh, local ingredients needed to make unforgettable meals for your family.

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Mother’s Day Specials because we know you want to treat mom right!

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Braids - pasture-raised super sage sausage, soft scrambled free range eggs, & sharp cheddar cheese, topped with fresh chives.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Meat Pockets - pasture raised red wine bacon, soft scrambled free range eggs, & gouda cheese, topped with poppy seeds.

Ham, Dijon & Cheese Parcels - pasture-raised smoked ham, Monterey Jack cheese, & Dijon mustard, topped with everything bagel seasoning.

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to demonstrate your love on Mother’s Day!

You can find these beauties at the following locations this weekend while supplies last:

The Lancaster Central Market
Easton Farmers' Market
Emmaus Farmers' Market

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We believe that the strongest relationships are built around the table… therefore our mission is to help you gather your loved ones around unforgettable meals. Whether you plan to celebrate Cinco De Mayo today or this weekend (or both!), we hope that your meals will be as bright as the company you keep & the relationships you cultivate.

Visit us at the following locations this week for the local, clean meats needed to gather & connect around quality trusted meals.

The Lancaster Central Market
Easton Farmers' Market
Columbia Market House
Emmaus Farmers' Market

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Make her day special. 🍳

Whether the littles want to make a creative meal, the teens are planning a special steak & eggs breakfast, or you’re looking for something else to make her feel loved & honored on Mother’s Day, we welcome you to bring mom to one of the following market locations & allow her to hand-select her favorites.

The Lancaster Central Market
Easton Farmers' Market
Emmaus Farmers' Market

We’ll have a full line-up of the local, clean meats needed to make mom an unforgettable meal she will be sure to love! 🥘

Photos from Breakaway Farms's post 05/03/2022

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, we are featuring our Grass-Fed Carne Asada!

We start with our 100% grass-fed sliced Bavette Steak & smother it in our house-made Carne Asada marinade with a delectable combination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Cilantro, and Spices.

Pick up this pre-marinaded steak & impress the whole family with a quick, delicious, & authentic Cinco De Mayo meal!

Get yours at The Lancaster Central Market only. 🌮

Photos from Breakaway Farms's post 05/01/2022

Opening day at market, cherry blossom bacon, & lemon chive & dill sausage… these are just a few of the highlights of our day!

We hope you’ll join us at the Emmaus Farmers' Market today as we kick off the new market season!

Come see your farmers, fill your freezers, & celebrate this beautiful morning!

Photos from Breakaway Farms's post 04/30/2022

Join us today for the final winter market day at the Easton Farmers' Market & get ready to kick off the regular market season on opening day next Saturday!

Don’t miss our fresh selections at The Lancaster Central Market or visit our friends Productive Peasant Farm Co. inside the Columbia Market House to find their fresh organic produce & our local, clean meats.


Have you tried our Szechuan Beef Parcels?

Made with pounded out beef round steaks, seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic. Then rolled up with Szechuan pork sausage made with green onions, fresh coriander, Chinese 5 spice & ginger plus soy sauce and sweet Madeira wine. Each parcel is then wrapped in caul fat and tied up.

Suggested cooking method: dust the parcels in flour and brown in oil. Remove them from the pan. Make a sauce in the same pan by sautéing some onions, garlic & ginger & adding chicken stock, brown sugar, white vinegar & tomato paste. Place parcels into sauce & cover. Bake covered for 2 hours or cooked through. Serve with rice or noodles and stir fried veggies.

Get yours at The Lancaster Central Market only!


Lemon, Chive & Dill Sausage… it’s back by popular demand!

Try this savory & refreshing sausage just in time to kick off the summer grilling season.

Fresh is the name of the game: loaded with tons of fresh dill and chives, fresh garlic and minced shallots and a bunch of lemon zest. Plus just a touch of Turkish Aleppo Pepper and Sweet Pimentón to round out the flavor.

Order online or visit us at one of the following locations this week:

The Lancaster Central Market
Easton Farmers' Market
Emmaus Farmers' Market


We are elated for our head butcher, Josh, & his partner, Chantel Clouser (Breakaway Farms meat packing expert & customer service extraordinaire!) as they welcome the newest member of their family, Evan William.

Welcome little man & congratulations Josh & Chantel!! We are honored to be a part of this journey with you. ❤️



And who matters more than Mom?!

With less than 2 weeks to go, it’s time to start planning your Mother’s Day celebrations.

Whether you’re planning breakfast in bed, a day “off”, or a special homemade surf & turf dinner, we can help. Let’s make your ideas a reality with local, artisanal ingredients to make Mom a meal she’ll remember. ❤️

We help you bring your family and friends together around great food.

We want you to be a better cook/grill master/host. The ingredients to your meal matter. How your meats are raised and processed matter. Where they come from matters too.

Let us help you create memories of the best meals your friends and family have ever tasted.

All of our meats are always antibiotic and hormone free. They are pasture raised and grass fed. They are locally harvested in family owned and operated slaughterhouses, then we further process them into all of the tasty cuts in our on-farm butcher shop. All of this takes place in your local food-shed. You’re supporting real people in your community. The proof is in the eating. We invite you to try the best steaks, roasts, chops and custom sausages you’ve ever tried.

We sell retail packages of our beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, and eggs, in our farm store, and at our farmer's markets.

We also custom cut bulk orders of beef, pork, lamb and goat for your freezer.

Many local restaurants, health food stores and other fine food establishments also serve and/or carry our products.

Contact us for locations nearest you!

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2446 Valleyview Rd
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General information

Our Farm Store is currently open by appointment only.

Email us at [email protected] for more information

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